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Found 8 results

  1. Ferdinando

    [M-D03] "Graveyard"

    Location: D03-Terrial Major Tags: science, exploration Dr.Arvan ‘Yrich Arkov’s personal log: “For once, things seem to be going well. I and Steve are becoming great friends, sharing a strong interest for the different forms which alien life incarnates. The journey aboard the Belafonte proceeds normally and serenely… maybe too serenely. I miss a good scientific riddle, the stimulating feeling of being near to something that could change forever our outlook on reality!” End log. Meanwhile on Terrial Major… Lieutenant Ddrawigh: “Commander! I read something!” Commander Adawwar: “At last. Looks like we find our unauthorized transmission source.” Lieutenant Ddrawigh: “It comes from beyond this snowhill!” 20150725_194202-1 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Commander Adawwar: “Well, this is unexpected.” Lieutenant Ddrawigh: “How…How can this be? This ship is crashed, how can it even transmit something?" Commander Adawwar: “This ship may be broken, but it is not dead yet. There is no snow on it... Touch, it's hot. I had heard prisoners back at the M.A.N.T.I.S. outpost talking about this…a distress signals that lures other ships into the same gravitational anomaly that made the original vessel crash-land here. This is a shipwreck graveyard.” 20150725_194155 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Lieutenant Ddrawigh: “The symbol on the hull… It looks like a letter of the human alphabet. Could this ship be human?” Commander Adawwar: “It would be the most obvious explanation, if only I hadn’t seen that symbol before. A long time ago, in an exploration expedition you are too young to have participated in. It is indeed an “M”… but certainly not a human one. The fact they coincide is but a joke of the destiny. What lies inscribed on this derelict of the past is the legacy of legend… heritage of a god-like people. Behold the emblem of Magrathea.” Lieutenant Ddrawigh: “M-Magrathea?” Commander Adawwar: “Call the M.A.N.T.I.S. outpost, and Dr.Arkov as well; tell them we found information about Operation Architects. Extra Pics: 20150725_194148-1 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150725_194227 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Also introcucing the Fenriri people… 20150725_194327 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr …And (coming soon) the Mighty Magratheans! 20150725_194504 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr
  2. Donnie Bricko

    [M - D03] Trouble in the Open

    Location: Sector D03 - Terrial Major Tags: Exploration Mission Terrial Major - I've been dispatched to the surface to find an ideal location to construct a barracks and science encampment. This is a two man mission and I've been assigned a rookie, Mal Decko to accompany me to the surface. Upon approach Mal noticed some debris near the mountains. We circled the area again and we could clearly see some debris with the Octan logo exposed. "Mal, let's touch down and get a closer look," I said "Are you sure Donnie, it could be dangerous!" he replied "Not to worry, I'll go in alone and be certain that I will be cautious." As I approached the debris something didn't quite feel right. Then the ground began to tremble and boom, two large tenticles burst from the ground with a rush of water. Uh-oh time to get outta here and quick. As I scampered back to the ship I realized how lucky I was to escape from whatever that creature was. And that explains what happened to the Octan equipment. - D
  3. Location: D03 - Terrial Major Tags: Spaceship, Exploration Job: Pilot Cockpit Voice Recorder Playback Transcript Vessel: Survey Craft 039 Callsign: Locust 39 Pilot: Henry Moose Transcript Begins Locust 3-9: Control, Locust Three-Niner descending to begin aerial survey of Sector Charlie. Control: Locust Three-Niner, Roger, How's it looking? Locust 3-9: Ship is green, outside is white.... really white. Control: Roger, Three-Niner, keep your eyes peeled. Ground survey teams have spotted some nasty wildlife, some aerial photos would be useful as most of the teams were too busy running away to get any hard data. Locust 3-9: Ok Control, wilco, but I think this sector is pretty quiet; visual and infra-red scopes are clear. Locust 3-9: Control, Locust Three-Niner, checking in on the hour, nothing to rep .....uninteligible..... Megabloks! What the blok is that. .....uninteligible..... all over me .....uninteligible..... taking evasive .....uninteligible..... Control: Three-Niner, say again. Locust 3-9: .....uninteligible..... big claws .....uninteligible.... breathing ice .....uninteligible....can't shake it .....uninteligible.... Locust 3-9: .....uninteligible..... no option .....uninteligible..... crazy ivan .....uninteligible..... woohooo, follow this you .....uninteligible..... frost dragon Locust 3-9: .....uninteligible..... oh yeah! Control: Three-Niner, Control, come-in, what's your status? Locust 3-9: .....uninteligible..... That was close control. Some kind of flying predator, bigger than my ship, thought I was lunch! I'm bugging out unless you can give me some fighter cover. Control: Three-Niner, negative on the fighters, but you're cleared to return to base, the science boys will want a look at your mission tapes.
  4. Andrew JN

    [M - D03] A Cold Dive

    Location: Planet Terrial Major, Sector D03 Tags: Spying, Building Job: Special Forces Log_M_7: After having been stationed on Mynderis for what seemed like a million years, I have finally been transferred over to Sector D03, otherwise known as Terrial Major. The brand new planet and the excitement of a new mission was soon lost however, when I looked across this landscape and saw snow...everywhere.... Soon my eyes burned from the bright light and my skin felt like ice beneath my jacket.... They didn't warn me about bringing something warmer.... Or did they... during orientation?... Maybe?.. I don't know, I don't listen to that stuff most of the time... Maybe now I will though.... Anyway, to bring it back, I was stationed on Terrial Major, and my mission was to find out whether or not Octan still had operatives on the planet.... How? Through a special M.A.N.T.I.S. Cubulite, an underwater computer station. At last I made found the Cubulite! Or at least, the satellite it hooks up to. Alright, time to get wet. Hmm, let's see what they gave me. An air tank and mask, and... Ooh... One of the new heat... visor... things! And to break the ice..... WHAT!? A PICKAXE!? They couldn't have given me a flamethrower or something?......... Several hours later... This thing is useless! I haven't even made a dent!!! That's it! It's time to pull out the MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster©! Hehe, much better. Now to "don the gear." What was that!? Wait, one thing I do remember from orientation is that this planet is filled with "Vicious local wildlife...." Come to think of it, just this past week LittleJohn said something about some creature that was immune to the MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster©........ EEP! Better get in the water quick! Several seconds later... Several minutes later... Yes! I found the Cubulite! AG: A Cold Dive by Andrew JN, on Flickr Several minutes later... Please enter Password: Oh....... hehe... Why do I have a feeling they told us the password during orientation.....?...
  5. Big Sal

    [M - D03] Experiment B9D03

    Location: D03 Tags: Science, Civil. Tough week, friend? Tough month more like. I’ve been taken prisoner, tortured, given an impossible assignment, and nearly frozen to death. I’m gonna need a beer. Coming right up. Good. My research hasn’t exactly been going well recently either. Here’s your beer. You’re a scientist then? I had you figured for a pilot with that jumpsuit you’re wearing. Yeah, I used to be a pilot, once upon a time. It’s a long story… That was a long story. Here, have this one on the house. It’s this week’s experimental cocktail. Experimental? Yeah, each week I invent a new cocktail and- But you call them ‘experimental’? And people drink them? Yes, but- I’ll be right back! And just a little bit of these… I’m still not sure about this, it seems a bit- Trust me, I’m a scientist! Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Date: 25 Julali 3815. Experiment Code: B9D03. Lead Scientist: Big Sal. Location: MANTIS Supply Ship, Bar 9: ‘The Red Spider’. Terrial Major orbit. Aim: Test the effects of alcohol as an enhancement delivery medium. Excerpt ends. Here you are friends, experimental cocktails on the house. Enjoy… Now, I just want to emphasise that this cocktail is experimental and by drinking it you agree to waive all rights in the case of sickness, injury or death. Drink up! Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Method: Awesomnium enhanced larvae and awesomnium serum will be mixed with alcohol and consumed by willing volunteers. Prediction: Volunteers will gain enhanced physical abilities. Excerpt ends. And now we wait… Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Results: Volunteers became extremely aggressive on drinking the cocktail and showed reduced cognitive abilities along with changes in eye colouration. Conclusions: This line of research may be worth pursuing in more controlled conditions. Excerpt ends. Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  6. LittleJohn

    [M - D03] A Cold Welcome

    Location: D03-Terrial Major Tags: Vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer I set up camp by a small pond on Terrial Major, my teeth chattering because of the cold. At least I'll have fish for dinner, I thought. I went over to my new Rocket Sled and grabbed a flame thrower. Who in their right minds would use a pick axe to make a hole in the ice, when there's these things called flame throwers? Ah, that looks about big enough. Now to wait for a bite. Woah, I think I got one! Whoof, look at the size of this thing! Too bad nobody else is here to see it. I'll just put my pole away and then cook you up, you'll make a delicious meal! Hmm... I don't have a fire to cook you over... Well, guess I'll just have to use my flame thrower. Ahh, delicious. Hehe, I bet an animal would just love to have this... Hey, what was that?... Uh-oh... AAAAHHH! I've gotta get to my MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster©! Come on, where is it?!?! Aha! Here it is! Stand back, beastie! Alright then, take this! Haha, you're no match for the MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster©! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! The beast was only momentarily stunned by the blast, so I went to plan B: drive like the dickens! The hatch on the rocket sled actually opens, though I forgot to take a picture. C&C welcome
  7. Big Sal

    [M - D03] Expedition D8D03

    Location: D03 Tags: Civil, Science Are you sure you don’t want a helmet Sal? I’m sure I do want a helmet Williams - it’s freezing! But this glorious beard simply won’t fit in one. Uh…right. Anyway, I thought you were supposed to be curing hay fever on Aeristus? What? Oh, yeah… I, uh, ‘delegated’ that… So I take it the ice core drilling isn’t going well? Ugh, no. It’s so damn cold that three of the generators have given up completely. We’re down to the last one. But it only takes one to power the drill and I need that ice core yesterday, so get drilling! Sal, if that last generator dies we won’t even have enough power to radio for help. We can’t risk it. Damn it Williams, science is all about risk! Fire it up! Haha, see! It’s working! The generator can’t take much more of this! We need to shut it down! NO! Keep drilling, we’re almost there! Almost… almost! Whoops… Thanks for reading! The snow effect is the first time I've tried anything like this - let me know what you think of it! The spoiler contains all the photos without the snow effect, in case you hate it. Any other comments and criticism welcome, as always Oh, and the drill really works!
  8. Excerpt from the logs of Captain Carter: Date: 19 Junali 3815 Time: 0906 hours Location: En route to Terrial Major Comments: The pilots tell me we'll arrive at Terrial Major in approximately 2 hours. Our mission is to map the surface since no one has been here since the first Gate explorers. As usual, their description of the planet is brief: "A massive, freezing planet. The entire planet is basically a ball of frozen pure water. Vicious local wildlife." --- Time: 1138 hours Location: Skies of Terrial Major Comments: Well, the description was accurate, save for the fact that there doesn't seem to be any wildlife at all, let alone anything dangerous. There's just vast, almost entirely featureless snow, as far as the eye can see. The tedious landscape is doing nothing to distract me from the stomach troubles that have been plaguing me all week. --- Time: 1443 hours Location: Skies of Terrial Major Comments: Just as I was about to order to crew out of the atmosphere, having seen nothing but snow for hours, we spotted a small patch of tan on the horizon along with a thin line of blue. At last, something that wasn't white! As we approached the tan resolved itself into a small forest of sickly looking trees, around 10 metres tall. The blue line was in fact a crevasse with liquid water at the bottom! I suspect the presence of the trees near liquid water is no coincidence, though how they can gain any benefit from it is beyond me - the crevasse must be at least 30 metres deep. On even closer approach we finally spotted the wildlife. Camouflaged in white, two titanic reptilian creatures engaged in a territorial battle! The early explorers were right to call them vicious, but I'm amazed they didn't mention the sheer size of the creatures - they tower over the nearby trees! These creatures definitely warrant further study, and could make a valuable asset for the glory of MANTIS! Excerpt ends. I have to congratulate the judges for this competition - it was a great stimulus for me to build outside of my comfort zone. Comments and criticism of the result welcome! More pics in the spoiler: