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Found 19 results

  1. goatman461

    [O - F10] - Uploaded

    Location: Arium Major - F10 Tags: Civil Building [Kevin, Octan HR] - ...that's great, John, really great. So I've got you booked with Dr. Igorvich for tomorrow morning, Axis time, of course! Ha ha. The facility is in one of our designated legacy buildings in history Arium Major. Red building, can't miss it. Super quaint and cozy, you're going to love it. This is really going to be great for you John, I'm so jealous. Your company insurance plan is picking up all of the expenses, naturally, right. Ha. Apparently the good doctor already has the perfect body ready for you. And you'll be ten years younger! What a deal! Really, sooo jealous... [Hannibal] - Are you sure we're not jumping into this a little too quickly? I haven't heard back from Lu yet and... [Kevin] - John. Do you know how valuable you are to this company? Would I risk the well being of one of our own executives? Here's the thing... Now, this is me taking off my beat up ole HR hat and putting on the dusty PR hat... We really can't have any more face swapping incidents like last week. I'm told poor Mr. Nole is still having nightmares and those blessed children on their way to the life sciences museum... That is not the face of Octan we'd like to project throughout the galaxy. But, John. We're going to make things right for you. Dr. Igorvich is renowned in the field of neurosynthesis. It's going to be a quick procedure. In and out, and then guess what... I just booked you for an exclusive bit of R&R on Traig IV! And, I can't say what it is, but there is a really special surprise waiting for you there... Oh, geeze, I've said too much already... Gosh dern, just... You go get yourself fixed up and great things are coming your way, John. You'll see. HR, Out!
  2. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] - Gidget Returns!

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After ED-208 departed with Dr. Norah I got a message from Tor Tuss that ED had left a present behind for me. I went to meet him in one of their supply warehouses and found quite a shock! ED had apparently made improvements to Gidget and brought her back to me. I was excited and showed her to Tor. He was quite intrigued but seemed to keep his distance. I think he just wasn't used to a robot dog because he said she seemed angry, which is weird because as a robot dog she doesn't even have emotions! As the autonomous cargo train went by Gidget did seem to notice and want to go investigate, but stayed put. Hopefully I can take her exploring before having to head on to my next adventure! Warehouse by itself: Cargo Train:
  3. Location: F10 Tags: building Terrain: Stony shore -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "More than a year ago I settled here, looking for a peaceful and remote place." "This was a perfect site to keep the old Octan data-banks safe, and use the place as a base to travel to other remote worlds in search for knowledge and data from these early times of Andromeda colonization." "But one day a ship appeared in the sky. Not many people had known of this place, and even less have survived till now. But I needed to be sure." "One word. Hannibal." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Some time later... "Long time no see, my old friend. I hope I can be of some help with these." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Overview of the build:
  4. Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // The Ter Tahls had been kind enough to once again lend their facilities to ED-208 and myself. This was a much larger warehouse style facility that suited our task of creating and testing drones very well. ED-208 had decided to modify one of the drones I had created and gave it some armament. He had insisted that it was needed and it also would be useful in testing the new target acquisition and tracking software I had written. As he finished up the modifications on his drone I made a few last tweaks to the largest of the drones that would be used for recon. With its sophisticated communications gear I was sure it would be useful to the Ter Tahls. My other 6 legged drone was made to explore more uneven terrain and handle smaller locations. I had shared all of the designs and specifications with the Ter Tahls for their use. Tor seemed most interested in the 6 legged drone for its ability to handle underwater exploration. I told him that if he located any Awesomnium to be sure to let Octan know as they would be very happy to buy the rights for it. I'd come to really appreciate Tor's companionship and I think even ED-208 was beginning to settle in. He hadn't suggested we sabotage or blow up their facility in quite a while! And I noticed that he no longer insisted on having a weapon in his hand. He was willing to set it down on the cart the Ter Tahls had loaned to him for working on his drone. I think ED-208 was appreciative of their warrior culture and all of their many traditions. He even said I could learn from the Ter Tahls about being more of a man. Which didn't make any sense since they were a totally alien race and not humans! All of that made our orders from Dr. Long to return to the Axle all the more difficult. I knew that with an alien fleet in a neighboring system she had great concern over our safety, especially due to our knowledge of the time travel device but we still felt like there was so much to learn from the Ter Tahls. Tor said that we would always be welcomed and that perhaps in the future he could come to the Axle and meet the revered Dr. Long. I knew that she would be excited for that possibility and that Tor would be so amazed by her. I found myself excited at the possibility and I was sure Dr. Long would be thrilled to hear my full report! Extra Pics:
  5. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] - Suitably Hard Suits

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After our discovery of the time machine it seems Dr. Long had become quite concerned for our safety. She had sent two hard suits, one for each of us, and had asked that we keep near them in case we needed to use them. I thought it might be a bit extreme given we were also near the Ter Tahls and they could help keep us safe, but it was another reminder of how much Dr. Long cares about her employees. ED-208 was initially very annoyed though because Dr. Long had sent a hard suit for "Ed Zob". I told him that it was clear Dr. Long was protecting our identities but he insisted that she thought he was some guy with that name. I asked him which was more likely, that one of the most brilliant minds in the galaxy had mistakenly sent a suit to a robot OR that she knew given our discovery that our safety could possibly be at risk and in an overabundance of caution and concern she had sent the suits and disguised his identity. Particularly since he was an advanced robot that other corporations or aliens would love to steal and reverse engineer. His incredulous stare clearly meant that he realized the error of his logic! ED-208 did seem rather pleased with the armament on his suit though. I told him that was further proof that Dr. Long had intended the suits for us specifically as mine was more geared towards science with the hands and the communications and scanning gear. Whereas his suit was quite obviously intended as a defensive suit with the weaponry! His was designated Mobile assault.Kommando (Ma.K) and mine was known as the Mobile armor.Kommunications (Ma.K). ED-208 pointed out how confusing it was to name them in such a way that both had the same acronym, but again I pointed out Dr. Long's genius. By making the acronym the same letters the enemy would never know what they were facing! Her military acumen is second only to her scientific prowess. Tor said the suits were most impressive and that he would be happy to have them moved into the Ter Tahls' underground facility. I thanked him and said that would be ideal. ED-208 suggested that we should create some mini-drone bots to use to supplement our suits, so I believe that will be our next task. I assured Tor that we would share our developments with them since they were kindly providing the facilities. He was most appreciative. I've realized that despite my initial beliefs that they were a simple race that we would have to kindly guard, the Ter Tahls were actually a very helpful race that wasn't that inferior to us humans. Extra Pics: Thanks to Goatman for suggesting we all have a Ma.K week, I've never built anything like these suits before and it was a fun challenge!
  6. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] - Credit Where It Is Due

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Dr. Long had sent me something to investigate urgently. The Ter Tahls were kind enough to allow me to use one of their research labs to do my scientific inquiry into the blue box I had been sent. As it turns out the blue box was just a container for what was inside. What it was that was inside turned out to be a bit trickier to figure out. I wasn't sure if it was some arcade dancing game, medical scanner, or some sort of sex thing (sadly pombe wasn't here to ask about that one). I had spent an hour looking it over when Tor stopped in to check on things. He offered his assistance or the assistance of any of the Ter Tahls scientists if they could be of help. I thanked him for his kind offer but told him that this was very advanced scientific stuff and that I wasn't sure they could be of help right now. I mentioned that once I knew what I was dealing with I may need further assistance. Then Tor said: "You mean with your time machine?" WHHHHAAAAA?!?!?! So I guess Tor and the Ter Tahls had seen this thing before and it was a time machine. The Ter Tahls themselves had a moral objection to using it, but they had helped some early humans in Andromeda and prevented the time machine from falling into Zoid hands. Tor expressed surprise that we humans had seemingly forgotten about such a powerful device, but I assured him that it was not the case at all. I told him that I was sure Dr. Long had sent it to me knowing that the Ter Tahls would know about it and help me to keep it safe. I decided that given the profound power of the device I had better contact Dr. Long immediately. I had a holo-call with her and explained that I had managed to use my considerable skill and thorough data analysis to figure out that it was a time travel device. She was quite shocked and insisted that I send the device back to her immediately for her to properly handle it. She ended the call quickly likely due to her shock, but I suspect once she has time to process all of this that she will realize just how valuable I am and give me the recognition I have earned. Extra Pics:
  7. Halixon had been deployed down to the ocean planet F10. The deployment shuttle dropped him onto the water surface on a Water Hovercraft. He'd use this to maneuver the vast ocean. Now, to find a small piece of land to set up a water pump... Top: Back: ------- Just a vehicle build. I would have built some water, but i don't quite have enough blue plates to set the hovercraft on. C & C welcome! Note: This is my first build in AG, so some helpful comments are appreciated.
  8. Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Tor wanted me to see some of the military technology they had. He said their military force was called the Marines, which ED-208 said "That would make sense." but I'm not sure what he meant. Maybe because they reminded him of the human Marines. Though Tor said they generally refer to themselves as Leatherbacks instead of Marines when among their own. Not sure why ED-208 found that amusing, must be a weird robot thing. I actually had a very productive discussion on gyroscopic stabilization with one of their scientists. Dr. Long had sent me a message about some issues our robots had been having and she asked me to look into it. I didn't want to submit a full report yet because I was still learning so much from the Ter Tahls, so I only sent back info regarding the gyro upgrades I would suggest. I think partially Dr. Long just wanted to check in on me and make sure things were alright since she hadn't heard from me in a while. Her reply of "OK, great." was also so typically her. She had taught me the importance of time, especially in science. This one time I had been talking to her for about 45 minutes when she stopped me and said that in science if you leave something for 1 minute too long during an experiment it can radically change things. So she told me that I had 1 minute to talk to her before the experiment was over. It really made me think about needing to keep things brief and to the point. She has such a brilliant mind and a fantastic way of looking at things and getting other people to understand them. Tor took me into one of their research and development labs where they had a new autonomous tank they were working on. It was a mobile defense tank with 4 multipurpose missiles. ED-208 seemed very interested in it and asked if it could be remote controlled by robots. Tor said that it couldn't currently but that was a very good suggestion. ED-208 said he would be happy to assist with trying it out if they needed. It was really great to see him becoming a bit less worried about aliens and so willing to help. The Ter Tahls seemed to have very advanced technology, at least as advanced as our own. Hard to believe these aliens could be as advanced as humans, but in some ways their technology even exceeded ours! I was really excited for the prospects of learning from them and showing my new findings to Dr. Long. As a woman of science and knowledge she would be ecstatic to hear all about this! Extra Pics: (Easter eggs for some upcoming story direction can be spotted) Tank's launcher raises and lowers and there is even a blast shield panel that is integrated
  9. Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science, Land Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // So as it turns out the turtles were actually the infant state of some aliens that inhabited Arium Major. The babies had made a distress call which just so happened to mess with human brains in a weird way. I guess they were nervous because from the signal intercepts they had gotten one corporation seemed to eat anything they could get their hands on, another corporation was of a warrior culture and therefore a threat, and as for our own corporation they feared we would take them as pets. Which I feigned surprise at and explained that as a scientist I was simply attempting to better observe them. It turns out that these aliens, they called themselves "Ter Tahls", lived underground on Arium Major because they liked to keep a humid environment. They also hoped it would keep our corporations from bothering them. Surprisingly they let ED-208 keep his gun as they took us into their subterranean living space. I guess the fact that we were massively outnumbered meant they were pretty secure in allowing him that bit of security. Once underground one of their elders, "Tor Tuss", came to guide us around. He explained that they had learned our language while studying us and from the signals they had intercepted. I was excited to tell him all about Dr. Long and how great she was and how he had to meet her because I was sure she would be so happy to help his species. He nodded and said there would be time for such things later. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to show her all of this and tell her right away so she would know and be impressed with what I had discovered. I would off course leave off the psychotic episode I had where I imagined her with flames shooting out of her hand. And the panda. The Ter Tahls had a very advanced setup underground, it was quite impressive. I was sure that Dr. Long would love to learn more for our own scientific knowledge. Maybe we could even leverage their knowledge for the betterment of our own species! We headed out onto a landing platform and awaited a supply skiff that would take us to another part where Tor wanted to show us more of their incredible facility. Though we were vastly outnumbered and quite alone with an alien species, having ED-208 with me was reassuring. It was good to have a companion on this journey. And I knew just how excited Dr. Long would be and how valuable she would find me after I reported all of this to her! Extra Pics:
  10. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] - Panda-monium

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science, Land Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // ED-208 and I had finally narrowed down the location on Arium Major to a fairly specific spot. We decided to really get it to a narrow location we needed to head out on foot. I grabbed the detector and he kept an eye out for trouble. After a few minutes we reached a beach and the detector started going crazy, we had found the spot! Except it was just some turtles. I put down my detector and picked up one of the cute little fellas. Even ED-208 admitted they were "surprisingly non-murder inducing". The little guy didn't seem to mind me handling him and I even thought of grabbing one as a pet. But I also wondered how the detector had shown such a strong signal from this spot that just had turtles. It wasn't possible that the listening posts had been sending the signal right to these little cuties! ED-208 asked me if I was aware of the sound the turtles were emitting. At first I thought he was joking as everyone knows turtles don't make any sound. But then he said it appeared to be at a frequency that would "negatively impact the human brain, most likely causing delusional hallucinations." I laughed and told him the little baby turtles wouldn't mess up my head, that maybe the sea air had caused a malfunction in HIS brain! That is when he said "Oh, maybe these guys can tell us what is going on. I bet the noise summoned them." And as I turned I saw Dr. Long standing there with ... a panda? I asked "What are you doing here Dr. Long? And what is up with that panda? And why are you shooting flames from your hand?" ED-208 then said: "Yeah, no way those baby turtles mess with your head!" I wasn't sure what he was talking about or why he was being so glib when there was clearly some sort of weird situation here. I mean, I can't ever remember Dr. Long having a PANDA! Extra Pics:
  11. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] - On the Trail

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science, Land Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // ED-208 and I had managed to process the data and it all seemed to point to Arium Major. A planet I had been on before, but one that seemed to hold new allure as we pondered what we would find. I had tasked ED-208 with our transportation on the planet while I had worked out the details of getting there and had set up a signal tracking system that would help us better pinpoint where the signals data bad been going once on the planet. In what I would term an overabundance of caution, ED-208 had selected an Octan defense vehicle with 4 heavy anti-armor missiles. It seemed like it would be a bit much, but he pointed out that with Arium Major's largely oceanic surface the tracked vehicle would be most useful on sand and any other terrain we encountered. Which was a very valid and well thought out notion. Once on planet we set off with ED-208 driving while I used the signal locator to give us a direction. It was rather difficult to track the signal since the vehicle only had a driver's seat and I was forced to hang on. ED-208 said it was a simple oversight on his part, which seemed odd since there is only the 2 of us. But we went on and I could feel a thrill run up and down my spine as the signal got stronger and stronger. Soon I would have answers for Dr. Long. And she would be so proud of me!
  12. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] - Octan Brand

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Land Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // After last week's discovery we had our drones looking for other anomalies. As it turns out there was one found in the shallow waters of Arium Major. ED-208 and I grabbed an Octan brand High Speed Dual Occupant Water Craft (OCHSDOWC for short). He wasn't happy about being on the water even though I had coated him in Octan brand High Performance Robot Sealant. When we arrived at the location of the device I asked if he would rather stay in the boat with his Octan brand Personal Floatation Device for Robots, and he said it would be for the best. Given that ED-208 wouldn't be with me I brought along my Octan brand High-Definition Underwater Camera to take pictures with. The new scuba gear and fins I had brought along also helped immensely. This device seemed to be capable of both acoustic listening and water composition analysis. I'm not sure what they were looking for in the water. I'm not even sure who "they" is! Once again all I could do was upload my data to Octan HQ and await further instructions. Having found a second device I'm sure they will be more interested in who is placing these devices and why. Extra pics:
  13. Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: Exploration --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- -- 21 Junali 3815-- I need to buy the Octan Corp. engineers a case of good stuff! The underwater robots they send to help us explore Sector F10 have been invaluable—especially since the large equatorial ocean of Arium Major supports some extremely large predators! The Vampire Ray is one of the largest apex predators, and apparently one of the most common. Our Octan Corp. submersible drones recorded many predation events in which a Vampire Ray attacked and consumed large (for Earth) sharks and whales. Attached to this report is a still image of one of these attacks. For scale, the shark in the picture is approximately 3 meters long, meaning that the ray here has a wingspan of roughly 5 meters. The teeth are equally enormous, they’re probably about 50cm long and are robust. These rays tend to shake their prey after biting down, so the teeth’s strength is clearly important. There is a group of spines near the base of the tail but we have not seen them used to aid in hunting. It’s unknown if these barbs are poisoned like in the terrestrial stingrays. I highly recommend that any human-piloted vessels sent to Arium Major be significantly armored against bites from the underwater creatures here. Frankly, I wouldn’t go into the water without some pretty big guns on a fast sub with hefty armor, once again, I’m glad we have the drones here! Eagle-Eye out. --End-- A couple more angles on Flickr, C&C appreciated!
  14. Arium Major is a planet noted for its wide oceans, huge landmasses... and its ducks. These last are fiercely territorial large orange and blue creatures, and they have already gained the respect of most of the explorers who have dared invade their home, that is to say, the ducks and explorers both cordially hate each other. My entry for challenge 1 on Andromeda's Gates on F10 (in case that wasn't already clear!) It was actually quite accidental that the sun happened to be right above the top of the paper while I was taking pictures, but I liked how it turned out! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  15. //"Log date 350, This is Dr. Long reporting from the O.C.S. Axle, in orbit F10. I have assigned one of my new Tech specialists; a fresh hire by the name of Kodan Black, to perform sub-surface analysis of water samples in a highly promising region of the planet. I needed him to adjust a few of our Aquatic science drones for the F10 missions. With such a massive planet, there is much work to be done... So many lifeforms to analyze and catalog and categorize... So many drones to be deployed to observe it all and quantify it. It's good to have an extra hand on deck... I just wish he would stop sniffing my hair... It's beginning to become a nuisance. Dr. Long signing off."// //"Status update. Shallow water drone observation is coming along well. I have dispatched a few of our high pressure sub drones (modified A30 models) to observe the deeper reaches of the planet. Initial reports indicate that this planet, much like earth, has active hydrothermal vents along the sea floor, which may be capable of sustaining life."// //"Status update. I finally got a chance to look at one of the relay screens from the A30 drones. Fascinating. Life always finds a way... even in the darkest depths of an alien sea, life, of some kind, still fights on for survival. I am, of course, referring to the myriad of xenobacterial specimens the drone is collecting from the vent. There is a fish-like alien, but that is much less important. Now... I need to attend the unveiling of a newly commissioned drydock on one of the Axle's dropships. Afterwords, I will relax in my office with the day's paperwork. Dr. Long signing off."// Sorry for the shit picture. I'll try to get better ones tomorrow, but I just needed to meet the deadline today. Initially I hoped to make more of the anglerfish aliens, but, as always, ran out of time. I have a lot of work to do IRL this week, so I couldn't afford to go crazy with my builds. I did anyways. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  16. Water, the stuff of life. Arium Major is a vast sphere of water but rocks, the tips of gargantuan mountains, breach the waves. Where there is land there is life. A seed pod of a hardy tree floats upon the surface until such a time it makes land, any sort of land. It can take root even in the hardest of rock and reach up to the skies and sunlight, verdant green leaves burst forth and delicate crystal flowers bloom. Roots that find space limited as the tree grows will travel across voids, probing to find another solid footing to set themselves strong. Once the tree is mature and tall other settlers arrive to colonise the new oasis within the vast ocean. Strange and bulbous fungoid plants will take advantage of rock space too small for tree roots. These feed upon the pollens of the tree flowers and sometimes the small insects that are attracted to the larger flora. Hardy to the extreme and somewhat parasitic, once a single instance takes it's spores will even start growing from the Arbor Crystalis that made conditions ripe for other plant life. A strange hybridisation is taking place here, the small bulb of Ostrum joined with the tree and has caused the flowers to bloom purple. With both the Arbor Crystalis and Ostrum growing, Hook Lillies float over. These flowers, with their green/yellow pads, survive on the sap of trees that drips down during their season. They use the ocean currents to travel around the planet and reach trees during the season they drip their sap. As a migratory flower there is some debate as to whether they are truly plants or indeed some other type of creature. Also evident is the Spiked Peony, an attractive small flower that grows in the soil created from the rock and ocean detritus that the AC creates. The tree growth can powder the rock and provides a catch for sediments washed in by the sea. In the far corner there is also a Citrine Shoot, a plant of noticeable colour and a pleasing lime-like scent. It is true from Terra to the ends of the universe. All things strive. --- Report Ends--- -*- So, I needed some stress relief. Arium Major needed some flora. Looks like we both came out better for it!
  17. Start of automatic transmission #01 from probe exploring Arium Major. Initial recipient of the message, Octan Corporation explorer Wick Nole, did not provide the confirmation on receiving this message for five standard days. In this case, according to standard Octan Exploration Protocol, the message is transmitted via unsecured channel on open frequencies. In case you are receiving this message, please forward it to planet Farmolis, AG sector H06. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The probe had prepared first pictures from Arium Major. Flora is abundant here and fauna is reach. Thick air allowed for evolution of probably one of the largest flying creatures in southern sector of Andromeda. The probe was able to capture one of these on top of the huge tree. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of automatic transmission #01. The build:
  18. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] Majorly Contributing

    Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: Science, Octan, Civil // PERSONAL DIARY // I'd made my way down to the planet's surface. Not wanting to disappoint Dr. Long I decided that the best way to ensure success was to take some time and try the drone out with me nearby. I figured that if I kept to the shallower water I'd be ok. This would allow me to quickly make any changes that would be necessary to provide for the full utilization of our drone. I'd been diving before but never with this kind of equipment. It was nice having someone else foot the bill for all the things I needed. As the drone performed basic maneuvers and initial analysis I was happy to see it functioning exactly as it should. Dr. Long would be most pleased! She was very attention to detail oriented and though often stern, you could see she cared. It was nice working for someone with such passion! Sometimes people make mistakes and need to be punished to get them back in line. I know that if I screw up I would expect punishment; and it would be well deserved! We need strong women who aren't afraid to put people in line. Good thing there is no corporal punishment or I'd really be in trouble. There isn't corporal punishment anymore is there? Gotta read the employee handbook on that. The test analysis was streaming back useful data already! The modifications would be pretty easy for me to replicate. If I grabbed maybe another dozen A12 units I could vastly speed up the scanning. Then Dr. Long would really be pleased with me. She might even ask me to work with her directly! Annoyingly in all my shots it seems the blue translucent bricks on either side of my minifig aren't visible. I assure you they aren't just big gaps. Also there is 1 small detail that if anyone notices will make me super happy. Extra Shots:
  19. Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: Science, Octan, Civil // PERSONAL DIARY // After my rousing success on Dr. Long's mission I returned to her office on the ship and was greeted by her usual stern manner. Dr Long: "Good work, you didn't even get killed once." Me: "Thanks, yeah it was a gre..." Dr. Long: "So I've got another mission to send you on." Me: "Right. Ok. I..." Dr. Long: "You leave immediately. We need to analyze water samples and I need you to grab an A12 drone and modify it for our needs. Sub-surface stuff, nothing too deep. 50 meters max. We aren't doing surface mapping so don't go nuts." Me: "Ok, right away." Dr. Long: "The drones are in Bay 04, so ... bye." I grabbed a drone and loaded it into a shuttle. The pilot said the transit time should be enough to allow me to make the modifications needed. As we entered the atmosphere I was greeted by the incredible sight of the planet below me. For a second I was able to forget all the work ahead and just enjoy the view. As a scientist I'm often stuck in a lab working long hours, so getting to see the beauty of Arium Major as we approached was a very welcome change. Quickly I got back into work mode though as I knew Dr. Long wouldn't be lenient on failure. I needed to get down there and get our water analysis drone operational and sending back data immediately! Another Angle: This is my first ever micro build. It was fun to try something new, so thanks to the game runners for the opportunity. Sorry Octan!