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Found 11 results

  1. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] The End of the Journey

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: Location: Current Temporary Office of CEO SpacerSteve A voice spoke over the intercom, "Holo Transmission for you sir. Broadcast content unknown." and promptly the voice faded out. Spacersteve turned to the central projector, awaiting yet another news agency requesting comment on Octan's Impending victory perhaps, or another report of equipment failing that he didn't have the people to fix. The transmission flickered into view in the shape of Captain Pangolinus, previously listed as MIA following his disappearance in Octan territory, but recently returned at the head of a battle fleet, which reports claim is engaged in heavy fighting. "Sir, if you are receiving this message, then I have given the order to abandon the Osiris, and for all MANTIS craft in the system to retreat. I will stay with my ship til the end, as my service life is nearing its end. I was given a drug which resulted in rapid deterioration of brain cells while in captivity, and the antidote I obtained from an octan facility bought me only two weeks more of brain function. It has been twelve days since that antidote and I feel myself fading back into an abyss. If you should have need of my starship designs in the future, they are in the care of the Morph Program. I will not explain where or how, but if you need them, you will find them. Agents Urtem and Aryna perished in the attempt to rescue me, honor them well. I regret that my return has been so brief, but my brain will not last. If the internal affairs department figured out where I came from, you may send my remains to rest there, if not I shall rest on Torresta. I wish a fond farewell to my fellow members of M.A.N.T.I.S. and especially my fellow pilots. This is Captain Pangolinus, Signing Off"
  2. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] Osiris Rising

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: Spaceship A raspy voice cut through the comm silence, jolting some of the younger pilots to attention. They'd been awaiting the arrival of someone or something for several weeks in the G03 sector of the Andromeda galaxy. However, today was the first time most squadrons had been in the same area at the same time. "This is Osiris." Crackled the voice, "Prepare" "This is Captain Pangolinus. MANTIS pilots, the time is now. Octan shall remember this day, for as long as they hold on to a claim in this galaxy, this day will live in infamy in their minds. But for the great minds of MANTIS, it will be legend!" The Osiris: Now for the other ships (In spoilers) The Quaddagger Starfighter Edition
  3. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] Going Up

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: Spaceship Previously "Your shuttle has landed sir. Please embark immediately for your chosen destination." "Very well. I have no intention of ever seeing this planet's surface again" C&C welcome!
  4. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] A Fiery Farewell

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: None Another time, another place. A final farewell. "Comm Auth Code: Alpha Rubicon Delta. Osiris Division. Get me a God Damn ship." "Who the-" *Click*
  5. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] The Pylaton Heavy Fighter

    Tags; Spaceship Location: G03 - New California The MANTIS engineers continue their innovations, this time with a heavy fighter packing numerous laser cannons and a heavy gun mounted on the under side. This model is being flown by a drone, but it accommodates a regularly built pilot, provided their helmet isn't huge. The pylons extending from the back of the ship rotate to provide greater maneuverability, as well as emitting electric pulses. The cockpit section can separate from the main engine and pylon section in order to escape or to detonate a large ion/electric pulse. Fleet Deployment is effective immediately, and Experienced combat pilot are recommended. My latest craft! C&C welcome!
  6. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] There is No Stopping Now

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: Spaceship The shipyards of M.A.N.T.I.S. are running full tilt, 24/7 constantly cranking out new designs and mass numbers of older craft. The latest design is a simple pod, built for pure speed in order to get commandos to the surface of a planet or the hull of an enemy ship. To make up for this craft's lack of weapons are strong armor, an old experimental design has been updated, given increased weaponry, and put into mass production. This design was christened the Bulletblade. The Pod The Bulletblade Testing on using Bulletblades to protect drop runs by the pods is nearly complete, and both craft will soon enter main fleet service. The bulletblade is an update of a design used in one of the challenges, so judge it as you see fit. The pod is new. C&C welcome!
  7. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] Romgal Squadron

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: Spaceship The Reaper, a design which spent ages in the engineering workshops of MANTIS, pursuing the perfect blend of atmospheric maneuverability and deep space range, and packing some big guns to boot, has finally emerged from an orbital factory, the location of which is classified. To make use of the new design a new squadron has been formed, drawing from MANTIS' elite pilots. Romgal Squadron was the result, and it is currently deployed in the Sector around New California. Fleet Command: Romgal leader, do not acknowledge and preserve your position. Execute scramble code Oscar-Foxtrot-Alpha. That is All. C&C Welcome!
  8. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] Zircon Squadron

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: Spaceship *Crackle* Fleet Command: Zircon Two come in, Zircon leader is unresponsive. Zircon Two: .... . ·----· ... -.-. ..- .-. .-. . -. - .-.. -.-- .-. . ..-. ..- . .-.. .. -. --. --··-- .-- .... .. -.-. .... .. ... .-- .... -.-- -.-- --- ..- -.-. .- -. ·----· - .-. . .- -.-. .... .... .. -- ·-·-·- Fleet Command: What the hell did you say? *Muffled* Officer: Are you talking to Zircon? Those weird as hell sentient things only speak in morse code. The can speak in other forms, since they possess a learning AI , but they choose not too. *Normal* Zircon Two: --.. .. .-. -.-. --- -. .-.. . .- -.. . .-. .. ... -... .- -.-. -.- --- -. .... .. ... ... .... .. .--. --··-- .- -. -.. -. --- .-- .. ... .- ...- .- .. .-.. .- -... .-.. . ..-. --- .-. -.-. --- -. - .- -.-. - ...- .. .- -.-. --- -- -- ... ·-·-·- Fleet Command: *Turns on translator* Umm, ok. I think. Zircon Leader we need you to execute scramble code Oscar-Foxtrot-Alpha. Zircon Leader: --.. .. .-. -.-. --- -. .-.. . .- -.. . .-. --··-- - .... .. ... .. ... ·-·-·- .-. . .--. .-. --- --. .-. .- -- -- . -.. -- -.-- ... . .-.. ..-. - --- -... . . . . . . . . . . . . . --- -. .... .. --. .... -.-- --- -.. .- -- --- --- --- --- -.. . --··-- .. .... .- ...- . .-.. .. -.- . ·-·-·- -- .- -. --··-- ... --- .-- .... .- - -. . . -.. -- . - --- -.. --- --··-- -.. .. -.. -.-- --- --- --- --- ..- ··--·· Fleet Command: What the megablocks? *Exasperated sigh* Zircon Two, you're temporarily in command, follow the code. The version of the ZipRing in the individual photo is slightly better than the one in the group shot, which has some older pieces. Read the spoilers for translations of the pilot drones! C&C welcome!
  9. Challenge 3: Cat A Location: G03 New California Based upon: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=111355 Thank you to Dardanel for allowing me a chance to try my hand at his lab. I hope I did it justice. // PERSONAL DIARY // Dr. Long had been looking into how best to experiment on water extraction and water analysis techniques and had asked me to spend some time assisting. I was certainly glad to help but it was a surprise that she would send me to a desert planet to work on a water project. From above it looked like just a building stuck in the middle of the desert. It wasn't until I had actually been to the lower levels that I realized just how gargantuan the lab really was. Extra Pics:
  10. WickNole

    [O - G03] Close to the edge

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: civil, exploration Terrain: Desert Start of transmission #05. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ... seems the the cactus had finally found the trail. All this will end soon... very soon... The attack came out of nowhere. Only a second ago it was all peaceful and quiet, and suddenly this strange green creature, which i thought was simply a cactus, attacked me. It was even able to bite through the industry-grade spacesuit. I was barely able to escape this and kill the beast. But it seems that the night is coming close, and there are lot more of these strange creatures coming cor me then. The bloody trail is too good for them to miss. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #05. The build:
  11. Location: G03 - New California Tags: Octan, Exploration Lu's Log 20 Junali 3815 Xenobiological Survey of G-03 At first glance, "New California" appears to be a desert wasteland, largely devoid of life and, most of the year, this is true. But, things are not always as they seem. G-03 has a highly elliptical orbit and, several times a year, this orbit brings it (relatively) close to a companion planet, G-03b. G-03b is a gas giant and as the planets draw together the gravity from G-03b starts to squeeze and stretch G-03. There are earthquakes, and the ground cracks and deforms. Finally, as the planets near their closest point, water is squeezed from the porous rocks of G-03, flooding onto the surface to create vast rivers and huge, shallow seas. Evolution here has favored organisms that can respond quickly to water, so overnight the desert seems to bloom as plants and fungi spring from long buried seeds and spores. One organism of note is the Eshey-Pombe Traptus, named for the famed pair of explorers that first discovered it. This specimen is very young, but as it grows it will develop pink flowers to tempt unwary prey, and venomous barbs to paralyze any creatures that venture too close, allowing the Traptus to eat them at its leisure. Somewhat the opposite of the innocent looking Traptus, the Diablo Beetle looks fearsome... ...but it feeds on seeds and small invertebrates, which it filters from the sand using feather-like appendages. Next on the scene, a trio of Scorpstriches. Somewhat similar to flightless birds, these creatures have evolved venomous stingers on their tails and long, curved beaks for fishing small creatures out of the dunes. A crested Anklyodison approaches! It and the beetle size each other up, but each decides the other is not enough of a threat to fight. When water is present, time and energy cannot be wasted on unimportant squabbles. Look! Something has spooked the animals: They are right to be wary, because a grave danger approaches them from above. It's a Wind Walker! These giant creatures use the thermal columns generated by the hot desert air to rise high into the sky, before descending on unwary prey. They're held aloft by chambers of gas, which they expand and deflate as needed. They're a graceful creature, but don't let their apparent delicateness fool you. They are predators. Fortunately for our assembled creatures, this Wind Walker has eaten recently and is only interested in water. It sucks up vast quantities of water and, using a process we don't yet understand, separates the hydrogen from the oxygen. It uses the former to stay aloft and the latter is expelled through tiny openings to help the creature maneuver The rivers and oceans wont last long. In a few days, perhaps a week at most, the liquid will filter back down through the thirsty sand. The plants and fungi wither and die. The lucky ones will have released spores or seeds, which will wait below the sand, for years or decades if needed, until the water comes again. Today, though, the water is here and for a brief time "New California" looks exactly like old California used to*. -Lu out. *Disclaimer - I grew up on Mars and have never actually seen "old" California, But I imagine it looks something like this.