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  1. Max Hart Lane

    LEGO Funny and Non-stop Video

    Thank you for coming to see my video ^V^
  2. You're going to go to work at OCTAN gas station. You can make your story by your own. But...There's only one good ending. Choose wisely and GOOD LUCK! Like&Comment&Share&Subcribe if you like this video Watch more videos -- go to my Youtube channel : Facebook Page -- Brick Hart Lane
  3. Max Hart Lane

    LEGO Monster

    A big bad chameleon monster go to the LEGO City for pizza. Nobody can resist it. What happen with their city? Let's see!!! Made by Lego creator polybag 30477 - Chameleon Like me on Facebook :
  4. Max Hart Lane

    Car Robbery

    A man who is a robber steal a lady's car. Unfortunately, he was crashed by sweeper car. What happen with him? Let's see. This video was made by Lego city set 60132 - service station.