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  1. Bloktopus

    Stop motion Lucy and Emmets Escape Buggy!

    No worries. Thanks for letting me know. Is there a way to move this topic to that forum?
  2. (Hope this is the right spot to put this) Ahem, last week I had to have the Lego Movie 2 escape buggy. I also tried to make a direct-out-of-box stop motion for the first time. Here it is: [media] [/media]
  3. Bloktopus

    [PRESS RELEASE] 70840 - Welcome to Apocalypseburg!

    Yeah, this is a musthave! Gotta love the Mad Max vibe.
  4. Hello everybody, I wanted to show off Bloktopus city here. This started off as a cyberpunk style city, but gradually turned more into a Ninjago themed complex, thanks to Lego releasing the very fitting Ninjago modulars. It is half MOC's and half Ninjago Movie sets. At this moment about 60% of what you see has been disassembled. I hope you like what you see. Have a nice day. :-)
  5. Bloktopus

    Lord of the rings sets returning?

    I certainly hope so, since I didn't return to lego until after these lines were ended.
  6. Not sure, Ninjago City already feels a lot more like Creator Expert modulars than the regular Ninjago sets. I can see this evolving into an asian-styled modular city without the fantasy elements. (Especially considering they can't keep continuing the Ninjago Movie line indefinitely)
  7. Bloktopus

    Theme review: Ice Planet 2002

    Ice Planet 2002 has got to be my overall favourite space subtheme. The deep freeze defender is probably the best lego spaceship I've ever seen. The minfigs and especially the snow helmets and chainsaws were great, and the overall atmosphere was really different. I remember expecting M:Tron II at the time, (which would be OK but not really refreshing) yet it turned out to be a very welcome surprise. Good memories.
  8. Bloktopus

    Bloktopus reporting in! Hello everybody!

    That actually sounds like a good idea, maybe in the future. And thanks everybody for the welcome!
  9. Bloktopus

    How did you come out of your Dark Ages?

    Two years ago I was at a friends birthday party who turned 32, and I saw his father enter the room with a huge toy store gift package. At first I figured it was for my friend's nephew, who was also there. But then he opened it himself and there was a lego technic truck inside. I never really thought about lego to be something for adults before that. (I did have a sizable collection of space theme lego when I was a kid, but I never really looked back to it.) Since I didn't live close by I slept on the couch that night, and the next morning he and his girlfriend showed me a van (from the creator expert line) they were building. They gave me the instruction booklet and told me to continue building, while they went for a shower. It was such fun, that I immediately decided that I didn't have a reason not to buy a new set. When I came back I immediately ordered the ferris wheel and it went pretty fast after that...
  10. Personally I am hoping for something a bit more high-tech than the Ninjago Docks. A hospital or office building or transit station. Or everything slammed together on a single baseplate.
  11. Hello everybody, my name is Pepijn, I am from the Netherlands, and "Bloktopus" is actually the name of our stop-motion lego animation collective. There's three of us and even though we don't make videos that frequently, we enjoy every bit of it. I left a link below if you're interested. Aside from that I also enjoy lego just for building. In 2016 a friend reintroduced me to lego after not having touched any brick for 20 years or so. I am amazed how much has changed and especially improved in this time gap. It's also astounding how varied themes have become since the nineties. The last two years I've stumbled mostly upon Creator and Ninjago, and I've been gifted lots of Minecraft and Friends. Luckily I've never given away my old lego so I also got plenty of Space and Aquazone left. As varied as these themes are, I still try to merge all of them into one big (actually quite small compared to what I've seen online) futuristic harbour city. I joined Eurobricks because I'd like to see what other people are building and filming, hope to learn new tricks, get to know some people and keep an eye open for events that might be interesting. Kind regards, Pepijn.