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Found 7 results

  1. hello everyone, I decide to make this thread to show decals I have made/am going to make in the future. if you have any suggestions, comments, or any other feedback don't be afraid to reply
  2. SomeAssemblyRequired

    What breaks your bricks?

    Excuse the horrible pun - but what really annoys you? Can be LEGO or RL related For me - getting a cold and thinking it's over...then round 10am you need to leave work -____-
  3. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] Treebeard

    For Round 4 of the 2014-15 Middle Earth LEGO Olympics on MOCpages.
  4. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] In the Slums

    My entry to Round 3 of The Tourney 2015 over on MOCpages. My character searches through the slums of Guaire in search of a man who can give him vital information on other teams. Just for fun, who do you think the informant is?
  5. This is my first MOC post on Eurobricks - hope you like it. Lots of commuters are leaving the underground station. Play well princeofgonville (
  6. The Brick King

    From the US, I say hello!

    Hello from the USA! I am the Brick King. I have been building with LEGO for about as long as I can remember. I have stumbled across this awesome site looking for a place to strut my stuff, and BOOM, I'm here. Feel free to ask some questions below!
  7. deltarex101

    The Goodness of Lego-like products

    I have been a collector of lego from 2008 then on March 2012 ( summer break ) I made a interesting discovery First. I was just then surfing the net for some cool lego creation when suddenly a huge file of lego-like products began to appear which for me is just a low quality plastic dangerously selling in the market, but at that time I was very curious at the military section I discovered they have many sets that was cheap and very interesting design. And so I began my Adventure to the "underworld" of the legoworld and so I went to the flea market and purchase a few of them. the company's name 1. KAZI 2. Enligthen and so I was not so surprised about the condition of the Kazi set that proves to be a JUNK but to the enlighten set it was near to lego like 80-90% that have some little troubles like there copying of lego sets ( ferrari I even bought it ) and so this continued my "hobby" of purchasing the best of them and using their designs I would use them to create my own version and then I discovered a trouble between the two the real fake lego's and the hard working fake lego's Real Fake legos - this guys are the real trouble maker their the ones who are destroying Lego and the company sets and making a fortune in their hidden scam the example of these are ( Kazi, Ligo, some I cannot understand chinese logos) Hard working fake legos - well this guys main motive is 1. Get rich 2. Give the best quality like 80-90% of the bricks there are few in the market that you can really depend on and most of their sets have still mishaps but still you can use them on your lego bricks ex. ( Enlighten, Star Diamond etc..) these two have been tested by me and I found that they have okay/ good quality but still lego has still the best bricks out there Now I have told my story on how I have been participating on these "knock-offs " sets.Now I have gathered a good and bad points to the use of these bricks: Bad 1. They have low QUALITY AND THEY WILL CHEAT ON YOU AND FAKE YOU!!! 2. They can be Dangerous for the Health 3. You will waste some good earned money and get some bad quality plastic Good 1. The third-world kids can have own lego-like bricks 2. You can find pieces that are rare to those who can't afford the set or on bricklink 3. There good for displaying 4. They (good company) can be use on lego too Plz could you tell me about the ideas on your mind about the knock-offs and tell me did you like it or not about the sets that you bought. Cheers!!! :laugh: :sweet: Pictures: