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Found 8 results

  1. I wanted to order a couple of minifigure hats from a seller in Germany to be sent to the UK. The seller told me the cheapest postage was over €10 by courier. When I suggested that they could go by Deutsche Post for only €1.70 or €3.70 depending on the packet’s thickness, I was told that those rates don’t exist to the UK, only the EU. Is that true? The reciprocal, sending a large letter from the UK to Germany by Royal Mail for a few £s, is possible, so I’m surprised that Germany-to-UK isn’t. Please note that this is emphatically NOT a political thread about Brexit. Please don’t go there.
  2. Having heard the call, the heroes navigate the busy corridors of Ebria Station towards the Northern Docks. There, they congregate in the spacious Hart Logistics hanger. They are overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the space; crewmembers dart back and forth around them as shuttles and freighters come in to land and take-off. Support vehicles whirl in every direction, ferrying supplies across the dock. Giant command towers stand at the walls of the hanger, commanding traffic. Beyond the gate shielding, the heroes can see the wide expanse of space beyond. Lost in all the hustle and bustle of the station, the heroes find themselves gathering together on the hangar floor. Party: Kirwin (karmajay)Character Points: 1/14Vitality: 6/6Velocity: 1Strength: 2Skill: 1Smarts: 3Proficiencies: Coding 2, Piloting 1, Engineering 2, Explosives 1, Technology 2 Credits: 18Equipment: Drone (Standard Long Range Elemental Weapon), Utility BeltInventory: 4 Hampering Minor Chemical Contained grenades, 2 Plasma Potions, Adventuring Leathers (Standard Kinetic Armour), Hacking Chip Merei TeoAge 24 Female, Helioi-Touched Celestial (Born Menahi)Character Points: 0/14Vitality: 6/6Velocity: 2Strength: 2Skill: 2Smarts: 3Spirit: 3/3Proficiencies: Occult 1, Religion 1, Coding 1, Insight 1Known Spells: Healing Light, Solar Flare, Gravity SinkCredits: 145Equipment: Teo Family Pocket-Watch (Kinetic Weapon), Utility Belt (Grants +1 Engineering or Medicine Check Success) Inventory: Essence of Intellect, Aetherbrew, Plasma Potion, Nanite Elixir Varen Nastayo (KotZ)26, Male, HumanCharacter Points: 1/13Vitality: 5/5Velocity: 2Strength: 2Skill: 2Smarts: 2Spirit: 0Proficiencies: Culture 2, Deception 1, Insight 1, Persuasion 2, Long Range Weapon 1, Coding 1*Known Spells (if applicable): Credits: 115Equipment: Lawyer's Rifle (Standard Long Range Energy weapon), Translator CubeInventory: 1x Essence of Glibness, 1x Essence of Intellect, Ion Repeater (Standard Energy Long Range Weapon), Adrenaline Decoction, 2x Bulking Stim Zaria Kanara (Kintobor)226 Year Old Female ElfCharacter Points: 1/15Vitality: 6/6Velocity: 3Strength: 2Skill: 2Smarts: 1Spirit: 2/2Proficiencies: Athletics 1, Religion 2, Melee Weapons 2Known Spells: Warding Bond, Sonic Sweep, Enhanced VisionCredits: 125Equipment: Power Khopesh (Standard Kintetic Melee Weapon), Dune Sea Armour (Standard Kinetic Armour), Farsight GogglesInventory: Plasma Potion (3), Aether Brew, Essence of Toughness, Holoscroll MM Note: Welcome to Quest 7! Excited to finally be launching. If you have any questions, feel free to instant message me, or post OoC in the thread. Feel free to shop a little more, and please confirm your stats and involvement within the next 24 hours!
  3. I'm selling some empty set boxes, and someone has asked if I can ship to them. Problem is, the boxes themselves are some of the larger UCS sized boxes. How would I go about shipping them?
  4. Hello, I used to buy often from amazon UK and France to get better deals on Lego and other products but now I noticed that I can't any Lego from those international amazon sites I am wondering if anyone is having this problem or know why it's happening? Thanks -RailCo
  5. Hey there, My question especially for those who've moved to another country for good (EU zone, UK to be exact); Will be moving to UK if everything goes according to plan, want to move my collection as i invested a lot both in money and in effort. Anyone did something like this? Any of your comments, opinions, suggestions are welcome. Do i need to pay any import taxes for private goods? Will be shipping to myself. What method should be used? Which company could be used? Any known international movers? Any occurred problems/solutions? Thank you.
  6. Still not knowing my full way around Bricklink, I'm confused as to how I know/calculate the full costs of a set with everything like shipping included without going up to nearly buy the set. Any help here please?
  7. This arrived today: In the first image, I did not do that to the box. That's actually how it arrived. Flimsy cardboard, no protection at all. Any idea what I should do about this? This is a hassle I really didn't need :(
  8. Gremer

    Shipping Problem

    Last month, for the May the 4th promotion, I ordered the Sandcrawler. Despite a shipment date of May 28th, I never got an e-mail saying it has shipped, and it hasn't. Should I contact Customer Support, and if I do, will I get Revan?