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  1. deltarex101

    MOC: HB-10 Firebat

    :thumbup: :thumbup:
  2. deltarex101

    Sci-Fi Armory

    Awesome! The design could use in all themes
  3. deltarex101

    Lego Star Wars Builds :

    Hey Guys, recently I have gone out of my DARK AGES but those times I abandoned my Lego creativity especially building Mocs, about Star Wars Now I am just a collector, I never build the Lego sets I bought it just sits in my Lego collection wardrobe but since then I have been thinking to restore my Lego child imagination but I know I cannot do it alone I need help, unfortunately here in the Philippines very few build custom Lego Star Wars that I really, really want to build and show in my meager collection. But Fortunately I have the internet and the internet allows me to access THE EUROBRICKS Now I need your help (not mandatory but out of love ) so that I can rediscover my Lego Imagination! - Link any pages that shows any custom Lego Star wars Builds -Post a pic about your very own creation -Comment/ Share any good Lego Star Wars Build DUE REMEMBER WHEN YOUR POSTING AND LINKING PLEASE IT MUST HAVE INSTRUCTIONS ON IT! THANKS
  4. Need to inspire myself again!

  5. deltarex101

    [MOC] Imperial Turbolaser Turret

    I really like the design :thumbup:
  6. deltarex101

    Minifig Update

    All the minifgs are nice!
  7. deltarex101

    Lego Star Wars Site

    WOW! This idea of yours is really good I am also planning with the future of the lego collection and the future of my kids! this was very inspirational!
  8. deltarex101

    MTT (7662) Pic Review

    crap pictures
  9. deltarex101

    WIP MOC A6 Juggernaut

    woah! awesome moc!
  10. deltarex101

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    Oh My God! Army Builders are coming!!! wohooo
  11. deltarex101

    REVIEW: 7752 Count Dooku's Solar Sailer*

    It really looks like a Geonisian Star Fighter
  12. deltarex101

    Superhero Video Contest!

    Not on andriod or iphone lets just use it on our pc
  13. deltarex101

    Super Heroes Month Index and Discussion Thread

    Lets try a contest that we can dress our minifigs and ourselves in our favorite hero costume!
  14. I need to build some good old fashioned STAR WARS VEHICLES !!! NEED HELP! Send me a message welcome to all!