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  1. Brotherhood

    MOD/MOC Hobbit Characters

    Wow! These look amazing! What are the custom parts made of? Green stuff?
  2. I'd like to go to Europe with my family and see all the wonderful historical museums and sights! Museum by rip_curl82, on Flickr Thanks CopMike for hosting this raffle! Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. Brotherhood

    MEC Category A: Battle of Osgiliath

    Perfect!!! The only thing I would consider changing is replacing one Hunter orc with that (I don't know his name) one eyed, pale, deformed face orc leader. Great work!!!
  4. Brotherhood

    MEC Category C: The Ring Goes South

    Awesome!!! I love the snow around the rocks, it looks very realistic. Great job! I have the same question about overhang.
  5. Brotherhood

    MEC Category A: Battle of Osgiliath

    Wow! This set is perfect in every aspect!!! Post this on the Lego Ideas, you'll get lots of support.
  6. Brotherhood

    MEC Category A: Inside Mt. Doom

    Great work! You've really done a good job making it look like a set. Those fire pieces really compliment the moc well. Good job!
  7. Brotherhood

    MEC Category B: Elves' New Pass-time

    Fantastic work! Lol. I really like the river and the trees. Great idea!
  8. Brotherhood

    Middle Earth Contest entry thread.

    MEC Category C: Dangers in Mirkwood
  9. Hi all, This is my creation for the Middle Earth Contest category C. This moc is from the second Hobbit movie (The Desolation of Smaug) and it depicts the scene where Thorin and company are attacked by the Mirkwood spiders in Mirkwood. This is one of my favourite scenes from the movie and therefore I chose to recreate it in Lego. My moc features the tree Bilbo climbed, the old elven path though Mirkwood, one Mirkwood spider and the Mirkwood forest floor. I would love to hear what you think of my moc and any improvement suggestions you may have. Hope you enjoy it. The contest rules it say, "16 x 16 with minimal overhang". Could someone please let me know if my creation's overhang is too far. If so, I'll change it. Thanks.
  10. Brotherhood

    MEC Category C: Elven party

    Wow! Awesome moc! I like how you created the river flowing under the cellar. The interior detail is also very well designed. Good job!
  11. Brotherhood

    MEC Category B: Pippin and the Barrow Downs

    Fantastic moc! The inside is very well built and your rock work looks very realistic. Great job!
  12. Brotherhood

    [MOC] Out of rum

    Awesome build! I love the azure color you used for the ocean.
  13. Brotherhood

    [Petition] Save LEGO the Lord of the Rings

    Count me in! An Osgiliath set would be awesome!