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Found 4 results

  1. I have wanted to create a Sauron minifigure for years but there was no suitable helmet until Reinhardt's from Overwatch. Now that I have one, let me introduce you to Sauron, Lord of the Rings:
  2. Anduin1710

    LOTR Barad-dur MOC

    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. Barad-dûr was held together by dark magic and was the greatest fortress in all of Middle-earth. It was originally built in the Second Age and razed after Sauron's defeat in the War of the Last Alliance. Sauron had Barad-dûr rebuilt during the Third Age as he rose back into power, but the tower was forever destroyed immediately following the destruction of the One Ring, as it was constructed and held together using the Ring's dark magic. This project includes 5.364 pieces! In comparison, the 10189 Taj Mahal had 5.922 pieces! Here you can see the size compared to the Lego "The Tower of Orthanc". I think that's the perfect height for the tower, not too small and not too big. Please click on the images, to see them in HD. You can find all images on my Flickr album. It has 9 floors and they are: (ranging from below) : A basement with an old skeleton The Throne room A blacksmith with a door A Palantir Room A prison A kitchen A room with the helmets of the Nazgûl A library with ancient books about witchcraft and dark magic And a chamber with the 9 rings of the Nazgûl The minifigures are: King Elendil with his sword Narsil Isildur with a sword 2 soldiers, one with sword & shield and one with spear & shield 2 elven warriors with spears and shields Gil-galad with his spear Aiglos and blue shield Elrond with his sword Hadhafang 1 orc archer with a shield 1 orc with spear and shield Sauron with the One Ring and his mace A banner carrier with a lash 1 orc with sword and shield @all viewers: Now it's up to you. Vote for my project on lego ideas and make the dream come true. Please also look at my other projects and consider supporting and sharing them with your friends! :D Thank you for your attention.
  3. This is my "The Great Eye: Barad-dûr" Lego Ideas set. It would be a pit for Lego to never produce any more large sets for the world of Middle Earth without a decent version of the main enemy Sauron himself and so I have made this set in hopes that one large missing chunk can be filled. If you want to support it in hopes of it getting made you can do so through here. Every vote makes a change so please do not hesitate to leave your support. It only takes a few minutes if you don't already have a account imagine all the time I put to make it:http:// This is the main image in a large resolution. If you wish to see more close ups there are many more to be seen on the Lego Ideas link. Let me know what you think. -Gus Something happened with the post the title should be ""Sauron in armor minifigure along with Barad-dûr (Lotr) What do you think?" and it posted it twice. GG
  4. Happy Newyear everyone! Here's one of my entries for CCCX: A Last Alliance of Men and Elves (and Dwarves) faced the armies of Sauron on the slopes of Mount Doom. All goes well until the Alliance has to face off against the Dark Lord himself... (Love this shot in the movie) The scene features Sauron (with the Ring of course), Isildur, Elrond and a human and elf soldier. I wanted to enter Sauron in the Fantasy Minifigure category, but since there's nothing minifig left I decided to build the scene and enter it into the Miscellaneous category. I'd have to thank LEGO for getting me interested in LOTR, but this specific scene has been engraved in my mind since the first time I saw it. Trying to scale Sauron with the minifigures was a bit difficult, but I really love the way he looks. I have to admit that the binoculars technique has been used on a Sauron before, but not in combination with the knives I believe. Four black minifigure capes were used to make his large cape. The elbows and knees can turn in 90 degree movements, so he should be able to sit down and enjoy his cup of tea. He's certainly more to scale than LEGO's version in the LOTR videogame! :D The scenery isn't that special I suppose, but then again there's not really much to build when you look at the movie. One note, I'll replace the Elf's helmet with a complete golden one when I get an Atlantis guardian. Comments and criticism are appreciated, as always! :) Sincerely, Gaetano Dooms Tanotrooper