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  1. Kenspace

    [MOC] LEGO Star Wars Episode VII - The Game

    WOW! Marvelous idea, that's very original and the interior of "the hub" it's great detailed.
  2. Kenspace

    MEC Category A: The Prancing Pony

    I really appreciate your version of The Prancing Pony. DEtailed and original.
  3. Kenspace

    MEC Category A: 'The Watcher in the Water'

    The watcher is very impressive and so I admierd the details of the door.
  4. Kenspace

    MEC: Cat B: Bear Cave Encounter

    Very nice build, I like the subject with Radagast. Good luck for the contest
  5. Kenspace

    MEC Cat. C - Sneaky Little Hobbitses

    Very cool architecture and very detailed specially the rock. Great job.
  6. Kenspace

    MEC Category B: White Tree of Gondor

    You have chosen a very significant subject. You have done a very good job!
  7. Kenspace

    MEC Category A: 79019 Bilbo's 111th Birthday

    Happy birthday Bilbo! Very good set, perhaps a little wider and with some more minifigs will be perfect.
  8. Kenspace

    MEC Category A: The Long-expected Party

    Very original and coloured set, I like this scene!
  9. Kenspace

    MEC Category B: Last Orc Camp

    Well done. Great job with the tower!
  10. I like the black columns, the table and the white tree... Great MOC Dzoni!
  11. Kenspace

    MEC Cat. A - Tom Bombadil's House

    Beautiful interior, and it's very original the stone in the little garden..
  12. Original idea. Nice build.
  13. Kenspace

    MEC Category A: Black Rider in the Shire

    Great work !!! but i'm not sure that is the right category....
  14. Kenspace

    MEC Category C: "Flies and Spiders"

    Very cool. Beautiful trees and i like the detail of green water...