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Found 11 results

  1. czbotond

    [MOC] Stranger Things

    Hi everybody! We built a small diorama inspired by Stranger Things; hope you like it: More images here:
  2. TheLordOfBricks

    [MOC] Mirkwood

    Hello! Here I have built an 8 x 8 vig! Everything fits in the 8 x 8 base, except for about a stud on each side with the leaves, which is allowed. :) This is also my fourth CCCXV entry! It will be in the castle vignette category! (duh) ;) Pics: I am limited to three pics for a vig in the CCC, so that is all there is... :) C&C Appreciated! I hope you enjoyed! To God be the glory!
  3. cuurchk

    Mirkwood Elf Guard

    The Mirkwood Elf Guard, loyal protector of the Woodland Realm. Tasked with keeping watch over the great forest of the Northern world. Always ready to protect the realm from enemy forces. Strong and fast, they move stealthy they can blend into the forest around them. Wants nothing more than to ensure the safety of the kingdom. Info: LEGO The Hobbit Flickr | Blog
  4. Hello fellow AFOL Merry Christmas to everyone I'd need your opinion about 79018 "The Lonely Mountain" set. Is it a set worth to buy? I always looked it with interested by it has a quite high cost per brick and several persons said it's overpriced for what we get. Smaug figure looks so interesting, though What do you think about it? Also, I was thinking about buying 3 79012 Mirkwood Elf army to build a little "fortress" and two small armies. If I'm not mistaken we can connect several 79012 together. Am I correct? Is it a good set for what a plan to do? Thank you very much for your help
  5. Aren't you going to search me? I could have anything down my trousers... (Bilbo is wearing the ring, so isn't absent from the scene! ) (But just so I don't get disqualified, he took it off for a quick shot ) Sorry for the poor photo quality, I forgot about the contest, and literally took the pics now, at around 9:00 pm, so light was NOT good to say the least... I took a couple of shots, and just before posting realized that Bilbo had to be in the scene, so he is now! Unfortunately I couldn't locate his head at this moment, so he borrowed Sam's. (A few) more photos available on my flickr. Feel free to add feedback, although I can't exactly change anything...
  6. My final entry to Category C. This is one of my favorite scene of the Desolation of Smaug movie, and I've waiting for a good chance to recreate it in LEGO.
  7. Hi all, This is my creation for the Middle Earth Contest category C. This moc is from the second Hobbit movie (The Desolation of Smaug) and it depicts the scene where Thorin and company are attacked by the Mirkwood spiders in Mirkwood. This is one of my favourite scenes from the movie and therefore I chose to recreate it in Lego. My moc features the tree Bilbo climbed, the old elven path though Mirkwood, one Mirkwood spider and the Mirkwood forest floor. I would love to hear what you think of my moc and any improvement suggestions you may have. Hope you enjoy it. The contest rules it say, "16 x 16 with minimal overhang". Could someone please let me know if my creation's overhang is too far. If so, I'll change it. Thanks.
  8. Admiral Khan

    Mirkwood Entanglement

    My second entry for the MEC contest, this one for Category C. While finishing off the deadly and large Mirkwood spiders, the Dwarven Company is entangled again, this time with the elves.
  9. Jacob Nion

    [MOC] Flies and Spiders

    Hey guys, here's my entry for MELO round 5. Semi finals! Category was "flies and spiders". Thanks for looking!
  10. Just what it says in the title. I'm willing to pay no more than $3-$4 USD for the polybag, and I'd also be interested in just the Mirkwood Elf figure and not the accessories. I'd like multiples. I have a large amount of collectable minifigs on hand, so I'd be willing to trade for the Mirkwood Elf. Just PM me with the ones you want and I'll see what I can do for you. ~Dwarf
  11. In the midst of the Mirkwood forest runs an enchanted stream closely guarded by elves that protect and repel any unwarranted visitors. These elven guards patrol not only the forest floor, but also the canopy with their uncanny ability to leap from tree top to tree top. Entry to the CCCX contest for the Forest Life category. AC