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  1. [MOC] Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire...

    Thanks! @Andy D, unfortunately no, MP doesn't upload pics in very high resolution... @Leonardo da Bricki, yep, rocks took a good bit longer than everything else. It kinda shows too... @pantelis, Thanks! Glad you liked it!
  2. Hello! This is my sixth of 19 posts I will be doing, where I will be building my way through the Hobbit story, one chapter per post, I will do this over the course of the year... This is my first entry to the CCCXV, and It is for the diplomatic mission category. So, about the build. This one is at maximum 32 x 57 x 41, but the rockwork narrows down to 20 x 28 at the bottom. I estimate it is around 3500 pieces, and it weighs around 12 pounds! The landscape is kind of unusual for me, and it is a dark green and olive green. While most of it is just SNOT, and some SNOTed off of SNOT, there are a few angles pieces in there, which I am happy with. :P Enjoy! :D Pics: The light grey is for the required lighter colored background in entering the competition: WIP pics can be viewed here, feel free to drop a like and a comment. :) Overall, I am pretty happy with this build. Even though it took a quarter of my building time in the CCC, I think it is worth it for spending that amount of time on it. It is the most rockwork I have done in one build yet, and I like it, the Christmas BL order turned out useful! :D Also, I will be going for 7 entries this year (all of which will be Hobbit related), so be looking out for the rest! :D C&C Appreciated! I hope you enjoyed! To God be the glory!
  3. [MOC] Sandyman's Watermill

    Thanks guys! :) Glad you like it!
  4. [MOC] Sandyman's Watermill

    Thanks everyone!!! @mrcp6d No problem, the WIPs were what made this build better! (I had suggestions...) ;)
  5. [MOC] Sandyman's Watermill

    Hello! Over the past two and a half months, I have been building this scene from LOTR in Hobbiton showing Sandyman's Watermill, The Brandywine Bridge, and the Brandywine River. It is irregular on one of the sides, it ends up to roughly be around 70 x 70 studs, and is my third largest build! As I have said before, this took me two and a half months of on and off building. Overall, I think I worked on it for around 75 hours... I estimate it used around 10000 pieces... Anyways, now for the exciting part: The bridge definitely took the longest to complete, and it was what I started the build doing. The arches took me a couple tries to find, but I ended up doing the illegal technique with headlight bricks connecting front to back to create a gentle curve that worked great here IMO. After figuring out the arches, I began looking at a couple different stonework techniques by great builders all over, I still couldn't find one that fit the look of the inspiration picture I was looking at, so I decided I would make up my own technique, as you can see it is just simple SNOTed tiles with gaps to give it a little dimension. Next I started to build the watermill itself and continued the same stonework style with it. I used the generic tudor style for the build, and put a straw roof on top, which proved quite difficult because of the angles. Next it was on to landscape, where I did your average landscaping, and then covered it with plant leaves like my previous Hobbiton build. Then on to the water, which is trans. clear over different shades of blue. I will be competing in the CCC this year, so expect some builds coming in a little quicker than usual. :) For the WIP journey, and a few more pictures click here: Link. Please drop a like and a comment! C&C Appreciated! I hope you enjoyed! To God be the glory!
  6. [MOC] Riddles in the Dark...

  7. [MOC] Thane Rori Dulgisson from Karak Zorn

    Honestly, I like the head being big, it gives that feel of he has a big thick iron helmet on. IMO it isn't that bad... Anyways, keep up the good work! :D
  8. [MOC] Thane Rori Dulgisson from Karak Zorn

    Wow! This is awesome! The detail in the helmet is great! The hammer also has some nice shaping! The beard is also nice, and has a good natural look! Two small complaints, is that the legs look a little short in size comparison to the rest of the body, and the trees should be up to scale of the dwarf... I can see if there was a lack of pieces though... Besides the two nitpicks, this is a beautifully composed moc! Keep it up! :D
  9. [MOC] Riddles in the Dark...

    Yeah, I looked on BL, and decided that I wasn't gonna get one, just because I didn't feel like I would use it much... :/ Thanks! Yes, actually, I got around 2,400 off of PAB, so, it is the easiest way for me to connect my rockwork, and I have done this with all my rockwork for a long time now... :D Thanks again! :D
  10. [MOC] Riddles in the Dark...

    Thanks Kevin! :D Thanks! Unfortunately, no I don't have a Gollum minifigure... :/ The hair pieces are mushrooms/fungi as well as the hats. :D Bones would have been nice, a really good suggestion actually that I completely forgot to include in the build... Thanks again for all the suggestions! :D
  11. [MOC] Riddles in the Dark...

    Hello! This is my fifth of 19 posts I will be doing, where I will be building my way through the Hobbit story, one chapter per post, I will do this over the course of the year... Anyways, about the build, this is on a 30 x 30 or so base, and is about 1000 pieces! The rockwork was also quite challenging, the smaller boulders were difficult to fit the sides together because of the limited space, while the big boulder was tricky because of all the strange angles... :D Enjoy! :D Here are some pics of the build: Here are some pics of the main boulder: And of course, some WIP pics: And the main pic again: I hope you enjoyed! To God be the glory!
  12. MELO R3: Ithilien

    Thanks! I wish I could redo the oliphaunts and that section of landscaping in this build, and I am not very fond of that section at all, but, yes, there are some periodic supports on the outer edge every 10 studs or so... Thanks again for your support! :D
  13. [MOC] Over Hill and Under Hill...

    Thanks! It is a section of Goblin Town! :D
  14. [MOC] Over Hill and Under Hill...

    Hello! This is my fourth of 19 posts I will be doing, where I will be building my way through the Hobbit story, one chapter per post, I will do this over the course of the year... I built this back in May, for MELO, but it also worked out as my next build for my Hobbit Project, and I just haven't gotten around to posting it till now... Anyways, about the build, this is on a 50 x 30 ish base, and is about 1500 pieces, is super flimsy, and was a ton of fun to make! :D So, I hope you enjoy! :D Here are some more pics: And of course, some WIP pics: Again, this was built a while back, so you will probably recognize it from a previous post, still, please comment, like, and leave some constructive criticism! :D I hope you enjoyed! To God be the glory!