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    Besides Lego, I am a Christian and I love anything and everything Outdoors in God's creation (Rock Climbing, Backpacking, Hiking, Camping, and just chilling in a hammock.)


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  1. TheLordOfBricks

    AoM: Inn Phase 1: Alehouse

    Man, you've been nailing this style recently! Looks excellent as usual, excellent colors! Personally I would prefer a few more patches of snow on the roof to keep it consistent with the super textured ground. :) Overall looks really good! :)
  2. TheLordOfBricks

    Grevling Manor's Great Hall

    Ooh wow, this is spectacular, definitely one of your best builds in my opinion! I love the floor, looks really nice, along with that woodwork. And that stonework is really nice! Excellent details spread all around! Keep up the good work! :)
  3. TheLordOfBricks

    Fishery and Shrine at Prenmôr

    Sweet! Wonderfully detailed scene here. The landscape is definitely interesting, the colors work nicely as well. :) The wedge plates in the front of the rockwork isn't my favorite, but the rest of the rockwork looks good. :) Keep it up!
  4. TheLordOfBricks

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Sorry for the really bad pic, just a throw together scrap... There's a santa in middle earth too, he goes by the name of Gandalf! :)
  5. TheLordOfBricks

    Eldford Barracks

    Thanks, yeah I shoulda put windows. Thank you! Glad you like the textures. :) Thank you! And yes, I noticed the gaps, but it had disconnected at the weaker of the two points where I connected it, and I couldn't push it back in without breaking a hole in the build. :P Much thanks! :) Thanks Kai! Thanks! Thanks SK! Yeah, I can see what you mean with the bird... It's too many colors, especially because the cherries used as the legs are red and turned out to be too bright. Thanks Muakhah! Yep, should put windows... ;P Thanks Gabe! Thanks for the suggestion, and I agree, that could have looked better. :) Thanks Adde! Thank you! Thanks Grover! Yeah, I might tone back on wall texture soon here... Thanks HQ! And thanks for the challenge, really helped me take a step back and look at my past few builds from a different perspective. I will definitely try and step out of my super textured comfort zone here soon, just have to get my super crazy angled intro build done and then I will tone it back. Maybe even step out of castle for a build or two. I'll have a really large build (for me) coming in March/April for a collaboration, and I will try and tone back the textures there. :)
  6. TheLordOfBricks

    Laesonar's Saga Ep. 8 - Laelariel City Hall

    Yes @en_zoo, that is what I meant, I think it would be cool to add another color blue in with the stonework, since the tudor is color textured. And it would add a little flare to the blue hints of the stonework. Maybe sand blue, or even a lighter blue than med. blue like light aqua of something. Just a small plate in every once in a while. Overall, really good work!!! :)
  7. Awesome work! Excellent lighting, great work getting the mood of the scene with the finished bottles as well. :) Keep it up!
  8. TheLordOfBricks

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 16: Wahall's Goat Farm

    Nice! A well shaped little scene, and of course some interesting colors, the flesh with dk. orange id really unique... Keep it up! Well, being an Avalonian, I guess not. ;)
  9. TheLordOfBricks

    Cyclops Hut

    Awesome! Great colors here, and the hut's shaping is great! That roof is really neat. :) Also, if I were you I would not always build the end of the base two SNOTed plates down, personally I would switch it up with one plate SNOTed or even an intermingling of bricks, plates, wedge plates and SNOT plates... Not that it looks bad, but just to break it up a little. :) Overall very nice work! :) Keep it up! P.S. Are the middle two trees altbricks or is that just the lighting?
  10. TheLordOfBricks

    Laesonar's Saga Ep. 8 - Laelariel City Hall

    Oh my, very well done! The shaping of the building is excellent! Those rooves are great, and that tudor is incredible, the blue color texturing is just great. It isn't my favorite in the stonework, maybe just a hint of a different blue along with the med. blue in the stonework. Overall looks great though!
  11. TheLordOfBricks

    Kaliphlin at work - Day 13: Sculptor

    Looks amazing! A great breath of fresh air with something completely unique here at GoH! The sculptor himself looks amazing, and the horse he is sculpting looks very nice as well. The stone chunks and different chisels look great too.
  12. TheLordOfBricks

    Book III - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Looks nice! Not sure about the water, it looks really good, but when you zoom in it just doesn't quite work for me. Rock work is looking really good, along with the buildings!
  13. Eldford Barracks | TheLordOfBricks | Avalonia
  14. TheLordOfBricks

    Eldford Barracks

    Well, it's been a while since I've completed a build here... But I've got another one coming along the way soon. Unfortunately still no story with this one, but that will change with the next build! Just another freebuild, for the HSS it is the Craftsman: Arms and Armor category, can I count this as one of the required? Since the required craftsman says it is the general goods, but it is acceptable for Hospitality and Agriculture to be either one... Also, I am scrapping my old start to the civilization Berenger and starting a new one called Eldford... Anyways, here's the picture: Also my first CCC entry, into the Medieval Militia Category. :) Lots of inspiration from Legonardo and Maestro on this one, and the crate designs go to Jonas Kramm and Rolli. Huge thanks to Jake Hansen for the wonderful edit, makes it look a ton better than if I had done it myself. ;) C&C Appreciated! To Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior be the Glory!
  15. TheLordOfBricks

    Gardar's Cloth Goods

    Hmmmm... Seems I missed this over here on EB... Anyways, very nice work! The overall shaping of the house is great, and the stonework looks fantastic! Keep it up. :)