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  1. Had a lot of fun this year at Brickfair Virginia. It was an absolute blast. In addition to all the great loot, MOC's, and friendship, I was the head collaborator for the Lands of Roawia MOC's. Lands of Roawia, is a free, online, fantasy based LEGO Roleplaying game found on The story revolves around 4 factions that are constantly at odds with one another. It has a pretty nice following and is a lot of fun. At Brickfair VA, a group of us thought to make a big collaboration. The end result is this massive battle, "Locklear's Siege." Two factions (Lenfald and the Outlaws) are besieging a Loreesi (faction is Loreos) port city. Unfortunately the Garhims (faction Garheim) had an embassy built in the city which is caught in the crossfire. The battle is taking place at land and see, with the Lenfels and Outlaws easily ransacking the city. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! There are over 40 pictures altogether. Please check them out. You can see all of them here, in this FLICKR album: Enjoy! ------------------------------------- The main Battle Lands of Roawia BFVA2015 Collab by Schmidt, on Flickr ------------------------------------- Outlaws in Formation Lands of Roawia BFVA2015 Collab by Schmidt, on Flickr ------------------------------------- The embassy is under attack. Lands of Roawia Display by Schmidt, on Flickr ------------------------------------- The battle at sea. Lands of Roawia BFVA2015 Collab by Schmidt, on Flickr
  2. SSchmidt

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Ok let me give a few insights as I'm trying to digest everything I just saw. I am downstairs on an iPhone typing this for what it is worth. Understand I have a soft spot for Tahu, Gali, and Kopaka naturally, as they were my favorites growing up. One of the designers said across the wave there were approximately 30 new elements, which is fantastic. I seem to think Kopaka will be an instant hit, as his skis and white elements just pop out at you. All of the weapons are interchangeable in neat ways. Tahus swords become his sweet fire surfing board, Gali gets some really near flippers, Pohatus digging claws are absolutely fantastic. The animated films look great, and the subtle updates to the masks are awesome. It was a great panel (albeit very short), but I am hoping for some hands on time this evening.
  3. SSchmidt

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    No more speculation: image by SSchmidt--, on Flickr
  4. SSchmidt

    Troll (Cave-Troll) in Armor

    One of the single best customizers I know is Lord_Mercat. While it wasn't a cave troll, he repurposed these rancor beasts into mean troll war beasts. LCC Queen's Warbeasts by Lord Mercat, on Flickr At BFVA, we had a huge collaboration where he had 5 of these behemoths present. LoR - Assault on Maldrake's Fortress, main by JBIronWorks, on Flickr Like I said, I know it's not the cave troll, but maybe it will serve as some inspiration.
  5. SSchmidt

    [Petition] Save LEGO the Lord of the Rings

    I posted this petition to , a lego community that focuses on castle building, and hosts the Lands of Roawia roleplaying game.
  6. I just fainted. Unbelievable, thank you so much Bonaparte and eurobricks!!!
  7. It's been a dream of mine for some time to attend NYCCC. This would be an unbelievable experience for me, to get to see and do something I've always wanted to do. Furthermore, it would give me the chance to "get away" for a few days and relax with my favorite hobby and my wife, who would really enjoy this. I'm not trying to be a downer or to get sympathy at all, but my father was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer a few weeks ago, and just had an extensive procedure. My wife and I have been there with them the whole time, and we literally talked the other night about how we needed some "get away" time for ourselves. Finally, it would give me the chance to create and deepen even more relationships with the awesome people of the LEGO community! I'll give you Whitefang quality reports from NYCCC!!! Now look what you did, I've went and talked myself into a stupor of excitement! I would love to be in this!
  8. SSchmidt

    The Crimson Flood.

    Nothing too detailed or elaborate. Just some neat minifigs I put together for LoR. Comments are most certainly welcome. LoR - Outlaws LC Phase 1 - The Crimson Flood by SSchmidt--, on Flickr The Crimson Flood. Led by the horrific Gribgluk, pictured here, wielding "the axe of a thousand nightmares." Pictured to Gribgluks left, is the small, cunning, clan assassin, Hurgblue. The Crimson flood operates in the Shade's lower districts, specializing in the sale of illegal poisons. Their rivals, direct competitors, and mortal enemies are the Dragon Death Clan. This build was made specifically for the Lands of Roawia, found on Interested in joining? It's completely free! Pick a faction, grab your sword, and join the fun today:
  9. SSchmidt

    Battle of Rorke's Drift, January 22, 1879

    It's a shame Gary, because pictures don't do this beauty justice at all. It was awesome to build with you at Brickfair and to see all your great creations. The interview was great. I am in agreement with others that the droid arm roof looks good, but I honestly think this looks just as well if not better. The droid arm almost looks too messy to me. I am confident though, when people saw this build in public, they didn't think the thatched roof was a problem :) Plus the scale of the build is magnificent. I cannot wait until next year (where hopefully!) you will have the additions!
  10. SSchmidt

    Don Quijote

    Fantastic interpretation on a timeless classic! I love the windmills and am so glad you chose them as a focal point. Their eyes and teeth are great!
  11. SSchmidt

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    "When virtually every WM and Target, two of the largest retailers in America stop stocking a wave after a mere three months " There is absolutely no truth to this at all on a global level. Every retailer in my local area within a 55 mile range (11 Walmarts, 1 Target, 4 K-Marts), all have the wave two Hobbit sets and also have the wave two LOTR sets. They have been there since they have come out, they have sold them off the shelves, then they have put more up. Not being optimistic either, stating the facts. I feel quite confident we will get another 3rd LotR wave. But so I don't kill myself from all the negativity I've read in the process, I am going to stop reading this thread and will be back when they are announced so we can speculate again.
  12. SSchmidt

    Forest Ambush

    @frumpy - Thanks, that was the effect I was trying to achieve! @Zcerberus - You have to watch out for the sneaky ones!
  13. SSchmidt

    Forest Ambush

    Thanks monsinjor. Bad guys need love too! The turned down leaves one is my favorite too. I think it turned out pretty neat.
  14. SSchmidt

    Forest Ambush

    Thanks guys, for your kind comments!
  15. SSchmidt

    Forest Ambush

    I have seen others recreating the sets from the 2013 Castle line. Here is my take on "Forest Ambush." I made a small recreation of it. Unfortunately, in mine, there is no gold cart, puppy, and the bad guys win And here is a link to my FLICKR to see the first picture in the photostream: There is also a story attached to this in my FLICKR, as it is a build for my character Silas in the Lands of Classic Castle found at I tried to incorporate new tree techniques and small foliage in ways I had not totally seen yet. I would appreciate any comments or criticism on the build itself.