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  1. I just need to get my pictures taken for task 3. I am also ready for task 4.
  2. No I appreacate the ideas of how to improve the photographs. I will take more when I get a chance just been busy with the family with labor day and all. I got time to work on this while the wife and kids were out.
  3. Thanks! My local PAB had the 4x2 browns and the cheese slops in olive green and Iove how the roof came out as well. Thanks. Yea I would have prefered the round 2x2 browns or the 1x1 brown rounds but I didn't have the pieces for either. Thanks. I had to make the trees different heights to keep them from hitting each other. Thanks!
  4. runmymouth

    Wonders of Historica: Fossgard Falls

    I am going to have to steal some of your techniques. I really like your build.
  5. Sadly I did nothing inside the building as I don't have the pieces I want for much. I hope to build a bed and some other stuff next time I do a building moc. I really want to build hinge buildings in the future. I have hinges in dark bluish grey and light bluish grey but not in a wood or sand color. I will try to do some more pictures when I can get my other lights working. I do agree I can take better pictures. Thanks
  6. runmymouth

    Raising the Dead- Worm Hunt

    I love the fire effects. Very nice.
  7. Thanks for the comments on the water. Was a new effect I was trying and I like how it came out. As for the building I was limited to 1x2 palisades in brown or any color really. I really need more bricks of various colors but it has been slow buying through bricklink and my local pab just hasnt had the pieces I am looking for building wise. Every piece (top, not including the base build and base because I had to bricklink those pieces) in this has come from PAB in the last 2 weeks so I am pretty happy with what I have been able to find. As for the roof I got those olive green cheese plates so I would go more for a thatched roof kind of look. I hate how it is standing on there but lack the bricks to make it sturdier as they fall off easily at the moment.
  8. Sir James and Robert found a hidden smugglers den near a stream. Soldiers heard about it but have been able to find it.
  9. runmymouth

    MOC: The Edervisk Mill and Tavern

    Love the water effects. Are they 1x1 clear or 1x2 clears? Hard to tell easily.
  10. Guess I need to try to contact the local LUG because I have not been able to get in contact with them even though I have tried before.
  11. I am guessing you got those off bricklink? That is a nice variety of pieces. How much did it set you back if you don't mind me asking. I could use a few orders like that.
  12. Thanks, I am activly looking on PAB walls for some 1x1 plates. I really need some for more things like this but sadly have not found what I am looking for yet. I will give it a shot next time around adding more unevenness. Thanks!
  13. Where the name comes from. Nothing to be sorry about. A bit of British humor to go with the American work. Also apparently I forgot I had renamed him "Robert" o well.
  14. Sir James was riding with his squire in scout of the road for Sir Paulos. His loyal squire was singing a song when highwaymen ambushed them. Sir James quickly cut down two the men and then was knocked off his horse by a spearman. His sword saved him by pulling him up enough so that he didn't injure his neck. He then quickly dispatched the last spearman. Robin again ran away but this time there was no peeing. Robin is getting braver every day. The entire ablum is found here
  15. runmymouth

    [MOC] Rings of Fire

    I love it. Great fire effects. I don't think I have the right flame pieces for that sadly.