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  1. The modules from 60227 Lunar Space Station seemed an obvious fit for a moon base, so I tried my hand at a modification. I added quite a few parts, it is not an alternate model. I started by rebuilding the junction section into a 4 way instead of 3 way. I added a "real" airlock, with openable doors on both sides, something official sets tend to neglect. A support structure and feet were needed, and lastly a comms array / power generation. The height of the entryway to the base was aligned with Rover 60225 because someone living on the moon for sure needs a cool moon car to drive. Interior has no mods from the original set, it seemed fitting enough within the scale. Comments appreciated!
  2. Do we know is this chameleon a new mold or just a different print of the friends chameleon?
  3. Vorkosigan

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    September calendar has been posted on Instagram and the juice bar will be free with any $50 purchase Sept 2 to 15 in the US.
  4. Vorkosigan

    [MOC] 1st MOC in 25 years - Train tunnel (corner build)

    Looks very nice, I like the arches on the train tunnel!
  5. Vorkosigan

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Amazon and the stores near me treated the new space sets as an August release so it's way too early to tell how well they sell. Mostly you can tell by how extensive the discounts get after a few months.
  6. Vorkosigan

    [MOC] Rally Bug

    Really neat, I love small cars! The mirrors are an interesting technique.
  7. Vorkosigan

    [MOD] 60229 Rocket Assembly - Crane and Truck Upgrades

    Thanks. I thought the crane could have a remote control but other than generic walkie talkies there was no effort to represent the remote control in the set.
  8. City only covers a certain type of of sport, hard to describe but seems to me less competitive. For example snowboarding, hiking, surfing, biking. Point based game sports are rarely if ever portrayed in City, such as golf, basketball, soccer, tennis, rugby. Also there was a sports theme at one time that covered those sorts of games, so it seems to be separate. However I get that these sports figures are equally boring to those who don't have a lot of use for city figures.
  9. I really like the new city space line and 60229 is my favorite of the line. But there are two aspects of it that I thought should be improved to live up to the name of the set. The crane needed more range of motion and the truck needed to be longer to actually carry more of the rocket components. I extended the truck by one axle and the length of the bed, so that it can properly carry the shuttle portion and single rocket boosters (they still hang off though). The most serious mod is adding another axis of motion to the overhead crane, built on two baseplates. I used the new rollercoaster tracks for this which worked well. I also built a ramped platform for the truck to bring its bed height closer to the bed of the rocket transporter. Lastly I added a cab and supporting railings and ladder to the crane so that it can actually be operated by someone instead of mysteriously moving on its own. Enjoy and comments are appreciated!
  10. I did my own categorization of figures across the last 3 nonlicensed series (skipping 18 since its all costumes). I don't see a big swing, 19 has maybe 1 more City figure than 17 and 16, but every series has some movement between categories. Series 19 6 City 1 Retro / Recent History 3 Ancient History / Fantasy 2 Costume 1 Oddball 1 Scifi 2 Sports Series 17 5 City 2 Retro / Recent History 4 Ancient History / Fantasy 2 Costume 1 Oddball 1 Scifi 1 Sports Series 16 5 City 0 Retro / Recent History 4 Ancient History / Fantasy 3 Costume 1 Oddball 1 Scifi 2 Sports
  11. Vorkosigan

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    That is a very nice magazine gift.
  12. What themes are you looking for? Seems like a pretty similar distribution to the last few series. In terms of City there are only 4 figures that could maybe fit in a normal set: dog walker, biker, firefighter, shower guy. Gamer, programmer, rugby player and retiree are all too specific.
  13. I think this is a solid series and its disappointing to see all the complaining. For me there are two good figures I want multiples of (Blacktron an Fright Night), and plenty of figures I want one of. Only about 5 that are a complete pass. I think the level of detail and amount of accessories in this series is great except for just a couple exceptions. It also seems to provide a good variety of figures across themes.
  14. Vorkosigan

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    So I finally saw the space sets in the store today, in a Target (I'm in the US). They had a nice big display. There was several trays of a promotional poster / activity book for free. Below is the cover and then the unfolded poster. There are activities and more pics of the sets on the other side. The poster is only half of one side, it's about 16" x 24". I also see on Target's website they say "Only at Target." https://www.target.com/c/new-toys/-/N-4slqy