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  1. Hi everyone, I'd like to share with you a MOC I made based on the game Into the Breach. I have made one complete map / level of the game, which can actually be played something like a board game. It has a modular construction so it could be rearranged to make different levels. Let me know what you think. Here is a video and images:
  2. There is also a lion version so two designs, same mold. Yes they were very stingy putting just one per set, and the lion knights version in the biggest set. It would be nice if we got four barded knights in this set but even that would only be a little less of a price per knight ratio than the 2013 castle.
  3. The old barding. The new barding released a year after this quote you can. It's literally on the box art from the 2013 castle sets. http://www.bricksandbloks.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/70402-LEGO-Summer-2013-Castle-Theme-The-Gatehouse-Raid-Box-e1367596872876.jpg
  4. Vorkosigan

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I found them at Walmart just before Christmas, may still be some in stores. After Christmas they moved what was left in the stocking stuffers display onto a random spot in the LEGO aisle with no price tag. Not sure if any are still around in my store but it's certainly possible they're still available some places.
  5. The robot looks great on the yellow Stuntz motorcycle.
  6. The lunar base is almost exactly what I'd want to see from a modern version of "classic space." I love it. The rocket launch is nice but I have the deep space launch and rocket assembly sets from a couple years ago so I probably won't get another one. There are more unrevealed sets in this subtheme though, you can see what the stand alone rover will look like in this alternate image of the base:
  7. Vorkosigan

    [REVIEW] 71391 Super Mario Bowser's Airship

    Nice review! I quite like the look of this set and like @DelQuinn my son will be getting this for Christmas. They could've included another enemy or two but overall it looks like a good value for the price, better than some of the Mario theme certainly. I don't think the app has crashed more than once or twice on me, and we have quite a few of the Mario sets. I will say it needs a moderately powerful device, I tried to run it on a cheap tablet and it was unusable. My son much prefers building with the app to paper instructions, so it seems like LEGO knows their target audience.
  8. Vorkosigan

    [REVIEW] 71755 Temple of the Endless Sea

    Nice review, thanks! I like the colors, especially all the gold. The serpent actually looks better than I expected. But I agree that this and the hydro bounty are pricy, I'm waiting for a discount.
  9. I'm quite enjoying the Vidiyo Metal Dragon head and wings on Nexo Knights fire demon bodies. Original: Casual dragon: Battle dragon:
  10. I actually think this series is better than average for me. It still has what I usually like, some good historical/fantasy and sci-fi figures. But I also like a couple types I usually don't bother with. Animal costumes don't do a lot for me in general, but my father is really into raccoons and they are popular throughout my family. So I plan to get several of those. I also don't care much for sports figures but I think the racing wheelchair is quite interesting, so for once I'll be buying a sports figure as well. Overall a good variety.
  11. Vorkosigan

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    The mobile crane is on Instagram, blue and yellow with two construction workers and an 8x16 road plate for it to lift. Looks good.
  12. Vorkosigan

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thanks, I hadn't been following this as close as I used to.
  13. Vorkosigan

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The Luigi's mansion sets look great! I'm glad to see LEGO branching out with this theme, though I do wish we'd get a Princess Peach already. I wonder if this is the whole January line? It seems like "enough" sets, but will there be a 4th character pack?
  14. Vorkosigan

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think a 2x2 round head with removable hat/hair like the Trolls figures would make the most sense.
  15. Vorkosigan

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    This is kind of random but I modded the Prefect's bathroom from the clocktower set to fit the new 8x16 module style. I love the print for the mermaid but the version of the room in that set is so small and doesn't really show off the window well.