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  1. Beautiful! I like the tilted window and the kitchen interior.
  2. So, this may seem similar to my previous Mario Kart MOC, but this time I've taken it to the next level with a complete loop of track, 4 different "worlds," and go carts built on RC car chassis. Check out the video at the end to see the karts being driven on the track!
  3. I've been working on more Mario level sections, and I combined the five I have made into one big level to try it out. Here are some photos, followed by videos of the levels in use and explanations of how the individual sections work. Hope you enjoyed!
  4. Vorkosigan

    Review: 40426 Christmas Wreath

    Really cool model, amazing selection of foliage parts, but price is high. Foliage parts tend to be expensive on the aftermarket though so it probably works out to be fairly reasonable value. Kind of annoying that this is priced to be 1 cent short of free shipping in the US.
  5. I made another level mechanism, watch the video to see how it works!
  6. Vorkosigan

    [MOC] BT-33 Cobra

    Epic ship! The back looks great too. Black light picture is awesome.
  7. Vorkosigan

    The Office Tower of Orthanc

  8. Vorkosigan

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Awesome to get more character packs so soon!
  9. Vorkosigan

    Disney Princesses 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I had been on the fence about getting Arendelle Castle Village, today I found it at Walmart 50% off and couldn't resist! So keep an eye out if you're looking for a discount.
  10. Vorkosigan

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    My Target was well stocked with the new advent calendar today.
  11. Vorkosigan

    [MOC] Mario Kart Track for Interactive Mario

    Thanks so much! Last update, I put up a tutorial on how to build Koopa's go cart:
  12. Vorkosigan

    [MOC] Mario Kart Track for Interactive Mario

    Thanks so much everyone for the kind words! I feel like LEGO and Nintendo probably have their plans pretty well mapped out, but appreciate the suggestion! If anyone wants to build their own, I am making videos on each of the go carts. Here is the instructions for Mario's cart:
  13. Vorkosigan

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    No figures beyond lakitu, but 2 more sets/levels:
  14. Vorkosigan

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I have been working on the same idea:
  15. So of course with LEGO Mario sets being out the mind must consider, what about Mario Kart? So I made a couple karts and a short track that Mario can interact with. Of course the tiles we have now are not ideal for this purpose, and you can't go too fast if you want to be sure they'll scan. But it was still fun to see it work! And though Mario's proportions are a bit odd, I quite like how Koopa looks in his kart. Check out the video to see it work! Edit: I've created a video on how to build Mario's go cart: Edit 2: How to build Koopa's go cart: