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  1. [MOC] Mirtrum castle

    Awesome! NPU and the "organic" looking placement of the houses and castle is well done.
  2. [MOC] ROME Theme

    Thanks everyone! Well this is actually from the back, but shows the roof is just plates attached with a hinge, very simple. I use a continuous hinge made with clips since the click version is limiting on angles. Those shields came with the series 5 roman soldiers, I am using series 10 roman soldiers which only had a sword and cape. I actually quite like those shields, but only got a couple of them after I made these builds, they are expensive these days since they were from an early CMF series.
  3. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Those rumors are rather far fetched. It is a weird selection of sets. And while a plastic suitcase to store brick built beasts is certainly possible, a brick built suitcase seems like it would be excessively repetitive and expensive.
  4. 2018 Creator Sets

    Well the pirate rollercoaster looks amazing and around $100 seems right. I hope we see a bunch of unique homages to the 60 year heritage throughout the year.
  5. Elves Autumn Animals Winners!

    Thanks Peppermint_M and everyone who participated. I'm honored to make the top 4. It was a hard choice, but I think I'll take the Earth tag.
  6. [MOC] ROME Theme

    Thanks for the many kind comments and the inspiration! I had not seen those. I referred to this illustration when building: Thank you! Its true I probably should use some strategic dark tan. Mostly though I used the masonry bricks to represent damaged or underlying stone (except the pattern along the base of the arena wall). Also the arena floor being dark tan is supposed to be dirty. The forum I think should be very well maintained and not having any random wear or exposed masonry.
  7. [MOC] ROME Theme

    One of my hopes for LEGO since I came out of my dark age was to see an ancient Rome or Greece based theme. In the absence of that I decided to make a small theme of my own. To match LEGO's typical conflict based approach to most themes, I used the Visigoths as the enemy of Rome. These are the sets: Roman Battle Pack Visigoth Battle Pack Chariot Attack Visigoth Outpost Gladiator Arena Roman Forum My favorites are probably Chariot Attack and Gladiator Arena. Things I am not satisfied with is the representation of Roman civilians, and the monochromatic quality of the Roman forum. Hopefully we'll see an official theme some day that does a good job of representing this topic! Here are the detailed pictures: 1) Roman Battle Pack 2) Visigoth Battle Pack 3) Chariot Attack 4) Visigoth Outpost 5) Gladiator Arena 6) Roman Forum
  8. Clever idea and nice details overall!
  9. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I wish the little technobiter ship in Axel's tank set was a polybag. The look from the back is very poor, overall I don't think I'd buy that set. The 3 small sets of this wave are excellent though.
  10. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Ah ok, I had missed that one with the jouster. I think I'll be getting all 3 of the smallest sets, nice designs.
  11. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Please link the auction so we can see box pics.
  12. Incredible detail! Creates a very vivid little world. Roof technique works great.
  13. Nice use of the scooby doo tree piece!
  14. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    This set looks quite good, I like this version of Macy as well.