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  1. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Ah ok, I had missed that one with the jouster. I think I'll be getting all 3 of the smallest sets, nice designs.
  2. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Please link the auction so we can see box pics.
  3. Incredible detail! Creates a very vivid little world. Roof technique works great.
  4. Nice use of the scooby doo tree piece!
  5. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    This set looks quite good, I like this version of Macy as well.
  6. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Its called "escape through the rapids" (translated). Also found are these: City 60178 rocket car (10 €) City 60177 jet aircraft (10 €) City 60174 Headquarters of the Mountain Police (80 €) City 60180 Monster truck (20 €), pictures of this are on brickset City 60179 Rescue helicopter (20 €), pictures of this are on brickset City 60173 Arrest in the mountains (50 €), pictures of this are on brickset City 60172 Chase on gravel roads (30 €), pictures of this are on brickset City 60171 Chase through the mountains (10 €) City 60170 off-road chase (6 €) Sorry if these were already posted.
  7. Land Carrier Khagaan

    Epic, awesome, next level stuff. Best video presentation of a MOC I've seen. Well done!
  8. Contest: Elves Autumn Animals

    Another question, is it acceptable to have 2 views of a MOC within one picture? This is what I have done in my entry so far but I will edit if it is not allowed: Thanks!
  9. My entry is a cozy hangout some mice have made, in a crystal mine they tunneled under a tree.
  10. MOC Elven Village

    Awesome MOC! One of those builds I want to shrink down into and spend some time soaking in the surroundings.
  11. Contest: Elves Autumn Animals

    Interesting contest! This may seem a silly question, but are the baby dragons considered "animals" for this contest?
  12. Dragons

    Really nice dragons, and a good variety of styles. Creative parts use too!
  13. [MOC] Battle of Sphacteria 425 BC

    Incredible and beautiful MOC! One of the best I've seen. I really love your temples and statues. I'm working on a Rome project but its much simpler than this.
  14. Here are "historicalized" versions of the Batman figs. I wish I had a better torso with black armor for the "Spartan" and I'd need to cover or remove the bat printing. The wizard design is growing on me. The connection from the torso to leg slope seems a bit looser than usual though.