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  1. The garage is lovely but the minifigures working on the cars highlight the scale issue with the new cars. It looks like children are working on the cars. It might have been better if they just made the new cars more Creator-like (Model Team...) and left the minifigures out of the steps. The eight wide cars look great but are too big for minifigures, too big for road plats and too big compared to City vehicles.
  2. rriggs

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    The smaller house “half” of the set works really nicely in my layout as it gives me a good building to use for transition between my modular neighborhood and my row of Creator houses so I am quite happy with it. It also is quite a nice traditional looking building in its own right with no gimmicks which again suits where I have placed it. As much as I really like the corner garage from last year it was much more of a challenge to place in my layout without looking out of place. You need the mixture of the sublime and the ridiculous in a town.
  3. That is what I was thinking of doing. While a lot of what has been said about the six wide car proportions is true for some of them I like the fact that you have cars in LEGO City scale which look like cars from real life from real brands.
  4. I am sure you can hide the size difference in photos to some extent but it won’t help when displayed alongside their 6-wide counterparts or alongside 6-wide City cars
  5. Interesting to see those new windscreens. I think you could use the red one in the middle to build a great 6-wide Lambo On a slightly SC-related note there is a real life Quattro for sale on eBay UK right now if anyone fancies buying it to put alongside the new SC model: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F114043162095
  6. While I quite like the selection of models available, 8-wide is tricky for me to display with everything else 6-wide as I both like to display the SC cars together where the width difference will show but also in my town layout amongst the 6-wide City cars. The bigger issue for me though is the price hike from the 6-wide cars to the 8-wide cars. In the UK the price has increased from £12.99 to £17.99 for the single cars. The increased width and increased price mean I am unlikely to buy any SC cars this year even though until now I have bought every single one.
  7. Agreed. I have all of the Speed Champions cars and they look great together on display and also work really nicely in my City layout which predominantly uses std LEGO roadplates. Eight wide will look odd in either situation so I am not looking forward to this. In the last year or two the details and quality of some of the cars has got really good which at six wide is challenging and I like to see the result of clever thinking. Just making them bigger has some benefits but I think loses out in backwards compatibility and as a showcase for what can be achieved at six wide. Cheers Rog
  8. rriggs

    Modular 2.0

    I went with the option of positioning my modulars onto standard LEGO roadplates so the modular width pavement fits right up to the edge of the baseplate’s roadway. It does make repositioning them more fiddly than if they were separate but the flip side is that they look very neat. Over the years I have become a dab hand at separating the buildings from the roadplates with just some tidying up of tiles needed to complete most repositioning. Cheers Rog
  9. rriggs

    Worth getting Lego 60204? (City Hospital)

    Great little set with some nice details and a well balanced contemporary facade. Stick it by a pavement and road and finish off the back of the building and it’s ace. Fits in really nicely next to modular as well as the floor heights and proportions are the same. Cheers Rog
  10. Nice review I would love to have the red Mini but as I have no interest in the buggy or the workshop accessories this makes it a very expensive single Speed Champions car. That said, green was the right colour for the buggy to contrast with the red Mini as red is the colour of the iconic championship winning Mini of the 1960s. It was interesting that when you made the “civilian” version of the classic Mini it actually looked more like the modern BMW MINI than the classic.
  11. I only rally collect City and Creator but every so often a set comes along in another theme which is a must have. This set was one of those as, while I am not really into it now, Classic space was a big part of my childhood. Sets that don’t fit with my mainstay sit on shelves on the other side of the room from my main display of models. So, alongside these new spacemen are Ghosbusters, Lone Ranger, Wall-E, Ferrari F40 and a couple of Star Wars Sets. I say at this price point and with such cool mini figures you should just do it.
  12. rriggs

    [MOD] Modular-ized Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

    It’s really well done considering what you were trying to achieve but I think it has lost the GB feel through the change in proportions and just looks like a really nice modular fire station. The front needs to be narrower for its height to give the GB feel. You then could make it deeper to fit the interior detail.
  13. rriggs

    [MOC] Automated side-loading garbage truck

    I thought the back wheels were close to the back too but the side loading and look of the truck makes me assume it is North American in style in which case wheels right at the back is appropriate. If it is meant to be European in appearance then I agree the wheels need to move forwards. i also have some reservations about the cab design which looks a bit too simple and has a bit of a Juniors look to it which is at odds with the technical and detailed design of the back of the truck. I think it just the grille and lights so would be a simple adjustment. With regard to the mechanism itself I think it is brilliant and the video really shows it off well.
  14. rriggs

    10264 Corner Garage

    I got my CG yesterday morning and built it yesterday afternoon/evening. I am really pleased with the design and the details in it. Despite the workshop looking barren in some of the product photos it actually is quite well done and the tyre machine and toolbox are really nice. With a big truck/car on the ramp there’s not much free space. The angled walls are good with no gaps and are sturdy when finished (although a bit of a pain when part built). The detail in the vet’s office is also good with the microscope being a particular favourite if mine. Again, not a lot of free space in there which is good. The only bit which is a bit plain is the roof. The stairwell trap is nice enough but the rest is very plain. I left off the lounger and brolly as they looked a bit cheap and will probably add an air con unit or two. The only bit of the build I didn’t really enjoy was using the qtr circle tiles to make the patterns in the front edges of the second floor and roof. Just a bit fiddly to get tidy and straight (for my big fingers anyway!). I also left the petrol pump off as it felt too big next to the minifigs and as this will be across the road from my 2016 petrol station it’s a built surplus anyway. This afternoon I will be setting it up in my modular street where it will be next to DO on one side and an alleyway between it and DD on the other. I see that some people say it looks a bit American but there are plenty of similar buildings which are garages or ex-garages in the UK that look similar to this so I am quite happy with the design from that POV.
  15. rriggs

    10264 Corner Garage

    This is expensive but I like it and it is different to the other modular which is nice. I will probably lose the petrol pump from the front to remove some clutter and will add to the interior and roof but I do really like it. Probably like DD and AS more but that doesn’t detract from this one. Since I started collecting the modular buildings I have started putting £10 a month to one side. This makes the modular “seem” very cheap by the time they come round each year.