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  1. rriggs

    Jazz Club Missing Bag(s)

    Just building my Jazz Club and three quarters of the way through bag 12 and suddenly I’m out of parts! I only had one bag numbered 12 but it looks like there should be another. Can anyone confirm this? Also, before I then contact LEGO CS, can anyone also tell me if there should be one or two bags numbered 13? Thanks Looks like a mistake in the instructions: https://www.brickfanatics.com/psa-error-lego-icons-10312-jazz-club Can carry on again now…
  2. rriggs

    Jazz Club VIP Early Access

    The store I went to had them out for anyone to buy. Not hidden away and not checking for VIP membership before purchase. They had about 20 out in the store and were constantly topping them up as they were sold. Seemed to be the same as with the new modular sets every other year I can only think they were expecting supply issues and/or had supply issues in some places so the 4th Jan restriction to cover themselves
  3. rriggs

    Jazz Club VIP Early Access

    Popped by the local LEGO Store this morning and found they had loads of the Jazz Club in store and ready to go It was too busy to find out if anything had changed (since yesterday) or whether it was just a case of rubbish communication… Anyway, got my Jazz Club together with VIP Lunar New Year set and the Blacktron Cruiser so it all worked out in the end
  4. rriggs

    Jazz Club VIP Early Access

    I got the info from the store and from LEGO Customer Services:
  5. rriggs

    Jazz Club VIP Early Access

    Being a member or not doesn’t matter. The issue was trying to find out if I can buy the set in store on the 1st as I have done every year since these sets have been out. The delay to the 4th means I can’t buy it in store for a couple of weeks now as I will be back at work. I wanted to have it confirmed if the VIP early release was online only (which it is)
  6. rriggs

    Jazz Club VIP Early Access

    Have it officially now - The VIP only access is online only… Never mind…
  7. rriggs

    Jazz Club VIP Early Access

    If I get a chance I will do this. I have their number in my phone but haven’t had a chance to call yet (since finding out about the delay) Not so fussed about the GWP. If I get it then happy days but if not then no biggie. I never factor GWP items into my purchase plans
  8. rriggs

    Jazz Club VIP Early Access

    Ok, great. Thanks!
  9. rriggs

    Jazz Club VIP Early Access

    With the Jazz Club delayed to Jan 4th, LEGO have said that there is VIP early access from Jan 1st. However, it’s not clear from the website if early access is online only or also in store? It has become an annual tradition for us on Jan 1st to go to a local LEGO store and pickup the new modular and we want to do this again this year but with the delay and the unclear info about early access we don’t know if we can do this again this year Does anyone know…?
  10. rriggs

    Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions

    Scenarios and customisation using the additional parts I have no issue with. The app isn’t too much of an issue (as I generally use my iPad and PDFs to build anyway) My disappointment was simply the missing steps to complete the model. Probably doesn’t help that I don’t normally buy space sets so my experience and imagination when it comes to finishing the set myself is lacking I also got the pickup truck Missions set in the closing down sale but now that I know what to expect and as regular vehicles are much more in my wheelhouse this will hopefully be less strange for me
  11. rriggs

    Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions

    I got this set in a closing down sale locally i understood the app was required to build it but naively assumed that a PDF or similar instructions would be available through the app OK, I said, let’s go through the missions and build it that way. Except you can’t. Apart from the hull of the ship and some ancillaries they build is never completed in the app/missions. Each bag end with a do what you want sentiment and by the end of the missions you have 60% of a spacecraft and a huge pile of spare pieces As I said, I was expecting the app but never thought that you wouldn’t get a completed set at the end of it. The customisation/ideas concept and spare pieces to achieve it isn’t bad but the failure to show you how to complete the base model is not good Very happy with the minifigs and the LEGO Space flag though I’m just glad I didn’t pay full price for it!
  12. rriggs

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Picked up the BH and the new fire station today. Shop was busy but no queue to get in or anything like that when we got there just as it opened. Got little skate park set for free for spending over £40 When we walked back past an hour later there was a small queue outside (because Covid rather than outright busyness) Could still see plenty of BH sets in the store Have built the little skate park and the fire engine and chopper. Probably won’t start the BH until one evening after work
  13. rriggs

    Is this a fake pack?

    Maybe a fake or might be a mistake or (less likely) some kind of special version that was done for a specific reason (a show or a giveaway?)
  14. rriggs

    Is this a fake pack?

    Can see the pics now and there is something not right about that second one Why would someone fake the packaging well and then put in crappy torsos? Very odd…
  15. rriggs

    Is this a fake pack?

    Can’t see either of your pictures now…