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  1. rriggs

    Collectable minifig with different accessory

    Defo no paddle so I have contacted Cust Svcs I have never had a piece missing from a collectable minifig so will see what they say
  2. I bought my first of the new series of collectable minifigures today and was really pleased to get the surfer girl with the dolphin However, while the leaflet with the mini figure shows her with a paddle, I didn’t get a paddle and got a blue lifejacket instead I don’t mind as I actually prefer the lifejacket but wondered if I was the only one or if everybody has got the lifejacket instead of the paddle? Or, should there be a paddle and a lifejacket and I am missing a piece? There is no lifejacket on the leaflet The dolphin is awesome btw
  3. rriggs

    10278 Police Station

    I always buy the new modular every year on the first day my local Lego store is open (normally 2nd Jan) Stocks are normally pretty good there with plenty out back to replenish as those on the shop floor are sold and if there is a queue it tends to be pretty short However, this year the store is closed along with all other non essential retail so I have been unable to. I thought about buying online but as going to the store is part of the experience for me I am waiting until retail is allowed to reopen (maybe February...) Might see if my local large supermarket has any 2021 Lego in stock (they normally have a few small City sets) when I go there food shopping later this week to tide me over until I can get to a Lego store
  4. rriggs

    Harry Potter Great hall (75954) use as church

    That’s exactly what I have done 20200409_104439 by Roger Riggs, on Flickr
  5. They are really good. The shape of the Escort is a particular success. As for them being selected as Ideas sets, I fear that they are not known widely enough around the world to be selected.
  6. Scale is the issue really. I have got round this by having the centre of my town made up of modular with the 3-in-1 sets and City buildings out of the centre. I use larger City buildings like the fire station and hospital to bridge the divide and it works quite well. I have added backs to most of the 3-in-1 and City buildings and put modular-like pavements along the front. I have the traditional white lampposts in the old town centre and more modern lampposts in the City end of town. All the buildings of all types are setup along Lego roadplates. It all seems to work ok.
  7. The garage is lovely but the minifigures working on the cars highlight the scale issue with the new cars. It looks like children are working on the cars. It might have been better if they just made the new cars more Creator-like (Model Team...) and left the minifigures out of the steps. The eight wide cars look great but are too big for minifigures, too big for road plats and too big compared to City vehicles.
  8. rriggs

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    The smaller house “half” of the set works really nicely in my layout as it gives me a good building to use for transition between my modular neighborhood and my row of Creator houses so I am quite happy with it. It also is quite a nice traditional looking building in its own right with no gimmicks which again suits where I have placed it. As much as I really like the corner garage from last year it was much more of a challenge to place in my layout without looking out of place. You need the mixture of the sublime and the ridiculous in a town.
  9. That is what I was thinking of doing. While a lot of what has been said about the six wide car proportions is true for some of them I like the fact that you have cars in LEGO City scale which look like cars from real life from real brands.
  10. I am sure you can hide the size difference in photos to some extent but it won’t help when displayed alongside their 6-wide counterparts or alongside 6-wide City cars
  11. Interesting to see those new windscreens. I think you could use the red one in the middle to build a great 6-wide Lambo On a slightly SC-related note there is a real life Quattro for sale on eBay UK right now if anyone fancies buying it to put alongside the new SC model: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F114043162095
  12. While I quite like the selection of models available, 8-wide is tricky for me to display with everything else 6-wide as I both like to display the SC cars together where the width difference will show but also in my town layout amongst the 6-wide City cars. The bigger issue for me though is the price hike from the 6-wide cars to the 8-wide cars. In the UK the price has increased from £12.99 to £17.99 for the single cars. The increased width and increased price mean I am unlikely to buy any SC cars this year even though until now I have bought every single one.
  13. Agreed. I have all of the Speed Champions cars and they look great together on display and also work really nicely in my City layout which predominantly uses std LEGO roadplates. Eight wide will look odd in either situation so I am not looking forward to this. In the last year or two the details and quality of some of the cars has got really good which at six wide is challenging and I like to see the result of clever thinking. Just making them bigger has some benefits but I think loses out in backwards compatibility and as a showcase for what can be achieved at six wide. Cheers Rog
  14. rriggs

    Modular 2.0

    I went with the option of positioning my modulars onto standard LEGO roadplates so the modular width pavement fits right up to the edge of the baseplate’s roadway. It does make repositioning them more fiddly than if they were separate but the flip side is that they look very neat. Over the years I have become a dab hand at separating the buildings from the roadplates with just some tidying up of tiles needed to complete most repositioning. Cheers Rog
  15. rriggs

    Worth getting Lego 60204? (City Hospital)

    Great little set with some nice details and a well balanced contemporary facade. Stick it by a pavement and road and finish off the back of the building and it’s ace. Fits in really nicely next to modular as well as the floor heights and proportions are the same. Cheers Rog