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  1. rriggs

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Picked up the BH and the new fire station today. Shop was busy but no queue to get in or anything like that when we got there just as it opened. Got little skate park set for free for spending over £40 When we walked back past an hour later there was a small queue outside (because Covid rather than outright busyness) Could still see plenty of BH sets in the store Have built the little skate park and the fire engine and chopper. Probably won’t start the BH until one evening after work
  2. rriggs

    Is this a fake pack?

    Maybe a fake or might be a mistake or (less likely) some kind of special version that was done for a specific reason (a show or a giveaway?)
  3. rriggs

    Is this a fake pack?

    Can see the pics now and there is something not right about that second one Why would someone fake the packaging well and then put in crappy torsos? Very odd…
  4. rriggs

    Is this a fake pack?

    Can’t see either of your pictures now…
  5. rriggs

    Is this a fake pack?

    It’s genuine: https://brickset.com/sets/853378-1/LEGO-City-Accessory-Pack
  6. rriggs

    [MOC] Cat

    Looks great, especially the back and the profile Is it hollow?
  7. rriggs

    10278 Police Station

    So, February was wishful thinking but I do now have the Police Station and was able to buy it from a LEGO Store which was nice. I got it a few weeks ago and have built it this week (I had a backlog of smaller sets to do first). I am very pleased with the set. An awful lot of building in it, even compared to other modulars, and I think the first LEGO set I have with two loos. I was surprised that a new piece (to me anyway) in the shape of the 3x1 inverted tile was solely used as a toilet roll holder! I was particularly impressed with the colouring of the building on the outside with little or no patchy bits like with most of the other modulars. The only bit I didn’t like building was the decorative corner pillars on the front as these were very repetitive. While building it, I found I was missing a 2x1 beige brick and had to use a spare of my own to finish the build. At the end I had a 2x1 beige sloped brick left over so went back through the instructions assuming I had messed up. Couldn’t see anything in the instructions so checked the inventory - there’s not supposed to be any 2x1 beige sloped bricks so looks like a mistaken substitution. I have ordered a replacement 2x1 beige brick and while I have had missing pieces in the past a substitution is a new one on me. Now I am planning on taking the team, furniture, computers, etc from my City police station which is being replaced by this modular one and bringing it up to date. Modulars might be buildings from a particular era but all of mine are in a modern city layout…
  8. rriggs

    Boeing 747

    Good looking model with nice proportions Not sure the -200 style top deck goes with the winglets though and also that the winglets look a bit chunky (but then I am being fussy). Might be better just to lose them?
  9. rriggs

    REVIEW: 10295 Porsche 911 Turbo/Targa

    Nice review and I think it is a nice model. I really like that they give the option of either a Turbo or a Targa with nice details like the engine changes and different wheels The only thing that is disappointing for me is a little thing but something they could have done better and that’s the dashboard. I don’t like the difference between the sloped dials and the round dials. For that age 911 it would have been nice to see a row of just the round dials vertically behind the steering wheel. Seems like an afterthought bearing in mind the effort that has gone into the seats and the door trim Thanks again for the review
  10. rriggs

    Classic Space - 1978 or 1979?

    I would agree that no classic space sets appear in catalogues before 1979 However, in 1978 the catalogue for 1979 would have been available, people would have been aware of the space sets in the pipeline and no doubt some would have sneaked into shops and into people’s hands at some point so maybe that’s where the disparity comes from?
  11. rriggs

    Collectable minifig with different accessory

    Defo no paddle so I have contacted Cust Svcs I have never had a piece missing from a collectable minifig so will see what they say
  12. I bought my first of the new series of collectable minifigures today and was really pleased to get the surfer girl with the dolphin However, while the leaflet with the mini figure shows her with a paddle, I didn’t get a paddle and got a blue lifejacket instead I don’t mind as I actually prefer the lifejacket but wondered if I was the only one or if everybody has got the lifejacket instead of the paddle? Or, should there be a paddle and a lifejacket and I am missing a piece? There is no lifejacket on the leaflet The dolphin is awesome btw
  13. rriggs

    10278 Police Station

    I always buy the new modular every year on the first day my local Lego store is open (normally 2nd Jan) Stocks are normally pretty good there with plenty out back to replenish as those on the shop floor are sold and if there is a queue it tends to be pretty short However, this year the store is closed along with all other non essential retail so I have been unable to. I thought about buying online but as going to the store is part of the experience for me I am waiting until retail is allowed to reopen (maybe February...) Might see if my local large supermarket has any 2021 Lego in stock (they normally have a few small City sets) when I go there food shopping later this week to tide me over until I can get to a Lego store
  14. rriggs

    Harry Potter Great hall (75954) use as church

    That’s exactly what I have done 20200409_104439 by Roger Riggs, on Flickr
  15. They are really good. The shape of the Escort is a particular success. As for them being selected as Ideas sets, I fear that they are not known widely enough around the world to be selected.