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  1. peppe1983

    my first moc ship

    italiano Hi everyone, I'll update you on the ship. At the moment I finished the sides, the stern and the bow. The sides are of two different colors .... I can't make up my mind :). What does the shape of the ship look like and which color (of the side) do you prefer? I enclose photos ... Thank you all
  2. peppe1983

    HMS Marianne - 20 gun sloop

    Molto bello ... mi piace molto come hai creato il fuoco a poppa;) quell'olandese volante รจ spaventoso !!!
  3. peppe1983

    my first moc ship thank you all for the answers :)
  4. peppe1983

    my first moc ship

    Hi guys, I made some progress, I even finished the stern and almost finished the bow ... I did the sides of different colors, because I can't decide on the final coloring :) I await your positive or negative feedback regarding the topic and colors before moving on .... I also have 2 doubts about the construction: 1) How can I join the normal sides to those that are positioned on the jumpers? 2) Is there a clean way to join the last sloping sides (thanks to the hinges) with the bow?
  5. peppe1983

    my first moc ship

    Thanks Captain ... I went a little further into the building .... But I have doubts ..
  6. peppe1983

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    beautiful, congratulations ... it's better than a wooden model !!!! masterpiece
  7. peppe1983

    my first moc ship

    Hi guys, then I went ahead in the construction, I started designing the stern. I'm going freehand, looking at the MOCs and photos of real ships. I would like an opinion on how the temporary version of the stern is coming from the side of the ship. The version of the stern is still temporary, especially in the colors of the connection between the stern and side, which must be adjusted to soften the gap between black and gray. A greeting, joseph I try to post photos with image shack stern from behind
  8. peppe1983

    my first moc ship

    Thank you Deraven I am happy to have joined your community :D Yes, in fact the photos are too small, the next I will post with that method. Meanwhile, I wanted to ask a question about the construction. Since for the sides I used the technique of hinges and jumper ... How do I connect all the sections of wall where there is the difference of half plate forward? (because of the jumper)
  9. peppe1983

    my first moc ship

    Hi everyone, after having introduced myself I am here to share with you the construction of my first ship that still does not have a name. the base from which I started, as you can see from the hull, is the black pearl. the idea is to inspire me to the black pearl, but without faithfully creating the ship of the film .... in fact, my ship will be different both in form and colors. For the project, being a little expert, I started with the techniques of the captain green hair, which I thank very much for this resource. I do not pretend to create a historical ship, but a fantasy ship that is, however, realistic. The ship "should" be a cross between a small frigate and a brig. The hull includes the bow, 3 intermediate sections, while the stern will be made only with the pieces I have available. At the moment the armament provides 12 guns, but I'm considering to insert others on a further bridge ... if I advance the pieces to build it :) I share with you the first images of this work, where you can see that the sides have been created, I still have to design the stern and the bow. I await from you, experts, a positive or negative opinion of the work done up to now and possible suggestions. thank you very much, Giuseppe
  10. peppe1983

    Hello from italy

    Tnk you :)
  11. peppe1983

    Hello from italy

    Thank you all I hope to start posting some pictures as soon as possible ... Do you think I can already open a discussion on the ship I am creating?
  12. peppe1983

    MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    italiano Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum ... I'm very passionate about the pirates theme and I'm trying to make a ship with the captain green hair technique ... I would like to ask you a more expert question. When using the construction technique with hinges and jumpers it gives a nice curve effect to the hull, but then when you have to do the handrails on the deck of the ship you notice the differences because of the jumpers. How can you solve this problem so that you do not notice? Thank you all :)
  13. peppe1983

    Hello from italy

    Hello everyone, my name is Giuseppe and I'm Italian, I've been following you for a long time ... Unfortunately I do not speak English very well and this has always hampered me a bit ... but now (with the help of the "holy" translator online) I hope to be part of this beautiful community:) ... I am 36 years old and from a curve a couple of years I have resumed the passion for lego .... It all started with the idea of ?? set pirates of 2015 and begin this hobby ... However at the time only modern pirates collections (2009, 2015, and something POTC) .... 2.years ago I made the moc of an island ... Now I'm trying to make a ship through the beautiful technique of the captain green hair ... but I'm still on the high seas: D .... So I'm happy to be here and as soon as possible I'll show you what my job ... I definitely have a lot to improve with respect to your works of art:) ... Thank you all, see you soon :)