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Found 5 results

  1. George Lego

    Greek National Highway Road

    This is a prior version of the Greek National Highway Road with a single middle partition
  2. Hi Everybody, I'd like to show you my latest MOC, which I created for an internal ITLug contest. It represent a microscale rollercoaster, themed "Highway to Hell" Hope you like, any comment or suggestion is welcome! Bye Teazza
  3. Moved to main BSTF forum
  4. Hello All! Some may have seen me on the Train Tech Forum. I also enjoy town and city sets! This is a Review over the LEGO 6600 Highway Construction set from the year 2000. This is my first review so constructive (no pun intended) criticism is welcome! Enjoy! Name: Highway Construction Set Number: 6600 Pieces: 317 Retail Price: $80 Minifigs: 5 Theme: Town/City Released: 2000 LEGO 6600! Highway Construction by Railco1, on Flickr This will be the first appearance of Matt, my Lego minifig who will help me in my reviews and MOCs. He has the "Grand Plan" or blueprints for the Highway to be built. This tile only was available in this set and it is a printed element! LEGO 6600! Highway Construction by Railco1, on Flickr The set comes with 4 signs, the Turn sign (is there a term for these?), the 30 mph (or kph) speed limit sign, the construction zone sign. and lastly the "Do Not Enter" sign. all printed elements and they all add playability to the set! LEGO 6600 Highway Construction by Railco1, on Flickr The set comes with 5 main instruction sheets, each with the different vehicles along with one for the support structures. LEGO 6600! Highway Construction by Railco1, on Flickr These pieces are what I like to call The Claw and The Dumper. The claw is pretty simple it is spring loaded to be pressed shut, to open it you just pinch the levers on the sides. The purpose for it is to pick up the little Dark Grey 1x1 round bricks. The Dumper stores those bricks and when you are ready you "dump" the into the Tipper Truck. They both hook onto the crane. LEGO 6600! Highway Construction by Railco1, on Flickr The Tipper truck, this holds all the loose materials and debris. These can be hauled to wherever you please! LEGO 6600! Highway Construction by Railco1, on Flickr The what I like to call "The Dozer with multiple uses" is a scooped front with a sort of flat bed back and also a giant toe hitch in the back. It picks up debris, it can also toe the crane to where it need to be moved! LEGO 6600! Highway Construction by Railco1, on Flickr The Police truck's purpose is to direct comuters if a lane is closed or as a police stop. It has many lights and signs just in case you cannot see giant 6x4 stude sign in front of you! Enjoy some more pictures! LEGO 6600! Highway Construction by Railco1, on Flickr LEGO 6600! Highway Construction by Railco1, on Flickr All in all it is a good set at about $80 Retail it was a good set for smaller kids than adults. I still love it as it is almost 15 years old! The set ratings are... Value: 7/10 For your money back it was good more for kids. Playability: 9/10 You can continue to like this set (mostly for the road plates). But you get a couple of good figures and some very good trucks. Design: 6/10 The designs are pretty bulky and very "studdy" if you will but it was ment for small kids and it was from 2000... Parts: 9/10 With this set you got a few rare parts including the roofs for the Trucks (4x4 with 45 degree slope), Road Plates, and many signs and printed parts (No Stickers!) Overall 7.75/10 You do get some good parts but the downside is the bulkiness of the vehicles. LEGO 6600! Highway Construction by Railco1, on Flickr Hope you enjoyed this review! Thanks for reading! Remember constructive criticism welcome! -Rail Co
  5. Hi, I just want to have your comments about this modern version of the set 6653 LDD file Thanks!