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Found 8 results

  1. BrickDuvel


    Hello, after several months of building, demolishing and rebuilding, I just finished my Lego Star Wars UCS MTT MOC. I picked the MTT as a set to build a UCS style MOC for several reasons: Till today there is no Lego UCS version of the MTT. The existing Lego sets (7662 and 75058) are play sets and therefore not that accurate to the 'real' Trade Federation Multi Troop Transport. It's a challenging build, the MTT has great curves, the thing is all sloped and rounded, so a lot of trial and error fun. I like to build to minifig scale and the MTT is just 'small' enough to do this. To realise a set in minifig scale is almost impossible for the Lego company (UCS Falcon as the exemption to the rule) When I started the build I also did not see any lego MTT MOC's on the internet in minifig scale, so I wanted to fill the gap. When build to minifig scale the build is at a sweet spot in terms of size and weight. It's quite a large build, so you can work full on detail, but you can still pick it up easily and it still fits on a small table or deep bookshelf. It comes in brown , so something different than the usual Star Wars grey shades. After seeing the incredible UCS Sandcrawler of Cavegod and Marshal Banana a couple of years ago, it's clear that shades of brown can be quite interesting for a lego Star Wars build. The build is a compromise between SW universe vehicle accuracy, integrated technical functions and playability. The MTT's main function is to transport and deploy battle droids. Therefore the whole build is centered around the battle droid rack. The droid rack is deployed by a technic scissor lift that is propelled by 2 lineair actuators powered by a PF XL motor. It can also be operated manually trough the top wheel on the backside of the MTT. I wanted a droid rack with four vertical rows of droids like in the real SW universe. It can carry 48 droids (2 rows wide, 4 rows high, 6 droids in a row), so the front had to be wide enough to allow the droid rack to pass, but still small enough to take the inwards curved sides at the vehicle's narrowest point. Because of the height, there was also not a lot of room to make the bottom in the front sturdy enough. Bodywork: Different shades of brown combined with dark blue grey. I tried to go for a weathered look, as in an MTT that has seen some battles. Because of a lack of greebling opportunities I made some blastholes in the sides to go with the weathered look . Specs: Lenght: 90 studs, 70 cm/27 inches height: 35 studs, 34 cm/13 inches weight: almost 8 kg/17lbs Structure/firmness: The inside is all technic bricks and liftarms. You can easily lift the set up on the 2 sides, flex is ok. It rolls on 6 wheels, so kids can move it to play with Work in progress: trial and error to get it moving again on 2 or more lego XL motors or skip the motorized propulsion overall. When I finished building the technic frame, it could be driven by 1 PF XL motor and steered by 1 medium motor. Now with the exterior finished the 8 kg is definitly too much for one XL motor. If anyone has some experience building heavy moving lego or technic vehicles, I'm open to tips Question to the community: would adding one extra XL motor be enough to propel 8 kg? I believe the Sandcrawler MOC is double this weight and it runs (more like crawls) on 4 XL motors? making building instructions: I'm doing this in bricklink studio. I'm making progress, but It will still take a couple of months to finish them. As for a total number of pieces used, I can't say right now, I'll be able to add the number when the instructions are finished. I've posted some pics on my flickr account:
  2. After getting an almost complete MTT 7662 set, I started building and as some bricks were missing, I also started modifying. It is a very nice set, with a nice size. It has become a bit obsolete by today's construction standards but it remains impressive. I thus decided to slightly improve it and remove a few other details that were buggering me. MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) by Veynom, on Flickr I decided to eradicate apparent studs and make this MTT stud-less. I wanted also to improve the bottom part of the transport as well as the various opening panels. MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) by Veynom, on Flickr Details have been added here and there as a kind of subtle greebling. MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) by Veynom, on Flickr The rear upper side has been rounded and more in line with the source material. The ending result is more massive. The front side also got a new lifting and some colouring alignment. MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) by Veynom, on Flickr The rear side is probably my favourite part. A detailed bumper highlights the model, the opening hatch is more realistic and detailed. Curves have been slightly tiles, smoothed and/or underlines. MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) by Veynom, on Flickr Of course, I made sure that all play features were maintained. Everything can be opened as before but when closing the panels, gaps have been minimised. MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) by Veynom, on Flickr And as a last picture, here is a field picture with my 7662 flanked by the more recent 75058 version. MTT in the field by Veynom, on Flickr I find it pretty as a lorry. :)
  3. TheGeneralMoe

    [MOC] Trade Federation MTT

    Hello! I finally finished my latest MOC, the Trade Federation MTT. I enjoyed the 2008 model greatly when it came out, and decided after all these years to rebuild a new one with a better droid deployment rack and slightly smaller size. This model holds up to 12 battle droids on the deployment rack, a pilot and rear storage bay can hold weapons and additional droids. The deployment rack must be puller out by hand, i did not have the ability to add a gear system that would not interfere with the look of the model.
  4. Done almost ten years ago and finally gotten around to rebuilding it with a bigger layout and will make its public debut in the next event... AC Old MOC done October 2007 Fambaas Falumpaset Whizbooma
  5. Hello. I'm looking for sets 7662 (Trade federation MTT) and 7676 (republic attack gunship from clone wars) for somewhat acceptable price. I'm looking towards new complete sets. If there is no box but the bags are still sealed and all parts including stickers, minifigs and extras are there - I'm considering set as new. Please contact me via pm if you want to sell some of them or if you can help me.
  6. Hey guys I'm new to this forum, I have been reading for a while but never forked out the time to make a account. Any way, I recently got the MTT about 3 days ago from my local lego shop, but I'm taking summer college classes so I never got to focus on a all out review until now. I was sorta shocked on how small the actual set was and how many droids were *not included in the set. I do believe that the actually MTT could contain 112 droids and 6 is far from it. Here is my youtube review
  7. AudiBobaR5-D2

    Looking for LSW 7184 MTT

    I'm looking for the original Lego Star Wars 7184 MTT from 2000. Either complete with the original box or without, and happy to negiotate if anyone is willing to part with. In the UK only. Thanks
  8. Csacsa234

    Review: 30059 Mini MTT

    First of all I request some help from an admin, because I don't know how to make a poll! Thank you Mini MTT When I first saw this set I didn't even know that they released a new mini MTT and I fell in love with it immediately. Then ordered it from a big Lego store in Hungary and I got it today, and I saw there isn't a review here on EB so I put one together for you guys (It's my first). Now let's have a look! Basic info Set Name: Mini MTT Set Number: 30059 Release: 2012 Price: I don't know exactly, probably was sol around 4-5$ (I bought it for 2000 HUF = 9$) Number of Pieces: 51 (http://www.brickset....ry/?Set=30059-1) Minifigs: 0 The bag It's decorated with the commonly disliked Darth Maul logo with his twisted neck and fierce look. In spite I have to say that I like that logo, he is my favorite short-lived Sith warrior. Moving our eyes below we can see the MTT itself in the middle of a fight on a beautiful planet (I'm guessing it's Ryloth concerning that the grey/blue MTT's were shown there first in CW). The content of the bag Here is the pile after a little sorting I have to say that those dark blue parts are astonishing, that color is so beautiful. None of them new but the 1x1 cone can be found in only 4 sets in this color. The instructions It is very little, we don't get a book but it's not necessary for a set this small, so we have the folded sheet with both side printed on. (I'm sorry for the first page) Very fast build, Took just a few minutes with taking the pictures, but it was very enjoyable. Now have a look at the builted set: The MTT Okay here we have it. It's looks very soild and it really is, except the binoculars, somehow they tend to pop off a little easily, maybe I was unlucky and those were made of worse quality ABS... Here are some more pictures: Side Front Back Top Underwear All together Oh and don't forget the spare parts!!! Overall Parts: I think they are okay, we get some rare, very nice dark blue parts, lots of cheese slopes and other common but useful parts. Price: A bit pricey, but it's Star Wars and in Hungary everything is more expensive so if you take that into account then I assume it could be worse. Playability: There is not much, A solid transport vehicle, it can swoosh and that's all. Minifigs: As usual we don't get any. Design: Compared to the size the mini MTT is as accurate to the original as it can be, Lego did a great work designing it, although the colors seem a little mixed up on the complete set, but again, you can't make better details on a set this size. Although it lacks the sense of scale, the rear part is too wide IMO. Final thoughts I've read some comments on this set throughout the web and there were more people who disliked it than those who liked it. I'm in the latter group and I recommend this set because it looks very good, relatively cheap (if you can find it in a store, but looking at ebay prices... ), contains rare DB parts and most importantly..... wait for it..... it's cute. I hope you enjoyed this review, it was my first so I tried to point out anything that you used to read in the experienced review writer's And I apologize for my english