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Found 47 results

  1. <p>The pirate endured a terrific storm last night, in which their ship was dashed against the rocks. Many died, but quite a few swam to shore and the first mate is the last to make it off the boat. He briefly wonders what has happened to the crew (and why the rat is staying on the boat remains, surely they are the first to abandon ship?) but all these thoughts are pushed from his mind when he spots the islanders. Beautiful ladies with big smiles and that grinning chap seems alright too, friendly, ahhh he's saved.... IsleOfJewelsCloseUp, on Flickr First mate wades to shore, greeted by friendly locals ShipwreckedWithFriendlyNatives, on Flickr But all is not as it seems on this beautiful island, sure the islanders are the happiest people you will meet, but maybe its because they are preparing for the big feast of roasted pirate... char-grilled and slow roasted over the lava flow provided by the angry Volcano God. RoastPirates, on Flickr The brains are the best bit so its good to remove them from the body and eat them while they are fresh and if you don't keep up with the latest fashion in hairpieces you don't get to come to the feast so its important to get the first pick of the new bones! Brains and Bone Fashion[/url, on Flickr And most importantly of all sacrifices must be made to the mighty Volcano God to keep him happy. Many pirates are beheaded and thrown into his fiery crator (the Islanders keep the brains though). Volcanic Sacrifice, on Flickr Hope you like my entry of Happy Islanders at work! IsleOfJewelsVolcano, on Flickr
  2. Huitzilopochtli was the Aztec's god of war, sun, human sacrifice and the patron of the city of Tenochtitlan. It was vitally important to the Aztec people to keep him happy via offerings and human sacrifice. The stone disc on the top of the temple represents the sun.
  3. Itaria No Shintaku

    Large Pirate diorama

    Hello, this year I wanted to shift from Castle to Pirates and I took back my whole collection of LEGO Pirates. I mixed with a friend, Captain Sweetness, and we gave birth to a large Pirate Diorama. My friend Giovanna, GioO took the pictures. Here you go: More pictures https://www.facebook...OPiratesItalia/ here Thanks!!!!
  4. Staslegomaster

    Attacking Kahuka's Village

    Hi, LEGo pirates fans. It took me much time to create it. And you can judge if it’s worth it. The size of the village is 48 by 48 studs, but I put the base plates so that you could see the mini figs better. The pirates came to pillage the islanders’ village. It’s so rich that you can see gold, silver and gems anywhere. And the pirates are carrying all that not only in ebony chests but also in baskets, bags etc. Lots of the islanders are weaponless but not defenseless because the sea dragon and the gold and bronze idols, the patrons of the village, won’t let the treasure away so easily. And the majority of the robbers and cutthroats are already being cooked on the rack (which is in the background not to over shock LEGO fans). Another classic horror things are 2 Iron Maidens (a skeleton is falling out of one of them) and The dragon is chewing a greedy pirate who didn’t drop his treasure bag even when the dragon caught him. Achu is sitting on the dragon’s back. Many of the mini figures became grey-haired instantly seeing all that horror. For example the pirate caught by a silver idol who became alive after the pirate tried to steal a huge sapphire from its crown. Some unlucky guys are pierced with the pale. Kahuka wearing his big bloody mask is watching the death feast from his high green throne. Can you see small flames under the rack? I'll try to add a couple of pictures from other angles later. Any C&C is welcome. Please support my 2 LEGO ideas projects if that's interesing for you. Pillage the Village is going on! You can see an idol in front of the first vigvam. It became alive and caught a pirot - no escape! There are some poisonous red snakes in the bushes. Greedy and unlucky pirates don't see them.
  5. The Golden Age of Piracy... Adventures and romance? No, piracy means blood, booze, violence, plunder, booze, murders, suffering, booze. Boatswain Bob was drinking away his loot. Together with one-eyed Tom from the Big Betty schooner they were finishing a case of rum. Tom found one case of rum to be not enough and decided to take the last bottle for himself. Bob, on the other hand, could not tolerate such impertinence and shot Tom in the face. Romance... You should keep your eyes open in the port’s alleys. One yawn and you will find yourself with a knife in your ribs.
  6. vitreolum

    PTV: Puerto Secarico Raid

    Welcome to the peaceful harbor of Puerto Secarico.... Puerto Secarico by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr ....well at least until the weekly pirate raid happens that is. That's when the real fun begins, including but not limited to cow tossing. Yes, cow tossing, a Scottish pirate favorite. Looks like I posted in the wrong place again. please move it.
  7. Kolonialbeamter

    [PTV 2015 Digital] Sharknado? Sharknado!

    He came to them with an idea. An idea that would forever change the world's power balance, as he would harness nature's deadliest force for them. But they called him a fool. It couldn't be done, they said. They chased him away. They laughed at him. Now he has returned. It could be done. He will show them. And who is laughing now? Not them. Some don't even have faces anymore, MUHAHA! Hmm... er, well, but also not him, because he is Käpt'n Kuhl! And with him he has brought... wind and fish... sharks... in a storm: Sharknado. Sharknado? SHARKNADO! *insertthunderhere* Sharknado This is my entry for PtV's Digital Division. It was a fun build, the idea was there instantly, and the translation from mind to digital 'matter' went astonishingly smooth. The result is a representation of an aspect that fascinates me probably most about digital building - the depiction of motion. No gravity - no problems. Well, actually, different problems, but less talk, more pics: Sharknado 4 Sharknado 3 Sharknado 2 Sharknado 1 Just realised, all the small sharks should be dark bley instead of light bley, but besides this mishap all parts come in the colors depicted, so if you want to build Käpt'n Kuhl's 'shark submarine thingy', go ahead! Or go to space to assemble all of it I hope you like it, some more and high-res pics in my flickr album. C&C welcome. And at last a 'bonus shot' for those familiar with the movie(s): Bonus Shot. Yes, chainsaw... Thanks for watching. KB
  8. kinggregus

    [PTV Large] Market Day at St-Pedro

    Market Day at St-Pedro Today, St_Pedro’s main square, which is typically so busy, is occupied by only an old man. There is not much activity either in St-Pedro’s streets. This is because today is market day. Captain Bentley caught a large slave ship on its way to St-Pedro and is selling its content in exchange of what he likes the most: gold. Governor Osvaldo Jose German Geraldo is today’s best client. Business is good today. But god knows what these slaves will find behind the doors of St-Pedro’s fort. More pictures are available on my Flickr.
  9. PaddyBricksplitter

    PTV 2015 Large: Repel Boarders!

    Avast ye scurvy dogs! Here be my entry for the PTV Large section. It features the carnage on deck as two ships are locked in mortal combat. It was inspired by all those lovely romantic paintings of navel battles, but with extra gore. Hope ya like it :D
  10. Dzoni90

    PTV 2015 Small: Tavern Brawl

    Here is my entry for PTV contest. Captain Redbeard and his crew making some trouble in the local tavern. Tavern Brawl by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr His first day in patrol
  11. The screeching of a Seagulls echoed noisily through the uncanny silence surrounding a solitary tavern, causing a few of the men standing on the road to jump in fright. One of the men, a uniformed marine wearing a wide-brimmed hat smiled sardonically. “A fine lot of soldiers you all make.” None of the men responded. Most of them were dressed in civilian garb, and there were few that did not show some sign of agitation. “Is it true Captain Mortimer makes his victims cut off their own fingers then eat them?” a mustached cloth merchant asked. “Quiet!” An elderly man holding a torch shaded his eyes, staring down the road. “I thought I heard something.” They all heard it now. The thud of boots on the road, the coarse laughter. The very air seemed to smell saltier. There could be no mistaking that noise. Then there they were. roguish a band of pirates as could be found in the northern seas. Their leader, a red bearded man in a bicorn hat, smiled cruelly at them, eyeing their force with contempt. The marine's hands started to sweat despite himself. His words came out in a hiss. “Fire the cannon.” The elderly man jerked out of his frozen state and raised the torch over the cannon's fuse. He was too slow. Before the marine's eye could register what had happened the lead pirate was pointing a pistol at the old man and there was a report. The man fell dead, blood pouring from a wound in the direct center of his forehead. And then the pirates were upon them. The marine lifted his carbine just in time to block a blow from the lead pirate only to feel fire and ice in his side. One of the peasants was down and the others were running. The marine's compatriot, a big fellow with a pike, had skewered one of the pirates, but had his pike knocked out of his hand. Then the marine felt the lead pirate's blade enter his abdomen and he knew it was over. For a moment he stared at the blade in his chest, then he was on the ground, choking on blood. This was it. He hoped he died before they could torture him. The pikeman dove for his pike only to find one of the pirate's pistols in his face. He moved back only to find the inn wall behind him. His breathing was ragged, and not from over-exertion. Captain Mortimer smiled his cruel smile again. “What made you think you could beat me, royal dog?” The pikeman spit. “We will never stop trying to beat you.” Mortimer stared at him for a moment, then shrugged. “Off with his fingers.” The build. I actually started building this over two months ago, and put three Bricklink orders into it, so you could call it a masterpiece of mine. I tried to combine some of the cleaner/smoother styles on Eurobricks with the more textured style of Mocpages and Flickr, hopefully to favorable results. Also, off the record, but this is literally the first build I have posted in the online community in which I have used yellow heads. The back. So I guess that's it. There's looking to be some pretty tough competition for this contest, and I'm honored to have participated! Good luck to all the contestants! ~Adair
  12. -Yes, honey, I've got a reservation at finest town's tavern! - Yes, I know there's only one! - Nobody's gonna bother us! - Just you and me this time!
  13. Halhi 141

    PTV 2015 Small: Death from Above

    Here's my entry to the small category of the PTV contest. The pirates used the cliff as a convenient method of murder...On the ground below, spears served to impale any enemies thrown off the cliff.... Of course, occasionally a body might miss the spears... This was a fun build; it was interesting to try building with a size restriction (which I don't normally do). I've been slowly working on this build for over a month, and I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out, especially the cliff. The idea of the blood flowing into the water is something I've been wanting to do for a while (although it was a last-minute addition). I don't actually have any pirates sets, so making the minifigures was pretty tricky; I think they look reasonably decent, though. Enjoy!
  14. blackdeathgr

    PTV 2015 Large: Judgement Day

    Hi guys, Here is my entry at PTV 2015 Large division. Judgement Day. Because after all, all this pillaging and stealing has a sure end! Historically only 5% got away with pirate life. So that leaves us with 95% hanged pirates. Even small children working at pirates sloops didn't make it. There is also one record with a hanged pirate that was caught after serving only a couple of days in a pirate ship. Talking about bad luck! I tried to include every pirate drama in this MOC. Anger (angry mob), Satisfaction (governor), Love (lieutenant with governor's daughter), Fear (pirates ready to be hanged), Hope or Revenge (pirates ready to storm the execution). Thanks for watching and wish you all luck. UPDATE! (gory version) It turned out that the bluecoats had it coming! The rioters were nothing but a bunch of fellow pirates! And of course they couldn't stand still while fellow pirates were about to be hanged... judgement day riot C by Spy Tha, on Flickr judgement day riot B by Spy Tha, on Flickr judgement day riot D by Spy Tha, on Flickr judgement day riot A by Spy Tha, on Flickr judgement day riot E by Spy Tha, on Flickr As always, good luck to all the participants!
  15. Here is my entry for PTV large category. Attack on the Port-de-Lumière by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Every building has a decorated interior; these buildings are: barracks with a prison in the underground, judge's house, storehouse and a small house (where a rather peculiar chap lives) - check my flickr for more images of these interiors. You can also spot Don Antonio whom you may remember from my Don Antonio's store. He came with his personal guards and his assistant to the port's storehouse to pick up some goods, but the sudden attack spoiled their plans, and now their lifes are in danger.
  16. Ahoy Mates!!! Here comes my small MOC for the contest and my even smaller story accompanying it. Classis Pirates: A map, treasure chest, greed, betrayal & blood. Having shared years in a damp pirate ship, these two crooks found themselves on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean with a map. The map had one red spot on it, which would bring them to their fate. An ill fate… They got grip of the map through a series of classic intrigues. One night after a pillage in a village the captain returned to the ship with a map hidden in his pocket. He was given the map by the priest of the village who begged to be spared. He offered a treasure map in return. The captain gladly accepted the offer before he stabbed the priest. “This was a wicked world” he thought, as he headed to the boat that would bring him back to the ship. He listened in complete silence of the others’ bestialities. He was eager to get back to his cabin and learn about what the map held in store for him. When they boarded on the ship, he sorted out all the procedures to be conducted after a pillaga: The sharing process of the loot. He even demanded less than he would have, just to make it to his cabin. Once he got to his cabin, he ordered not to be disturbed until morning. He threw himself on his silk upholstered chair and laid down the map before him. After a few minutes examination, he grinned with satisfaction. He took a sip from his favourite rum and fell into a sound sleep. But it was so sound that he would never return to the world of the living. There was one thing he was not aware of: That he had been followed by one of his men all the way from his encounter with the priest to the last sip he took of his rum. This was the humble cook of the ship who had gone to the shore just to be able to have a share in the loot. Having learned about the existence of the map, he hurried to the captain’s cabin before him when they returned to the ship. The captain was busy sharing the loot, which enabled him to pour some poison into his favourite rum. But he had to be sure so he poured more into other bottles as well. When it was 2 in the morning, he glided into the captain’s cabin. Silent as a rat, he checked the captain’s dead body, which was stone cold already. Now it was time for him to grin. He checked all his pockets but the map was nowhere to be seen. He checked all the drawers and everything else but it was not there. As he was leaving the cabin, he noticed a rat running down into a hole in the middle of the cabin. He could still hear it squeaking, which was strange because it had to be gone. But it was still there. Suspicious, he knocked on the old, stinking wood. It was sure hollow. Knocing once more carefully, he began to feel the edges of an opening lid. He removed the beautiful Turkish carpet covering it and there it was. He opened it and went down to a small niche. It was pitch dark so he had to bring a candle to illuminate it. Once the niche was illuminated, he could hardly stop himself from giving a shout of happiness. There were jewels and gold in a pot. But better, a map with a red cross on it, which had only one meaning in the world of pirates. He spent the next few days with the crew investigating about the death of the captain, which ended up fruitless. The crew was just as crooked that no one cried after their not-so-beloved greedy captain. They were back to their daily routines with their new captain. But the cook had other plans. He studied the map on and on and, finally concluded that he needed help. But who could he trust? This was a pirate ship and he knew, as he knew himself, that it was full of indecent men. But he could choose a naive indecent crook. This was the helmsman who did know nothing but to steer a ship. He had a straight forward way of thinkg and could be the best prey for the cook. Knowing that he liked rum as the captain did, the cook approached him on a calm and hot night with two bottlles of rum. After a few hours, he was grinning again with pleasure. He had persuaded the fool into his plan to leave the ship when they get near to the treasure island on the map. This would take a month or so, though. But he was a patient man. Twenty-eight days later, they were passing by Nassau when he opened up to the newly elected captain about his plans to resign. The captain of course did not demand a signed petition but thew him into the first boat to go to the shore for provisions. The helmsman was there, too. The two tricksters bought a small vessel in Nassau, filled with provisions that would suffice for a week. It was a few days trip to the island, he had calculated. The season for such a trip was favourable with southern winds helping all those going to the north of Nassau. Before they set out, the crook cook had to make his plans ready for the next phase. They had bought guns and swords just in case they needed. Trying to get the helmsman believe in him, he handed over the two guns to him. And he took the swords. The helmsman, happy with his companion, took their small vessel safely to the treasure island. The cook, by the way, studied all the route because there would be only one on this small vessel on the way back. They reached the small island on a sunny morning. Eager and cheerful, they landed in a hurry. The island was so small that it was not difficult to find the spot. They dug together and cried out loud when they heard that classic sound of the spade hitting the chest. It took two more hours to finally get it out of the sand. Now, there came the second phase of the plan: to get rid of the helmsman, who would be of no importance, value or whatsoever from this point on. “Hey, can you check the hole we dug for a second chest?” asked him. The naive helsman turned back and hardly took a step forward when he heard the jingling of a sword, of which he was very familiar. He immediately reached for his gun and aimed it at the cook, who did not seem terrified at all. He pulled the trigger but the only thing he heard was a click. He was about to jump on the crook when the sword cut his head off before the broiling heat of the sun. There he was, his blood was filling the hole once occupied by the treasure chest. The crook, on the other hand, did not waste a second about what had just happened but began to drag the treasure chest on to the small boat which would return to a distant beach in Nassau on a silent night.. 1 by Mengish, on Flickr 2 by Mengish, on Flickr 3 by Mengish, on Flickr 4 by Mengish, on Flickr 5 by Mengish, on Flickr 6 by Mengish, on Flickr
  17. Hi guys.Here is my Moc for this contest.I hope you will like it. I like to play Assasin's Creed game so i put it all together LEGO,AC and pirates. Sorry for bad pictures,I tried with my phone,but i dont have professional camera.:P Somewhere in America.Winter time.:D There are 4 assasins.I like scenes in game when they are killing red coats from above.Stealth kill from tree,tower or from boat.I want to make one on boat but i dont ahve one.:D EDIT:I put pictures on my flickr after competition ends,so something happend and deleated my pictures,now i put one form flickr so i cant remember exactly what pictures i post here.Sorry for that.This was only way fixing it.:) 12171430_968969673166972_1815090708_o by Bojan Mustafic, on Flickr 12177376_968969039833702_1495816789_o by Bojan Mustafic, on Flickr 12177359_968969263167013_1925905186_o by Bojan Mustafic, on Flickr 11989392_968969619833644_2000774430_o by Bojan Mustafic, on Flickr 12176332_968969803166959_1625616020_o by Bojan Mustafic, on Flickr 12171106_968969719833634_1690430382_o by Bojan Mustafic, on Flickr More on my flickr:
  18. rodiziorobs

    PTV 2015 Small: Simian genocide

    (This first picture is for the polling image, but it is repeated as a part of the story below, where indicated.) Simian genocide by rodiziorobs, on Flickr The tale I am about to tell you is one of absolute horror, of completely unthinkable cruelty. "Is the trap set, Stevens?" "Aye, cap'n. 'Tis ready." "How long must we wait?" "Won' be long now, cap'n. 'N keep your voice down, don' want to scare the lit'l blighter off." "You are certain this is the last of them?" "Yes sir, quite certain. 'Been trackin' him for days. He's all that's left." Suddenly they saw the poor creature up ahead in the clearing. "Ok, keep quiet now, here he comes!" Stevens urged. The beast approached swiftly, yet with caution all the same; nothing was more suspicious than food left so easily in the open. At the same time, nothing was so readily accepted. He crept closer and closer still. Now the prize was almost within reach. "Shoot him, Stevens! Don't let him get away!" "Shhhh! Not yet!" The beast stopped. Had it heard something? Stevens wasn't sure, but he couldn't let this moment pass. He sprang from the underbrush, pistol in hand, the captain close behind. A single report rang out from the barrel, a single report to let him know he had hit his mark. (Same picture as polling image posted above) "Well done, Stevens." "Thank you, sir. It was my utmost pleasure." "Well now the real cruelty can begin. Gabby? Gabby!" Gabriel came up from behind, lugging a heavy cage through the tall grass. "Here, sir! I heard the shot and must say, I never thought me eyes would see this marvelously horrible day!" "Yes, that's enough now Gabby. The time has come!" "On yer word, sir." "Unleash the horrors!" "Aye, cap'n!" And with that, Gabby unlocked the cage and set free upon the world some of the most vile creatures imaginable, with the earth never more to see the sweet innocent race the captain had just wiped from its face. And that, children, is why you never get monkeys in your LEGO© sets anymore. ***************************************************** Both of these vignettes are part of my 16x16 entry, built together on the same plate: Simian genocide by rodiziorobs, on Flickr There is some overhang from the palm tree nearest the corner. Plenty more pictures on my Flickr album!
  19. They thought they were safe. 1 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 20 Years after the last crime they committed, the most cruel pirates enjoy their retirement with all the nice things money can buy: P1070958 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr But in a sudden straike and with a combined action by the Royal Navy, Royal Light Marines and the London Metropolitan Police brought justice to the scum of the seas... P1070949 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Seal Team 2 took care of the remaining watchouts P1070961 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr P1070939 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Steam Ships and exploding shells ended the age of Sails and Pirates. More pics here:
  20. Kai NRG

    PTV - Last Minutes

    Story: “Sir! She’s sprung a leak!” The first mate dashed into the pirate Captain’s cabin, flushed and out of breath. The Captain raised a scowling face. “Man the pumps then! You know what to do!” “This is no ordinary leak, sir. She’s going fast!” “Whad’ya mean, she’s goin’?” The Captain followed the words with a string of curses and then nearly bowled his mate over as he rushed topside. “All hands on deck! Man the pumps! Full force!” The next instant he was down in the hull with the mate beside him, pointing out the leak. The Captain’s face twisted in rage. “Who did that? That’s no leak. We’ve been scuttled! Who had the last watch?” The mate shifted uneasily. Water poured in, soaking both men’s boots, but neither seemed to notice. At last he muttered, “Billy was at the tiller.” “Billy?! That good for nothin’… Lazy – I’ll make him pay! Probably did it a purpose – wants us all ta drown!” The mate was about to reply, but instead he ejaculated, “Good heavens! We’re sinking!” The words ended in a kind of scream. For the water was now rushing furiously in, threatening to sweep both off their feet. “Shut your mouth!” the Captain spat, climbing topside again and ignoring his dripping garments. At that moment the ship tilted violently, sending both men along with several other pirates into the scuttles. Billy fell too, slamming into the Captain. “You! – You did this!” The Captain grabbed the unfortunate cabin boy by the neck. Billy shuddered, turning terrified eyes to the Captain’s ferocious look. “Well?! Answer me!” With sudden boldness the boy spoke up. “I did do it.” “Treason! Mutiny! You’ll pay for this!” “Of course he will,” the mate grumbled. “We’re all goin’ to the bottom!” “I’ll make sure Billy gets there first!” the Captain exclaimed, uttering a fearful oath. Another lurch of the ship freed Billy from the Captain’s grasp for a second and he scrambled to his feet, desperately climbing toward the prow which was now pointing to the sky. Cries and shouts resounded through the ship, which had now begun to sink in earnest. And yet for all their desperate plight, the pirates only quarreled and fought with each other, all eager to prolong their miserable lives by as many minutes as they could, even if it meant sending another to his death. The more reckless dove into the rum supply, determined to drown in drink for the last few minutes before they really drowned. Slowly the ship sank lower and lower, and now many of the pirates, forced to realize their plight, screamed in terror. Those who had sent so many to their deaths were unwilling to go themselves. Above deck the Captain pulled himself aft by main force, practically tearing the boards, almost foaming at the mouth in his impotent rage. Billy clung to the bowsprit, unsure whether to face the Captain’s fury or spring overboard at once. He shuddered as he looked down into the water, and, opening his clasp knife, resolved to defend himself. Ropes and bits of iron slid down the decks along with other miscellany. The Captain lost his hold – caught it again – and in desperation, pulled out his pistol. Billy shuddered and tried to shrink into as small a target as possible. The next instant a heavy sack smashed into the Captain’s legs and with a terrible cry he crashed headlong into the churning water. And now the ship had almost completely sunk, and Billy was left alone. A sudden silence – an eerie silence – succeeded the fearful shouts. Billy climbed farther up the bowsprit until he was perched as high atop it as possible. He had done it, and he thought his own life was a small price to pay for the blessing of ridding the sea of such a scourge. But other thoughts came to him in those moments that seemed like a life time as he straddled the rough timber, knife still in hand. After all, the quick, almost painless death to which he had sent his comrades seemed a poor repayment for their actions. They would have died, eventually, anyways – he had only hastened it by a year or two – and was that all? For all their villainy, for all their injustice, for having taken him, still a little child, and made him virtually their slave, dragging him through unspeakable horror? …hate surged through him, and he half cursed himself for taking such a poor and flavorless vengeance. Then he thought of the deeds he himself had taken pleasure in doing, and loathed himself as heartily as any of his companions. Was this all life had? Was there no real justice? The thought was intolerable to him. Far better to stand condemned, as he knew he would be, then to think that in the end, wrong would win. But perhaps… perhaps… could mercy be found? Even for him? The still, silent waters closed over the pirate ship, leaving no trace. ____________ Another overview of the MOC: I think this is the first pirate build I've done, and it was pretty enjoyable! On the spur of the moment I decided I wanted to do a ship sinking, so I ran with that idea! I purposefully made it so it could split in half for the farther sunken shot: Note that I used a non-LEGO light source - the sun. C&C are welcome! Thanks for taking the time to check the build out, especially if you read the story!
  21. Dannylonglegs

    PTV 2015 small: Trolling Atlantis

    Thar she blows! My entry to this glorious contest! Here to we may observe Dannylonglegs' infamous "Vertical" approach to vignette making! Trolling Atlantis by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr The Oleon warn that these waters be cursed. They say that once upon a time, there were an Island here, inhabited by wicked people... They say that King Neptune sunk the Island to the sea and made its inhabitants into creatures of the depths as punishment for their heathen ways... But the merchants of Eslandola care little for that superstition... at least not the fishermen aboard this particular ship! Instead, they've grown to love the local waters, as the fish here are abundant! Including the delicious Manatees, as the ship's physician calls them. Trolling Atlantis by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Yes! Manatees are delicious! Once you split the light meat from the dark meat, that is. The only downside is the screams. They sound... human. In fact, their cries for help have driven the captian to insomnia... but you know what they say: "A good captain can't fall asleep." And who might this knowledgeable scientist be? Why, that'd be physician Long! Born into a family of wealth, Physician Long attended University in Corrington, where she learned her trade, and now she works as a physician and Naturalist for the benefit of the Eslandola trade empire! Particularly the West Octania Trading Company. Trolling Atlantis by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Physician Long: "You should have alerted me earlier of your condition. Judging by the smell alone, I'd say your leg has gone Gangrenous. There's nothing to do other than amputate. I'm going to need you to bite this bullet. This is going to hurt. A lot." Patient: "Can't I get a drop o' rum to anesthetize meself?" Physician Long: "No. You've drunk your quota for this pay period. Hold still." Trolling Atlantis by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr The Inhabitants of the local waters are none too happy about the increase in fishing. But perhaps that's part of their punishment by Neptune. Perhaps they should have been better humans. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  22. The pirates were adamant that they were going to loot the imperials tower. Their plan was to slip in close where the cannon would not be of any use. However, they were spotted to early! The imperial cannons found their marks in blowing a hole through their one comrade and another hole through the boat. Enraged they fired their guns into the door. They then charged into the tower taking it by force and catching its occupants mostly unarmed. Sadly, Silent Wolf is in the middle of battling a Red Imperial warship so he is unable to rush to their aid. See: Pillage the Village Tower 1 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr Things are going very badly for the imperials! Pillage the Village Tower2 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr Pillage the Village Tower Front by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr Shot right through the door. This imperial didn't have any more of a chance than the pirate shot with a cannon ball. Pillage the Village Tower Close by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr New weapons! Gold! Women! These pirates are making out like... pirates. That poor soldier didn't make it up the stairs. The imperial captain was unable to defend the ladies in the tower. It appears the Pirate captain is having his way with one. Pillage the Village Tower Jump by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr There is no where else left to run... Pillage the Village Tower Jump3 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr Do they jump into the sea five stories below?! For full size renderings of the Tower Raid check:
  23. dr_spock

    PTV: Skull Trap

    As Admiral Ackabar would say, "It's a trap!". Easy picking for the Redcoats. POVRay output Bluerender output
  24. Thorindw

    PTV 2015 Small: Unlucky

    The rays of the rising sun illuminated the dirty wall squeezing through the bars. Billy felt the salty flavour of the sea and listened to the distant squeaks of the seagulls in the port. There, for a second day now, the grinning head of the Fat Joe was swinging on the yard. He was lucky – he died in battle when their ship was taken in abordage. His brave shipmates, though, weren’t that lucky. Today, at dawn, they were going to be hanged at the approving clamour of the crowd.
  25. Bloodstained Bay was once a sea port, but pirate raids and the raging sea have reduced it to nothing more than a crumbling tower on a lone rock in the open ocean. It is here where Captain Bart takes his prisoners to have them walk the plank to their grisly deaths at the hands (tentacles?) of the Sanguinary Squid, a creature so foul and loathsome that it has stained the walls of Blood Tower with the gore of its untold victims. When a prisoner is reluctant to leap to his doom, Captain Bart often has to leap in and provide some "encouragement". As cabin boy Danny plunges from his perch, his only thought is turned toward the churning of the water below that can only signify that the monster has arrived. Will he be the first to escape the Squid's Reckoning? That question was actually rhetorical; he's definitely going to die.