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  1. rodiziorobs

    Diamonds Are Forever

    The oil rig works really well at this scale, I think. DAF is not a Bond film I am as familiar with as some others, so I'm not too fussed with details. I had missed your previous micro-Bonds and they are amazing, too (YOLT in particular!) Here's looking forward to what else you put together!
  2. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] Steampunk Beetle

    Incredible! The detail packed into the relatively small size--and that it opens--make it a winner. Stellar job
  3. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] Here There Be Serpents!

    I love that you didnt just scatter the water around, but purposefully built it up. It is really well done, and conveys the motion of the monsters well. As for the serpents themselves, their slinking coiling bodies are amazing. I have tried something similar before and wish mine looked half this good.
  4. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] Modular Church

    The curved look of the roof with cheese wedges is really well done, I imagine it took hours rebuilding it to get it to be so seamless.
  5. Classic saucer shape with classic alien creatures! The colored lights rimming the outer edge of the disc really nails the vibe you seem to be going for. My only criticism is that the cockpit area looks clunky, with the wide pillars and 4x4 cyl windows. Overall, though, its a fun build. Good luck over on Ideas! Also, I appreciate the [Ideas] tag in the topic title. I can't remember what the specific rules are here (I don't come by near as much as I used to), but I like knowing up front what you're posting.
  6. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] Blacktron Harvester

    The color scheme running through it simply screams "Blacktron" while the shape suggests simply running and screaming.
  7. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] Harley Davidson E-Wanderer

    The shaping is excellent, with some smart NPU on the balloon and shell pieces. Also, the way the wheels are designed fits the futuristic aesthetic very well. I, too, don't feel the color scheme really says "Harley," but that's a minor quibble in an otherwise great build.
  8. rodiziorobs

    [Moc] The Council of Wizards

    Normally I'm not a fan of loose bricks--i.e. its a pet peeve of mine when people just spread blue studs around and call it 'water'--but the lower pavilion with the wizards, where you just kind of loosely arranged the grey slopes on their sides? It looks wonderful. The effect is that it extends the scene freely, building it out in a purposeful way. I'm surprised both by how effective it is and how much I like it. Oh, and the rest of the architecture is fantastic as well. Thanks for sharing!
  9. rodiziorobs

    The Windmill

    Great use of color, and the curved/conical shape of the roof is very appealing! I will keep that technique in mind for my own future creations, thanks for sharing
  10. rodiziorobs

    (MOC) The Elvan Seaport of Elvadion

    Elves has to be my favorite TLG-generated theme from recent years, and your build here is a great extension of the theme with several unique additions to it. Great work, thanks for sharing
  11. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] 03's Viper fighter

    Great work integrating all of the technic/bionicle pieces, but most of all, I love that you used a technic figure! Also, I'm practically drooling over the metallic silver. This is a great piece to me, I love it!
  12. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] Vintage Computer Room

    The whole scene, down to the lighting, is so spot-on, I can practically hear the printer buzzing! Really great creation here.
  13. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] Pink Floyd - Building All The Albums

    I enjoyed this particular recreation, particularly that you were a little loose in the interpretation. It is instantly recognizable and I think, especially given the soirce material, that the simplicity works in its favor, rather than being slavish to every detail.
  14. rodiziorobs

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Into the Spiderverse, finally, and now I can't get "Spidey Bells" out of my head. What a gorgeous, incredible movie. I'll give it to Lord and Miller, they know how to run the gamut from subtle background jabs to in-your-face absurdity, while hitting some deep and sincere emotional beats along the way.
  15. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] The Little Red Raptor Hood

    This is wonderful. Just that one picture tells the whole story. Thanks for sharing, good luck!