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  1. Yikes, I'm not really a great Technic builder, but this sounds like a ton of fun. I'll have to see if I can put something together.
  2. HELP! ! !

    That's great, I love how on top of everything you guys always seem to be, thanks!
  3. HELP! ! !

    Was there an update overnight or something? I had to log in this morning (my login is saved on my phone so I never have to do this), and suddenly everything looks different: the headers for each post are much bigger and a different color, forum navigation buttons are about double the size, and text is misaligned--the page number and the date of posting overlap considerably. I can post a screenshot if it will be helpful. I have checked my phone settings and everything there, and nothing is out of the ordinary. I'm using Chrome on Android 7.0.0, by the way. Thanks in advance!
  4. LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    Great! Thanks for the good news.
  5. LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    While I hope it's not the end of Elves, if it is I expect they'll let the Super Hero Girls theme do the heavy lifting for awhile. After that--and after Elves has been laid to rest for a year or two--I expect a return to high fantasy but with Fairies instead. Wings instead of ears, flowy dresses, etc. Sets built similar to the Ant-Man set, with life-size brick-built objects, but Fairy-ized (ie a home built inside a flower, etc). This is all speculation; I know nothing. I have gone on record before saying I would love a Friends-in-Space theme, but I don't think the sci-fi would appeal to the target demographic as well as fantasy themes, so I'd say its less likely, at least for now.
  6. LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately only some Walmarts in my area marked it down this far...and according to BrickSeek they are all out of stock. Some others in the area have it for $53 but that's not quite the same now, is it? On my quest to find this, I discovered that the same stores had marked down Ragana's Castle to $49 (!)...a few weeks ago, so now they're all out of stock.* YMMV, but it's worth looking into if you are still in the market for those sets. I wish I had taken better notes when the Dragon Sanctuary and Secret Market were retiring--I will probably never get those now because the aftermarket prices are so outrageous. FYI the SKUs for the sets are: 55225091 for the Goblin Village 52440973 for Ragana's Castle Happy Hunting! *after fruitless BrickSeek searching anywhere within an hour of where I live, I found one on eBay, actually for less since there was no sales tax.
  7. Voltron & Ship in Bottle IDEAS approved

    I am very curious to see how they pull off the ship in a bottle, both in terms of build techniques as well as parts used. I have no feelings toward Voltron either way, other than that I would be curious to know the details of the license.
  8. "Woo-hoo! I love Galaxy Blasters! Yeah! Nothin' better than kickin' some alien butt! Hmmm...3 new messages..?" "Doot da doot da dooo...let's see here..." "Ah nuts, just some stupid spam. 'Recruitment blah blah'. 'Octan, MANTIS,' who needs 'em?. How do you even pronounce that other one? 'Blah blah blah, Come join us in Andromeda and help kick some alien...' hey, wait a minute..." *********** I'm in. I'll get around to changing my signature soon. rodiziorobs, on Flickr
  9. I won't miss the PAM--what I will miss is having a good section of the wall with complimentary parts. It was nice to get a great variety of useful pieces in green, or blacks and whites that worked well together.
  10. [HELP] Evil wall texturing

    You might find some ideas/inspiration from this set: Ignoring the purple (since your focus is black only), the black horns and balconies are prevalent throughout, but in enough varied forms that there are a lot of ways to adapt it for your needs. Beyond that, I would suggest browsing EB's Historical forum and looking at MOCs, both in the main thread and in Historica. You'll find lots of different styles of avoiding the plain wall syndrome from castle builders there. Good luck!
  11. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I would love if, as a prequel, it reveals a lead up to a Secret Invasion storyline (present day) or something. On the same note, I understand that the new Lego Marvel SH game has a comic cover variant of Kang the Conqueror--but that there aren't any Fox characters (like X-men or F4) in the game. It makes me wonder if part of Fox's TV deal last year included them swapping rights with Marvel Studios for some villains but maybe just not in time for them to be included in the game (in other words, I would love to see Kang in the MCU!)
  12. Minifigs = Too much ATTENTION?

    I agree with this post completely. As for new parts for figs (new accessories) versus new system parts, I think a lot of it comes down to scale. Usually they need to only be a single piece (sometimes two) because they have to fit in a minifig's hand. This can sometimes be done with existing parts, but it's hard to do without the item then being way too big, or looking incomplete or worse, unrecognizeable. Take for example the whisk piece that came with the recent pastry chef CMF. No existing piece (or combination of pieces) would work. Period. A new piece had to be made. Perhaps a less extreme example is the painter's palette. You could use a plate or something and it might be passable. But with that specific piece there is no confusion over what it is. As an added bonus, those same pieces can then be repurposed in ingenious ways that make us burst into joyful peals of "NPU!"--for example, that same palette being used as a lilypad in the upcoming Ninjago city. These new minifig accessories can enhance the system of bricks. On the other hand, system innovations are often far more forgiving. The scale can be adjusted, the curves built using SNOT rather than flat stacking, other configurations made to achieve the same basic look that uses parts we already have. It is using those limitations to achieve the same look that is a mark of ingenuity and creativity, rather than having the perfect piece made just for this single occasion. System can be reconfigured to not need new molds in ways that minifigs cannot. (And frankly, I think we are actually a little too spoiled now with all the tile and slope combinations we have!) Bottom line: pretty much every new piece lately is useful and adds to the system in meaningful ways, whether destined for system builds or a minifig hand. (If you don't believe me, Jack Stone and all the new pieces produced during his era would like a word with you.)
  13. What was the last movie you watched?

    The Incredible Hulk (2008). Better than I remembered; while flawed, it was enjoyable enough on rewatch that it has climbed a bit in my MCU rankings. Before that, April and the Extraordinary World. It was pretty good for what it was, except for the unexplainable presence of
  14. Thanks for the review, I appreciate the work you do for all of us! This series really doesn't do much for me. I was hoping through the review that some fig or another might spark my interest, but most of them didn't--not at $4 a pop, anyway. The only ones I would want are Misako, General #1, Anglerfish, and the Rocker. I might pick up a Lloyd G., too. But if I never got around to picking up any of those I wouldn't feel too bad. Well, except the General #1, that's probably one I will track down, since every part there can be repurposed.
  15. Custom Trans Neon-Green dying technique

    Wow, those windscreens look amazing, I never would have guessed they weren't originally that color! Maybe up close they look different, but in your photo they really look nice. I have been messing around with other applications of solvents and various chemicals on ABS lately, but haven't done much with polycarbonate.