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  1. I don't either, but I don't think that's what @Aanchir was saying; rather, that they share a lot of the same visual design language that your typical space theme would have: Ultra Agents had the jetpacks and ludicrous sci-fi villains--kind of like a Space Police, but on earth. Nexo had the brightly colored trans-color cockpits, a definite visual throwback to classic space, as well as downloadable powers (again with the bright transparent colors). Were these themes capital-S Space themes? No; the characters never visit space, don't talk about visiting other planets, etc. Do they share a lot of the same characteristics and elements? Of course. Its like the difference between the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy--one is most definitely space-going, and the other, while being sci-fi/futuristic, remains largely earthbound. What all this has to do with Elves and Nexo and Star Wars (IMO) is that that kind of futuristic aesthetic allowed Lego to make themes parallel to SW without competing with them. (An explicit space-going theme concurrent with SW might not even be possible depending on contractual agreements, for all we know.) Rather than put out a Space theme, Lego released a few themes that filled that high-concept, brightly-colored sci-fi void that SW didn't cover (by itself, SW is decidedly grounded and monochrome), leaving another gap in their lineup (medieval fantasy) that happened to coincide with another gap in their repertoire: a non-Friends (non-city) "girls'" theme. My personal opinion is that since the minidoll was introduced, Lego and its designers has been itching to stretch their legs and see how the 'dolls could do in other settings. Given a few years of solid Friends sales, they put out others, first Elves, and then DC SH Girls, while also expanding the Friends line to atypical settings like go-cart racing, and now a hybrid 'doll-'fig combo with TLM2. Additionally, I think that--since Lego loves their data so much, and that has by all accounts worked out for them--they wanted to get a good solid grip on how minidoll themes actually performed if they left the consistently well-performing arena of City. City has always been a top seller--jokes about the umpteenth Police Station aside--so TLG started there with Friends to be able to compare it to City theme sales (and prove their data that girls related more to the 'doll-as-avatar). To solidify their sales data, they needed to branch out, but wanted to see if they (the minidolls) could do the heavy lifting of carrying a fantasy theme. Do I think they deliberately avoided making a minifig-based fantasy/historic theme so they could leave the slate open for Elves? Yes, but that decision was made in tandem with the decision to go ahead with a non-traditional sci-fi mashup (Nexo), another theme I get the feeling TLG's designers had been itching to try for awhile. In short, I agree largely with what @x105Black says below (sorry, I couldn't get the quote to attribute properly): The concurrence of Nexo and Elves with a Star Wars resurgence was probably planned (at least loosely) out back in 2012 when LOTR/the Hobbit was supposed to be entering its final year of a two-movie deal. Harry Potter had finished the year previous (but had been on its way out for awhile), the minidoll had just been introduced, and Ninjago was projected to end the next year or so. Looking ahead, TLG didn't know Ninjago would persist and that Chima would prove itself and unworthy successor, that The Lego Movie would take off and produce spin-offs, but in those planning stages I bet they wanted to give their minidoll themes their best chance at success, so left a fantasy/historic slot open in case the minidoll sales bore out. They obviously have, and the rest is history. Personally, I feel like Elves could keep going, even with Harry Potter and whatever other fantasy minifig theme comes up next, but I don't have all of TLG's sacrosanct data, so what do I know. I'm just glad we had Elves while it lasted, I look forward to whatever comes in the future, and hope Friends-in-Space becomes a major theme. I also hope to find someday the Elves sets I missed at a reasonable price on the secondary market, but that's an entirely different discussion.
  2. rodiziorobs

    Diligitis the Fairy dragon

    The balloon piece for the belly has the strange distinction of being so brilliant (amazing!) yet so obvious--but I've never seen it before, and I for one would never have thought of it. I love it, and I'm definitely going to use that in the future. The whole thing is just wonderful. Many s to you.
  3. rodiziorobs


    Wow, this is really something! I'm not familiar with your other modulars, so I'll just comment on this one. I love the colors, it looks bright and inviting. The greenhouse on the back is a nice touch that I hadn't expected. I really like the angled window, it's one of my favorite parts. I do feel like it seems a bit out of place, though, probably because of the rounded balcony and steps in the same vertical space. If the jutting angle were present from top to bottom it might feel more coherent, but it also might feel like too much. Anyway, it's a minor quibble; overall, I really do like it. The whole building is quite eye-catching.
  4. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] A Tale of Two Cities

    I like the contrast of the skyline above with the bright colors and composed shapes versus the dark hard-edged hellscape below. I've seen similar kind of things before with minifigs and such but I think the microscale is a smarter choice--it really focuses the build around the concept better and centers it. Great work all around
  5. rodiziorobs

    What was the last movie you watched?

    In the past week I've seen: The House with a Clock in its Walls: I liked it. I'm a professed Jack Black aficionado though, so if you're not, maybe YMMV. I also read John Bellairs when I was little, and thought this had a good amount of creepy horror stuff while still being suitable for kids. Also, that scene-stealing Cate Blanchett strikes again! The Dark Knight: well, half of it. (Feel free to skip ahead if you want to avoid reading my heretical views) After seeing it in theaters back in '08, I didn't care if I never saw it again, but it showed up in my Netflix queue we are. I still don't care for it. While Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne is one of the better portrayals of the character, his Batman is sorely lacking. Some aspects of the movie are quite good, but so much of it is clunky or ill fitting, or poorly written/choreographed/shot. One of my biggest pet peeves is how it insists on delivering the audience this kind of gritty realism but then tears that down with illogical plot and character contrivances (granted, this trait is distinctly Nolan). Also, bad sound editing, another Nolan hallmark. Not Inception or Interstellar levels of bad, but bad. I loved Batman Begins, which had the same issues, but I felt (feel) like in TDK they are too numerous and major to forgive so easily. I'll probably finish the movie anyway, but I still don't understand why it's so highly rated. And finally, Mortal Engines. I wanted to like this one, I really did. I enjoyed the book immensely, and the high concept is definitely appealing, but other than the visuals (which were beyond any doubt remarkable, eye popping, memorable, maybe even near perfect? Definitely worth the price of admission), the movie was frustratingly bland. Not bad, just..flat. Granted, there was a lot to do, building up a future fantasy setting and then laying a complicated plot structure within that, but in trying to do so much, the story leaps along in a way I'm not sure I could have followed if I hadn't already been so familiar with it. It's one I'll see again, probably, but mostly just for the visuals. Coming up I've got Aquaman and Spider-verse in my sights. Probably not this week, but soon.
  6. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] Sulphur-crested cockatoo

    The shaping of feathers using more standard-fare slopes is really well done, its quite realistic. Then I look around the eyes and beak and see the incredible parts usage and technique to achieve the same effect, and its really mindblowing. The anchor in particular took me a good while to recognize. Fantastic
  7. rodiziorobs

    MOC - Mill Raid

    I really like the understated look of the mill. The walls and roof have great textures (and angles) but aren't falling down or busy looking. The whole building, with the sails and the railing fits together really well. The rest is also great--minifig positioning especially--the the mill really caught my eye.
  8. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] Nexo Knights Fleet

    I think it works wonderfully! It definitely shows off the shape of the ship better and is more coherent color-wise. I love it. Good point. While I don't have much of an opinion on NK's specific classification as far as theme goes (nor do I think we really need to go into it here), the look really pairs well with a deep space design, as seen here. Thanks again @TheNerdyOne_ for sharing your design here!
  9. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] High Society Corner Building

    The roof is almost hypnotic! The regular pattern with the offset looks really cool. And of course, dark green ftw! I can't tell what the design is in the ground-floor windows--is it a custom sticker or an official TLG sticker/printed part?
  10. rodiziorobs

    MOC: Gingerbread Express

    Looks good enough to eat! The excess of frosting is the best part, it goes from being just a brown train to being a gooey sticky yummy treat. I happened to get a bunch of those tooth plates from the PAB wall also, although with no specific purpose in mind. If my local store ever has nougat/graham cracker color bricks in the PAB I'll have a reason to stock up now...
  11. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] Nexo Knights Fleet

    I like the angles sweeping back across the wings, and I think you've used brighter colors (blue/silver) very well, nice blocking and balance. I feel like the black along the leading edge isn't quite right--it seems out of place with the rest of the ship somehow--but that might just be because of the rendering. Anyway, nice job
  12. rodiziorobs

    Computer Generated Castles

    Oh my, I saw this months ago but forgot to comment on it, and just now am seeing it again as if for the first time! I'll have to take look at the code you wrote when I'm at a PC. I'm shocked you did it with VBA--I'm kind of a noob at visual basic but I am trying to teach myself more, and I don't think I've ever seen anything like this. Really cool stuff you've put together here.
  13. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] Medieval tour de force

    Half the pictures don't show up for me. The killer wave is my favorite, though. The effect is really impressive, the lighthouse is so good with so few parts, and the color of the water is gorgeous. Those poor people. The reflection one is brilliantly composed, the shape of the village and the buildings with the overlooking church. Nice use of the new parts as well.
  14. rodiziorobs

    What was the last movie you watched?

    The Mummy, the Brendan Fraser one.
  15. The irregular base on top of the mirror black base really adds some class to the build--which was already spectacular! The body, wings, and tail are all well balanced and adds some (fantastical) realism to the dragon.