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  1. What was the last movie you watched?

    Oscar, a '91 gangster-goes-straight comedy with Stallone and a stacked deck of supporting characters. I watched it a ton as a kid but its had been years since seeing it. I still give it a big today.
  2. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Here's my (long) take on Infinity War:
  3. What was the last movie you watched?

    Infinity War. I'll share more comments in the Marvel thread at some point, but I enjoyed it. I'm not sure it has the same replay value as my more favorite Marvel movies, but it was well made.
  4. What's going wrong with my Lego geometry?

    I would say that definitely a tolerance issue, coupled with the specific bricks you are using. The light blue (or whatever official name they have, @Aanchir could tell you) bricks, I have noticed, tend to be more prone to fiddly issues like this: differences in clutch from piece to piece, color variation, and--you guessed it--tolerances. The problems are not as bad as the early dark red bricks (circa 2005?) but noticeable in situations like this. If you had to guess when your light blue bricks were made, when was it? The bunch I have from the Medieval Market Village are slightly different from newer bricks from the PAB, for example, and also varies from bricks to plates. That's my guess as to why your forest mosaic works fine but not the castle one.
  5. New Technique with Hinge Piece and a 1x1 Clip

    Those clicky hinges are also useful for holding the 5x7 leaf (or their 4x3 variants) parts vertically. The ends of the piece that have stud connections on the bottom do not fit, but the smaller ones do. The leaf piece tends to hang at an odd angle (which admittedly looks out of place on its own) but with multiples hanging it can look like a willow or another weeping/drooping tree.
  6. Making Eurobricks More Active

    I am glad this thread exists. I noticed that EB seemed less active lately, but I wasn't sure if it was just me, since due to Real Life I haven't gotten around to building anything in about two months, and it's been even longer (probably close to a year) since I finished a project. I still enjoy Lego as a hobby to the extent I can, but since I can't actively contribute builds for now, I rarely check in on them either. I appreciate all the comments so far; this is the thing I love about EB the most--I see familiar users and we talk about different things. For contrast, I used to keep up with an entertainment blog and there was a healthy contingent of regular commenters. About a year back they switched their system to Facebook comments and as such the regulars are gone, it's all just random posters and trolls from the web at large. Posts are mean, angry, and provocative (not in a positive way) and as such I rarely read there anymore. But here it is still the folks you know. Some are gone, and there are always new ones, but there is still a feeling that we're all welcome, and can come together here and discuss our hobby or other things. As to the questionnaire: 1) more contests? Sure! It was a contest that first got me here (hello, mini camper van!) and Andromeda's Gates that kept me active. Not every one appeals to me, nor do I have time for all of them (I missed the Lester one), but I think sometimes a good contest is all it takes to turn a lurker into a bona fide contributing member. 2) tags? Sure, they're a fun addition to the forum. 3) EB reference materials? Um, not much. But I could, I suppose. I have used reviews before, to verify how complete a set was before buying it--I like how many reviewers note how many bags come in a set, that info isn't readily available most places. 4) EB games? Yes. See my answer to #1. I feel like some of them (BOBS, ie) are a bit too complex for their own good. I don't have the time or motivation to commit to learning 5 sets of rules from day 1. AG was easy to jump into, although the endgame sort of dragged on. 5) Facebook or Flickr? When I can post my own stuff, I see things on Flickr. But don't really go there unless I'm uploading my own stuff. I hate Facebook. 6) Hosting? Yes, Flickr. Although if Verizon/Oath screws it up I'll drop it like a hot potato. 7) Broad or narrow focus for threads? It depends on the subject. Super heroes or Harry Potter threads are busy enough that following topics in a single thread is unmanageable; you need to separate topics out, whereas Elves generally has a smaller audience, so talking about it in one place makes sense. 8) first page? Forum list, although I visit the "new content" link in my profile before browsing the other boards. 9) has too much? I honestly don't know. 10) has too little? Again, I don't know. 11) value most? Community. 12) value least? The embassy forum. The only discussion there I really read is Ideas, and that is sporadic. It could be useful, but no one--not members, mods, or TLG--really does much over there. And that's fine. 13/14) YouTube, Twitter, Facebook? These would all be useless to me. I hate Facebook and find Twitter useless, and I prefer reading reviews with still photos over videos. I believe I have watched exactly two Lego video reviews ever. Why? Because most sets don't need videos. Full stop. If something absolutely needs to be seen in action, then don't give me a two minute intro or lots of talking. Put the text in the description, and use the video for the action only. Looking forward to much more great participation with you all on these boards!
  7. Ah okay, I read that thread and now it all makes sense. I assumed you needed the outer dimensions of the brick to fit, not the interior space, so none of the solutions I was coming up with would have been helpful! Good luck, I hope you can get your project to work.
  8. What was the last movie you watched?

    The Greatest Showman. It was pretty good, and generally watchable--thanks completely to Hugh Jackman's inexhaustible charisma--although never has a story felt so sanitized on screen.
  9. Dah, I was going to build this last night when I got home as a proof of concept, or try out some other things, but forgot. I'll try and remember tonight. I get that you need it smaller, I just am not sure how to do it.
  10. I don't have bricks in front of me to try this, but I think it help you find a non-kragle solution, or at least point you in a new direction. Use one each of these , stacked so their SNOT studs face in opposite directions. Put a 2x2 plate on each side, topped with two of these, back to back . On a separate 2x2 plate, put two of these (without the lever) on opposite corners with the slot pointed towards the center of the plate. Build two of these (one for each end), and fit them onto the first assembly--the slots for over the center wall of the panels (the one that bisects the Friends foot plate) The disadvantage here is that the center section here is quite wide, more so than you would like. I think it could be narrower if you were to switch things around and put the lever bases in the center and the foot plates on the outside, but I'm not sure. Another more destructive way would be to take a Technic bushing (the 1M kind that have grooves/notches at the base to fit in the middle of the studs on a brick) and take a drill to the other end to make offset grooves/notches. It would take some trial and error, but be simpler, for sure.
  11. What was the last movie you watched?

    Avengers: Age of Ultron. I had ranked it low-ish in the MCU before, but now I think it sank to the bottom. So. Many. Issues. It actually killed some of my enthusiasm for Infinity War. Although I guess for perspective, it was no better or worse than Justice League.
  12. The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    I have been stringing together a figbarf for a Friends in Space theme with this conceit. The problem with helmets for minifigs on minidolls is that the mouths on 'dolls are so much lower they are inevitably are covered up. This necessitates open-chin helmets, so this piece is a small miracle for me. I hope this go-kart subtheme reproduces it in lots of colors, bright and dark.
  13. So maybe I'm the only one seeing this, but in some forums* on mobile (Chrome for android) the brick-shaped icon to the left of topic threads that takes you to the first unread post is white or something, the same as the background color. I can tap where the icon should be and the link works, but it is invisible. *looks like it happens on forums with the new spring banner and lavender/lilac theme. On forums like Town and Sci-Fi it is still showing up. Thanks!
  14. I would redo James Bond but with a major twist: cast a different actor as Bond in each movie but keep the continuity, and don't ever make a point within the show about the change of actors; let the other characters and the story continuity carry on as if nothing happened. In modern cinema James Bond has grown a little stale and irrelevant--other franchises have copied or riffed on Bond enough that the character and universe no longer feel unique, and the Bond franchise itself has become more like every other action blockbuster. The point of this new direction would not be to tell new stories, not really. It's James Bond: you know what the stakes are, how he operates, its a story you've seen before. Heck, you could flat-out remake several titles from the last 60ish years--the story would not need to be strictly original. The originality would be what the actors bring to their performances to make them different. Think of Hamlet, for example. The basic plot is well known, the script is the same, yet it has been and will continue to be played out countless times. No one wonders if Polonius will survive this time, etc--the rewatch value lies in seeing different actors inhabit the well-known roles, and which parts of the story are being amplified this time around. In the case of Bond, it would have that same appeal. No one wonders if Bond will complete his mission--the telling is in how. The production would drive that somewhat, but the weight of the how would fall to the lead actor. You could have Moonraker starring Tom Hiddleston, From Russia with Love starring Richard Madden, Thunderball starring Mark Strong, or License to Kill starring Emily Blunt. Not that you would have to copy old entries verbatim, but they could provide some familiar ground on which to watch a new actor work. The rest of the series would need to feel like James Bond so that the franchise still can have an identity--probably by setting the series in a specific decade (60's or 80's for example) or have the movie look like that's when it was made, which would also help combat Bond's growing irrelevance. The supporting cast could stay the same (or even partly the same) from movie to movie--it might depend on the specific story. It might lend more continuity if the villain were the same actor each time, but that wouldn't be strictly necessary; having the same character would probably suffice. There are probably other franchises this could be done with, but I think Bond would be the best fit. "But why," you ask, "why not just create other 00-agents for those actors to play, why mess with an iconic character?" It is precisely because of the character's iconic status that you can mess with it. It would feel cheap to just tell other background stories or have Bond pop up for a cameo. Plus, other great actors deserve the chance to play the icon himself, not some made-up side character. Finally, the whole "other people in a shared universe" thing is already being done well by Marvel, and poorly by everyone else. The odds of ending up atop that stack are low, and would feel derivative of pop culture at large. A franchise having the guts--not just the guts, but the objective--of recasting its main character for every movie would be fresh and new, and curiosity alone would put some butts in seats. Make it a quality production, and audiences will want to come back and see what the new faces can do with an old role, for a couple films at least. I think a solid five, but maybe more.
  15. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Thank you for answering! I'm relieved there are only two you named that I need to catch up on--AoU I haven't seen since opening weekend in 2015 so I definitely need to go back for that one (I just hope it is better than I remember it), and even though I have seen CW more than once, its been over a year; I could do with a refresher on it as well. The others are all recent (enough) views for me. Thanks again!