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  1. Did Lego win the lawsuit?

    Strange, I'm on eBay nearly every day and hardly see Lepin at all. Granted, I have saved my searches with N. America as the default item location, maybe try something like that?
  2. Here's my anecdotal two bits: I was emerging from my dark age about the time MF was dwindling, and remember seeing lots of those sets on clearance at my local Target--almost every set in fact. Even on clearance it took awhile for the store to move them all. (This was the very early stage of leaving my DA, so I wasn't sure if I was actually into Lego enough to spend money on new sets. As a result, I didn't get any of them--I'm still beating myself up over that one!)
  3. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    It may not be her that said no, if she signed some kind of exclusivity deal with the movie studio. Who knows, though. My guess is they went ahead designing the set with Johnson in mind, waiting on the deal to close, but when they were denied permission, there wasn't time to sub anyone else in. I suspect they had been planning on another minifigure and +80 pieces, with a $35/€35 price (which I heard rumors was the expected price) but it was simpler to drop the set size than scramble for an alternative figure. This is all conjecture; I know nothing.
  4. What was the last movie you watched?

    POTC 5. It was a mix of brilliant over-the-top comic action and dull heavy-handed comic action, but overall, worth a watch with a free rental. I may leave some longer thoughts about it in that thread later on. Austenland. This was to make it fair to my wife, since it was me that chose Pirates. Remarkably, I could write almost the same thing about it as POTC 5, subbing the word "romance" for "action".
  5. Pacific Rim

    Yeah, the trailer seems less del Toro and more Michael Bay, with a heaping scoop of Power Rangers thrown in. The first trailer (the 'recruitment' one) was a better piece of marketing IMO. Also, John Boyega is no Idris Elba. Not that he's bad, but when it comes to "cancellin' the apocalypse" Boyega seems to be acting with a capital 'A' here. I'll still see it (in theaters? maybe) but try and keep my expectations low. That worked for me with the first one, I had a blast. Fingers crossed.
  6. Can you ever have too much Lego?

    I completely agree with this. You have to find a happy medium or else you either spend too much time gathering parts from their disparate locations, or too much time sorting them out from the giant box o' pieces. Too much separation and you'll never find that random part which inspires some NPU of genius; too little separation and all you can find is random parts. And then by the end of the year all your new acquisitions throw your sorting system off-balance and it's time to do it all again.
  7. Lego BrickHeadz 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    But the hands have a significant difference. Hulk's hands used cheese slopes to simulate fists, but #36 has studs exposed on the left fist only--jewels in a certain character's gauntlet, perhaps?
  8. Lego BrickHeadz 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I suspect it's Dr. Strange, and the "wings" are actually his collar and cape. #35, not #36. #36 is likely Thanos.
  9. Can you ever have too much Lego?

    This was me too, and has been until about a year ago. My collection has grown, which is great except that now I'm not always sure what parts I have. I have a pretty good idea still, but it's no longer perfect like it was. Also, as my collection has grown I have needed to adjust my sorting, which means sometimes when I am looking for a part type I know I have, I can't always remember where it is. My storage solution works pretty well, but I need to tidy up. To answer the OP's original question, I guess I'm torn-- I see more sets and I want more sets, but I see signs that it my existing collection is about as large as it can be without being totally unmanageable.
  10. What was the last movie you watched?

    Indiana Jones, the aliens one. I hadn't seen it since it first released in theaters, and while watching it I thought, "this isn't so bad, really". And it isn't, until about 2/3 through, and then it's absolute crap. The effects become painfully obvious, the dialog Lucasesque, the acting ham-fisted, the screenplay idiotic, and the story indescribable. But the first 2/3 is almost a good movie, nuclear fridge notwithstanding.
  11. I like the aesthetic of the Elves dragons, but I think you've done a great job adapting them here to a chunkier, more obviously "Lego" style. I also have played around with using Elves hair on minifigs, and I think they look great. The only problem I have with my own collection is that I have very few fleshie minifigs, so my options are limited. Great job, my favorite of yours is probably the wind dragon.
  12. [MOC] Elves - Raganas black dragon

    I really like the design, the dragon looks a lot more muscular than the usual Elves dragons, especially with the added width and broader legs. I think that is why the head looks small, though--it's because the rest of the dragon is so bulked up. It doesn't look bad, just differently proportioned than what we usually see. Overall, I quite like it.
  13. You could use a series of smaller plates instead of baseplates, to more closely approximate the tolerances from wall to base. I believe plates 8-long or 10-long could do the trick. It makes it hard if you're trying to match it to a larger display, though. If the wall isn't one unbroken string it will also eliminate the issue--you could break up the wall with another element in the middle, like a larger decorative bit or something.
  14. If you're building the wall completely out of 1x2's, then the difference is due to an accumulation of tolerances. Each brick is actually a fraction of a hair narrower at the edge than the brick's nominal size. This is intentional, so that it is easy to place two bricks side-by-side without them being sandwiched together so tight you can never move them or that they damage each other. Its why you can rotate 1x1s a little even if they are built in a straight line. Each brick has the same tolerance at the edge, regardless of size or proportion--a 1x2 has the same reduction as a 1x12. What this means is that if you are spanning a long distance with smaller pieces, you are introducing more of those reductions than if you used fewer longer pieces. Over a long enough distance, that tiny gap that was imperceptible on a single brick gets more noticeable, and the more bricks you have, the shorter the overall length (real vs nominal). It's a reality in any manufacturing setting, not a defect or a flaw specific to Lego. Try using longer bricks and the difference will vanish.
  15. Have we ever had a green series? Not like the neon used for Series 13, but a normal green? Wow, we really could use some concrete news about the figures here...