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  1. Its interesting that the best "video game movies" tend to not be the ones based off of games themselves, but those that play with the concept of the game--i.e. Wreck it Ralph, like @Oky said, and movies like Scott Pilgrim or Live. Die. Repeat. I don't think they are actually video game movies, but they come close enough. As for actual video game movies, I don't think there are any great ones. There are a couple I like, but they are more of guilty pleasures than actual good movies. For example, Prince of Persia is an underrated B-movie with an A-list cast. I can't attest to its faithfulness to the game (never played it much), but I enjoy it all the same. It's worth it just for the scenery-chewing Ben Kingsley. Warcraft did the impossible by making the Orcs look genuinely real. Not just cut-scene 'real' either, but lived in, earthy. Unfortunately that (and the wooden acting) made the humans look like really skilled cosplayers by comparison. I still enjoy the movie as a whole, but its easy to see why it was generally panned. Probably the reason I like Warcraft despite its many flaws is that I'm a sucker for high fantasy movies, and genre films of any quality tend to be few and far between. That being said, I could get behind a Zelda adaptation, or a classic like Chrono Trigger (which would probably work best as an anime series, honestly) or, if we're really reaching back, Dragon Warrior in all it's 8-bit MIDI glory. Even if they weren't great, I'd probably enjoy them anyway. If they ever happen. All the buzz for Ready Player One seems positive, but that's usually the case for any blockbuster, even the lousy ones. Also, it isn't an adaptation of a game, either, so the odds are more in its favor.
  2. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The Fantastic Four rights are messier than the X-Men rights, though. We might still never see a F4 movie (long explanation below): Sorry for the double post. This part below was not part of the spoiler above, but I can't edit that at all now, so it seemed simpler to repost it as a separate comment. ***** F4 related villains such as Doctor Room, Super-Skrull, Galactus et al should be fair game. If Marvel shows us they can do Thanos justice, I would love to see how they use those other baddies. (Particularly Kang the Conqueror! Do it, Marvel!) As for X-Men, I hope (at least for now) that they keep them separate from the MCU. When they decide to reboot, I'd be okay with their inclusion, but I feel like the MCU has come far enough without them that to include them now would be a weird fit.
  3. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Ah, so here's the other thread. I couldn't find it earlier and ended up posting in the other one. Half the winners chosen, half to go! The 131 people who have yet to win still have nearly a 55% chance, and the odds don't dip below 50% for another three days. Fingers crossed! Edit: for the record, there is also a 6.3% chance of having your picture show up on the calendar (compared to 11.8% from the first of the month).
  4. Expanding Winter Village Happening this year?

    I wondered the same thing, although if one is happening this late in the year there is no way I could get anything ready in time. @wildly The contests were to build an original creation that fit the theme. If you google "site:eurobricks.com winter village" (without quotation marks, obviously) it will pull up everything on EB that is related. You can try using the site's search as well, but even mods have before said that using google does a better job. In the past each entry was required to put "Winter Village" in the topic title so you should be able to find lots of builds for inspiration with those keywords. Also, welcome to eurobricks!
  5. Elves Autumn Animals Voting

    #7, #8, #11: 1 point each Thanks for running this contest, good luck to all entrants!
  6. Excellent! Everyone's odds just got a little bit better...
  7. Well we're one-third the way through already! Time for a little stats... I counted 206 entries (someone can feel free to check that though), and there will be 144 winners. From the start everyone had nearly a 70% chance of getting something. 48 people have already won, and 96 more will win out of the remaining 158 members, so everyone left still has about a 60% chance of winning.
  8. LEGO Elves 2018

    I also feel like this wave is a bit lackluster, especially compared to the previous waves. The buildings don't seem as impressive as the Treehouse or the Starlight Inn, for example, nor the animals as well-designed and charming as the dragons were. That being said, Nocturna's tower looks like the only must buy me. Nocturna looks to have some great parts for customizing of evil minidolls, there is a new print for Farran (for me at least), the fox looks like the best of these new giant pets, and as others have said, loads of teal and other great pieces. I'm guessing its probably in the $60 range, which seems reasonable. Probably the only other set I would get is the eagle set. It looks like a good value for what is probably $10-12. By the way, have we had any confirmation the teal color is the same as the old teal that Mark Stafford "killed"? I have bunch of that color from 90's Rock Raiders sets and the Technic Competition sets, and it would irk me incredibly if the new color was *just* off.
  9. I tend to agree with @MAB on this one, as far as opportunity cost: is there some other set that £300 could go toward that would be more worth it? In my mind, yes; there are many big-ticket sets available now that are amazing and have a good value (of course the modulars, some TLBM sets and a bunch of TLNM sets, for example) for which I would be more willing to part with my money rather than a marked-up set. Also, I fully expect that TLG will revisit the HH someday. Maybe not an exact copy like with the Taj Mahal, but something similar; the concept of a haunted house is too popular (for buyers and probably for designers, too!) to think TLG would never make another large HH set again. I have no inside information here, just a hunch. Maybe it won't happen soon, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually. Only you can know. Don't be in such a hurry to buy that you overpay. Also, ask yourself how important BNIB actually is to you--would you be okay with used if the savings were significant? Those questions can help you determine what the real value to you is.
  10. Right. The spongy ones are soft and gauzy. You can wad them up and when they unfold they look the same as before. As @Aanchir said, the others (stiff/starched) show their creases a lot more. I haven't really noticed a difference between Traditional/Shiny. Maybe I don't have any shiny ones
  11. The advantage of the stiff capes is that you can use them to help pose minifigs. Here is one I did of Thor a few years ago which is still my sigfig (I don't have a better quality pic): I really like the leaned-back look, where he is balanced in one leg (at an angle), with the rest of the weight supported by the cape. I prefer the softer capes in other settings since they look more natural, but the starched capes definitely have their uses.
  12. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Well that was something. I'm a little skeptical about this big of a teamup given the mess that was Age of Ultron, and the compromises the Russos made in Civil War make me uneasy I'll see the same thing here...but that was a great trailer. And to think that people had been complaining how Marvel's music was bland and forgettable!
  13. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'm mildly surprised in the results overall. Quest builder is probably the one I would have gravitated toward the most, but given TLG's history with games, the size of the project, etc. I'm not surprised it didn't pass. Frankly, I don't think any of them was a real standout, shoo-in kind of project. But, the Tron cycle has the virtue of being small, which probably helped it; don't get me wrong, it's a find project, but I doubt TLG would have chosen it from a group of stronger entries. I know, I know, Ideas isn't a competition, etc. etc. But I have a suspicion TLG doesn't want to pass ZERO projects (which is why they have occasionally held one over), thus it was easy enough to pass this project due to 1) it being small 2) a good working relationship with Disney 3) many of these parts being in production currently 4) now they can reject future Tron ideas. In other words, it was preferable to allot some production to satisfy a small but passionate fanbase than to leave everyone dissatisfied and weaken the Ideas platform by approving nothing.
  14. The lift is very imaginative and the whole scene looks very Elves-y, I like it.
  15. [Autumn Animals] Turtle Reef

    Looks like Elvendale has a medical waste issue... I love all the fantastic textures! The force lightning is probably my favorite part usage here, that would never have occurred to me! Well done