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PTV 2015 Small: Simian genocide

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(This first picture is for the polling image, but it is repeated as a part of the story below, where indicated.)


Simian genocide by rodiziorobs, on Flickr

The tale I am about to tell you is one of absolute horror, of completely unthinkable cruelty.

"Is the trap set, Stevens?"

"Aye, cap'n. 'Tis ready."

"How long must we wait?"

"Won' be long now, cap'n. 'N keep your voice down, don' want to scare the lit'l blighter off."

"You are certain this is the last of them?"

"Yes sir, quite certain. 'Been trackin' him for days. He's all that's left."


Suddenly they saw the poor creature up ahead in the clearing.

"Ok, keep quiet now, here he comes!" Stevens urged.

The beast approached swiftly, yet with caution all the same; nothing was more suspicious than food left so easily in the open. At the same time, nothing was so readily accepted. He crept closer and closer still. Now the prize was almost within reach.

"Shoot him, Stevens! Don't let him get away!"

"Shhhh! Not yet!"


The beast stopped. Had it heard something? Stevens wasn't sure, but he couldn't let this moment pass. He sprang from the underbrush, pistol in hand, the captain close behind. A single report rang out from the barrel, a single report to let him know he had hit his mark.


(Same picture as polling image posted above)

"Well done, Stevens."

"Thank you, sir. It was my utmost pleasure."

"Well now the real cruelty can begin. Gabby? Gabby!"

Gabriel came up from behind, lugging a heavy cage through the tall grass. "Here, sir! I heard the shot and must say, I never thought me eyes would see this marvelously horrible day!"

"Yes, that's enough now Gabby. The time has come!"

"On yer word, sir."

"Unleash the horrors!"

"Aye, cap'n!"


And with that, Gabby unlocked the cage and set free upon the world some of the most vile creatures imaginable, with the earth never more to see the sweet innocent race the captain had just wiped from its face.


And that, children, is why you never get monkeys in your LEGO© sets anymore.


Both of these vignettes are part of my 16x16 entry, built together on the same plate:


Simian genocide by rodiziorobs, on Flickr

There is some overhang from the palm tree nearest the corner.

Plenty more pictures on my Flickr album!

Edited by Phred

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Great story ! Good explaination of the lack of monkeys in the recent Pirates sets, haha !

And good build ! good job !

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Haha I must have missed this entry earlier, so funny. Great story telling and I like the double scene very clever! And that rocking chair is verrrry nice :-)

(but a monkey will make an appearance in the next Ninjago wave, so your pirates must have missed one?)

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This clever creation makes excellent use of the available space. It's funny and sad all at the same time. The story room looks nice and the rocking chair is magnificent. I await the day when the classic monkey returns. Good work.

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