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Found 7 results

  1. Looting, robbing, smuggling and plundering are the hobbies of every healthy pirate. This contest explores the nefarious side of the LEGO System pirate's life, so your mission is to show us the gory aspect of their daily activities in the Golden Age of Piracy. If you have a soft stomach then you'd better not enter the pirate forum until the contest is over! Blood, gore, and insanity will prevail until then. Winners! It's time to announce the winners of the contest! Thanks everyone for participating, you all did great! With almost accepted 50 entries, the Large and Small Categories were a great success. If you are one of the winners, please PM me your full name and address (including country) and a phone number. Thank you Eurobricks Administrators and the The Lego Group for allowing such a great contest with great prizes. As you may have noticed, Kolonialbeamter won first prize for the Digital Category. Since he is staff, prizes will be distributed to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners. Large Category 1st Place: Puerto Secarico Raid by vitreolum 2nd Place: Repel Boarders! by PaddyBricksplitter 3rd Place: Death On A Salt Breaze by Adair 4th Place: The Last Bottle Or The Golden Age Of Piracy by DwalinF 5th Place: Judgement Day by blackdeathgr Small Category 1st Place: Tavern Brawl by Dzoni90 2nd Place: Only Imperial Stormtroopers Are So Precise... by jansued 3rd Place: Death From Above by Halhi 141 4th Place: Offering To Huitzilopochtli by kritch Digital Category 1st Place: Sharknado? Sharknado! by Kolonialbeamter 2nd Place: Down with the Imperial Tower by SilentWolf 3rd Place: That's Not Good Enough! by RedSparrow 4th Place: Skull Trap by dr_spock Categories Large Division: Greater than 16x16. This includes most ship-based entries. There is no maximum size for Large entries. Small Division: Maximum size 16x16. This includes smaller vessel-based entries. Digital Division: Maximum size 16x16. Rules 1. First rule: have fun! 2. The contest will run from August 14th to October 23rd, 2015. As long as it's still October 23rd somewhere in the world, you can still enter. 3. No entries will be accepted after that date, unless something arises causing the contest deadline to be extended unexpectedly. 4. This contest is open to all EB members, even if they joined EB after the contest has begun. Staff are allowed to enter, but are not eligible to win prizes. 5. One entry per member and per category. You can enter all categories with different entries, but you'll be eligible to receive only one prize. 6. All entries must be new creations, not posted anywhere else prior to being entered in the contest. You may be asked by a staff member to change your entry if it is too similar to an earlier creation. 7. All entries must be built from real LEGO. No clone brands. Third-party custom minifigure accessories are allowed. 8. Digital entries will ONLY be allowed in the Digital Division. 9. There is no piece restriction or height restriction or mini-figure limit for any class. 10. A reasonable amount of overlap is allowed in the Small and Digital Categories, but nothing extensive. Stacking plates/baseplates will not be allowed. If you are uncertain that your entry qualifies, we suggest posting it with a specific request in this topic for a review and someone in the staff will make a determination. Reasonable overlap is defined by:The main build should be able to fit inside the 16x16 square. Minor portions of the MOC such as greebling, minifigs, and accessories could be partially outside the "square". [*]11. Custom sails, rigging, and flags are allowed. [*]12. Non-Lego light sources are allowed as long as you mention it in your entry description. [*]13. You can use official stickers or custom stickers. [*]14. All entries must be posted as a new topic in the Pirate MOCs Forum, The thread title should be the title of the MOC. One creation per thread and one thread per creation. [*]15. A specific thread tag (beneath the title) is required for each entry. Only entries with these tags will be accepted. This topic contains the three tags below. If you select the relevant tag and your topic is not listed, you need your tag corrected. If you need help with your thread's tag, ask in this topic. PTV 2015 Large PTV 2015 Small PTV 2015 Digital [*]16. You may present up to 6 pictures per entry. Post pictures no larger than 800x600, but you may link to bigger pictures and image galleries. No collage pictures please. [*]17. You may do a 'full-blown photo edit' with all the text, effects, background compositing, support erasing, and other effects on one picture. This should be your first image. The first picture will become your thumbnail for the voting round, so pick well. All your other pictures may have no editing other than color adjustment or background removal for a solid-color background. For obvious reasons, any photo editing that changes the shape, functionality, or color (not tint or adjustment, but actual color) of a LEGO piece is prohibited. [*]18. All entries are considered WIPs (Works In Progress) until the deadline passes. You may change and improve your MOC right up to the deadline. [*]19. Your entry has to contain something evil, depicting the spirit of the contest. No peaceful scenes. [*]20. For each category, EB staff will make a first selection, and then EB members will vote for their favorite entry among that selection. If the staff doesn't question your sanity based upon your gruesome entry, it's not making the first cut. Prizes Large Division: 1st Prize: 70413 The Brick Bounty 2nd Prize: Pirates Chess Set 3rd Prize: 70412 Soldiers Fort 4th Prize: 70410 Soldiers Outpost 5th Prize: 70411 Treasure Island Small Division: 1st Prize: 70412 Soldiers Fort 2nd Prize: 70410 Soldiers Outpost 3rd Prize: 70409 Shipwreck Defense 4th Prize: 10679 Pirate Treasure Hunt Digital Division: 1st Prize: 70410 Soldiers Outpost 2nd Prize: 70409 Shipwreck Defense 3rd Prize: 10679 Pirate Treasure Hunt Questions and Answers A summary of relevant questions asked about this contest with answers. Does the entry need a baseplate or custom plate? It doesn't matter what you place your heinous entry on. You may use baseplates, BURPS, plates, bricks, or prefab hulls. Does it mean only a 16x16 square? For a small or digital entry, the entry must be able to fit inside a 16X16 square. What pirate factions are allowed? Any pirate faction may be performing gruesome acts onto any other faction is allowed. Only factions related to this Pirate Forum are allowed. Space Pirates will not be accepted. This includes, but is not limited to: Pirates Islanders Armada Napoleonic Wars Golden Age of Sail Aztec Maya Inca Fantasy pirates similar to Pirates of the Caribbean [*]Are minifig scaled MOCs the only scale allowed? Scale does not matter, but it may be hard to see mayhem and heinous acts in micro scale. [*]Is the description I provide for my entry sound evil enough for the contest? It's hard to judge based upon a text description. Your description may sound inadequate for the contest, but then your entry turns out to be insanely awesome. Remember, entries are considered W.I.P.s until the end of the contest. If you're looking for ideas, I suggest the same as KB. Check out the Pillage the Village Contest from 2008,large, medium, and small entries. [*]Are early steam vessels allowed? Yes, early steam vessels will be allowed similar to the types found in the Ship Index. [*]May I mutilate and brutalize the actual Lego bricks in my creation by cutting, gluing, painting them? Custom Figs (including animals) are fine. Physical modification of Lego pieces for the construction of the entry is not allowed. Now, let's see your evil side! Get building, lads, there be pillagin' and plunderin' to be done here!
  2. Kolonialbeamter

    [PTV 2015 Digital] Sharknado? Sharknado!

    He came to them with an idea. An idea that would forever change the world's power balance, as he would harness nature's deadliest force for them. But they called him a fool. It couldn't be done, they said. They chased him away. They laughed at him. Now he has returned. It could be done. He will show them. And who is laughing now? Not them. Some don't even have faces anymore, MUHAHA! Hmm... er, well, but also not him, because he is Käpt'n Kuhl! And with him he has brought... wind and fish... sharks... in a storm: Sharknado. Sharknado? SHARKNADO! *insertthunderhere* Sharknado This is my entry for PtV's Digital Division. It was a fun build, the idea was there instantly, and the translation from mind to digital 'matter' went astonishingly smooth. The result is a representation of an aspect that fascinates me probably most about digital building - the depiction of motion. No gravity - no problems. Well, actually, different problems, but less talk, more pics: Sharknado 4 Sharknado 3 Sharknado 2 Sharknado 1 Just realised, all the small sharks should be dark bley instead of light bley, but besides this mishap all parts come in the colors depicted, so if you want to build Käpt'n Kuhl's 'shark submarine thingy', go ahead! Or go to space to assemble all of it I hope you like it, some more and high-res pics in my flickr album. C&C welcome. And at last a 'bonus shot' for those familiar with the movie(s): Bonus Shot. Yes, chainsaw... Thanks for watching. KB
  3. The pirates were adamant that they were going to loot the imperials tower. Their plan was to slip in close where the cannon would not be of any use. However, they were spotted to early! The imperial cannons found their marks in blowing a hole through their one comrade and another hole through the boat. Enraged they fired their guns into the door. They then charged into the tower taking it by force and catching its occupants mostly unarmed. Sadly, Silent Wolf is in the middle of battling a Red Imperial warship so he is unable to rush to their aid. See: Pillage the Village Tower 1 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr Things are going very badly for the imperials! Pillage the Village Tower2 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr Pillage the Village Tower Front by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr Shot right through the door. This imperial didn't have any more of a chance than the pirate shot with a cannon ball. Pillage the Village Tower Close by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr New weapons! Gold! Women! These pirates are making out like... pirates. That poor soldier didn't make it up the stairs. The imperial captain was unable to defend the ladies in the tower. It appears the Pirate captain is having his way with one. Pillage the Village Tower Jump by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr There is no where else left to run... Pillage the Village Tower Jump3 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr Do they jump into the sea five stories below?! For full size renderings of the Tower Raid check:
  4. dr_spock

    PTV: Skull Trap

    As Admiral Ackabar would say, "It's a trap!". Easy picking for the Redcoats. POVRay output Bluerender output
  5. Sailing around, pillaging and plundering, is all well and good. What is not, however, is when you don't have enough plunder to be pillaged, as happened to this particular crew. The pirates were not at all pleased with the paltry amount of booty offered by the Redcoat captain, so the pirate captain decided to make an executive decision. Hope you enjoyed, lads. EDIT: Rendered pictures.
  6. This is my MOC for the digital contest of Pillage the Village. In the Bermuda Triangle all the ships followed a strange light, but a storm take them to the rocks and make them all sinking. The only landing place was a strange rocky head and two iron chains to climb inside. Castaways entered the misterious cave, go upstairs and found a dry place to stay. A dream, but something was waiting. And above again, upstairs, they found food and fresh fruit. What a dream! But something was waiting them. The Damned Pirates of the Damned Lighthouse, which were once hit by the damnation to feed forever the light. How to feed? Well, simply by an everlasting barbecue made using the castaways! A complete photo collection here: LXF attacheddamned_lighthouse.lxf
  7. Carnage on the Bluecoats' fort! The evil sea monster pirates are attacking the bluecoats from the sea. The first evil act is underwater, where a soldier is drowning whilst being attacked by a hideous monster. One soldier is attacking the emerging monsters from the fort's rum cellar, whilst above, the pirate monster captain battles a fellow soldier. The next act of evil is another soldier being decapitated. One sea creature has spilt a barrel of rum on the second floor. With his torch, he sets it alight, causing a raging inferno. Down in the armoury, a soldier can't keep in his fear of the disgusting green sea creature chasing him, whilst another is putting on a brave face and snatches a cutlass from the rack. Meanwhile, one soldier is being burnt alive. Finally, this soldier is at the wrong side of the cannon. A link to the LXF can be found here. Thanks for looking and please vote for me!