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  1. vitreolum

    Zoya's Moving Cottage

    Gravity no longer agrees with them since the mutation fattened them up. :)) They were a last minute addition, mainly used them because they add a nice touch of color and texture to the base.
  2. vitreolum

    Zoya's Moving Cottage

    Zoya's Moving Cottage by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr
  3. vitreolum

    Tiny Furniture

    Tiny Furniture by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr
  4. vitreolum

    [MOC] Jungle Ruins

    Jungle Ruins by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr
  5. vitreolum


    Leftover from 'ween, wanted to do a Buffy build, but I got distracted with other stuff. I like the hair too much to just scrape it, so I made this instead. Cheerleader by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr
  6. vitreolum

    Vampire Mistress

    Vampire Mistress by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr
  7. Hotel Transylvania - Drac & Mavis by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr
  8. Hotel Transylvania - Wolf, Frank & Mummy by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr
  9. vitreolum

    [MOC] Jack Sparrow Bust

    No full body; that was the plan, but I messed up the proportions. This is as far as I got with it before giving up: Sparrow Full by Midas Touch, on Flickr
  10. vitreolum

    [MOC] Fountain of Youth

    This was supposed to be a much bigger build, but I wasn't able to complete it. It was getting to big to be able to do the water. The second image is a wip of what I was going for. Fountain of Youth by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr
  11. vitreolum

    Is there a 'medieval-punk?'

    Basically, in order to make it appear medieval instead of victorian (or just out of place) you need to disguise it as a medieval design. Definitely not clockwork mechanisms, those are a staple of steampunk - rather chains and wagon wheels. Simple and rough looking mechanism - basically the opposite of ornate and lavish things you'd associate with steampunk. Think of medieval tools and designs that could be used to achieve what you want. To give a random example, if you were to make a steampunk laptop, you'd disguise it into a victorian music box casing or something like that. If you want to go medieval on it, it becomes much trickier since the gap is a lot bigger. I can't think of anything on the spot that would be a good match. But, since these sets are fantasy medieval, anything is game really, so you don't necessarily need to bother making big alterations.. A victorian looking contraption in a witches' lab is not an uncommon sight.
  12. vitreolum

    [MOC] Jack Sparrow Bust

    Jack Sparrow Bust by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr
  13. vitreolum

    Baldur's Gate 2 ToB

    A failed attempt at recreating the bg2 logo; not only I didn't have the dk orange parts to make the background right (and it just didn't look right to me with a different color), all the light bricks I have had different levels of drained batteries and I ended up with different glowing eyes. :)) Baldur's Gate 2 ToB by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr
  14. vitreolum

    [MOC] Greek Temple

    This is great, I really like the "growing" statues and the roof. Great interior detailing as well.
  15. vitreolum

    Boba Fett

    No instructions, sorry.