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Found 40 results

  1. After the recent events in Beggar's Inn, as many messengers as possible had been dispatched, to every corner of the guilds. One messenger, going near the Frozen Beyond to inform the small outposts there for the peril of the coalition of the Algus and the Spire, was not that smart. Not being a native Mitgardian, he grew very cold, and thus he made a fire, out in the open. From a nearby Algus outpost, a Can'gru Chariot was dispatched quickly. Those strong but quick beasts had been cultivated by the Algus long ago, and were used nowadays not only for meat, but also as mounts and beasts of burden. the Can'gru, even though they look so herbivorelikely cute, always hunger for fresh meat. The poor messenger is their incentive to bring their Algus masters to their superiors, to hand them the message. Algus interception by David de Rijke, on Flickr
  2. As the fierce struggle against the invading Algus continued, it became obvious that Mitgardia needed to strengthen its defense against the frozen beyond. Thus a new fortress was to be established in the north, to serve as the main bastion against this chilling foe. The construction of such a castle was no small feat, and troops and supplies were rallied from all of Mitgardia. Upon its completion, the great fortress Rekkrfell was manned by the Kylma Katsella. This was built back in April of 2015, and was really too big for the parts and time I had available then. Thus, while there are several sections I really like, I'm not very pleased with the MOC as a whole. There are more pictures available on my website, link. C&C always welcome
  3. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 -What Has Past- Chapter 3 The Green Dragon Inn Bustle at Treacleheim At the Gates of Budd-apest Dragon-Forged Blade in Treacleheim Charlemagne's Residence Dragon Taming For over a year the Algus have menaced the north. After many hard fought battles, Mitgardians had figured out that dragon forged blades as well as burning oil were some of the only items that could slay this formidable race. Even armed with these weapons, Mitgardians found themselves hard pressed by the relentless attacks and seemingly endless armies of the Algus. The fact that they could be killed dispelled the myth that the Algus were a race of undead warriors coming to bring retribution for some past grievance but it still brought Mitgardia no closer to the truth of the Algus’s intent. A council was called and riders were sent from Vaholl instructing the cities and villages of Mitgardia in how best to unite against the threat facing them. Fortresses were also being constructed throughout the clan-lands to act as a wall of defense against the pressing forces of the Algus. These fortresses were manned with a special order of soldiers called the Kylma Katsella (which translated means Cold Watch). The Kylma Katsella would be Mitgardia’s, and in truth, all of Historica’s first line of defense against this threat from the north. Every city across Mitgardia volunteered soldiers to help found this special order and many traveling knights took up the Kylma Katsella’s mantle freely out of a desire to serve a great purpose. As the Kylma Katsella’s fortresses were being built, traders were bringing in as many barrels of Kaliphlinian Oil as they could come by to use in the battles against their foe. The dwarves were also busy, after suffering the shame of losing in their quest into Avalonia they found solace in working with dragon melted metals to forge more blades for the Kylma Katsella. It was still a mystery as to why the Algus were attacking Mitgardia. No one had been able to figure out what they wanted, and all attempts at reasoning with them led to the death of the messengers. Talks had begun of building a wall across the entire northern part of Mitgardia, but there was doubt this gigantic project could even be begun let alone finished before the Algus overran the north. Near Dalig Ulv, mayor Pjeter had ordered the construction of a castle for the use of the Kylma Katsella. They had finished it not more than a week earlier and already Algus rangers had been spotted from the ramparts. Pjeter and a group of men and women joined the forces already at the castle to help turn back the oncoming Algus army. “What are our odds?” asked Mattimeo. “With only one dragon-forged blade, not good” answered Pjeter. “How far away are the traders carrying Kaliphlinian Oil that we were told was coming?” asked Liam. “Still a day’s ride away” replied Pjeter. “Then there’s only one thing to do” said Constance. “We must hold them off until the oil can get here. Then we can equip the men with the oil and fire to finally kill these fiends.” “What you’re suggesting means certain death for many of our number” stated Pjeter, but the resignation in his voice showed he had already come to the same conclusion. When no one else offered a suggestion he said, “Prepare the men. The Algus will attack at dawn. We must hold them off for a day, whatever the cost.” With a grim determination the Kylma Katsella and the men of Dalig Ulv prepared for battle. Archers lined the walls preparing to pepper the Algus with arrows. These arrows, not yet tipped with flaming oil, would do no lasting harm to the Algus, but they would slow down their advance a little. Constance, armed with the sole dragon-forged blade, stood ready with the first wave of soldiers while Mattimeo and Liam prepared the second and third waves. As the sun crested the hills, the Algus advanced on the fortress. Constance and the rest of the men ran to meet the Algus charge. Pjeter and Rothgar had both volunteered to be in the first wave. They both felt it was their duty to show they were willing to do for their people what they were asking their men to do… to die. They fought for what seemed like hours but the sun showed it to be only minutes. Constance looked around her, knowing it was only a matter of time before the first of their men fell. From within the fort, a voice could be heard calling, “Help is coming!” Constance thought it sounded like Valanice’s voice, but that couldn’t be right. She and Wyndor were off in Kaliphlin right now looking for dragons. All of a sudden, the archers heard and felt a THWUMP! on the roof. The men on the battle field looked around to see a pair of giant leathery wings before they heard the ROAR! coming from the beast’s mouth. Wyndor had arrived just in time. The battle was made short work of after that. Wyndor’s dragon spewed flame left and right and gobbled up any Algus who tried to run away. As the mayhem settled and the wounded were brought inside the fort the reality of the situation began to sink in. They had won! They had beat back the Algus this time! Wyndor got down off the dragon and was met with cheers and hearty slaps on the back. But not everything was so bright and cheery. While Wyndor had arrived in time to prevent vast casualties, there was still one person who had suffered mortal injury during the fight. Wyndor and his friends gathered around Pjeter as his strength faded away. “No Pjeter, you can’t go!” cried Wyndor. “I should have flown faster, I should have gotten here sooner!” “There was no way for you to know,” answered Pjeter. “Of all the ways for me to go, this is the way I would have it. Dying in the service of the people under my care. Wyndor, you must be mayor after I’m gone. I’m sure the counsel will agree with my decision.” “Yes, Pjeter” Wyndor said with a sob. “I will take your place.” And with that, Pjeter breathed his last and closed his eyes with a smile.
  4. Exetrius Saga 1: Fallen leaf 2: Message in Kyrrath 3: Equipment upgrade Episode 4: Subjection of a legend It was about a year ago, that the first signs of a stir in the land beyond the northern Mitgardian border appeared. It didn't take long before a wave of white-furred and -skinned creatures, the Algus, invaded Mitgardia and spread over the rest of Historica. At first, they appeared to be almost invincible; freezing everything in their path, invulnerable to fire magic and regular combat. But in the course of a few months, thanks to a whole array of different methods that were discovered to affect the Algus, most of them have been eliminated by now. After hearing the first rumors of the Algus, Onicius was intrigued by them. Nobody seemed to know anything more than what could be directly observed from the invaders. How does their freezing ability and incredible toughness work? Who is their leader? Where exactly did they come from? Most important of all: why did they attack, what is their goal? These were a few of the questions that kept him busy. Therefor, - only just after the Algus had started their invasion of Mitgardia - Onicius ordered a small group of skilled spies and assassins to gather as much intelligence as possible about them in the North and capturing a specimen, if possible. None of them returned. Four weeks after departure of the group, one was confirmed dead; a frosted body with two limbs torn off... It was decided that the Order of Zotharith would not meddle with any Algus business, unless absolutely necessary. Individual members taking action and rumors were the main sources of information for Onicius. He documented everything; from the latest innovations in Algus warfare, estimations of average cooling capacity, speed and body size, to their moving patterns on the map. He hypothesized that their abilities are intrinsic to their nature, but they must be the result of magic. What bothered him the most, was the fact that they didn't move as an organized unity at all: no common strategy, target area or direction, but yet, they started their invasion all at the same time. But then, after several months had passed, a member of the Order came with a piece of news that put the situation in a very different perspective... Apparently, a bloodthirsty dragon and it's wizard rider were terrorizing the Frozen Beyond, devouring hundreds of Algus. The creature, fearfully called "Nemesis of the Beyond", is growing in strength with every being it eats, some even claimed that it transforms when it does so. (other side of the story) With this information, Onicius immediately summoned the Zotharith elite. Plans were forged and a team was assembled, consisting of: Onicius Centario: Leader of the Order of Zotharith, legendary soul magic wizard, master in crypto magic and alchemy. (forms of magic) Zeruko Urima: Ranked #1 on the list of strongest wizards in the Order, crypto magic genius, master in high-energic alchemy. Expert in combat with katanas. Sometimes reffered to as 'The Darkitect'. Deliora Asagrim: A highly skilled assassin and spy, powerful energy magic. She can fly, too. Ryo Kokoro: Master in martial arts, is able to wield almost any weapon. Young thrill seeker, 'Rookie'. The four of them (and some supply carriers) moved out, to the north of Mitgardia, where they set up a camp and refined their plan. Their main goal is to lure 'Nemesis' into an ambush, attacking it while its transformation is still in progress, assassinating the wizard rider (Garufust) immediately, and capture the dragon alive if possible. Finally, roles for the operation were assigned and a location was chosen. The roles: Onicius: Casting his new spell, 'Soul Eclipse', which would alter character, behaviour and emotions of the subject it's been cast on. Capturing souls. Zeruko: Building a place for the simulated offering ritual (a cover-up for the ambush), using his 'Architect Alchemy'. Writing a spell book which produces a offering goddess-like creature, which he calls 'Eye of Despair'. Deliora: Supporting all spells with arcane energy, eliminating Garufust. Ryo: Activating 'Eye of Despair', playing along as the leader of the ritual. The operation succeeded. 'Soul Eclipse' worked out, with an unexpected side-effect... the creature transformed into fire dragon, or, more like a phoenix. Zotharith may have aquired it's most powerful ally yet. Garufust was defeated, his soul was captured successfully. Ryo was rewarded with the wizard's armour (it was useless to the others anyway...), in which he often seen nowadays: To be continued.... in the next episode: Family Dinner! Hello there, thanks for checking this out. I know it's a lot of reading, sorry for that ! I really enjoyed all the separate builds on this one (a couple of them could not be fitted in this build in the end, so maybe in later builds), the whole process took WAY more time than I had planned! Photographing and editing alone have taken me about 10 full hours... As always, you can check out my Flickr for additional shots. I hope you enjoyed the story, I did it a little differently compared to with my previous big magic battle build. C&C very much appreciated!
  5. When the Algus beset their home, the Rats of Skavenport faced the menace like they always face black magic; with their engineering and a good portion of insanity. The war wagon rumbled and clattered down the hill, its heavy weight pressing the wheels into the ground. And with formidable speed the whole construct crashed into the enemy. The rats handling the bellows clung to the rope and pulled. And the dragon shaped potbelly stove did his work. I'm glad I could finish my entry in time. Instead of the Algus, idleness and inappetence where my true enemy. So I had the Incinerator lying around for a good month before I eventually started the diorama. But I hope it was worthwhile and you enjoy it. Thanks for having a look!
  6. A small castle in the lush Arkbri valley of Kaliphlin is attacked by the Algus. They have easily breached the gates using their formidable ice magic, and even frozen the ground and vegetation close to the gate despite the tropical heat of Kaliphlin. This is my category A entry to The Frozen Beyond contest. I also would like to claim the UoP credit for Siege [Military Science]. Resistance is futile... some try an alternative to fighting. Most soldiers have already fallen. More pictures:
  7. A Mitgardian widow mourns the death of her husband who fell in battle against the Algus: See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking
  8. LordDan

    Stopping the Cold

    A few Algus stragglers( I guess they didn't get the memo that the challenge is over) force their way into Avalonia, leaving an icy trail of destruction in their wake. Luckily Lord Dan has rallied his forces and they make a stand on the border of Araluen against these Frozen Invaders. The Araluen Town Guards are having a little too much fun with their job. Extra pictures: This was going to be my Cat C build for the Frozen Beyond challenge, but I ran out of time before the deadline. Im actually glad I missed it because it allowed me to spend more time fully developing the build instead of rushing it, and besides it didn't have much chance against all the awesome entries in that category anyway. Also I couldn't decide between black or white background for the main shot, and both have pros and cons so I included both. I also finally made a new outfit for Dan, so he has something to wear besides full armor all the time. Comments and Criticism are welcome. Thanks
  9. The title is supposed to be Frost Wolf Hunt, could a mod please fix that? Deep in Mitgardia a trio of the famed Kaliphlin Fire Mages find themselves fighting for their lives against an ancient menace from the Frozen Beyond, a Frost Wolf. Long believed to be extinct, only one other has even been seen, and that one was a heavily evolved descendant of the pack that left the frozen beyond centuries ago. In contrast, this wolf has lost none of the ancient power its ancestors possessed and is a force to be reckoned with. New vs Original Notes: It was fun to reimagine one of my first builds, and I'm really happy with how it turned out, although the wolf is really fragile and it fell apart almost constantly. C and C appreciated
  10. Here's my entry for Category A of the Frozen Beyond contest. Hoping to get over our argument, I reluctantly agreed to accompany Gremlon on a trip to Mitgardia. Our destination was Falcon Manor - a vital fortress that was untouched by the Algus. Until now... After my last few small builds, it was nice to build a slightly larger moc again. The main technical challenge in this MOC was the rounded wall - it's a technique I've used only once before (in Zelpunra's Tower), and the fact that I built that section in about 2 days (rather than 1-2 months) made it particularily difficult. The right wooden section also had some tricky half-stud offsets that required a bit of subtle upside-down building. I also haven't done many snowy builds (I think the last time I did one was early 2014) so that was fun, used most of my collection of curved slopes. On a side note, photography was tricky with white on white. I really need to get a good light blue/grey/black background... Enjoy! Thanks for viewing!
  11. My entry to Category C of the Frozen Beyond Contest Before the Algus arrived, Morkerna was a bright isle, warm and peaceful. But then the Algus came. Morkerna has been reduced to a frozen wasteland. And it is to this scene that I come, returning from my adventures in Mitgardia. The land is desolate, cold, destroyed. Anger brews within me as I turn and see a pair of Algus walking toward me. I look for anything I could use as a weapon, but there is nothing. Frustrated, I grab the first thing I find - a flower - and throw it at them. The two stop. A horrified expression comes to their face. Could it be? I grab another blossom and throw it. And, to my utter surprise, it happens again: the algus seem stunned. Grinning, I begin bombarding them with flowers, watching as they fall to the ground, moaning. It seems that the way to defeat death is through life. This was a fun pair of builds! Showing both how the Algus are changing the weather and how to stop them is a challenging task to combine together, so I decided that the former half would be most effectively captured with a before and after. I was originally going to try to do a minifigure scale version of the watermill for the "after" scene, but I couldn't come up with a waterwheel design that I liked (and it ended up that I wouldn't have had time for that idea anyway), so I decided to replicate part of the landscape in the back corner instead. The second build (snowy scene) was quite rushed, but I'm still quite pleased with how the snow and rocks turned out, and I learned from last time to use a blue background The snow and rocks are both surprisingly complex, with tons of SNOT and offsetting. At one point while building the rocks, half of it exploded, and the complexity was so great that I actually had to look at a WIP photo to see how it all went together (and even with the photo, it was still tough to figure out how to put it all back together) The other MOC was designed around that house design, which I came up with during the summer but never actually tested until last month. This build is much more complex than it looks, which is partially why it ended up taking almost 2 months to build... The micro watermill is based on the use of a bar as a corner beam. After that, the rest comes together with some SNOTted tiles and fiddly techniques. The roof, connected with a few clips, was one of the hardest parts. I also really like the look of the river next to it; the SNOT allows for some smooth shaping, and the slope looks pretty nice too. The windmill is a bit simpler, but it was still pretty hard to get a nice tapered shape with a variety of tiny round structure techniques. (this moc is also on Lego Ideas; support it here!) Overall I'm pretty pleased with how these mocs turned out. Hope you like them
  12. -------------------------- After his great idea with the Iceglider and his good manner of dealing with the spider-human creatures brought by the Algus, Finn now has received command of one of the northern border forts. With their sturdy walls and high towers, no Algus can break trough this line of defense. They are manned by some of the bravest people of our guild, and all archers/crossbowmen here now their job. No Algus or other creature from the Frozen Beyond can go trough to the ripe and fertile Avalonian lands... But noone ever said that Algus weren't smart. If they can't go trough, they find other ways to pass by... -------------------------- So, I'm done with the challenge, curious to the results. I think the iceglider was my best idea, but the other two were not bad either. CC appreciated, and thanks for your kind comments on my MOCs! I'm also very sorry for the bad picture quality, the weather in Belgium isn't that good... Additional pic:
  13. Umbra-Manis

    [Frozen Beyond - A] Algnado!

    The Algus Continue To Spread.... Even the most secluded fortresses in Mitgardia are not safe. A single cry of "Algnado!" is heard before all are silenced forever. My Cat A. Entry. C&C Welcome! For a 360 degree view, check out both models on Meceabricks
  14. The Algus had setup a minor fortification on a small hill in the middle of the Kaliphlin Desert. The location has some strategic importance, however was deserted many years ago due to the lack of water supply. However this did not seem to affect the Algus at all, as they held their watch in the desert and awaited further orders. Prior to their arrival, though, the rare nomad travelling the desert could only see ruins on the hill, and occasionaly a scorpion or two: Some day a lonely wanderer, clad in a dark red robe and with a golden staff, approached the ruin. The Algus were in wonder about the fearless wizard, and even more so once he conjured his magical barrier. Little did they know! Neither had they realized the other two warriors approaching (both the Leander warrior in gold and the red-clad assassin), nor did they have a clue what was going on behind their back. Lulu the unicorn sorceress had come and already started melting the ice, bringing love, life, flowers and butterflies to the desert once more, and fighting the Algus her very own way. But Lulu's mission was more than just freeing the world of the Algus. She made the world a better place to live in. Together with her loyal warriors she cleaned the ruins of all remainders of the Algus. They chopped the magical ice the Algus had created into big blocks and stored them inside the ruins. Yes, the heat of the desert made the magical ice of the Algus melt, but it would take many, many years for those big blocks to fully melt. Until then, they would provide the ruins with enough water for plants and life to flourish, at least inside the ruins. Some weeks later, with a little initial help of Lulu's magic, that made plants grow so fast that the eye could watch, the once dry ruins had turned into a weird oasis, bringing some almost tropical flair into the midst of the deserts - and would do so for many years to come. Lulu had achieved a victory. But she knew her journey was not over, yet. ------------------------------- I hope you like this MOC. I had started the build (and photographed the ice-less version) before christmas. The ice-version is also some days old. Today I finished the oasis-version. Though I am not 100% happy with the way the plants and especially the pics turned out (I love the front view, but the rear views are not that great imho), but BoBs has captured most of my attention for now, so I will leave it as is.
  15. Pitfall Immobilization In the infernal abyss the Algus are still a rare sight, but they sometimes fall from the sky. Certain people are throwing them into the abyssal pits from the surface. "So, according to my calculations, when the lava is this hot, the pit is that deep and the cooling capacity per hourglass reversal of the Algus creature is like this..." *pushes the Algus over the edge* "... it will exactly dive with it's head into the lava!" "Sir, we have confirmation from down below! The creature is immobilized with it's head into solidified rock." "Excellent, I think they can handle it from here!" So, my this is my first challenge entry for the Frozen Beyond contest and also my first lava-themed build. The photography did not really turn out as good as I want it to be for the overview, in real life the lava has a nicer glow to it, but anyway, it was fun. I do intend on doing another build for the contest today, I hope I can manage that! As usual, C&C very appreciated!
  16. "Don't look for your enemies' weaknesses. Take their strengths and use them for your own benefit." The words of her mentor echoed through Lulus ears as she strode through the icy desert, towards the leader of the group of Algus her valiant fighters were about to clash with. Snow and ice were actually great in the desert, if used correctly. Transforming them back to water, the foundation of life which the desert lacks - that was all Lulu did. And, of course, leave a trail of plants and flowers behind, immediately using the freshly generated water and making the desert a livelier place than it had ever been. Lulu, the unicorn mage, strode forwards. The Algus were strong, but her magic of love, warmth and life was superior. She had always understood that real magic was far more than fancy fireballs. Now she could use that knowledge to fight one of the greatest threats the Guilds had ever faced. And she started freeing the world of ice.
  17. Captain Braunsfeld

    The Algus Saga - The Victory Party

    The Algus have been defeated. Time for happiness and a victory party! Hosted by Duke Fasel, the party was a huge success. The Kaliphlinnian support was well remembered. A splendid time for all. All the best for 2016!
  18. Somewhere in the frozen North, a brave Viking from Skaljarik battles a frozen sea serpent. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The beastie: And the warrior: So, a speedy entry to Cat B. My pieces/abilities don't lend themselves too well to creatures. I might try more beasties with some mixels joints. C+C welcome! Edit: the Viking is from Andrew Spaders town!
  19. Deep In the Frozen Beyond... The Algus have summoned new creatures for their ever growing conquest of Historica. One of these is the Syrik, a name whose meaning is lost to time. Nowhere is safe.... My Cat B entry. C&C welcome!
  20. This is my entry for Category C of the Frozen Beyond contest. Snow in the Enchanted Forest ?! During the Restauration of Falahuas, the team designed to repair the road access to Circardia, through the north of Falahuas, heard some strange rumors about snow and ice developping in the Guild. They didn't expect to see snowing here, in the middle of the Enchanted Forest ! As they were going to fish in a little pool (a great fishing spot ! according to the locals...), two men of the team lead by Faladrin and his wife had been caught by snow fall. They arrived at the pool and it was totally frozen ! And then, they saw THEM ! The Algus were there ! The poor two laborers tryed to flee but it was too late ! One of them received an icy bolt in the face and instantly froze to death ! The second laborer could reach the camp and warned Lord Faladrin who immediately lead an atttack team with Noihe, the leader of the artists, and a great swashbuckler, and of course with his wife, Walaheria, a powerful elf enchanteress. They engaged battle with the deadly Algus but did not manage to deal some damaged until Walaheria brand her enchanted elvish sword and after saying some elvish words, the enchanted pearl glew of a fiery glance and the sword instantly melted the algus sorcerer ! Finally with this enchanted pearl made by the elves and some magic from the ancient elvish tradition it is possible to defeat the algus and their terrible frost ! - Great ! Your elvish magic is very strong ! Said Faladrin. - Of course my Love, you doubt of it ? Walaheria replied. - Oh no ! But I am always astonished to see your fiery pearl work. - Hey ! Look ! It seems our ennemies were guarding something ! remarked Noihe. - Oh yes is it an egg ?! Asked Faladrin - erh... I think it is an egg of a Frostbite Dragon, a terrible monster from the Frozen Beyond, North to Midgardia. Answered Noihe. I heard of it once our troup were in tour in Midg... GRRRRROWRH ! Noihe could not finish her sentence as a terrible beast made it heard. To be continued in the next Frozen Beyond topic I will post !
  21. ----------------------- Finn was walking over the Avalonian plains, when he suddenly saw a white spot on the green gras. When he runned towards the spot, he saw that it was one of the beasts these white fools had brought with them. Without fear, Finn prepared his axe and charged toward the spider/human. ---------------------- My second entry for the Frozen Beyond contest, and altough I find it not as good as the first one, I think it's still acceptable. CC very appreciated! Additional pictures:
  22. ------------------------- The cold, brought to our beloved Avalonia by the Algus, had some nasty effects: One of these was that our lovely lakes iced over, and the leaves of our beloved trees withered. The once beautifull Avalonian lakes looked like this: Another effect of that damned cold is that the metabolism of every being slows down. And when you combine these effects, this story steps in. Finn had long thought about it. He wouldn't fight the way of his Mitgardian father ("Charge!!!"), but the way of his Avalonian mother: with his brains. Finally he was able to construct what would be the downfall of these cold invaders. He was proud to present his Iceglider, called Rey. He had put Rey together with wooden leftovers, but she was a magnificent iceship. He pulled the helm, and the ship answered perfectly. She flowed over the frozen lakes faster then most ships flowed over the sea. With this, he would strike at the Algus, and due to the cold in their bones, they would be too slow to react. Finn smiled. There was still a chance to win!!! ----------------------------- My first entry for the Contest, I hope you guys like it! I got most of the idea for this MOC from books, and the names... CC very welcome!
  23. Umbra-Manis

    [Freebuild] An Algus is...

    Words of Wisdom recently written in Mitgardia: An Algus is Still an Algus. no matter how cute. Just a random build I came up with while building for Cat. B of the Frozen Beyond. Thanks for Looking!
  24. Victory is ours! Long and hard was the fight against the Algus. Many different ways were conceived to beat them but none really worked totally well - until today. Until Samuel Marron realized that all the different tactics had to be combined! You need the fire of the Mitgardian Dragon.... ("I love the smell of dragon fire in the morning") ... guided by magic rabbit gloves... ... with the helpful addition of burning Kaliphlinian oil... .. the magic of the Rainbow Spell ... .. and the freshness of the Mitgardian apple barrage... .. to defeat the Algus! And so it came that in the Battle of Green Field the Algus were utterly destroyed. None of them escaped. Under the force of the combined Mitgardian attack the power of the Algus waned, the cold disappeared, their snow melted, their bodies dissolved. So, the weather forecast was bad ... for the Algus. The End. Larger versions on flickr. There is a prequel showing where the Rainbow Spell came from. And there is a sequel showing the victory party. C&C welcome! One addition: As we have to show how the Algus change the weather, here is "WALK LIKE AN ALGUSSIAN": In the "Captain Braunsfeld's part of the Algus Saga" you are here: Part 9 1) The Beacon of Bruns Fall 2) Defending the North 3) Southern Comfort 4) Help from a Nobleman 5) Two Minor Victories 6) Water does not stop them! 7) What's that coming over the hill? 8) Where the Rainbow Spell came from 9) AppleCalypse Now! 10) The Victory Party
  25. This is a prequel to the final battle with the Algus and the MOC explains how the Mitgardians came into possession of the Rainbow Spell. On the basis of good diplomatic connections a messenger from the South brought a surprise... It was a scroll. A magic spell. A spell that would work against creatures of the cold. Called "The Rainbow Spell". Suddenly there was hope! In the "Captain Braunsfeld's part of the Algus Saga" you are here: Part 8 1) The Beacon of Bruns Fall 2) Defending the North 3) Southern Comfort 4) Help from a Nobleman 5) Two Minor Victories 6) Water does not stop them! 7) What's that coming over the hill? 8) Where the Rainbow Spell came from 9) AppleCalypse Now!