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Found 5 results

  1. hey guys, when joining few months back I've been digging into the lore and thought it would be useful to have the whole of the Algus Saga together in one place. below you can find links to all threads I could find belonging to this part of GoH's history. I've put them into chronological order, meaning that I followed the dates of posting. as a result, we can follow the story step by step, indeed, and we can also see the little map of Mitgardia at the top of each thread with the signal beacons lighting up one after the other (which I think is kind of cool ). EDIT: some threads were, however, posted at a later date, so sometimes the map in a newer thread shows less beacons than the former one unfortunately, some parts are missing and most importantly, I couldn't find the end! I figured I'd post everything out there anyways, in case some gentle souls ever feel like adding up and complete it. @admins - feel free to move/add/cut/pin/whatever-you-see-fit to make it easy to access to (new) members or so. psssst - in case someone had already done all this and I was so dumb not to realise, do let me know, but please be nice! The Algus Saga: Frozen Beyond Contest
  2. My entry for Category A of the Frozen Beyond contest. There's a full interior in the manor, via pull out rooms: dining hall, armory, storage room, barracks and bedroom. The doors and trapdoor are functional. Sir Glorfindel and a group of valiant Mitgardian warriors have been serving as a task force to help defeat the Algus from destroying more Mitgardian lands and homes. Lord Thandril had let them use his Manor as one of their bases, but now even that is under attack from the frozen invaders: See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking, I still have another build or two to come this month, including a biggy
  3. The residents of Hardhearth, a once proud and independent Mitgardian village, have taken to their boats in flight! They flee in terror down the riverways south of Nordheim, hoping to outrun the Algus menace that has descended upon them. The escape is haphazard and rushed, with little room on the boats for even those who make it. Some swim after them, hoping desperately to get away. Others grit their teeth and do what they must, to save the lives of friends, neighbours, and comrades stricken by the curse of the Algus. And the scourge? They stand resolute, watching, a haunting reminder of an evil moving ever southward. One of their leaders, the Horned King, personally bears witness to the flight of the Hardhearth folk. His lieutenants and berserkers and cryomancers leer at the humans beneath their forest of icy blades and pikes. Only a lone goodwife, armed with a bow, summons the nerve to look back at them what drove her and hers from their homes. Her hands shake with what she tells herself is merely the unnatural cold, but her gaze does not waver.
  4. Many sinister rumors had been heard throughout Mitgardia, concerning a new foe from the North, but there were few reliable reports of what exactly was happening. Official messengers had been dispatched to various cities and villages across Mitgardia to inform them of the little that was known for sure: strange white warriors were attacking, and Mitgardia would need to stand united to withstand them. A new fortress, Rekkrfell, was being constructed as a bastion against the frozen folk, and all able Mitgardian warriors were called to rally to it. A messenger warns the watchmen at Nordheim's gate: Video showing construction: C&C welcome, it was good to build in Mitgardia again
  5. In the city of Bruns Fall - on the west coast of Mitgardia - Captain Samuel Marron was worried: Beacons had been lit. Something was going to happen, most likely something bad. He rushed to the roof of the New Watch to lit Bruns Falls' beacon. The weather had been mild so far with just a bit of snow. But Samuel had the feeling that a coldness would come in from the North. Maybe a coldness worse than ice and snow. He watched the fire burn and the smoke going up in the sky. Little did he know what would lie ahead. Developer's note: I have added Bruns Fall where I would like to see it on the map. That may not be the standard process for getting a new city but I have no idea what that process would be. And I realize that I don't know which font you are using. Feedback to process and font is welcome! In the "Captain Braunsfeld's part of the Algus Saga" you are here: Part 1 1) The Beacon of Bruns Fall 2) Defending the North 3) Southern Comfort 4) Help from a Nobleman 5) Two Minor Victories 6) Water does not stop them! 7) What's that coming over the hill? 8) Where the Rainbow Spell came from 9) AppleCalypse Now!