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  1. Previously Lasonar's Saga Episode 9 - Much Needed Water Fine water particles tickled Laesonar's nose as he stared at the waterfall flowing down the abyss below him. The ground underneath the riverbed had opened, creating a gorge that was swallowing up all of the water from the river. To Laesonar's left, after the gorge, the former riverbed, now completely dried up. To his right, at his side, Armin was adjusting his cloak on his shoulders. He turned towards Laesonar as the half-elf spoke to him. "So, master Paladin, why are we looking at this?" Armin wasn't too sure whether that question was ironic. "We wanted to investigate why the river stopped flowing into the lake, remember?" "Oh right. Right." The paladin smiled and huddled up in his cloak, observing the waterfall. "This is weird enough, as they told us. It really doesn't seem the result of a normal earthquake and..." He gave a start, as the half-elf at his side suddenly screamed. "You can come out of those bushes, old man, we know you're there!" Armin turned around and looked where his mate was looking. An old man, indeed, with a weird gaze, came out of some bushes, on the other side of the riverbed. The man looked fixedly at Laesonar, who stared back at him. Armin was confused. "Laesonar, what..." They kept looking at each other's eyes, intensely. Armin noticed and fell silent. After a while, the old man moved his arms and the ground trembled. The earth shook violently and Armin struggled to keep his balance as new soil surfaced, completely filling up the gorge where the water was disappearing into. In the blink of an eye, the river started to flow back into its original riverbed. The old man then turned on his feet and peacefully walked away. Rather perplexed, the two warriors watched him disappearing into the bushes. Armin looked at the half-elf, longing for an explanation. "He is an earth-bender." "A... what?" "Well, some sort of wizard, he said." "He said? When?!" "I heard his voice in my mind." "......" Armin was speechless. He wanted to ask whether... "Well that was easy enough, master Paladin. Let us return to Laelariel, shall we?" Laesonar moved and turned back. Still a little confused, Armin smiled, then joined him on the way home. Full build ---> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone ^^ I guess I went a bit ambitious here, as I wanted to portrait a very particular moment and I'm afraid one cannot quite get what's going on, unless they read the story.. Oh well, I wanted to build this for aaages! Let the water finally flow back to Laelariel and Lake Laendir! One thing I do regret, is that I wanted that river to be much bigger, to be consistent with the Avalonian map.. unfortunately that's the extent of my trans-clear 1x1 round as well as 1x2 plates.. I also wanted to try out this type of palette, which I initially chosed because I wanted to use light yellow in the river bed to simulate a sand - turned out, it didn't look that good on RB, so I took it off Finally, I wanted to try my hand for the first time at a snotted base, mixed with stud-up plates, on the right hand side - I'm kind of pleased with how it turned out, though I've got a long way to go. As for photography... oh well... No seriously, this is the first attempt at following @Basiliscus's advice, who is patiently baby-sitting me (luv ya mate!) - I started with lowering the ISO and found out I need better lamps, which will hopefully come in January. So that's the best I could get for now and it's still grainy when zooming in as well as a bit blurred here and there... BUT I promise I'm working on it! Actually, just to try and prove this to @Henjin_Quilones and for everyone else to have a laugh and/or go for a facepalm, I've decided to include a pic (spoiler below) of my upside-down room during the pics-taking phase All C&C most welcome as usual - thanks for reading!
  2. en_zoo

    Prelude: The Queen's Council

    Hahaha HQ, you've made my day, I swear! Another awesome interior from you, you're getting better and better! The addition of the orange glow on one side is the icing on the cake, well thought, well done All of the details are elegant, appropriate and well proportioned while the window side with that light is simply beautiful (are those trans tiles in the glass winow? ) and you've made good use of LJ's brick-with-rail-under-the-arch idea (or, at least, I personally saw it from him first). What I wondered at first sight and haven't found ano answer to yet, is those columns in RB - did you want them to be decorative, wooden ones? If so, it works on the door side, but doesn't convince me on the window one as in that position it looks like they're more load-bearing columns and it's hence strange for them to be wooden, what you say? (But maybe my memories of basic architecture from the school are just too blurry.. ) But let's talk about the story - I love that too! well written and with a nice flow despite the many dialogues Finally, I really like where this is going with the bread and circuses thing!!! There will be time for war later. So I wasn't lying, you've made my day
  3. en_zoo

    Murder at the Golden Flag Inn

    Ah, I've been waiting for this. And I'm not disappointed at all! On the contrary, awesome builds - love the light coming in on the 2nd one, while how exactly you managed to lighten the 1st one is a true mystery to me! My fav must be the 3rd one though, the dock, the colour of the houses.. it reminds me of my homeland, making Varlyrio all the more attractive for me, and I reckon you nailed the atmosphere (also, again, love the texture given by the tiles). Finally, I'm totally in love with the story really intriguing and well written; plus, we shall be seeing a few interesting places all over the island, sounds like - can't wait!
  4. really nice! I love the statue-fountain, the colours and especially the lore behind it. It's also nice to see one of your characters in action
  5. haha, nice shot ^^ love the floor texture and the decoration on the wall do fit the Kaliphinian style
  6. As I was back only recently, I missed all your builds with Fel, that's what I meant - I'll go explore your Fllickr ^
  7. Nice vignette here! And I can now see Fel (which I had missed before..) - awesome stuff, love the story going on. Uhm, I think that path might have looked better without the 2 bleys - only olive green and RB. <-- I was gonna comment on the path, but then realised you already got a better advisor there, so scratch that! One other thing is about the base - I often make the mistake of keeping it too regular, when it's supposed to be irregular - you might wanna look out too. Finally, your photography doesn't look bad to me at all, even though you mentioned your difficulties with it - I think you got a nice angle, plus it's clear and bright enough LOLOLOL
  8. Thank you, SK, glad you like it And yes, I suddently thought it wouldn't make much sense having those torches without marks on the wall - guess the result was a bit too 'squared' though Hey thanks, Mccoyed! It's very good to know I'm not the only one struggling with it, really --> thanks for the solidarity, it's much appreciated! Working on it too, let us win this challenge!
  9. en_zoo

    Fishery and Shrine at Prenmôr

    My my! nice job here, Grover I guess the rocky part could be a tad more regular and while I love the dark orange there, it looks a bit odd being so separate from both the rocks and the grass above. This being said, it's lovely to see the shrine scene expanded, plus very nice to know Prenmore is expanding too! You said it was a bit ambitious - it's good to be sometimes, so that we may push some borders a bit and be better prepared next time --> keep going!
  10. hehe nice job again ^^ the seabed looks a little cluttered, but who knows what lurks in those Varlyrian deep waters after all! Nice to see more lore about it - keep it coming!
  11. en_zoo

    Grevling Manor's Great Hall

    really nice! I love the texture on the walls (both, wooden and stone part) as well as on the floor, nice furniture and I particularly enjoy the figs here. Keep it coming!
  12. en_zoo

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    whoa a mini-challenge even! awesome! I wouldn't mind trying again and participate in the challenges this time (I've never managed to meet a deadline, as you might remember ), yet I really want 2 more builds/episodes to get my story to a decent point. Plus, I'll be at my parents for 2 weeks over xmas, which means no bricks.. Fingers crossed for January! Lovely initiative though, whatever the case
  13. en_zoo

    AoM: Inn Phase 1: Alehouse

    lovely design here, Ayrlego - my fav parts must be those wooden columns as well as the terrace has that gable on the right moved a little upwards before you took the pic or is it my eyes going funny? Nice touch with the 'chicken boxes'. Also, glad to hear you're also kind of establishing a style for your village (like myself, I mean). And hey, look! Winter is finally here! Good idea going for a light dusting, just to start with - I think you managed very well!
  14. lovely build! I'd personally leave the regular green in the landscape out and maybe I'd use some more goats, given that it's a phase 3 build. I particularly like the interior - it looks very Mitgardian (viking-style, in this case) - the big hall with central fire and the storage space are well thought and proportioned - well done!
  15. en_zoo

    Mitgardian Farmhouse

    uhhh classic-looking! me likes it! Really neat and precise. Awesome interior as usual (but.. I was expecting a snowy interior? ), love the chair in particular - which piece have you used for the seatback? Also, is that medium blue in the river?