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  1. en_zoo

    Viking Village

    Rally nice. The first pic reminds me a lot of the hall in the film Beowulf (not the series) - have you ever watched it? Also really like the rocks and the path leading to it
  2. en_zoo

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    hehe Hello (J.), seeing a lot of Italian language around in your guild lately.. As for your question, well it's been some very sad and messed up years. Now after the second relocation I've finally started opening up the boxes with my bricks, put my fav shields on my desk.. Who knows? I wouldn't mind tidying up a bit and try out my (long bought but still not used) see-through plastic drawers and see how the bricks fit in them. First things first
  3. en_zoo

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hello everyone! I thought I'd just pop in to say hi. Nice to see you guys are still around :)
  4. en_zoo

    AoM: Kervid's Mill

    Really nice! I wouldn't have thought those slopes work so well in this context, you proved me wrong. I might even copy... er... try something similar myself Can't wait to see the bigger layout!
  5. hahaha awesome! I love the concept of this particular rumor as well as how you put it into effect. The last 3 vignettes really made me laugh As for the tavern, I guess it could be a little taller, as a matter of proportions and you could try and make the roof eaves look a little smoother or simply more realistic (the roof normally overhangs), as a matter of my personal taste Really nice one overall, oh and 'Tipsy Owl' sounds very appropriate! On a side note, I'm curious to ask you if it was your intention to mention the topic of immigration, and the locals' reactions to it, as a reference to the current problematic situation in the EU (I know you're European like me) or if it's just coincidence? [not that the situation in the USA is much less problematic, for that matter, but still..] EDIT: On a second thought, I guess this isn't the right place to talk about politics... Let's just say, if you did make a reference to the real world, I do appreciate it, as I think it's always nice to bring important discussions about through builds in a peaceful, civil manner However, we can continue this conversation in PM or something.
  6. en_zoo

    Rice as Usual

    Really nice perspective here, together with the immersive shot I think the pink sky works pretty well, though it totally changes the atmosphere. I guess it depends on what you wanted to convey, which in turn makes me even more curious about what tomorrow will bring to our Guy o' the Wynd...
  7. en_zoo

    Map of Historica: Challenge III Prize

    Good one, Kai! Not an easy challenge indeed, but I think you managed quite well. I only wonder why Kali seems to be a bit more detailed than the others, but that might just be an impression...
  8. Really nice, Kahir! I think the means depicted to deal with the possible danger are very appropriated - as you said, simple people, simple methods. I do love all of the activity. Also, good to read some details about the territorial organisation of Deep Garden!
  9. Awesome job, Ex! I love the details between columns and roof and while the lighting steals the scene, what really excites me is reading yet one more time about Nocty during the war period!
  10. en_zoo

    Challenge III - Category B: Palisade

    Nice job, Grover! I guess the orange part is there to represent the rope? I like the ditch in front as well as the appropriate description of what happened and why. Overall, simple and effective
  11. en_zoo

    Prelude: What Lies in Store

    Late to the party, but great job here, RA! Overall I find the farm really neat and very convincing; I guess the terrain in the courtyard could be a bit more detailed, but I still love the overall structure and the appropriate separation between different areas of the farm. A mild palette with simple touches of colour I also always enjoy reading your stories and dialogs with the close-up shots. A very nice intro to the Challenge.
  12. en_zoo

    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    Yesss you're finally here! I'm glad! And it's great that you started with the next episode of your story! Your snow has definitely improved a lot and the same goes for the path. A nice castle too, this time. Awesome job man, keep it coming!
  13. yoyoyo good initiative here guys! Unfortunately I have to start packing my bricks instead of starting building (I have to move out for the month of June) But hey, good luck to everyone who's planning to participate! I'll be following as a spectator
  14. en_zoo

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Congrats @de Gothia and a big thanks to @Henjin_Quilones for organising. Also well done to all those who participated! The sun finally shines here and Berlin turns green again, which is why I tend to go out, forgetting my bricks.. I can't blame myself, really I'll be off my bricks for the whole of June and then again at some point in the summer, but curious to see the next challenge. Keep it on, Avalonians! May the dragon long fly!
  15. en_zoo

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    Hahahaha Well, as I mentioned, both builds were awesome and it took me ages to decide, then voted basing only on the character, which wasn't your creation in the final, so you're cool (at least for what regards me...) But yes, I know the feeling, against dG my entry got 0 votes too and the voters were many more! I told myself it's just dG's power and not my fault... so is it for you, my man! I do propose we have a few pints together and we can complain with each other and discuss how wrong the world is. As for the number of participants, I was expectig more myself, but let's look at the bright side: now the other Guilds can't say we keep winning the challenges just because we have the numbers!