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  1. Bjarn-dar Keep

    wowow awesome job here, SK! the texture turned out fantastic and so did the round tower also really that type of detailing underneath the battlment - I'd never seen it before. finally, LJ's arches are super cool! oh wait, and the small bear in the interior lol xD
  2. Laesonar 6 - Laelariel [Part 1]

    It does make me feel beeter, HQ - thanks I actually had in mind to add the figs and yet I discarded the idea for some reasons... Thanks Titus. Glad you like the clouds, it was the part I anjoyed the most myself ^^ Thanks Maestro, it's a relief to read your words good that you're intrigued, I do have plans.. Really glad to hear, SK ^^ And yes, I've found out the hard way how tricky they are
  3. The Hidden City of Gondolin

    my my.. this is beautiful! there's nothing I don't like about it, yet the stairs steal the scene - impressive newbie question: tho others have mentioned 'non-square' elements - what are they referring to exactly? as for the colours, I se that your experiment with dark blue + white turned out wonderfully! speaking of which, see my comment in your Katoren Monastery post? scratch that. here I have my lesson on dark blue: I need to use more of it
  4. GoH Characters on Mecabricks

    hey I've somehow missed this, Umbra. Feel free to go for Laesonar, if you like ^ here:
  5. The Small Council Chamber of Khadira

    as you said, it's simple, yet I find that it works very well to set up your story, which in turn starts with being pretty intriguing. I second Titus about the bookshelves
  6. Barnaby's Escapade

    really nice, Garm. awesome water and funny story
  7. Katoren Monastery

    lovely architecture, details and path I'm not sure about the dark blue, though. I see that others have said that it catsches the eye, but I had to look closer to notice it. It might just be my eyes (oh man..), but this is something I'm trying to work on - I love dark blue and planning to use it a lot, yet in the pics it never really 'shines'.. Do you think is simply due to the pics or is it actually me? x)
  8. Life in Mid-River

    very nice shot, Legofin. I've had a hard time photographing my 'immersive' scene too, but I reckon ur result is much better than mine Also love that house on the left
  9. Book II Challenge V Voting

    1 - Henjin_Quilones 2 - TitusV 3 - Captain Braunsfeld
  10. I think you're too hard on yourself, Titus. I've really enjoyed your build, especially the sequences with all the activities going on. As for the texture, if you mean the one on the wall, that's exctly how I like it. If you mean the one on the gorund, then yes, as you say, it's just a little I quite like it averall and I'm quite impressed you managed in 12 hours!
  11. Ep. 5 Laesonar Episode 6 Laelariel [Part 1] " … I've been looking for an order of knights of which I used to be... well... a member of and from which I got... well... separated. This bear heraldry is unmistakably theirs. Their major temple was empty when I got there and I later found out that those bandits had stolen everything from it. I gave in to rage and attacked them mindlessly. Pretty much as you did, Laesonar. Only, my adventure didn't end so well." Laesonar seemed distracted. The trees around were slowly turning smaller and the undergrowth younger. "… Laesonar?" "Yes. Sorry, Armin. I've been listening." "Is everything ok? You've been quiet for a while." "Sorry. I was initially focusing on this guy who's following us, but now I can smell something..." Krisly gave a start: "What? We're being followed?! Why didn't you tell us? How many are there?" She grabbed her bow, quickly reaching for an arrow. "You don't have to worry about it, it's just a kid." Armin was surprised: "What? Where? I haven't heard anything at all! And how can you tell it's just a boy?" "I can hear him clearly. He knows his steps, so he must be a local, yet he still has much to learn about the art of stealth. He's very young and keeps his distance – I say he's no threat." "Wow... Ok well, so why are you so concerned, master half-elf?" "I can smell something. Something... bad." Helga reached for her axe while approaching Armin. "What is it, Laesonar? Armin, can you smell anything?" "Actually, now that he mentions it, there is something of a stuffiness in the air..." "It's not just stuffiness, master paladin. Something is foul here. It's like something has been rotting for a while, something big." Elysande was worried now. "Wh... what? You mean like a dead beast or something?" "I'm afraid not, Ely, it's much bigger than that. I fear something really wrong has been going on here. Something really unnatural." That last word echoed in everyone's mind, placing a dark cloud over the once-happy little crowd. Laesonar noticed. "At least we're soon going to find out. The smell gets stronger at every step." Armin was impressed and confused at the same time "This man... How can his senses be so sharp? How many other things am I going to find out about him?" "… You're quite the unusual one, Laesonar, do you know that?" "As a matter of fact, I do. But I can never say that, else everyone thinks that I'm vain." Everyone smiled slightly. "If anything, I've managed to defuse the situation a bit.." thought Armin, while striding through the undergrowth. The forest was thinning out and the trees were slowly giving place to bushes when the little group could glimpse the border of the forest. Now they could all clearly detect that smell, getting stronger at every step, together with their anxiety. Unable to wait any longer, they all ran to get beyond the last trees, where a meadow opened up in front of them – in the distance, a small city rising up right next to... a huge hole in the ground. Gobsmacked, they all stared down the hill. Unsure at first, they started to understand. Helga dropped her axe, Krisly fell to her knees, unable to believe her eyes: "That... that's Laelariel! How is this possible?!" A shiver went down Armin's back. Laesonar's words echoed in his head "Something wrong and really unnatural". He swallowed heavily, then finally spoke up: "Holy Emptiness! What on earth happened to this lake??!" ---------------------------------- What can I say, guys? I'm not quite sure whether I'm happy with the result, actually. I guess the Summer Joust made me go a bit ambitious The perspective has been my worst enemy here, this was a great challenge. The lack of pieces didn't help, in particular I ran out of green cheese for the trees. This again made me fight with the perspective as the trees at the left were supposed to be closer and hence bigger than the ones at the back.. As for photography, I've taken a million shots and was never happy. At the end I surrendered to this one. I've got only this one, as the MOC was literally built around it and it was hence impossible to go for another angle - only a centimeter off and the scene wouldn't have been 'immersive' anymore. There had been another, slightly bigger, shot possible, hadn't I run out of medium blue too.. Anyway, I've enjoyed tried my hand at this kind of macro-micro-scale. I already had the idea of the empty lake and the Summer Joust provided the right occasion, at the right time, with the 'immersive scene' category. There are more critiques to make - I'll leave them to you guys I'm open to suggestion on how to improve the perspective. Hope you enjoy the finally-short episode too Thanks for reading ^^
  12. Laesonar 5 - Healing Wounds

    I've almost missed your comment, LJ - thank you very much! ^
  13. Lyrviora Bridge

    This is awesome and I'm just speechless
  14. HSS: Sandboarding Queenscross

    lovely palette, lovely sand, awesome idea and use of those helmets. yet the fun happening behind the walls is just wicked
  15. Lovely vignette, Ex. and always good to read your story ^