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Found 5 results

  1. After a half year of work I present you this bus.The goal was to make as functional bus as possible with least amount of motors.The result is fully RC bus with openable doors, propulsions and steering using only 3 motors. The steering angle is really good. Steered by Large angular motorPropulsion uses XL-motorDoors work smoothly & flawlessly. They are powered by L-motorPowered by C+ hub.Lots of interion & exerior details. Building and programming instructions for $9.99: Video:
  2. Inspired by set 4885, (Spider-Man's Train Rescue) this four-car subway train features a removable roof on each car for access to the inside seating. The two black tiles on either end of the train are for the identification numbers / letters, such as the "A" train, or "01", for example. The studs just below the roof are for destination boards, on which you could put "LEGO", "CITY", or any other four (or less!) letter word as a destination for the train. The model is now motorized with power functions in the leads car, and each sections now has pantograph's on each unit which can be raised or lowered as desired. The front one also hides the RC receiver on the motorized unit, but this pantograph cannot be lowered, due to to being too close to the receiver to fully shut down. The four train car's roof sections are removable, and the train is supposed to be made up of two "set units" of four cars total, broken down into two groups of two. Each unit of two could operate individually of the other two if this were a real train, but they can not be broken down any further as they are supposed to be hard-coupled together. (As this is LEGO, however, you can do what you want!) The motor unit lacks seats, but features the battery box and receiver. The roof is removable for battery removal / replacement access. These three trailing cars have 18 seats total (six per car) facing in the relative direction of the "front" of the car. The roof sections are removable for easily placing mini-figures inside the cars. the LDD file is available at brick safe here. As usual, any and all comments, questions and complaints are welcome!
  3. The front part of this model was originally the blacksmith's shop part of set 70751, (Temple of Airjitzu) while the car was inspired by set 4728 (Escape from Privet Drive). I took the whole shop apart and added a swing-open back portion to the building, turning it into a house in the process. I added a similar yet sturdier styled roof, and a staircase to get to the upper floor. I then added interior details and a car that I had already obtained. Standing back for a second, I realized it looked a little like the cookie-cutter subdivision houses common in cities all over the USA after World War II, kinda like the one my grandmother used to live in. You could put a lot of these type of houses in a row, in all sorts of colors, and still make a typical late 1950's / early 1960's subdivision. Speaking of colors, you can change the medium blue to the following other colors: sand green, light bluish gray, black, dark red, blue, tan, dark bluish gray, red and yellow. The car is based on the one used in the movie "Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets". This updated LEGO version features an remade hood / grille area and comes with an opening trunk. The rear of the house. I am actually going to modify the roof a bit when built in real life, and continue the slope of the house instead of abruptly cutting it off. The inside features a stove, couch, upright piano and stool, side table, bed, and phonograph. The piano was thrown in there because I couldn't think of anything to put there but a table, (and I wanted to put a piano somewhere in my town) and the large-cone-style phonograph probably is a little out-of-date for the 1960's. This is my updated version of the car in set 4728, (Escape from Privet Drive). That car is based on the one used in the movie "Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets". In real life, this car type was built from 1959 - 1968 and was designed by the Ford Motor Company for use in the UK. The engine was a straight in-line four cylinder, and the body came in 2 door saloon, 3 door estate & 2 door panel van. (I think the LEGO version is the 2 door saloon) The rear of the car features a opening trunk and a license plate. Here is the owner of the house and car: me! (This mini-figure is NOT in the LDD file!) The LDD file for the house and car is available here: http://www.mocpages....1445877553m.lxf EDIT 1/11/16: (Version Two) Since the last time I uploaded this model on October 26th of 2015, I recolored the house to tan and redid the second floor. It also has a newer roof, with a larger front awning over the porch area. I did remove the upright piano and it's stool from the inside. These two items were replaced with a small kitchen table and chair. The rear of the house. The roof back here was modified as well. The inside features a stove, couch, kitchen table, and chair, side table, bed, and vintage phonograph. One again, the cone on the phonograph is a little out of date for the 1960's... Sorry! Here is the new LDD file for both the car and house: http://www.moc-pages...1452548291m.lxf
  4. Having recently taken inspiration from SearchFunction's 'Living Small' builds, I have finally gotten around to finishing this MOC. It has been rebuilt a few times, reducing the size to try and get the scale right. I would be more happy with more detail on the interior but I am signing this off as finished, so I can move on to my next project. I present to you a Bungalow with Dormer. Currently resided in by Dave the Flower Cart seller. This building comprises of an enterance hall with stairs to the first floor. On the gorund floor, a spacious and well equipt kitchen leads you to the light and very large 'lounge diner', complete with french doors to the garden, bay window to the front, fireplace and an inviting bay window seat. Upstairs we have the large master suite, which has its own sizeable ensuite bathroom. It took me ages to get the roof to sit correctly. It is largely based on SearchFunctions plate design, however i have added some 2x2 tiles to try and get that slate roof effect. I did have skylights in one version of the second floor but it didnt give me much room to work with so I went with the dormers instead. Planning out the top floor was very tricky due to where the stairs came up and not eating into the bedroom too much with unnessecary walls and corridors. With regards to the large amount of Tan... this is what happens when you buy the Tower Bridge as your first set for building mocs with. Hey ho, it doesnt look too bad, Struggled with detailing the exterior, hopefully the next one will be better right? There are more pictures on my Flickr account. C&C always welcome and thats again to SearchFunction for the inspiration. LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr
  5. alexb420

    [MOC, WIP] Suburban Home

    Hello all. This is my first "real" post here on EB. A few days ago I started something a little out of the ordinary for me. For months I've been trying to model the American Suburban home. Always unsuccessfully for one main reason. Lack of parts... So I finally decided to have a go in LDD. Here are some pictures of what it looks like so far: Suburban home 1st floor WIP (1) by alexb420, on Flickr Suburban home 1st floor WIP (2) by alexb420, on Flickr Suburban home 1st floor WIP (3) by alexb420, on Flickr I'm running out of materials for flooring. What are some other flooring options? Feedback and constructive criticism is much appreciated!