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  1. Thank-you so much thats very kind of you!
  2. Hello again! Yes maybe that is a good idea, i messaged him a few days ago and he said he was very busy and needed more time... so i was leaving it as to not annoy him with questions!! Do you think he might try to buy this from me? He didn't seem too interested but maybe it is just because hes very busy! Thanks again!
  3. Wow thank you for that! you seem to know alot about this item!! I might be interested in selling it in the near future but at the moment i just have it on display! :)
  4. Thank you all for the replies! The stamp is approximately 3" x 4" and is a metal stamp attached to a wooden block but i am unsure whether this is its original back? Phrea, i cannot follow your link unfortunately, what is the guys name you are referring to? I have spoken to another person from Germany who has 2 other similar stamps but he has not had the time yet to look at my photograph etc so i was looking to see what other people knew about it! I've had a number of different LEGO official memorabilia in the past including the 16" tall LEGO minifigure and a sterling silver pendant! I'm very interested to learn more about this item and also what sort of value it would have! Thanks all once again and i look forward to hearing what more people know about it!! Cristina.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum so not sure if i am posting this in the correct place! I have recently become the new owner of this cool official LEGO item - and i would love to find out more information about, what its worth and how many of them are about! I've only seen 3 others like this (on another forum on brickpicker) but i'm struggling to find anymore information about it! The stamp reads "more excitement from lego" and i have been told it is an ink stamp for a 140 set model (model #4)... Here is a photograph of my stamp - i tried to upload but the file was too big but hopefully this link will work :) I look forward to hearing any comments or advice about this item! Thanks, Cristina.