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  1. RedBrick1

    Some Basic Layout Questions

    Thank you! Once I get my table built that is probably what I will end up doing. I am excited to jump back into this again.
  2. RedBrick1

    Some Basic Layout Questions

    Thank you for the suggestion. Trying to match the color as close as possible. I saw a photo once of a layout where they were able to match the color exactly. Kind of OCD about that, so I’ll head down to the fabric store and take a look. Which baseplate alternative did you use? The studs being too wide isn’t too big of a deal for me, as I’ll probably use those simply to fill space.
  3. RedBrick1

    Some Basic Layout Questions

    After a long hiatus, I am jumping back into the world of LEGO Trains. In doing so, I have a couple of questions. (They may seem a bit basic, but it has been a while...) I am wanting to lay some a layer of felt or cloth on my train table that matches the classic green baseplates. Has anyone been able to find a good color match? Baseplates. I just don't have enough. Although I am still trying to scrounge up genuine LEGO baseplates, are there any other alternatives? (I can't believe I'm asking this, but the discontinuation of the classic green baseplates has got me a bit desperate.) Thank you!
  4. RedBrick1

    EXPANSE | A LEGO Brickfilm

    Sorry the late response, glad you like it! I use Sony Vegas to edit and a C910 webcam.
  5. RedBrick1

    EXPANSE | A LEGO Brickfilm

    Thanks! Thanks for watching! I was actually able to get away with using only one lamp. This also helped create some dramatic shadows.
  6. RedBrick1

    EXPANSE | A LEGO Brickfilm

    Almost over 1,000 views! Thanks everyone!
  7. RedBrick1

    EXPANSE | A LEGO Brickfilm

    Thank you, used one lamp to get some dramatic shadows. Does anyone know if they still index films? Thought that was cool.
  8. RedBrick1

    EXPANSE | A LEGO Brickfilm

    Thank you! I hadn't uploaded a brickfilm in about two years, so I am glad that it turned out well.
  9. Take a journey to the edge. Find out what lies in the darkness of the EXPANSE. Would appreciate your feedback!
  10. Thanks for posting, nice to know a bit of the history behind the set.
  11. RedBrick1

    Tales of a Guard: ARROWS IN THE KNEE

    Bump! I am beginning work on a new brickfilm and was wondering if anyone had any feedback on how my animation could improve? Thanks.
  12. In a far away land, a guard tells the tale, of how he went from a rip roaring adventurer to a sweetroll protecting guard.
  13. RedBrick1

    MOC: The General

    Beautiful work! A true masterpiece, you really did an amazing job.