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  1. [MOC] Passenger Airplane (Jetliner)

    Wow, nice idea and build so far! I like it a lot, and the mean (almost evil) look of the cockpit is just fascinating (I'm not sure if it's an effect from the photos only)! Or it is indeed a passenger plane, only that it is using future technology with monitors inside instead of windows, for lighter/stronger fuselage. So we don't see any windows from outside...
  2. Holy grail: Got most of the sets I want already, but I think Control Center 1 and 8448 in good condition are the ones. Dream: A universal set with advanced mechanical models. Not anything wrong with vehicles, I know the Technic slogan "Technic as in reality", but it would be nice with sets like mechanical computers, clocks, other fascinating/complex contraptions, that really push the limits of what is possible in Technic. My work is related to programming, and I find it relaxing to play with something physical like Lego, and find solutions to problems in a mechanical way in stead of simple algorithms in a computer program. Saying that, Mindstorms is a great toy too, even it involves programming. Regrets: Not buying the 8043 from the store before it was discontinued. I now own a secondhand set I had to pay a lot to get.
  3. I think you are right, and I agree: Dark azure goes well with a lot of colors/combinations. Besides 42070, Lego Boost (17101) is IMO an excellent example. It also seem to me to be more gender neutral than some other blue colors. I mean, it can easily be used in both Friends and City sets, for example.
  4. Thanks a lot again for an excellent review, Sariel! 42069 indeed appears to be a great set, both for parts (priced reasonably) and with two solid models. I will have to get 2 sets!
  5. Yeah, that's the oldest trick in the book. However, I am going to get this set. Primarily for the parts (tires and dark azure parts), but also because I think it is a good model. If not thinking price, the main cons with the model IMO is lack of suspension and diff lock. The unfinished look doesn't bother me. IMO a great model for modding, and a lot of fun together with my son. Besides, I just bought the Lego Boost set, and I really like the combination of dark azure, orange and white used in this set. So, looking forward to get some more dark azure Technic parts.
  6. Thanks for a good, and after all, objective review! The B model appears to me to be more like a bad joke! However, I like the A model, with a lot of MOD potential, so I am probably going to get it anyway, despite the price (there is a norwegian site selling it for apx. 200 euro). That set is really great, and the models are simply amazing! The helicopter is IMO one of the best official Technic models ever, and the T. Rex is magic!
  7. I can't see that this is the reason. According to rebrickable.com, the B model uses same amount or less of these axles (5L-8L).
  8. I don't think it is a robot failure, in fact I think it was intentional from TLG's side. I also had the same axles remaining after building it, and rebrickable.com also states the same spare parts. The reason for it, I am not sure of. The B-model did not use these spare axles either (if I remember correctly), so that's not the explanation.
  9. Hoping you're soon back in business again!
  10. OD-CX

    Hehe, a really nice build Like others here, my first thought was the hailfire droid. Escpecially like the gripper arm coming out, and also the way you use the clamshell buckets as fairings around the BB
  11. Have you tried lekekassen.no? 42070 for 1948 NOK. I have used them many times, good experience so far.
  12. Thanks for an excellent review Jim! So far I am not able to make a clear go/not go opinion on 42070. However, I think, like most of you guys it's overpriced. On the other hand, it's quite functional. Yeah, I know, some parts appear unfinished. One of the things I really like with this model, is the overall appearance/main design. In short: Main pros.: Good design, good functions, Main con: Price.
  13. Thanks for an outstanding (as always) review Jim! Together with the review of Sariel, I'm totally convinced! Question now is whether to get 1 or 2 sets... IMO, the Unimog tires with yellow rims and black pulleys have the right balance between design and bad-***-factor. Thanks for these pictures! BTW, is there an auto correct function on EB, that translates "alpha-sierra-sierra" into "megablocks"?
  14. Test Poll 2

    Works for me, Chrome on Win10.