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  1. kolbjha

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    If I remember correctly: - For 2016 1H, the first pictures were available around October 10, 2015 - For 2017 1H, the first pictures were available around September 25, 2016
  2. Hehe, i guess you are right. My point is more or or less the slogan of allanp: "Even the best can be made better, but most important is to be excellent to each other and party on dudes!!!!!!"
  3. IMHO this is all out of proportions. If I post a MOC (which I haven't done so fare, but hopefully soon...), I would appreciate honest feedback, whether it is "Wow, amazing...", or "you really need to work on...". EB is in my opinion one of the most civilized sites there is, and I hope it stays that way. I think attacking Sariel's opinion in this is way over the top. It his is opinion that the MOC is out of proportions compared to the real thing. From my perspective it is hard to disagree. Saying that, its still a great MOC in my opinion. Please ladies and gents, lets take the comments for what they are, and appreciate them.
  4. kolbjha

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    A few weeks ago I got an 8466, including box and BI, for around €22. The condition overall was good, except some engine parts missing (the trans clear cylinders and yellow pistions) and the box is a little damaged. In the same box, it was some lego from other sets as well (ao. most of the parts for 8417, but not the wheels + tires :(). I would have been really happy with only the PP sized wheels + tires and shocks for that prize.
  5. kolbjha

    Lets talk color vomit

    According to BL, there is also one of them in 10253 Big Ben (still not retired), but the price... Unless you want to get the Big Ben anyway.
  6. kolbjha

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I see what you mean. Perhaps the U-joint is close to the diff. and then a CV-joint on the wheel hub. The axle can slide on the CV-joint, and the closer the U-joint is to the diff, the less effect from wheel movement up and down.
  7. kolbjha

    [REVIEW] 42078: Mack Anthem

    Thanks for an excellent review! I especially appreciate the images with animation
  8. kolbjha

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    I have been thinking about something similar. That would be truly awesome!
  9. kolbjha

    42080 Forest Harvester

    I was thinking the same when I saw it. I can not see other reason for these symbols.
  10. kolbjha

    LEGO Soap Bubbles Generator

    Very creative, love it! I would guess it's because of the high speed of the old 9V motor.
  11. kolbjha

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    308 EUR for 42078 in India?!! Sorry for being a bit off topic, but unless the reason is high taxes/import toll for Lego in India, it sounds like a unused business potential.
  12. I would love #1 (gliding) and #3 (explosion), but I have to admit that I think what happened was #2 (thrown), possibly with a few loose parts.
  13. Thanks for great reviews, as always!
  14. It's really a great pleasure to follow this topic! A fantastic model, and to see how it's further developed together with other EB members is just great! I'm really looking forward to build this one. Thanks to all of you involved