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  1. Have you checked out this?
  2. The boxes look good too, 8479 sealed alone goes for more than $500 on BL.
  3. Check out what Blakbird wrote in his Technicopedia: http://www.technicopedia.com/8417.html Also, according to Bricklink, these two sets have the same part count. Probably they are the same set.
  4. Not a big limitation IMO, if the definition of "vehicle" for this competion is the same as Wikipedia's. As I understand it, a vehicle is basically anything that can move and transport something, so anything from submarines to spacecrafts... (sounds like 8480 )
  5. Nice idea for a topic, and good ideas so far! I think it's good that you credit others when relevant, both being fair and also gives an insight to how your designs evolved. I really like your two-way to one-way rotation solution, very simple and compact, yet effective! I have already tested it, and it works very well. Already have an idea for use Keep up your good work
  6. Yes, I think it's natural to use these tyres now that they are available.
  7. We are actually 4 days behind schedule... Last year the discussion topic was started September 12. I wonder if 42137 will be similar to 8069 when it comes to size and functions. It has more parts than 8069, but I have the impression that recent sets have higher part count than comparable studless sets from the past. Perhaps we will see the return of the big bucket (32030), I think 8069 actually was the last set it appeared in.
  8. Yeah, cranks are easier to turn fast. On the other hand (), you will often need an extra hand to stabilize the model when turning the crank. That is not necessary when turning a knob.
  9. Actually, if I'm not wrong, both you and @Samolot share the position as public vote winners, both of you with 137 points when votes from the two members with less than 50 posts are taken off.
  10. Nice choice of set and a good start. Live rear axle seems like a natural improvement. The real star of this set is IMO the front suspension with the anti-sway bar, and I hope to see similar in your build Good luck, I'm curious to see how this develop