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  1. If it is to be a supercar then I agree, the Chiron would be great. Either that or an aventador. Those are my two favourite.
  2. Only used sandpaper once because of a crank piece in an engine being a tad too long causing it to not run freely. Axles should have lots of room though, but I do look for bent axles, these will slow down complex gear trains easily. I still think the main thing causing jerkyness with the bwe is the fact that the teeth on the quarter gear rack pieces don't seem to align properly where they join, they look to be too far apart making it hard for the little 12t bevel gear to mesh properly. That and also the design putting a lot of torque through very long plastic axles. The gearing down should have been done closer to the bucket wheel itself.
  3. I think the bwe ring gear is visible, but it's not certain.
  4. Whatever it is, I hope it's 4wd with selectable drive modes such as 2wd/4wd/diff lock and so on to add some mechanical technicery (I made a new word, not as good as technofunctionomical though!) in a nice dark tasteful colour, NOT ORANGE OR PURPLE lol, plus all the new parts I've already mentioned many times! BTW, would a box that's longer than 42056 indicate the need to display a model that has a longer wheelbase such as the examples posted above?!
  5. 42042 came with an extra boom section and was shown on the box lifting that and I seem to recall that set having a pretty decent lifting capacity so I guess it was designed to lift that reliably. 42009 on the other hand didn't come with anything to lift, and it's lifting capacity is pretty poor. So I guess if a set comes with something to lift, like the large wall pieces that come with 42082, then it must be designed to reliably lift it, with some capacity to spare to make up for manufacturing tolerances and the end users inability to build their set properly! So I would guess yes, it can lift the first responder.
  6. It's not unusual, in fact it's normal to release a new part in only one set as they will surely use it again in the years to come.
  7. And there is the conflict. On one hand they said said it would be the first in a series, but a series of what? Sets aimed squarely at AFOLs? Supercars? IP cars or vehicles of any sort? But they also said in that interview regarding regular technic sets that they didn't want to release 2 similar things within only a couple years of each other, and having 2 1:8 scale supercars so close, perhaps even on shelves at the same time would be weird. Oh the anticipation!!! Hey, if anyone from TLG is reading this, ide be happy to have a look at it and give you an AFOLs perspective. Yes? No? @Cumulonimbus that's a very good point.
  8. 16+, collectors item, complex, the one set released so far was a supercar, none of these point to 42083 being a supercar, or any car. But the fact that the box is blank suggests it's based on an existing IP. I have a feeling it will be a car of some kind but really we have no evidence to support that yet.
  9. 42056 and 42083 are pretty much the same except the length of 42083 is 9 CMs longer. Though the box for 42056, although very nice, was smaller than I expected given the piece count and size of the finished model. And 42082 really doesn't look big enough to need a BWE sized box. It looks to me to be the same as 42009 except with the front half of the undercarriage missing and simpler stabilisers.
  10. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hopefully there will be a rollercoaster that has lift hill, inversions, station, lots of track and nothing else (no pirate theming, no mountain etc) so that the whole budget can go towards the coaster itself.
  11. Ide say that was most likely. I'm guessing it's gonna sell very well to younger Lego fans so it might be a proprietary controllable brick with an inbuilt steering front axle designed just for this set, but with the possibility of being used again in later sets. It almost looks too small for a boost brick.
  12. I guess for me it comes down to weather or not the batmobile is built from separate components or on a single prebuilt block, like the RC cars released 1996.
  13. IR requires a visible notch so that the receiver can see the IR signal. So wouldn't the lack thereof actually confirm that these trains are NOT IR controlled?
  14. I can also see little nubs on the studs which would be a tactile thing to help rotate them and to help see what position they are in, if that's the case then it's not relative speed control like the current speed controllers (where rotating the knob one click will hopefully increase the speed one click), but absolute speed control (where setting it to speed X will make the thing move at speed X).
  15. Hmmmm, looking again now I'm not so sure about the dog bones, could be just the 3x5 ones. But i'm quite confident it's not a 1x2 brick on the train box. In terms of the power functions shown on the technic boxes, we've seen before how they can change, they are just place holders and could be entirely different.