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    Lego (obviously), writing/recording/performing music, computer graphics/3D modeling, amature movie making (more FX the better!), precious few aspects of my job as as a mechanical/electrical engineer.


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  1. Very true. Plus not many toys are turning children into the engineers that will help the planet.
  2. I think the concern from plastics is the single use plastics (disposable straws, disposable cutlery, plastic bags and so on) as they usually end up in landfill or the ocean. I don't regard Lego as being single use.
  3. For the recent Mars eurobricks Technic competition I had this idea for a worm like robot that could be sent to Mars. The fake story/concept is that it would be able to just dig and dig and dig and just keep going and eventually find liquid water under the surface. Because the pressure would be high underground all that water would be jetted out of the hole dug by the mechanical worm generating a new atmosphere over thousands of years and we would then make it a second Earth. But it didn't get beyond an idea. Is that more of the kind of idea or discussion you was after? But instead of colonising other planets, using our combined engineering minds and imaginations to come up with radical machines and concepts that would help improve this planet?
  4. allanp

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    That is interesting. Remember that the term "backhoe" is a shortening of the full name of backhoe loader. The backhoe is referring to the rear digging arm and the loader is the large front shovel. Doing a google search for loader reveals nothing but 42030 type machines and I think it's highly unlikely that we'll get a flagship one of those so soon after 42030. So is this more evidence towards a backhoe or am I just dreaming?! A Lamborghini is also very interesting if true. Of all the supercars and hypercars I think a Lambo is the one that most looks like a supercar, which might actually be because of 8880! I am also really hoping that "air" is a new, big-ish helicopter with proper cyclic/collective controls and so on. This could be a VERY exciting 2nd half! But as always at this time of year, let not too high expectations ruin our experience of reality!
  5. As much as I disagree with many of your points I am still grateful to be able to read a considered response, but I won't be turning this topic into the comments section of youtube! So with much respect we shall agree to disagree.
  6. Warning, long environmental, not very Lego related post ahead! Well I do agree that climate change is an important issue, and if the chance of future climate catastrophe is only small, that's still enough to do something about it, why take the chance on such devastating consequences. But where I disagree with many of the green activists is pretty much everything else, such as who is to blame and what to do about it and so on. For as long as Earth has had a climate there has been climate change. The climate is a dynamic thing and looking at long term numbers (overs millions of years) we have actually been very lucky to have had a few thousand years of climate stability. No real hot regions (the climate was hotter when we had dinosaurs) and no ice ages. If we get climate change now, is it really a surprise? Is it mans fault? And does that even matter? To me what matters is what we can do about it. To me the biggest, most important thing is to get everyone on board, and so far many green initiatives have done a pretty poor job of doing that IMHO. Take tax cuts for electric vehicles for example. New electric cars are pretty expensive and can only be afforded by the well off. But tax cuts aren't free, everyone else has to make up the difference by raising taxes across the board or cutting services. So now everyone, including the less well off masses pays to help more well off people buy a new electric car. Wealthy land owners get paid more government money to have wind turbines and fuel and energy prices increase for us less well off to pay for more wind turbines. All this giving to the rich by taking from the poor seems to be the norm when it comes to green initiatives. They now also have these clean air zones where they charge you money to drive into the city centre, so now only the well off can afford to work there. They are also talking about car sharing, so you wouldn't own your own car but you just hop into which ever one is free and drive off! That is surely not the way to get everyone on board the green electric band wagon. So I say, lets do this in a way that mutually beneficial to both the planet and our wallets. Get rid of tax incentives for electric cars and instead make electricity so abundant and cheap that people really want to go electric, forcing car manufactures into putting more research into better and cheaper battery tech, enabling us to continue to own our own cars with the range and freedom to go wherever we want, heat our homes with electricity rather than by burning natural gas while also reducing our energy bills. This I believe is best done right now by building more nuclear. It's green, one of the safest forms of energy (believe it or not!) and most importantly, both massively powerful and consistent. The problem with wind and solar is that you need backup energy sources when there's no wind or sun. Back up energy sources need to be able to come online quickly which limits you to those energy sources that burn fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal, etc). Which means wind and solar comes with those types of energy generation and all the problems and pollution that comes with them, and not many people seems to realise that. In the long term there is a lot of research being done into cold fusion tech (you know, that tech that gets enough energy to power a city from a glass of water type of thing). They have done it but on a very small scale and needs more power putting in than you get out but it is possible. Once they figure out how to make the reaction self sustaining they are pretty much there. All the benefits of nuclear power without the waste. It might take 50 years but which ever country cracks that will likely be the next biggest super power, so worth the investment? Pretty much yeah. So far I've only talked about electricity, but there's so much more, for example there is an Idea I first heard from Hugh Ross about incentivising those nations that boarder the Sahara desert into replanting it (shrinking it so to speak, maybe even getting rid of it entirely and creating one of the largest forests on Earth) in return for us helping to boost their economy. Again, this will take generations to do, but that just means we better get started! The thing is, I'm really quite annoyed with much of the current green movement (extinction rebellion, Greta and so on). They speak with a belief and perceived authority that to disagree with anything they say is to be an intellectually and morally inferior climate change denialist, and that we should be shamed into following everything they say. I'm sorry but such arrogance just doesn't work on most people. Just like blaming Trump for everything doesn't work either. Besides, you know those controlled burns that they used to have in Australia? Those are burns that are deliberate and are done to prevent the spread of wildfires. Well it was the green "experts" that banned those. Now the Australian wild fires have released an estimated 900 million tons of CO2, doubling Australia's CO2 output for the entire year. But what can Lego do? I'm not really sure. Their plastic bricks are as for from single use as you can get, their instructions and boxes are recyclable and sourced from forests that probably wouldn't exist if they wasn't planted to be cut down and used as paper in the first place, and the bags the bricks come in seem so insignificant, it's not like we see scenes of plastic pollution like shopping bags, plastic single use straws intermingled with millions of those little bags that Lego bricks come in. Maybe they could invest in relatively small very local green energy infrastructure projects like hydro power in return for not having any electricity bills for their production facilities. Or they could have green energy educational sets that really do educate children about all the positives and the negatives of various forms of green energy (remember the fact that wind and solar need fossil fuel back up) and nuclear should be included in that. Yes we can heal the world but we need to pull together. Just like the false dichotomy they tried to invent between science and faith, I don't see this happening when the climate agenda is held hostage by those so arrogant as to not accept, and even be offended by the very existence of an opposing point of view.
  7. allanp

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I wonder if the new valve for the harvester was just something they thought would be cool to release (which is cool!) or if they had a future model in mind for it, like they knew there would be a model that had to have a lot of valves so they released this new valve which can be stacked closer together. If the rumour of a backhoe is true it wouldn't surprise me if it was in development since 42080 was also in development as they are rather tricky to get right.
  8. allanp

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I think it's mostly a trade show for toy sellers, not journalists or the public. However most other toy manufacturers seem to enjoy the extra free publicity from the journalists that happen to be there. Lego is perhaps different in the fact that they don't really need the free publicity and may actually lose more by revealing their upcoming designs to counterfeiters. That's my thoughts from someone on the outside looking the wrong way!
  9. allanp

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I think the rumour was that air was a helicopter using wheel arches as a sort of cowling round the rear rotor. Of course time will tell.
  10. allanp

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Well most of the rumour was correct.
  11. allanp

    Grohl's Creations

    At the risk of derailing this topic into another argument about the lack of b-models (I really don't want to do that guys and gals), I just want to say that this is a nice way to still have b-models for those sets where it's deemed otherwise not economically viable or possible for whatever reason. Weather it's just for fun or not you deserve some little extra from TLG for adding extra value to their product. Truck looks aggressive and it's very nice to see some live axle suspension action 👍
  12. I didn't know bionicle was so important. Thanks for a rather interesting tidbit So it seems starwars doesn't even have saving Lego going for it . I've tried the peroxide thing, didn't get very good results but living in the UK you don't get many days of sun!
  13. Nice work. The structure of the legs kinda reminds me of a gazelle
  14. Well we're definitely the best . And is it just me or is starwars way too overrated?! Besides wasn't it thanks to starwars that Lego changed the grey colour to bley?! And isn't also thanks to starwars that the game of thrones writers wrapped up the show way too quickly (because they was offered a job writing starwars) thereby ruining a perfectly good show?! To be fair starwars probably also helped to save TLG from its low spot in the early 2000s so, that's good!
  15. Cool, thanks for the info 👍