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    Lego (obviously), writing/recording/performing music, computer graphics/3D modeling, amature movie making (more FX the better!), precious few aspects of my job as as a mechanical/electrical engineer.


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  1. The build for real question isn't that well stated, but I think it's basically asking, do you think that the technic models we offer feel "real" to you, as their "build for real" slogan would suggest. I answered no mostly because of how unrealistic all the mechanisms are, but the goofy choice of colours used for the mechanical internals doesn't help either.
  2. allanp

    Steering on a 6x6 design

    Front and rear would give you a tighter turn radius.
  3. Thanks @Jim and the Technic team for this . I have submitted my answers. I wonder if the timing of this poll has anything to do with another poll that might have happened here recently?! These were some good questions from TLG. For the technology question, I wasn't sure if they meant electronic only or mechanical technology also, so I put both. For non vehicles I also suggested a clock, like a Swiss cuckoo clock. But I wonder if such a thing would be better suited to creator. You could have all the same Technic mechanisms but with a more ornate outer case. Or maybe such ornateness could be done in Technic also? And the last question, about the build for real slogan and if I felt the current products reflect this, I had to put no. They might look authentic on the outside, and that's great, but that's only skin deep. As the builder I know how it is on the inside and it just doesn't feel "for real" most of the time.
  4. @ord you can exit the program? All I can do is swipe the program off the screen!
  5. Tip: RC Pneumatics Please excuse some of the sun yellowed pneumatic pipes BTW, I seem to have some issues with programs not being saved. Sometime I reopen the app to find that the code is still there but the controls have all gone, or sometimes the controls are there and the code as gone. Another issue is that I can't seem to be able to name the different programs. When I select to name a program the keyboard doesn't show up on my phone.
  6. 5: 10 2: 6 16: 4 10: 3 9: 2 3: 1 Excellent work everyone
  7. I think the only way to overcome this is when you get board of trying. Until then you might as well enjoy the process of continual improvement. Sometimes the "goal" of Lego isn't the end product but the journey of getting there.
  8. Oh wow, now 72 people have taken the time to answer the poll. That's a lot more than I expected. Thank you all so much!
  9. @Zerobricks haha yeah maybe. The poll indicates that people don't seem to mind the existence or idea of colour coding actually. Of the 44 that responded to the colour coding question, only 6 selected "colour coding if any kind is no good". The majority selected the two options that said colour coding looks too childish and garish. I think that's not necessarily a problem with colour coding being a thing, but the choice of colours used and how they are used. The Porsche could have the same amount of colour coding but if the colours chosen where less garish and childish looking, and if they didn't feel the need to differentiate left from right/ front from back, then I really do think there wouldn't be as many complaints about it. Maybe @XenoRad could clarify? @howitzer yeah, sorry about that. I posted it before it was ready by mistake . @Jim, is there a way to allow @howitzer to vote on questions he has yet to vote on? Regarding the logistics of parts management, wouldn't this lead to less colour coding as it's easier to manage fewer colours? In the Porsche there's the same part in two different colours to differentiate left from right if I'm not mistaken.
  10. @Bublehead yes of course younger children build all kinds of multicoloured things and don't really care that much. But I'm not sure we should apply the same reasoning to every set including those meant for adults/18+ @nerdsforprez Yes, the RC question wasn't intended to directly answer the multiple motors Vs single motor + multifunction gearbox debate. It was intended to see what people think of RC sets as a whole, and of course value is a big part of that. I would have added a second RC question to answer that more directly but was limited to 10 questions. I had many more than 10. I bet some are thinking "thank God he was limited to only 10 stupid questions!" . In terms of the Poll being representative, of course it's a bit of fun for us on this website. And by allowing all the frustrations out here maybe it will lessen the complaints in other threads. But as small as the sample size may be, I've not been asked any if these questions by TLG, have you? It maybe the biggest sample they have for all I know! And as Eurobricks is probably the largest AFOL community on the net they might not get a bigger one! Or maybe you're right and the sample size really is too small for them to care. I really don't know. But the number of people that responded to the poll is now 50 as I write this. That's like, almost 51!
  11. @Gray Gear yes but someone could technically argue that a set advertised as being for 18+ is not as advertised with all the colour coding, and is therefore a genuine complaint in their view. Someone could also argue that a function, though advertised as being present, was not ever actually advertised as working all that well, and is therefore just a preference in their view. Those aren't arguments I would necessarily agree with but now we're just arguing over word usage! A complaint is ultimately just a statement of disappoint in something (including too colourful, functions don't work), a preference is how you want something to be (less colour coding, functions to work). @nerdsforprez hmmmm, maybe. I don't think anyone is intentionally trying to shut down opposing views with the whole preference Vs complaint thing. At worst maybe it's some weird form of confirmation bias? I don't know. Remember that the poll also shows the vast majority would prefer RC sets to be more mechanically interesting (complex/realistic) to match their price point. So does that mean stating said preference for mechanically superior RC sets is now elevated to being a valid complaint?
  12. TBH I'm kinda lost on the whole preference Vs complaint thing. Aren't they just different words for what is essentially the same thing? I would prefer colour coding to be more tasteful and so I might complain that it's not tasteful. I would prefer the gearbox to work so I might complain when it doesn't work. It seems that if people happen to agree with any such statement then it's a valid complaint. But if they don't happen to agree with any such statement then it's just a preference and is therefore somehow less worthy of being said. Is it a sneaky way to shut down opinions not agreed with or am I missing something? BTW, with @grohl making so many designs for b-models I do regret not including an option to gauge the influence of that in the poll question regarding b-models. But it's too late to change it now many have voted already.
  13. In fairness to @TeamThrifty it could be that many share the same views. The data from the poll results so far is looking very interesting and seems to back that up. So it could be that we are seeing the same complaints but from multiple different people. But that's ok, everyone should be allowed to express their views.
  14. Thank you. Corrected Hmmmm, that's a good point. I get where you are coming from, but as votes have already been cast I probably shouldn't change the wording of it now.