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  1. I didn't realise there were 2 functions for the front blade and 1 for the rear as well, I thought it was only one function for the front. All the controls are centralised as well. Of course I'm waiting for bigger things but this is a great little Technic set.
  2. It's impressive that they got an excavator b model from a tiny dumper truck a model. Proper tracks on the snow groomer is also good. Overall a nice group of builds/gifts for the youngest builders, nothing for us or any older builders as is expected for the January wave. The Bugatti looks good for those interested in that scale of car. The new panels are mildly interesting but I'm much more interested in new functional elements.
  3. Quickly darting my eyes back and forth between your model and the real one, in terms of the look the cab only needs to be a stud taller perhaps, but you've definitely captured the "feel" of the real dumper, despite not having roughly triangular panels available from the main model to build the angled bucket. I guess if this was an official B model they would let you add a couple extra bricks for it, or make those pieces available in the main model, which I guess makes these alternate model challenges that bit more difficult.
  4. wouldn't regular angled axle connectors be strong enough? I guess they might sag or bend over time. Would 4*4 angled beam be good for the supports of the landing bars? The front legs won't have to be that strong but the rear ones will have most of the weight on them.
  5. I think a combination of the Claas tyres and Zetros tyres would be close enough for a JCB 3CX, or maybe 4 Claas tyres for a 4CX. I think a more needed element is a much better motor pump. For a typical flagship sized pneumatic MOC I'm always using about 8 motor pumps to get the desired performance. But isn't next years flagship going to be the delayed 2022 crane? As they have had an extra year to work on the 2023 flagship (and probably the 2024 flagship also as that would originally have been the 2023 flagship) then they should be good. I'd say a good backhoe, with it's immense potential and complexity, could do with an extra year of development anyway to get it right.
  6. That is a good point. I think a big printed/moulded arrow that is directly called out in the instructions would prevent mistakes, but it would have to be very clearly and obviously called out in the instructions in a big red square!
  7. Even real life hydraulics will lower over time. But one component I think is missing from pneumatics is a simple, in line one way valve. What happens is, when you raise the boom, then select another function but you still have the valve for the boom raise open, air can flow back out of that valve as the pressure in the whole system drops. You can prevent this by closing one valve before opening another, but a better way would be to have a one way valve on the input port of the valve to prevent air being able to exit from the inlet port.
  8. The title doesn't really match the content, it's click bait. Looks like a fun build though.
  9. The yellow creator pickup had suspension so it's not unheard of. Simple live axle suspension with steering is doable without drive.
  10. So, apparently there IS a classic defender coming it 2023, but no word on if it's Technic. It'll probably be in the same line as the Mustang, DB5 and VW campers I guess. But man I'd love for it to be Technic whenever the current technic defender retires.
  11. It's hard to say based on previous years as it changes year to year. It used to be that we would have seen the first half sets by now and the summer sets would leak just after Christmas. But leaks are getting less and less due to the counterfeiters. The first half sets could leak anytime between now and their release.
  12. Well here's another pie in the sky idea! What about 3x3 or 4x4 studs in size remote input modules. There could be a button module, a d-pad module, a proportional slider module, a 2 axis proportional joystick module, basically physical representations of the powered up inputs that you can click together to build your own remote. This would allow TLG to do a phased introduction of the physical remote (they wouldn't need to release all the different modules at once) and for the next first half smaller PU vehicle they include two proportional slider modules. For the next train they include an unsprung version of the slider and a toggle button module for the lights. Depending on how they communicate this would be as cheap, if not cheaper, than the already existing train remotes yes? And it would allow fans to build up their collection of modules to build anything from simple push button remotes all the way up to giant full size consoles that surround you with buttons and levers and foot pedals (that you build) and so on. Imagine controlling 42100 with a full sized replica of the real life excavators control interface built out of your own Lego collection! Again, I guess it's not possible for whatever reason but why would these simple remote modules be any less possible than the current train remote? It would allow for Lego to do a phased introduction to the physical remote and it would be future proof in the sense that, no matter what model they release, they (or we) will always be able to build a remote for it. It also feels like a very Lego like solution. They provide the elements and we can build it how we want.
  13. @kbalage gearboxes have it twice as bad. Not only do they look ugly, or perhaps I should say incorrect or inauthentic colour wise, but they are (and therefore look) incorrect mechanically. They are basically unrecognisable to the real thing. Maybe I wouldn't be so harsh on the colours if the form was far more accurate .....maybe! Having similarly sized gears called out in the instructions, with a red X over one and a green tick next to another (even better if they can mould the number of teeth onto the gear itself and just call that out in the instructions, like they do with numbered panels) would probably be much more foolproof than the brightest of colour coding, as it directs the builders attention more accurately than a bright piece in a sea of other bright pieces. Having higher numbered bags (less pieces to look through) would also help. I admit I wasn't aware of the example you sited with the dark grey and black gears being mixed up but we do see examples here where people have still made mistakes where the colour coding is much more obvious. We also see TLG gearboxes having numerous issues even when built correctly (not the designers fault but the limited parts they have to work with). So while I do sympathise with TLGs position and why they must make the building process as easy and foolproof as they can, I'm not convinced any amount of colour coding is as fool proof as our intuitions would lead us to believe, or that there isn't better alternatives to overly bright colour coding. There are also many builders that really do hate it, such as Jang bricks who is always complaining about the bright blue pins for example. But regardless if all that, thank you for the civil discussion. While we may disagree I do appreciate your efforts in laying out TLGs position (as well as you own) as fully and helpfully as possible. I hope my own opinions are seen as at least trying to be constructive as opposed to just whining!
  14. @kbalage while I still think a proper TLG controller with TLG smart device would be the absolute best solution, having the powered up app support already existing console controllers would be better than nothing and I agree that most of these controllers have enough inputs for all sets as well as 99% of mocs.
  15. Must ....resist.....urge to.....reply!!!! Ah screw it! I have seen some builds from counterfeit brands and they are all black. This does indeed look boring and not fun to build. I do fully agree with you there. However that doesn't mean I think Legos approach is right either, at least not for Technic. Surely there's a tasteful middle ground between the boring all black of the counterfeiters and TLGs ugly rainbow approach? This might not be as important for other themes but for Technic there is a complication that others themes don't really have. Many sets of other themes don't have internal novelties. When they do have internal novelties (such as seats inside a car or a table inside a house) then obviously those parts are made in colours that look right for those parts. You wouldn't colour the seats of ecto1 in bright and ugly colours "because they are on the inside" would you? Of course not. They are actually entirely black despite being on the inside of the car. Well, for a Technic set the inside mechanics, like a gearbox, is just as much of a detail as the seats of a car or the table of a building. The whole point of Technic is the internal novelties they have. The look of the Ferraris gearbox should be just as important as the look of its body work and the colour coding should reflect that.