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    Lego (obviously), writing/recording/performing music, computer graphics/3D modeling, amature movie making (more FX the better!), precious few aspects of my job as as a mechanical/electrical engineer.


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  1. 42080 Forest Harvester

    It does appear that the cab and crane arm can swivel/slew independently of the front half of the chassis. But I don't see any mechanism to drive it.
  2. I don't own any of the train wheels used for the rollers and have just noticed in the picture how thin their edges are. And if there is no "cage" piece that keeps them separated is there a possibility they could all migrate together, so at times their won't be any rollers to support the weight?
  3. To get it to the US they have to send it via big whopping boat. To get it to Germany they just have to throw it over the fence!
  4. I don't think a few kgs if pressure will cause too much damage or wear, not with how slow it will be moving. Obviously more would be better but probably overkill especially considering older turntables have no bearings at all and have a much smaller diameter which increases stress even more. I wonder if the rollers are mounted to anything to keep them spaced apart.
  5. Yes, and a pneumatic logic circuit (like 8868-b) would have made it somewhat autonomous.
  6. 42080 Forest Harvester

    The design imprinted into the side of those lovely new valves indicates, at least to me, proportional control of the air flow. Of course the old valves were proportional as well with a bit of skill, but they wasn't really designed to be. So I wonder if these new valves have been designed to be more proportional. Also like the steering arrangement and really like inclusion of on board motor driven pump. But I do very much dislike the colour vomit, it really does look deliberate, not to make it easier to build but to make it look nasty. Colour barf of the small pins and axles is bad enough, but colour barfing the whole thing?! Why do that to what is an otherwise perfect set?! I don't get that, but it's still a day one purchase for me and right now best set of 2018, and changing the colours to something more tasteful will be very easy as all the beams and panels come in many colours, unlike many other parts like pins, gears and axles.
  7. Looks like an ok little set. Appears to have an engine, I think that's a first for a technic forklift isn't it? Like the black 5x7 frame and dark blue parts also.
  8. I don't think this Ninjago digger is for me. Looks cool, I guess, but it looks too simple, like 42069 it appears lacking in mechanisms compared to its size, but at least the few mechanisms 42069 had were done well and fairly authentically with its multi link live axle suspension and Ackerman geometry, but the Volvo seems to have nothing realistic. I guess this is aimed at Ninjago fans who are now looking for a bigger challenge. Seriously this should have been a Ninjago set, add in a few minifigs, a spinning arm with a mace on the end and flick fire missiles to the drone and you're done.
  9. Grum's Shed

    You often wonder if your posts are interesting enough? Yes. Yes they definitely are. I've already built the BWE once but your review makes me want to build it again, your reviews always do that . I remember a good model and I remember that it's a good model. But simply remembering it's a good model is not the same as feeling the joy of the same model when you first see it and begin to learn about what makes it good. Your reviews don't make me remember the model, they make me remember the JOY of the model, that's why your reviews are among my favourites and inherently valuable to me as an AFOL. Looking forward to the next one
  10. New PF Remote

    You would think a train would have proportional speed control. I wonder how/if this is achieved.
  11. Grum's Shed

    Very well done Watching and reading your builds always makes me want to build the model in question. I built 8880 after reading your review now I want to build the BWE!
  12. What would you want from a new Lego monorail system?

    Being as a monorail is basically just a square section beam, the only parts Lego would have to release is a single curve piece. The straight sections would be a 2xN plate, brick, tile sandwich, creating a 2x2 cross section. Then the single new curved piece could be place on the end in any orientation, up, down, left, right, whatever, just by rotating it 90 degrees. Of course the trick is how to connect them. A longitudinal technic cross axle? The monorail would then grip the track either side using rubber wheels. I can totally see that for a Jurassic world set.
  13. Technic Pub

    Audio podcast is fine, if it's in English!
  14. On the top 6H selector there is only one lever which you slide side to side to access the other functions so only only function can be selected at a time.
  15. @Bublehead I dunno if you have seen this video, maybe you might find it interesting if you haven't