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  1. Oh, it's entirely a childrens toy. The usual debate though usually revolves around the question of should it also be made to appeal to adults aswell. The usual analogy I use is to compare movies made for children, such as "UP" made by Pixar and "spy kids 3D" made by whoever. These are both entirely childrens movies, both have MPAA ratings of PG, but there is a real life authenticity to the emotional mechanics of the story behind the Pixar movie "UP" which makes it enjoyable to adults as well as children, thereby making it an overall better product which is also way more successful and will always be remembered as a great movie. Combine that with the knowledge that we know Lego can release awesome sets like the Arocs which appeals to both kids and adults and it makes you wonder why they would release another truck which basically removes the appeal it is to many adults. Like, why would you do that?
  2. Saw 42070 at Smyths (in the UK) reduced to £149.99, it's still not for me but I thought someone here might like it for that price. Strangely, In both Smyths and Argos the Arocs has actually gone up in price to £179.99! Still worth it!
  3. Those set descriptions sound good, the first responder has 4 wheel drive, suspension and steering with working steering wheel? That would make it better than the Dakota wrecker from 1994, which was a great set. But that list looks like pure speculation rather than news. As for those looking for new parts, the more interesting new parts for any given year USUALLY first appear in the second half, but not always.
  4. According to Argos and Smyth's websites, the older arocs in "boring" white and gray is still outselling the new PF tow truck in "dazzling" baby blue! Go to Smyth's website and order sets by popularity, arocs is ahead of tow truck, and when I went to the Argos website it showed that 7 arocs sets were ordered recently, while the tow truck had no orders in last 48 hours. Things for TLG to consider me thinks: Colours do not mean a thing if the set itself is poor. BABY blue in whatever variant it's produced (any and all shades of light blue) is a crap colour that does not appeal to teenage boys looking for something "cool". Stick to regular or dark blue. If you must have a third shade of blue try metallic somewhere between regular and dark blue in small quantities, like the mudguards of an Ariel atom for example. Poor sets are like a Thomas the tank engine TV show that only appeals to kids. The colours are obnoxious and distracting, themes and ideas are overly simplified so that kids can understand, but it's inauthentic, its only reason to be is to distract the kids with nothing worthwhile while a parent does the dishes. Good sets are like Pixar movies, suitable for kids and also in many ways educational to kids whilst also being understandable and not afraid to present children with often quite complex and emotional themes and more mature and tasteful colour pallets. It's true that toys can't talk and trucks aren't made if Lego, but there's an undeniable authenticity to the emotional drive behind a Pixar movie and so they are also very much enjoyed by adults as well.
  5. The wheels on the rally car look too small to be the class ones. Ide say it's the same wheel that fits in the tumbler front wheels perhaps.
  6. Absolutely appalling
  7. So, I guess no one has tried them yet? I hear the lipos are very good and they maintain a 1.5 volt output during their life span before recharging, which is better than any alkaline or 1.2 volt rechargable. They are also much lighter. I've been looking at the kentli batteries, they look like good rechargable lipos. But they are expensive so I haven't tried them yet.
  8. Excellent review, very much appreciate the pics with wheels to see how it would look with them I'm still undecided though. The good: I like the realistic live axle suspension and ackermann steering geometry, and I like that it actually has working 4WD, and the door mechanism is nice too. The bad: The rest of the many functions, like opening doors in general and the shovel in the back, the roof going up and down (basically another door, but in the roof), the slide out draw and so on, those are what I consider little secondary kinda auxiliary detail functions, they are nice touches, like the pop up headlights on 8880, but they are not main functions like suspension, steering and 4WD, which is this sets only main functions. For well over 2000 pieces that really isn't that many main functions. Now, of course a set may only have very few, or maybe even only one main function and still be good IF that main function is something we haven't seen before (different steering modes in the Claas) or been able to accomplish in a nice, efficient way already with existing Technic elements (the digging wheel of the BWE), however, this is not the case here. And of course there's that purple colour, which despite Jims best efforts still puts me off. The conundrum: But what few main functions are present are done very well. As I have said the steering has good geometry and the live axle suspension is also realistic, the whole design looks like a finished, high quality build, and it's also good value for money. So I'm in no rush to get it but I can see me picking it up for full price.......eventually......maybe next year But WHY PURPLE!!!! I know they want their sets to be striking on the shelves, but a grinning monkey in a purple mankini would also be striking, that doesn't mean it would be desirable!
  9. I think if I get 42069 the first thing is to make narrower axles so the wheels don't protrude out from the wheel arches.
  10. Sweeeeeeeeeet!
  11. That's awesome, but I meant that report thingy for which you needed our questions for the designers.
  12. It's strange but many times a photo, even the top quality official photos, just can't do justice to how a set looks in real life. It happens many times that I build a set and despite seeing the picture on the box I am still surprised how good it looks in the flesh. Your pictures seem to capture the real life appeal. Btw, I know you're a busy man Jim, but any idea when the next report thingy is coming?
  13. I think Jim is a magician! You've made 42069 look......good! Looking forward to seeing your pictures with wheels on.
  14. Not being able to find something is one of my ideas of stress, repeating that a few thousand times just doesnt seem fun. So I'm all for the numbered bags especially if it means they can reduce the colour vomit. If you have to only look through bag one, as opposed to the whole set, that should reduce the need for colour vomit. And if you don't agree with that you can always just dump all the numbered bags out at once.
  15. I would guess it's a cheaper and easier process to bag parts by type only without having to number them or consider when in the build process you will need them. I mean, with the value you get with 42070 you can't expect them to number the bags as well! Oh wait, for that price ide want the bags numbered by each step of the instructions, 1 to 400 or whatever, in the yellow trays of old! To be fair I do really like that they have kept the lift up flap at least for the Technic flagships. You really need that to show off all the functions of a flagship Technic set. I do miss it being on all sets though and being able to see all the parts through the clear plastic.