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    Lego (obviously), writing/recording/performing music, computer graphics/3D modeling, amature movie making (more FX the better!), precious few aspects of my job as as a mechanical/electrical engineer.


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  1. Well, y'all probably already know my thoughts about the HUGE gearboxes (insert the often cried we need more clutch gear sizes and reduced length driving rings to make gearboxes realistic and better in ever way!) Brakes would be very cool. I'd love to see that (done properly, with disks and calipers inside the wheels!). The other functions mentioned however wouldn't make up for lack of engine and transmission.
  2. Just please no electric car in general. It'll just steer, rattle and roll....I said steer, rattle and roll....
  3. allanp

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Ill take number one please. A 4000+ piece working pneumatic flying Scotsman with new low friction linear spool valve for pneumatic engines (would also be great for detailed traction engines and steam powered rides and such). How's that?
  4. Nice trick! And assuming you have a Gibson guitar to go with the Gibson cleaner, you have good taste sir!
  5. Starwars has lots of hand amputations, people sliced in half, characters being eaten and so on. One could make the argument that Avatar is pretty tame in comparison, especially to Alien. It only feels more violent because of how good of a story teller Cameron is. But there really isn't that much blood or graphic content shown. Indiana Jones temple of Doom is waaaaaaaaaaay more graphic if you've seen the uncut version.
  6. Fictional military is allowed, hence starWARS
  7. WOW!!! This is insane in the best way, very impressive!
  8. I think that was a pre production version.
  9. What about Allanps dream pneumati......ah you already know the rest! 2 hubs, 8 motors, 3 years in development probably! JCB 3CX (the brand so iconic, that when people see any brand of backhoe they call it a JCB, at least in the UK they do) 1 port used for auto compressor, 1 port used to switch between front and rear controls (which could also rotate the seat so you can see which control mode you are in) front controls: 4 wheel drive with fake engine, steering, RC valve control for bucket lift, bucket tilt, bucket open and close, rear stabilisers rear controls: RC valve controls for back hoe side shift, slew, arm up/down, boom up/down, boom telescoping, bucket. Of course Howitzers non RC version of this would also be great. 12 pneumatic functions plus 4 wheel drive, fake engine and steering. Would be a record 15 major functions (plus any other minor details such as opening doors, tilting front axle and such). But one of the many big challenges with a back hoe is it's weird shape, leaving not much room for anything. The tiny front hood would be taken up by the engine and possible compressor, the main body has about half it's volume taken up by the rear wheels, so the 2 hub 8 motor full RC version really would have to be massive, minimum zetros wheels (maybe Claas wheels) at the front with bigger than Class wheels at the rear. The only set so far (other than the BWE) that really needs to be over 4 or 5 thousand pieces. In this future set wishes and speculation topic, of everything TLG could ever produce, a huge RC fully pneumatic JCB 3CX is my biggest wish. Out of everything this is the one I want them to spend the time to get right more than anything else. But imagine a model possibly bigger and heavier than 42100 being able to do this! I'd by 4 so I can do this!
  10. This is the gear path for first gear, hope this helps.
  11. Agreed, with proper cyclic/collective control and a nice new swash plate. I know this functionality is doable with current parts, but the best we can do right now is turntable based and other such solutions, which always look cluncky and unrefined compared to the real thing. Maybe have pitch control of the tail rotor also, with osprey battery box and motor? This would be nice osprey replacement:
  12. Does it drive in the other gears? The orientation of the limiter is correct but is the orientation of the wavey gear selector piece correct relative to the limiter? If the answer is yes to both you may have missed out a gear or something somewhere, do you know which pieces you had left over after the build?
  13. Would they release two telehandlers in the same year? Handler could mean an articulated log handler, on wrangler wheels, maybe like 8443 from way back in 1996. Would compliment 42080 nicely.
  14. Besides new wheels and bucket, what new parts and innovations would there be? At the risk of diving straight into wish list territory , this is posted only as an example to make a point, but while we are speculating about a front loader, and what it could be, what about Allanp's ultimate dream pneumatic option?! With spike hub (a new Technic version, recoloured yellow and black and with high power output), new P(OWAH!) motor (matching buggy motors fast output power and speed but in standard form factor, not weird L shape) driving fake engine that's always on, but turned down to use less power when nothing else is engaged, 3 small motors for pneumatic valves (bucket lift, bucket tilt, steering), 1 small motor to automatically engage/disengage a new, high output compressor from the engine via a new friction clutch, final small motor to control new, more realistic transmission (also possibly utilising friction clutch via simple cam arrangement to make shifting easier). Also comes with new +o+ beam that's 1 stud thick with integrated metal bearing race in the middle hole to help handle the new P motor and friction clutch. This set would also help showcase two control+ supplementary accessories (not required but very nice upgrades sold separately), a high output 11.1v LiPo rechargeable battery pack and a huge playstation style physical remote with integrated 5.5 inch touch screen and bluetooth and wifi connectivity, giving you all the pros of PU, tactile feel and will continue to work for decades after PU/control+ is no longer supported or Legos current in thing. These would be very expensive items available separately from that you only have to buy once to use with all your PU (and beyond) sets. If control+/PU can't be cheap, then make it worth while with these accessories! Again, apologies for going into wish list territory. But after 3 control+ (and only control+) flagships in a row this is what I want, doesn't have to be exactly what I posted above that's just an example, but something new, not an existing set but repackaged in the shape of something else, something to get really excited about. But again, that's just 42030, the parts and instructions for that are all easily available, why do we need it?