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  1. We all have this restriction - you'll have to upload to a website like Flickr then link the picture here
  2. Any updates? I've got them sitting in my cart, pondering ordering.
  3. Wow, the functions you're packing into that truck is awesome! A winch would be awesome, and looks like your suspension has plenty of articulation! I feel ya man, the mechanical is so much easier than body. Looks good! Seems like you got the warthog look started, keep it up! Here was my first run at the body, I mostly scrapped it for the final product. Here's how it currently sits and probably will sit in here for the rest of the contest, I mostly just want it to be durable enough to roll over a few times on 😅
  4. I knew I wanted good torque, so it was two L motors or an XL motor, but the way the driveshafts are super close together so I realized that the Mindstorms XL motors are perfect. I also had a Mindstorms to 9v adapter, so with a PF extension cable I was able to get it hooked up to a V2 IR receiver (needs to be V2 to handle the amperage) I understand fully, I was in the same boat with this frame this morning, but eventually I bit the bullet and basically redesigned the rear and mid frame. As for me, after nine hours, I lengthened my frame, made it strong, moved the battery box lower in the frame, and strengthened the motor mount. This is where it was before the change, such a hodgepodge of beams So I tore that apart and started laying out the two halves I'm not very happy with how long the gap is between axles now, but I can't think of a better way to fit the battery box and the motor in the same space. Everything is packed in tight in the middle. You can see the driveshafts placed right beside each other.
  5. Man this is awesome! I can't wait to see how it turns out, you've got quite the packaging challenge in there. Wow, that's awesome. I was considering doing a cross-linking system but it seemed too difficult at this scale. Thank you! And yes, good eye! I use these o-ring picks to get into places my fingers can't reach Holy crap that's a big guy I've started implementing the electronics of the truck now, I'm really impressed with the performance overall. The battery box is not in its final position. It'll go between the two motors. the suspension is a too stiff for this weight, but I only have one super soft spring (rear left) and I don't think I can acquire all seven others today
  6. It's not my idea haha, that's how actual tatras steer. I'm pretty happy with how it works, though Lego's parts have so much backlash that it can lose about a third of the steering angle with flex I tried a solid axle first but it felt so clunky (I was probably doing it wrong) so I focused on this tatra design. After five hours: I figured out the steering for the second steered axle. @_@ it is not simple. I used a pair of gear racks facing each other, can't really get a good picture of it. This is the layout, with that offset. I needed to change the toe and it turned out to be nearly the perfect solution. Keep up the good work so far, y'all!
  7. After three hours, I'm here with my truck. The steering is giving me a run for my money, I'm hoping to add another axle at the front but I'm not there yet. @Aurorasaurus has quite the build in the books, I hope it works out! That's a lot of power to put through one axle 🫣
  8. I've been meaning to completely redesign my 8x8 truck, this is perfect! I'll post updates as they come up
  9. Great minds think alike! I think this is a good idea, but we'll have to see how @Jim feels about that, he probably wouldn't want us clogging up the subforum Just a couple of hours left, I'm excited! Quickly finishing up my last jobs of the day so I can get home on time
  10. I'm very excited - working on cleaning off my desk so I can be ready!
  11. 1. I like to base my models around real-life systems, but the scale I build in doesn't allow for 100% accuracy. 2. Mechanics are absolutely the priority, but now I have the money I enjoy making sure my frames are uniformly LBG. 3. I tend to avoid it, though they come in handy for headlights and taillights. 4. I tend to wake up and go "I'm gonna build this car today" and after the frame is built it sits on a shelf for months. 5. I do lots of prototyping. Be ready to rebuild your models a few times as you find better ways to do something. 6. I tend to spend more time playing with the parts than calculating. 7. How robust everything can be! I love showing up to displays with my LUG and having nothing to rebuild 8. Build sets. Usually the midrange (60-100$) sets have good parts and features, so I recommend you just pay attention to the techniques used. And importantly: have fun! do what you enjoy most!
  12. I'm down! TC18 rules are right up my alley for a challenge, but anything car related works for me. Starts at 3pm my time, so I'll ask to get off work early for the contest.
  13. Man, that would have been a good idea if I continued the AMS contests
  14. I have watched your video probably a dozen times now! I really like your design, though I will probably only retain the body style. I would like to add suspension to them. Do you have instructions on the red and white models as well? Worse-case I can reverse-engineer, but I would like to have the instructions if available