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  1. Wow. I'm speechless. This build is absolutely stunning, and I bet it'd look even better as a real-life build. Well done.
  2. I look forward to seeing more progress, as this might be super helpful.
  3. letsbuild

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I quite like @Aventador2004's suggestion.
  4. letsbuild

    [MOC] 1:12 White Supercar

    Well executed.
  5. letsbuild

    BuWizz Small car competition

    I like your car
  6. Interesting concept. It makes sense to do add weak points to stress-heavy parts of the model.
  7. Very clean build, I like it!
  8. letsbuild

    [MOC] Aston Martin Vulcan

    Holy wow! I think I'm going to build this.
  9. letsbuild

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Surprisingly accurate
  10. letsbuild

    [WIP] Sports Car

    That's the signature engine of Thirdwigg Motors!
  11. letsbuild

    Generic Contest Discussion

    How about modelling a car that isn't normally modelled in technic (eg: Nissan 240sx, GMC Safari, BMW 320i)
  12. I would do that because lego. the wheels could just have pins inserted, I believe, then that would fit on to the hubs.
  13. Has anyone tried putting Porsche wheels on the Bugatti?