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  1. [MOC] Indominus Mark III

    Very good post, you don't often get many like that. I saw your other two trucks, and I was blow away by them. Good job!
  2. [MOC] Class 1 Brian Ickler Buggy

    Looks really good! I look forward to the day I have 2 buggy motors!
  3. Nico71's Creations

    Oh, right. Sorry. In that case, there is no parts list, just try to start building it.
  4. Nico71's Creations

    I wasn't able to find a printable list, but if you go on the rebrickable page for the NSX, you can find the list.
  5. Nico71's Creations

    The instructions are good, but I recommend you read all the way through before starting, there are a couple mistakes that are only fixed later in the instructions that require a lot of disassembly. I'll be writing a full review later on, when I finish the car.
  6. Nico71's Creations

    Hello, @nico71! I'm building your NSX, and I've noticed some strong rubbing when the steering is at the extreme. Is that to be expected?
  7. [WIP] Le Mans Racers

    Amazingly smooth use of panels!
  8. With gasoline and spark plugs? No thanks!
  9. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    I think it's going to have a hood longer than a Viper's by the time you're done! Either way, looks good so far!
  10. [MOC] Truck 6x6

    I quite like the body!
  11. Car builders

    I would like to have some more detailed pictures.
  12. A turntable would be a good idea, if you could, it would be helpful to put it on backwards (reverse tricycle style). This would make it easier for the car to return to center.
  13. Now, you started off well, but in that second paragraph, well, that's where you go wrong. First, look at the title. It says " trying to break 40km/h with only Lego." Buwizz is not lego. If he wanted to use Buwizz, it would be a lot easier to reach 40km/h.
  14. Car builders

    I can try, but before you get to excited about the kit, Lego isn't cheap, and a model as such might put a sizeable dent in your wallet...
  15. Oh, yes! Absolutely stunning! Another model well done!