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  1. I remember someone made a review of this. I forget his name, but he's a pretty prolific builder. It's on youtube, shouldn't be hard to find.
  2. letsbuild

    Technic General Discussion

    I can't see it either. Not in your comment nor in his quote.
  3. letsbuild

    General Part Discussion

    The Defender fenders are coming in white!
  4. letsbuild

    Pull Back Motors Usage

    I've thought of it before, but thanks to the fact it has a different gear ratio when being wound up versus when released, it would be quite tricky to counter the ratio difference for something like a winch
  5. letsbuild


    Though your time on this forum barely overlapped mine, the information you left behind was immense and useful. I'm so glad you're back... guess you can't escape your destiny
  6. Congratulations to all participants! Just getting to the point where you can submit your model is impressive! Personally, I think doing top-ten voting (instead of top-six) for the first round would be much better for a contest with so many entries. Hopefully we can find something that everybody's happy with for the next contest. Thank you Jim and the EB team for hosting this contest. I had so much fun making a model for it. I work best with restrictions and this TC had the perfect ones for me.
  7. letsbuild

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    I haven't seen anyone point out the red ball-joint pins that can be seen in this picture:\ Are they new?
  8. Awesome! Thank you for putting in the time to update the instructions!
  9. 28th Way lower than expected, but then again the competition is very stiff. Good luck to the top ten!
  10. 9: 10 53: 6 33: 4 29: 3 59: 2 41: 1
  11. letsbuild

    [TC18] McLaren F1

    I thought about it, but the pin hole on "top" prevents it from getting too close to the top of the wheel :/ Otherwise it would work great there. I've been thinking of 3D-printing some parts that would do the job now the contest is over. We'll see how far that idea goes. Well, good news for you, I've started progress on the virtual model. You can follow the progress as I do by clicking this link: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/PkaJ6z0gaxM It'll update as I build. Here's where I'm at right now: Glad to hear you enjoy the model!
  12. letsbuild

    1:7 Bugatti Chiron Grand Sport 300 Aero

    This car is a technical marvel. The amount of functions and different systems going on under the body are just mind blowing. I think that most of the members here will skip past this post as soon as they see the poor formatting and square body, but those who bother to read the whole post will be blown away like me. This is an awesome build. Good job!
  13. letsbuild

    [TC18] McLaren F1

    Is there any interest in building instructions for this model? I could make a 3D model if enough people express interest.
  14. letsbuild

    Are Closed-Loop Systems Possible?

    The system I'm thinking of is one where the air is entirely contained within the system but the compressor is powered by an external battery. Not perpetual motion. I know that is impossible