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  1. THe bodywork has some potential, as does the chassis, but doesn't it seem a little narrow?
  2. I am very curious of this too.
  3. Thank you, I realize I didn't specify enough. How do the dimensions of this model compare to 42083? I want to know if I'll have enough room on my shelf for one.
  4. How does this model compare to 42083?
  5. letsbuild

    [MOC]Lego Suzuki Jimny Sierra

    I just read about this concept, thinking to myself "this would make an excellent model," and here you are! Do other tires with a 10.2 stud diameter fit in those wheel wells?
  6. letsbuild

    [MOC] Renault 5 turbo rally V1.0

    Sorry to bump, but is there nothing left to this? @Jurss
  7. I really like this, are you going to be making instructions?
  8. letsbuild

    Reverse engineering of MOC's

    This is great advice, ask with the designer first, just in case. Most of them will probably say yes. This would be ideal. Not all of us are good at making instructions (I know I'm not), but would really like to see our models built by others.
  9. letsbuild

    [TC15] Airbus Eurocopter EC135

    I think you're off to a very good start, but you're gonna have some problems with that tail rotor later. Just an IMO, I would love to see me proved wrong!
  10. I feel the need to inform you guys that Helge Mhyre (remember him?) is posting your model on Facebook LUG pages, claiming the IP as his own. Do as you wish with this info.
  11. I'm super excited to share this with you guys! For the first time ever, I have designed, built, and created a digital file for one of my models. This means that you could possibly have an exact copy of my truck siting on your building desk at home! Now, let's look at the model. It's a pull-back trophy truck. Quick, durable, and, with the suspension, quite fun. My version has a damper in it, but yours would work just fine without one. You can find more details on the rebrickable page. Hope you have a good day. Build on!
  12. letsbuild

    [MOC][WIP] Subaru SVX

    I look forward to more progress! Followed.
  13. letsbuild

    [TC15] How Aircraft Work

    Thanks! Colour will be used to help the students notice how different surfaces are usually controlled. I might change the way the mechanisms are controlled to make it more realistic. I'm okay with losing some supporters because it's not so good-looking, though I am glad to hear I'll have someone's support!
  14. Time for TC15! I had to build a working aircraft for a cadet demonstration anyways, so I'm glad this contest has come about. My goal for the aircraft is to have working control surfaces that are also colour coded. Maybe something like a glider will work. Currently I have ailerons and flaps. The ailerons are the mechanism in red. The flaps are the mechanism in white. The damper is used to keep the flaps at any position given. That's all for now, I'll keep y'all posted.