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  1. Yes, it goes like that, except the numbers don't have to be offset, and you don't have to @mention them. Is this your vote?
  2. Welcome to the voting for AMS-2's winning entry. We have five contestants, each with their pros and cons, and it's up to you, the voter, to decide which one takes the podium. The voting system is as follows: 1: 10pts 2: 8pts 3: 5pts 4: 3pts 5: 1pt Your submissions should look like this: [insert text of choice here] 1: Contender's Username 2: Contender's Username 3: Contender's Username 4: Contender's Username 5: Contender's Username [insert text of choice here] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, for the entries! @romashkaman 42071 "Dozer compactor" mod This dragster is seriously redesigned base set with addition of: 1 x LiPo battery 1 x XL motor 1 x servo motor 1 x IR receiver Main functionality of the base set is saved (except the worm gear for the front shovel) It's pretty fast - I didn't expect that result! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @sirslayer Lego 42068 ARV dragster !! This lego moc/mod ended up turning the default set into a dragster and an upgrade to any 42068 fans if you want to have suspension on your fire truck!! it still retains its boom functions and the dragster model is finished, the non-dragster version is still a WIP!! The dragster features includes 56mm default tires on front and 68.7mm tires on the rear to give it the "dragster" look Flat 6 fake engine with blower and exhaust pipes that extends out like a dragster 2 Xl motors for power to the drive train. (this model weighs over 7 lb with add on's!!!) it still need more power !! Retains all the fire truck functions 1 Brave lego man driver based from red frog man Dragster panels from real dragster set!! Now a few pictures of my moc , the lego 42068 dragster! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Marxpek The Missing Link The year 41: scientists have now found the blueprints to a long lost design. It seems they found a missing link in the evolution of Lego Technic, images of the subject are very rare, as it has just been discovered:  The blueprint show parts from all ages, Most parts predate the year 20 but not all of its parts are that old, it seems to have a new type of rear-wheel still used today and it contains a powerful drive system from around the year 28, while this is considered an outdated system nowadays, this is still the most powerful Lego power unit ever used. A lot of research is needed to find the ancient parts needed to build it, and there is no telling how it will behave after it has been built, it might be hostile, so careful study is needed of a live specimen. We cannot replicate the design for now, but with the blueprints, we at least now know, where to search and that it exists, or at least; once has existed. This is where you come in, let's go on an expedition and find us some precious data on "The Missing Link"! Start your expedition by clicking the portal below: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @mocbuild101 Lego 9394 Jet Plane RC Dragster/Drifter Features: Steering - powered by PF servo. Drive - geared down 3:5 from fast output of buggy motor. Motorized wings (not RC) - powered by PF M-motor. Easy to remove battery box - if not using rechargeable battery. Other Specs: Weight: 650g (with rechargeable battery) Original functions kept: 1 (out of 3) Theoretical top speed: 14km/h (at least) Video: (make sure to turn on your sound) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @MangaNOID Its probably hard to capture your attention at the moment with the new Bugatti 42083 coming out, so with very little effort, behold! the Friction Truck. B model of 42061 with a built in (out) friction motor able to propel the truck 5 meters or more from a standing start! It retains functions of original model except I used the front fenders on the tow point for extra drag down force. umm...urr...that's all really. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Offroadcreat1ons So here's my entry into the AMS-2 comp. The model is the 9395 B-model, but I rebuilt the entire chassis to add drive and suspension. I modified the body and added a bunch of details like a wheelie bar, exhaust, and roll bars, and I fixed some of the colors. The model has all the original functions like a winch and doors, but I took out steering and the lift thing and gearbox in the back. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A big "thank you!" to all the participants, and good luck to you all!
  3. I would like you to use the version that has the gearbox 4 studs back.
  4. Great! Can't wait! @Jeroen Ottens how's your progress?
  5. letsbuild

    Technic Pub

    It would be awesome if you guys could find a fix for the faded search options.
  6. I believe that that Didumos is fine in his role, we're just going to give him more time.
  7. Yep, will finish ASAP!
  8. letsbuild

    Honda CR-Z

    Absolutely stunning! How much did you charge for the commission?
  9. letsbuild

    Technic Pub

    I'm seriously considering getting into the business of investing in Lego sets, to sell later for a profit, but before I did, I was wondering if anyone could share some tips and tricks they learnt doing the same thing? My hope is that I can avoid making mistakes that others have made.
  10. @Jeroen Ottens the rear paneling looks good.
  11. letsbuild

    Axle Collection Thread

    Here's a front axle I designed, has steering and independent suspension, as well as a negative caster angle. Missing one piece, this one, as it isn't available in Mecabricks. https://mecabricks.com/en/models/1w2rgVDVj8W
  12. I wonder if the next supercar will be a Mclaren...
  13. letsbuild

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I can't answer that correctly, as I'm not really up to speed with all the blues available. Sorry.