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  1. [WIP] 2017 Ariel Nomad Tactical

    You should definitely use the 42037 balloon tires!
  2. Help needed to find a technic liftarm

    Thank you! I'll start building that page! EDIT: May I also have the weight, please? EDIT 2: I have submitted the part for approval. It should be up within the week.
  3. Help needed to find a technic liftarm

    So you're saying I shouldn't try?
  4. Help needed to find a technic liftarm

    If someone can supply the pictures and the item number, I could try...
  5. Help needed to find a technic liftarm

    Maybe that's something we should do!
  6. Would you mind shipping to Comox, Canada?
  7. Muffinbrick's Technic Corner

    I really like the mini Xerion! I'll build it when you make the instructions!
  8. Lola T70 MOC

    It's a truly beautiful model! Are there instructions?
  9. Nico71's Creations

    It's just how he rolls. All his models are posted in this topic.
  10. Nico71's Creations

    I love it! As soon as I get myself a set of those suspension arms on the front, I'll build it.
  11. [EV3] GLaDOS

    I really like this! You've really captured the look of the "real" deal.
  12. The contest is on Rebrick.com, check it out!
  13. Yes, it is sturdy, but I don't have those hubs.
  14. Would anyone be willing to design me two axles, one steered, one not, both driven, that is 15 studs wide? It should not use hubs, because I will be needing 4 axles (2 of each type), and I only have a pair of each. Suspension type should be live axle. I will be using the design on a trial truck, which won't be entered in any competitions, and I will give full credit to the designer of the axles. Cheers, Let's Build!