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Found 9 results

  1. The specs: - 12 legged walker - Driven by 2 Lego Technic Large angular motors - Powered by Buwizz 3.0 - 1 Technic L motor powers the deployable spinning Lego buzzsaw - 1 Technic S angular motor to power the Lego arrow shooter Sorry Lego purists, but I had to use some non-Lego parts in this design: - 4.7mm aluminum tubes front run the width of the robot providing lightweight articulation of the legs in lieu of plastic axles - Stainless steels axles are used throughout the driveshaft due to the inherent limitations of backlash and breakage caused by the Lego plastic axles - Small nuts are threaded onto the upper leg pivots to maintain the connection as Lego bushes simply cannot retain the axles given the duty cycles.
  2. This is the second Lego Big Dog. The object on this one is to achieve maximum running speed and stability with 4 legs. I would like to work up to a 4 leg model that can change gates from running to jumping and is steerable. The next step is steering without falling over on four legs.
  3. I find models that walk, run and jump interesting. This MOC moves forward by jumping. It gets all four legs off the ground. I call this "I need more springs bot"
  4. Hi guys I am working on a massive walking dragline. If you don't know what a dragline is, they are usually used for coal, oil, and tar mining above the surface. Mine will have a gearbox for switching functions which will use an L motor, an XL motor for lifting the main boom and for rotating the structure. It will have an L motor for the drag rope and for one of the feet, finally another L motor for the hoist rope and for the other foot. I have already completed the main boom. I cannot upload any pictures of it yet because I am on vacation skiing without my LEGO, you will all need to wait until Sunday or Saturday. :( If you don't know what a dragline is, well look it up!!
  5. Yo! With everyone building machinery and such I decided to make something a bit more...furry So I (too) combined the 9392 and 42026 sets and made this little beasty: I was actually inspired by the small orange panels, I thought to myself those are some awesome ears. Function wise foxy is quite packed: Using a special lock his rear legs can be placed in standing or sitting positon: So here's the little bugger sitting: And because his jaw is actuated by the worm gear he can also grab his favourite toy: I used the flex tubes on the tail in such way they push on the body, creating friction. This means his tail can move up and down- Tail in normal position: And raised: And now he's just being silly: I used 263 of the 307 combined parts. Total time spent on building, rebuilding, optimising, etc... was some 3 days - I'd say around 8 hours total. I think he's the first pullback motor powered quad, which is actually quite hard to make because the pullback motors are not really good for non-linear moving mechanisms. My personally favourite feature besides walking and sitting is the ear movement because it gives him an ability to express himself. All in all I am very pleased about this model because its just so different from the regular stuff. And he's cute Here's a video of the little furry beasty: I hope you guys are impressed as much as I am
  6. Hi there. Today I would like to show you my new robot. , http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=531502 , [media] [/media]
  7. LXF: http://www.brickshel...on_allemann.lxf Instruction: For better simulation and animation, please use SR 3D builder. Original real brick version by Jason Allemann:
  8. GreysonR


    I really wanted to capture motion, which isn't the easiest of task to do with LEGO bricks. Nevertheless, I built a little sculpture on something we do everyday, walk. Enjoy, GR I really wanted to capture motion, which isn't the easiest of task to do with LEGO bricks. Nevertheless, I built a little sculpture on something we do everyday, walk.
  9. After completing the autopump i realized it would be very usefull in a construction equipement. But i wanted to build omething special, unlike the usual classic machines. This is why I chose a walking excavator type of a vehicle. To lift and tilt its legs I used pneumatics, because they are better in routing tubes over the complex joints on which the machine rests. For operation of the arm I chose LA's due to their ability to accurately move loads with little jerking. So here's the excavator nice and tightly folded. The legs are spread and the boom begins to lift: The four legs are than lowered therebye lifting the whole excavator up some 10 cm: As you can see each of the tracks has its own M motor, the total number of motors being 11, all M type: Feeding on some bricks: And spewing them out: The underside of the bottom showing the two autopmups used to lower and spread the legs: And the video of excavator in action: All in all I am quite pleased with the model, especially the pneumatic side of it. Its really fun to play with it, lift it up and dig out the bricks. There are some things bothering me though: The legs bend too much sideways The speed of the superstructure is a bit fast Pneumatics are unstable unless in maximum lowest or highest position Long wheel base makes skid steering hard What'ya all think?