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  1. Tazmancrash

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Looking at the list, I hope there is at least 1 vehicle that fits the 42098 car transporter. And following on from that, is the 42098 car transporter being retired? If it is then I hope we get another mid size truck & trailer model. I think they make good models
  2. Tazmancrash

    [Buying Help] 42055 or 42082?

    Oh, thats a tuff choice. I have both do prefer the rtc. I would get it first as its cheaper. Once its gone, then you'll see the prices go up. I wouldn't think the bwe will get any more expensive. Are you only buying new or are you looking at used sets?
  3. Last reno took 4 years. But this one will be quicker. I've looked at storage. We will end up putting everything into storage once the new flooring arrives. We will either drop a shipping container in the driveway our take everything to a storage place
  4. Hi guys & girls. Sorry for the late reply. I've been busy demolishing the main bathroom. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've always wondered about this. So I've decided after looking at some of my older sets from the 80s 90s that I'll strip all the sets down. Wash, dry & check for cracked parts. Check the inventorys & order any replacement parts. The Reno will be over 9 month's. 2x bathrooms. 1x kitchen. Full internal plaster & repaint. New heat pumps. And new hardwood timber floors throughout the house. That's the inside. Full exterior repaint & landscaping. New timber stairs etc. Used rebrickable last night & the total came to 66 sets. Just shy of 70000 parts.
  5. Yes I have a bunch of smaller bags to sort pins, gears, lift arms etc into. I will be keeping all the instruction books separate in there own bags in a separate box. Not really looking forward to stripping down the sets
  6. Hey there all. I'm looking for some advice on how to break down collection of sets & store them for the duration of our house reno. I'm lookin at braking everything down into parts, putting them into A4 zip lock bags & buying 30 file foolscape boxes to put them into. Then stacking the boxes into the large file boxes. Has anyone done something similar? I have 50 odd sets to take apart. Biggest set is 42082 rough terrain crane Thanks in advance
  7. Tazmancrash

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Iv had a few wins lately. 42078 Mack anthem for $150.00 nzd 42082 Bugatti for $400.00 nzd 42097 compact crawler crane for $99 nzd
  8. Tazmancrash

    Modular Truck Attachment System (MTAS) - Truck

    Looks like a of the old universal sets from the 90s. Great idea tho. But Mary 1/2 a size bigger would allow a bit more in the base truck?
  9. Tazmancrash

    42098 - Car Transporter

    Yes I have seen some of the entries. There was a nice looking white porsche that caught my eye. I was just wondering if the hot rod would fit as there's one for sale locally right now.
  10. Tazmancrash

    42098 - Car Transporter

    Hey there all. I have this set & the Corvette to go with it. I'm looking at buying 42022 hot rod to go with it. Has anyone tryed to see if it fits?
  11. Tazmancrash

    42098 - Car Transporter

    Hey there all. Got this set a few months back & picked up 42093 Corvette over the weekend to add to it. Now I'm wondering if TLG will release more cars to fill it up. Guess well see in 6 months
  12. Tazmancrash

    RC Buggy Motor

    Thanks for that. I'll get 2 in.
  13. Tazmancrash

    RC Buggy Motor

    How did you get the receivers to work? I have 2 of the 2.4 ghz & they dont seem to work with the Lego controller. But I haven't tried very hard though
  14. Tazmancrash

    RC Buggy Motor

    Hey there all. These moters are all over ebay now aswell. I'm looking at buying 1 but if only had a 50% success rate with cloned power functions on ebay. Can any one recommend a store? Thanks
  15. Tazmancrash

    Creating a 2 to 1 Gear Ratio

    Any one have a good 4:1 set up?