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  1. Were called DINKYs Dual income, no kids. Even so, I can't justify $800 NZD on a new set. I'll wait & buy this on the second hand market.
  2. Looking great. Was hoping someone would do this set. I built this in black a few years ago with a v4 in the front.
  3. Got 8292 Cherry picker for $60.00 NZD last week. Had to buy 42008 service truck after that. Now I'm looking for 8052 container truck. Dam these midsized trucks
  4. Tazmancrash

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    Looks good. But a bit flimsy in the middle? Have anyone figgered out the pump system yet? I'm guessing it's a manual pump. I've seen a video on YouTube that also says this.
  5. Can you do a render next to 42008. Interesting to see what the size difference would be like. Sadly I swapped my 42008 for the 42056 Porsche.
  6. Tazmancrash

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    After looking at the "leaked" photos, have to say it looks like a good set. The colors are a bit off putting. I'll definitely be getting it. I'm currently working on a 3 axel mack with the rear section off 42008 grafted on.
  7. I believe that all sets could be motorized. Even the smallest sets. Right up until the mirco sets came out & the motor & battery box was upgraded
  8. In later sets. The earlier sets had the most meltaic parts. I think that pin jointer part was used in the exhaust stacks.
  9. I started a tread about the same topic a while back. The first sets released had all 10 wheels & some other parts in metallic color. The later sets only had 6 metallic wheels & the last sets had none.
  10. If there are concerns about it becoming out of date quickly, then why follow blackbird & create a website? Then you can keep it up to date As new sets come out. But thats a big ask & would require a big portion of time.
  11. Wouldn't want the parts going up the side then falling back down. Could rick damaging them.
  12. Can't use the washing machine. I have a front loader. Iv used dish washing soap & hot water for lose parts. Leave them to soak for an hour in large trays. Kitty litter trays are good for thus. Unused of course. Strain out the water & leave on a towel on my deck to dry. As for linear actuators/shocks/electronics etc, I wipe them down with damp cloth. If its really discolored I use peroxide on the cloth & leave in the sun.
  13. Looks really nice. Reminds me of the Blues Brothers. 1 note, would it not be more period correct to have a live axel in the rear? Or is this a restmod?
  14. Tazmancrash

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    I think it will be in the same line as 42078 & 42098 trucks. Both these sets have a high part count due to the trailer/cargo. Would be nice to have a tow truck in this scale as I believe 42008 is a bit small.
  15. I think its called ribbon cabel. But I don't know the size