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  1. Mechbuilds

    [WIP] Duplo Technic Train

    Well this is one hell of a thread. I'll be watching this and all the wacky things you can do with this train. I like this style of technic trains!
  2. Mechbuilds

    [TC17] Rebel Tow Truck

    Are you planning on making instructions for this beast if it wins?
  3. Mechbuilds

    Three-wheeler buggy Ciraptor

    Add a bumper with spikes on it. Few chains here and there. Perhaps some rocket javelins on the roof rack aaaand boom madmaxified.
  4. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    >> Don't want to be rude... But build and test it throughly in real life and show us that it works. -If you have the parts, you can test it. >> I can already tell you those axles will slide out over time unless they are fixed firmly. -Those axles have end stops.. Just put a beam or something on top of it and the axles can't slide out. >> Also how will you get a drive to the hubs? -Already said CV joints. Those things have 1 stud of in and out slide. Should be plenty enough. >> Also, the further the sliding axle is from the wheel center, the higher the probability the whole thing just bends and not slides... - This is true. But it also depends on wheel size. Perhaps arocs sized wheels will minimize the bending. But also since the axles are supported from top and bottom, the axle itself shouldn't bend.. It's just the portal hub that will have issues. But it should work depending on moc size and weight. >> While ideas are nice on paper, they don't mean much when they don't work in real life. I've seen so many people design something in LDD which simply doesn't work in real life. - True in some cases. But i think this would work since the axle that the portal hub slides on is secured from both ends firmly to the chassis, the thing should work in real life. I'm working on something else currently and all my parts are preoccupied. Also instead of using portal hubs, you can use normal hubs instead. Just keep in mind to use smaller tyres and if the moc is bigger, you'll need to have 6-10 wheels instead of going 4 wheels.
  5. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    They get attached to the frame by the axle holes in the beam to axle connector. The diff gets between the axles. Using CV joints combined with U joints so the axles can slide inwards as the portal hub moves up and down. This way the tyre can only go up and down and not swing outward and inward. Spring is put to the axle. I think the upper connector in the front portal hubs should be switched around to reduce sticking. Benefit is a moc that's completely level as one tyre is lifted up on top of a rock or something. It's all in theory. Don't have the parts and time to test it in real life. But this could be an idea that somebody could improve upon.
  6. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    Possible with macpherson struts. EDIT: First prototype: Just add springs.
  7. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    Well to be honest i don't think it would be complex.. Just that long axle with end stop going trough a couple of beam holes and add springs on the axle.
  8. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    Well first it's a challenge if it can be built. Secondly it would create less vibrations in the vehicle due to every single wheel working independently. So basically a smoother ride. It would be significantly smoother because independent suspension works on a hinge or a lever. So when it goes up, it widens a little bit and then narrows when it goes up all the way due to the hinge and lever mechanism of it. Having it slide up and down on a pole would mean that the vehicle is completely stationary with no sideways forces when a tyre goes up and down. Think of the magical bose suspension..
  9. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    No, that's independent suspension. I meant that the portal hub goes vertically and no outwards movement. So naturally sliding up and down on an axle would be how to go with on this.
  10. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    Has anybody made an axle that has the differential fixed in the chassis of the moc and the portal hubs are connected to the chassis by springs and those go up and down? EDIT: It could be possible by having two long axles and the hub sliding up and down by those axles. Not sure about structural integrity how that would work..
  11. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] 1966 Classic Batmobile

    Oh man so much nostalgia! Awesome build!
  12. Mechbuilds

    [TC17] Rebel Tow Truck

    I mean.. It does work with a lower chassis.. Just with different wheels.
  13. Mechbuilds

    [TC17] Rebel Tow Truck

    Agreed! Every mad max vehicle currently is very over the top. This bodywork is amazing but the monster truck chassis below kinda is too much. A lower chassis would fit better.
  14. Mechbuilds

    [HELP!] Front axle suspension geometry.

    Revealed now! This is just a teaser of what's to come. Couldn't done it without the help of @efferman though. This is a heavily modified version of what he came up with but the same principle works here. Now i need to figure out how to put the springs behind that 5x7 frame. Will be tough but possible.
  15. Mechbuilds

    [TC17] Rebel Tow Truck

    I think i prefered the purple fenders more. EDIT: Now that i compared them side by side. I think the blue version is better.