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  1. [HELP] Effective way to make rocket launchers

    That's a nice 3x3 missile pod right there. Easy build for mad cat shoulders. The orby face of the cordak missile sure gives a strong illusion of a missile. I've used gray half pins for missiles and blue half pins for lasers in my micro scaled mech mocs.
  2. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    A great Ultra AC20 + side torso piece is using these:
  3. What did you buy today?

    Burned trough 56 euros.. (This includes postage) Ordered 153 parts in total. Going to make an army of technic/ccbs mechs.
  4. General Part Discussion

    Part number for this piece please. EDIT: Shoulda re-read it more thoroughly.. Visorak torso.
  5. [HELP] Effective way to make rocket launchers

    I wonder how i could attach them to make it look like a missile pod.. I could attach them to the right or left torso area to simulate long range missiles. Awesome! Gotta keep look out for your post for inspiration. I currently disassembled all my mechs and i'm starting over but this time i ordered 30 euros worth of parts (including lots of turntables). Just for mechs. I think they work like tanks. The legs move in a direction while the torso is pointing to another. EDIT: This part makes for a really amazing 3 piece rocket launcher.. Just add half studs and connect to the mech. You could use two of these to make the right and left torso part and just attach the arm to the other connector and the center torso to the other and you'll have vertical missile launchers in both sides. Problem is, this part costs over 9 euros.
  6. [HELP] Effective way to make rocket launchers

    Simple but effective design.. I would swap the axles to the 3 long axles with the half stud end. EDIT: Thanks Leewan. Very simple but extremely effective design.
  7. If you have a toa mata minus the head sized mech made from technic pieces, how would you make a missile battery? What i'm looking for something like this: Without using system parts.. Is it even possible to make a missile launcher on technic pieces? Share your weapon ideas. (I'm making mech warrior styled combatants out of CCBS and technic and i'm trying to figure out different styles of weapons to add.) Even if it sounds terrible, i've started to think about just gluing 1x3 technic beams together to make a 2x3 or 3x3 technic beam and gluing a black stud or something to attach it to a moc.. But before doing anything irreversible, i'd like to get some input how to tackle missile weapons on technic mocs.
  8. I'm interested too. Send me a PM with the image of your collection.
  9. Action Figure Forum Discussion

    I wonder why don't we see any mechas that are build from mostly technic and only using CCBS for joints. I'd love to see some technic based mechwarriors. If anyone knows any technic based mechs then please share what to google for.
  10. [MF]AS-2

    Well in my last posts they told me to resize the images smaller. My camera takes 13 megapixel images. But you can see better detail in the album where the images are at: Enjoy! I have a 3rd mech ready and the 4th one is halfway done. Pictures coming soon.
  11. [MF]AS-2

    If anyone wants to join me and build these mechs then add the [MF] tag in your post so i can keep track of them. These mechs will be used in a tabletop game for mostly mech vs mech combat. If i can find a group who's willing to help me design this tabletop game then you can contact me via PM. I've chosen the size classes specifically so the mechs can be viable in a tabletop environment. The large mechs are really big lumbering titans that move extremely slowly and provide a mobile base for the other mechs to defend. Medium class mechs are your jack of all trades mechs that will handle most of the combat. Small class mechs are more suited for hunting objectives and ganging up on slow mechs like titans or heavily armored medium mechs. All classes have their roles. The mechs need to visually have an apparatus attached to them physically to display which weapons they're loaded up with. The rules can be bent a little to help everyone play but the general gist is to have the mechs look "realistic" because when deciding if the mech can hit or not, they have to physically see the opponent for example: hiding behind buildings. But the mechs will be built from CCBS+Technic pieces. We already have Mobile frame zero which is mainly lego system pieces. The Mobile frame tag is just a temporary placeholder until i decide what name to use. It might as well be Mech Fight. I've always been a fan of battletech but now i'd like to design a mech battle game that's easy enough that a child can pick it up and enjoy it.
  12. [MF]AS-2

    Mech size: Medium Mech class: Artillery scout Equipment: -Shoulder mounted large laser -Arm mounted autocannon -Arm mounted large missile launcher -Medium armor -Shoulder mounted radar This mobile frame is equipped for heavy artillery long range combat while having a tactical radar system for scouting. This frame is very effective in fishing out rogue frames and dealing with them before they get too close. PICS:
  13. [MF]CB-0

    Here's my new series of mocs: Mobile Frame The mech must fit in these docking bays: (Small, Medium, Large) (Medium sized docking bay equipped for the CB-0) Introducing the CB-0 Mech size: Medium Mech class: Combat bruiser Equipment: -Shoulder mounted autocannon -Shoulder mounted sensor array -Heavy armor -Arm mounted artillery cannon (Can be seen in fresh picture with AS-2) The combat bruiser frame is a very versatile combat mech that shines in medium to close combat. The frame is equipped with a powerful autocannon that can shred trough small frames with ease. With an open arm, the combat bruiser can grasp other mechs or use obstacles like trees for an advantage. Pics: Weapons added: -Twin cannon -Ballistic cannon (These weapons are no longer available) Resting in docking bay: Second medium sized docking bay active: Second frame under construction.
  14. Constraction custom parts

    What i would like is a very simple piece which would add a little bit of width to the lower torso leg part of my mocs.. What part am i talking about? This friction adder part. BUT for the socket part to be rotated 90 degrees. So i can attach the socket sideways to my moc and the ball to be pointing downward so i can attach a leg straight to it.