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  1. Man! Why haven't i seen this moc before. This is awesome! Can't believe i missed this for so long.
  2. Mechbuilds

    LegoDego MOCs

    That's awesome! Thanks for sharing the instructions!
  3. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    If you can PM me instructions for the chassis only, i'll see what i can do!
  4. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    Man that looks awesome! I'd love to build that chassis and make a tubular frame crawler out of it.
  5. Loving the inline 4 design.
  6. Mechbuilds

    Micro-motors [MOC]

    Add this to here:
  7. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    Slight bending of the springs will occur when suspension is compressed..
  8. Mechbuilds

    [WIP] Realistic tatra 8x8

    i wonder how half a stud of offset would look like
  9. Which pixel is the moc?
  10. Mechbuilds

    [WIP] Realistic tatra 8x8

    But a real tatra has offset on the axles.. But massive bonus points for no load bearing axles.
  11. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    I think this would be a good choice. It would give me a citroen CV style suspension which lets the car lean when turning hard. I wonder if it will be good for drifting though.. I'm building a hotrod that is capable of drifting. The front axle is setup for maximum grip in oversteer situation. I'm still trying to figure out if i should go with a solid axle instead to lessen the grip on the rear. Don't really know enough about the geometry to decide.
  12. Well the panel looks clean and less bulky.
  13. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    Does anyone have ideas to get a compact rear axle that uses two buggy motors for propulsion and has a working suspension? 15 studs between hubs.