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  1. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    I think this would be a good choice. It would give me a citroen CV style suspension which lets the car lean when turning hard. I wonder if it will be good for drifting though.. I'm building a hotrod that is capable of drifting. The front axle is setup for maximum grip in oversteer situation. I'm still trying to figure out if i should go with a solid axle instead to lessen the grip on the rear. Don't really know enough about the geometry to decide.
  2. Well the panel looks clean and less bulky.
  3. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    Does anyone have ideas to get a compact rear axle that uses two buggy motors for propulsion and has a working suspension? 15 studs between hubs.
  4. Very compact and clean! Great work!
  5. Mechbuilds

    RC Motocross Bike

    Amazing work on this one! Bravo!
  6. Simple V6 to put on top of the servo. Works well with my hot rod project.
  7. Has anyone made a non functional fake engine to put on top of the servo to hide it?
  8. Mechbuilds

    Another possible Tatra

    Interesting way of connecting the wheel hubs. Gotta keep checking up on this project. Cool stuff!
  9. It looks much better! I would try and fill in the gap between those two large J beams near the rear tyre.
  10. I'd love to see WIPs of pro builders. @nicjasno is one of my favorite pro builders because he makes build streams so everyone can participate or watch as the build comes together. We like to see that pro builders also struggle and that they're not perfect. When we just get the finished build only, it looks like pro builders just fart perfection as is and that it was easy. Or at least that's how i think people psychologically see it. I personally like that the community can come together and help eachother so we do not waste time doing stupid mistakes and learn as a collective. The only downside to this is that it can also kill creativity when we like to use already done working solutions instead of trying something new that can either fail or become something great.
  11. rebrickable only scratches the surface but good idea.
  12. If you can improve the system so it handles even better then yeah it's a project well worth the effort. So far nobody has done this before. Just remember to keep the old system too. It already looks like it performs great! Only thing i would experiment with is larger tyres/size and suspension..
  13. I agree that it's technically pretty good. But you must agree that considering the sliding weight brick, it can't really have a realistic look to it.. But then again we could pretend it's an E-bike and the square bulky battery is part of the thing. What i would work on: -The front fork. The light could be improved.. Perhaps a mirror added and little details to the grips too. No mudguard over the front tire. - Rear axle could use some panels to improve the look.. Perhaps add an exhaust pipe. - Foot rests and gear shift levers near them. - a seat - a leg stand. There are some tips on how to improve the look.. But mechanically speaking it's all there. You even have a working suspension on this thing. By looking it's stubby short look, it could be either a cafe racer or a bobber.
  14. This classic part came trough the mail today.. I wonder if anyone has used this in mocs? I mean it does have some potential for a drifter except for no anti ackerman.
  15. I mean functionally yes. It performs better than the competition. But visually it doesn't look that good. If it was visually amazing AND performs amazing then yeah. Sadly how the steering is built, it's impossible to make it visually pleasing.