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  1. Mechbuilds

    Where to buy?

  2. Mechbuilds


    That's pretty cool!
  3. Mechbuilds

    The living armor

    Broken image..
  4. Mechbuilds

    General Part Discussion

    You're telling me that you never tried putting your tongue on a 9 volt battery to test if it has power?
  5. Mechbuilds

    General Part Discussion

    I rechecked the batteries twice. They should be on correctly. EDIT: I asked my brother, he has 4 controllers total and he said that they all smell the same and work normally.. The smell is the same what 9 volt batteries taste like.
  6. Mechbuilds

    General Part Discussion

    Is the lego power functions ir remote supposed to smell a little like electric fire or burnt metal? It's functioning normally with no issues whatsoever. I just noticed after putting the batteries in that if i put my nose up against the remote, it smells a little bit. Is this supposed to happen?
  7. Mechbuilds

    My 8x8 Project

    Update to the frame: Here's a wheel mockup how it'd look with the wheel spacings. The gearing is 1:1.667 The frame is becoming a little bit more stiffer.. Axles and leafsprings finished. The suspension travel is not what i at first had in mind but the steering works so well that i can live with the stiff suspension. It should be good in offroad terrain but not rock climbing. (Instead of making it even bigger, i'll just make a future project rock crawler instead.) Here's the picture of the 90 degree gear angle in the middle: If i grab the driven wheel by hand, the chassis will flex like a banana upwards and the driveshaft will break from the middle.. I assume after building the frame upwards, it'll get stiffer.. I wonder how much weight this thing can handle before gears starting to click. I'm now thinking about attaching a winch in the front.. Probably will be manual though.. unless i make a clever gearbox in the middle and refit the motor somewhere else.
  8. Mechbuilds

    My 8x8 Project

    One shipment of parts came in the mail! Progress has been made: Remote joystick. (Instructions by Simon's lego technic corner) Front leaf springs attached to the front and rear axle progress.. The axles have been attached in the middle. Now once my wheel bearings come in the mail, i'll start working on rear leaf springs. Still haven't ordered the steering servo yet. Pics: Offtopic: Sry about the pile-o-parts in the background.. "Mr legs" is taking care of them. (Maybe i should build "Mr legs" a little further.. He's my builder buddy!)
  9. Amazing work! Truly awesome! I love the mechanism of the legs. It's so compact.. Definetly HoF worthy! I'd love to get my hands on some instructions!
  10. Mechbuilds

    My 8x8 Project

    Still no updates on the build but RC stuff are coming in the mail. Thinking about attaching a winch to the front.
  11. Mechbuilds

    LEGO Technic MOC Excavator

    Good work on the pneumatics! You could put one of those black small axles on the cabin. The red is standing out a lot.
  12. Mechbuilds

    Technic Pub

    Hey guys! How long is the runtime usually on lego RC mocs? I'd be using a single XL motor with a steering servo on an offroad application. I tried to google runtimes on different mocs but as far as google knows, it's a complete mystery. I'd assume 10 minutes is an average estimate? I know it highly depends on weight, gearing, ect..ect... So what i'd like to know is just a random moc and the average time how long the batteries usually last when RC'ing..
  13. Mechbuilds

    My 8x8 Project

    Wheels came in the mail. Now still waiting for various parts so i can continue the project. Still need to order a lot more.. Next i need to start figuring out the steering so it would work on a servo.. The one gear in the middle only turns one tooth to the side.. So the turn radius is 3 teeth on the gear. EDIT: Wormgear.
  14. Mechbuilds

    My 8x8 Project

    Chassis progressing slowly.. Rear axle is taking shape.. The steering system now has a gear. Because i was planning on attaching a steering servo to the front to turn the vehicle rapidly. Problem is, the gear doesn't turn much when steering.. A steering servo would turn a whole 90 degrees.. Which is far too much. I think it's easier to calcultate the travel once the back wheel hubs are attached so they don't swing around and bind everywhere.. I wonder if i should go with the zerobricks leafspring system to the back as well to match the front or go for springs and put all the weight (batterypacks and motor ect.. ) on the back.. Also, is there a durability difference on colors? I can get the 32293 axle in black, grey and brown color.