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  1. At least they're wearing helmets.. Haha! The memes are dank. Cool moc!
  2. Action Figure Forum Discussion

    I'm in progress of making ANOTHER technic based mech. Currently the hip is finished. Next: Making legs.. How would you guys build legs into a 3 stud long beam? My goal is to use a technic spring piece to make the legs look like they have a suspension for jump jets. Here's my inspiration: I'm kinda stuck with the legs though.. I want to make full technic legs and i've tried 3 different designs but i'm still not happy with it..
  3. Grizzly IV

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah this whole thing started when my brother was making a technic based mech and sent me pictures. So i went off to build my own. I started by making the mechanisms for the torso and it turned out quite nice. It has lots of features but no actual functions. The colors are there only because my parts collection is not that big. I only have the bucket wheel excavator and a few parts that i've ordered from brickowl. Some times i just need to improvise and build even though i don't have the right colors. There were lots of compromises in this build just for that reason. It's "finished". I had the torso complete and started to figure out the shoulders, arms and legs.. But the build dragged on for a long time. The lack of parts started to show and i had no way to build efficient limbs for this mech. The build kept sitting and eventually i got bored. Had no money to order more parts (i have to order a limited amount of parts little by little per month.) Then came the idea for a yellow mech that's meant to be a service mech in deep space. And this build sat and went forgotten.. It's current state is: It's still sitting but slowly losing parts for other mocs. I'd be happy to share the leg mechanism if you're interested. If you need help to start building your own technic based mech (zero ball joints) I'll be happy to help. We need more technic based mechs out there. All the lego mechs are either system based or ball and socket based. This build proves that you CAN build a 100% technic based mech. Because the most complex mechanisms were build completely out of technic. And the yellow mech that i built is also proving this. You could actually make the legs motorized since the turn table leaves a space for an axle.
  4. I could build this and sell the beautiful rope..
  5. [HELP] Steering link question

    I'm currently trying to make a spider walker frame. My first idea was to make a 4 legged walker. That proved out to be difficult since the walker would be a nightmare to balance. So then i thought about an 8 legged frame.. Well the normal strandbeest style leg frames are always fixed to move in 2d.. Then i found the sariel mini octopod walker frame. The frame has very natural movement paths on the legs. Plus they're worm geared so they stay in place. But the weakness of the frame is the fact that the whole weight of the model is being supported only on the links. Since i'm going to build a big spider like tank, the walking frame needs to be 12 legged in order to handle the 2kg weight. And since the weight is so massive, the legs need to be close together to reduce stress on the links. I tried searching for a walking mechanism that would make the legs move forwards and backwards AND up and down to give that 3d feel but there just isn't any other frames build this way. If somebody wants a walker frame, they build strandbeest style legs. I myself just can't figure out a mechanism that works this way AND is durable enough to be built wider and handle the weight. Not to mention have longer legs too. I've already decided to put the model in a stand to reduce stress on the leg mechanisms.
  6. [HELP] Steering link question

    If the steering link is going to be installed so both the balls enter from the same side, will the stopper one be more durable? Especially when the steering linkage will be taking most of the weight?
  7. What's the difference between the steering links with or without stoppers? Does the stopper mean that the ball can't go trough the link? I'm asking because i need to buy these links and the one with the stopper is 50% cheaper. If i got this right, the non stopper version lets an axle go trough it and the stopper version is strictly for ball studs?
  8. [HELP] BIG walker legs.

    Sariels octowalker seems more of what i'm going after. I should copy this: http://sariel.pl/2010/12/octopod/ It looks like it can support a lot of weight.
  9. [HELP] BIG walker legs.

    AT-AT Has a very sophisticated walking mechanism. I'm thinking about more of a spider tank for what i'm building.. I've made two non functional mechs with lots of features.. Now i'm really going for the technic motorized thing. I want to make a 8 legged (4 leg pairs) strandbeest style walking weapons platform.. I'm currently struggling with the leg linkage. What i built tends to stuff up the linkages and lock the leg in place. I'm still looking for a good mechanism that works.. Maybe i should give the jensen linkage a whack. While this mechanism is very compact and works nicely, it still stresses the parts a lot.. And if you add lots of weight to it, (BB and large motor) I bet some parts will bend and wear fast.. Does anybody know if these type of legs can actually support weight?
  10. [HELP] BIG walker legs.

    I'm thinking about going with the klann linkage instead of the jensen linkage.
  11. [MOC] RU-12

    here's the mechanism: It lets the legs widen by this much: here's the gearing: Ankle joint: Posability: It's pretty much the smallest way to build sturdy legs without using any ball joints.
  12. [MOC] RU-12

    Thanks for the critique. The leg mechanism is basically the 3x3 smaller turn table and the mechanism allows the legs to "widen up" outward. The legs themselves have two gears to add friction. The knee joint you can see easily and it adds plenty enough friction. (Too much i'm afraid) The ankle joint lets it tilt forwards and backwards a limited range but enough for it to function. The ankle joints also have tilt sideways to compensate for the hip joints. Also the toes bend which helps with action poses. The model itself is very sturdy and poseable. When i start tearing this thing down, i should take more pics to show the mechanism.
  13. [HELP] BIG walker legs.

    Here's a fast sketch of what i had in mind.
  14. Okay. I finished my mech projects and now i'm starting to tackle a bigger project i had in mind.. It's basically a big battleship with legs. I haven't yet decided if it'll have 4 or 6 legs. But the legs will be really bulky and durable to hold enough weight. I'm planning on gearing the legs so i can run the whole thing with one XL motor. The walker will be 30-40cm long, 15-20 cm wide and 15-20cm tall. So it's going to be a big lumbering support platform that walks. The front will have a massive hatch that opens to reveal a big gun that'll pull out. (I might make it so it fires studs or something..) The top part will have multiple rocket launchers or gun turrets that will use the smaller turn table for aiming.. Basically everything will be manually operated except the legs. Now this is where i need some help. I'm first going to make a barebone chassis that'll have the leg mechanism. The legs will be geared and attached so it'll end up with one axle that'll be connected into the XL motor. What kind of leg mechanism should i go with? How do i make it so it can walk straight and hold enough weight for a walker this size? The legs should be 3 or 5 studs wide and 10 cm tall. EDIT: I wonder if i can make something like this with these 5x7 frames.