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  1. Mechbuilds

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    don't be so sure.. I'm trying to build a truck that's capable of rough offroad terrain.. I really like the shape of the axles efferman made. I just need the suspension setup to work... shame that a servo can't be thrown into the front axle but needs a steering shaft instead.. Doesn't help that it's only 1 stud spaced above the drive axle... I'd rather have the servo on the axle itself and just carve a hole for it in the chassis.. Man for the shape and size of these axles, they're quite sturdy.
  2. Mechbuilds

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    By looking at the spring mountings, when the suspension is compressed, there is some flexing to the spring part which will damage the part over time.. Can a hinge be added and use smaller yellow springs instead? I might use these axles for a build.. Send me a PM if you figure out. Love the shape of the axles though. Very slim and not bulky at all. EDIT: Also not a fan of mounting springs with an axle because axles always loosen when in use. Studs are better if you can find a place to mount them with it.
  3. Mechbuilds

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Wow that axle looks amazing. Please add it to the axle collection thread.. How is the suspension attached to that axle?
  4. Better than the A model.
  5. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    Would be nice for future axles added in this collection to include the suspension so we can see how to attach it to a chassis.
  6. Mechbuilds

    [WIP] John Deere 8RT 410 tractor

    Can't wait to see you figure out the front suspension.
  7. Mechbuilds

    Fake engine collection thread

    @SaperPL's mini v6.
  8. That is amazing! I love how you did the mini piston engine! So much engineering went to that chassis.
  9. Amazing moc! Well done! And congrats on the front page!
  10. Well as you can see in my example, when i open the technic category, bionicle parts pop up.
  11. I don't understand this whole talk about bricklink nonesense. I use brickowl. I mean if you're talking about getting a parts list for a pick a brick store then yeah it's handy. But i was only talking about.. Lets say i open up LDD and want to place this part: .. With LDD: Found it in 2 seconds. For studio: Ehh i guess it should be in technic? Nope.. Just opened up some system pieces and ball joints.. Which aren't techic i think? After lots of scrolling down i finally found it.. Or i could just google the part number for a part i don't know the official name of and then type that in i guess.. So much more hassle. Why can't they have a separate category for bionicle and oldschool technic pieces.. That would fix so many issues with studio..
  12. Oooh wait you can open up technic category and find beams trough "liftarm" name..
  13. This helped a lot! Still i think studio needs a patch so their part categorization would be similar to LDD.. No need to open bricklinks to search for part numbers.. Pretty much the biggest issue why i don't like
  14. I've used LDD only because it's so much easier to use.. The category system is easier on LDD because i can just open beams to see technic beams.. But in LDD i don't know how to use it.. So far the only way to get the part i need is to either guess it's right name or write a part number.. Is there a way to make studio categorize parts like LDD so everything is easier to find? Also studio doesn't really snap parts in the correct place like LDD does.. Axle can be smoothly pushed as far in as you want sure might sound cool but i like that LDD likes to snap axles in place so it's flush without needing to carefully try and place it flush.. How do i learn to use studio efficiently? Sorry for being a boomer and not tech savvy.
  15. Anyone have the latest LDD file? I need to add the new differential to LDD.. And the planetary hubs..