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  1. These creator expert bodyworks look stunning. I wish people would make more RC technic chassis for them.
  2. Awesome! You should definitely try making a hotrod next. You have a very good talent of making mocs with smaller scales. @sm 01made awesome hotrods at this scale but he's no longer with us.
  3. Very compact and functional!
  4. people just keep making more and more accurate models.. if you look at it from far away, you can't even tell it's lego.
  5. Omg that is insane!! I was working on that same thing but you beat me to the punch! I just couldn't figure out the camshaft and was following your V8's build and try to make it that way.
  6. the color scheme has a tiny nostalgic rock riders vibe to it. love it.
  7. The fake engine collection thread doesn't have a scale restriction.. Basically every single fake engine is welcome no matter how they're built. Even non functioning engines that just look nice are also welcome.
  8. These engines would make a great addition in this thread.
  9. That fake engine is amazing! Well done on the valves.
  10. That sounds nice but making a thread about "i'm thinking about making a moc" is not allowed. You'll have to post at least one WIP picture in the first post.
  11. I would love to see a similar engine being built with technic parts only instead of using system parts. We do have a thread dedicated for fake engines btw. Wish to see more detailed engines like this.
  12. After testing it with just with an axle in the middle, i found out that when i stall an XL motor, the axle will twist from torque.. But after adding the beams to toughen it up, it seems much more solid with no torque twisting.. (other than the XL motor jumping out of my test rig)