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  1. Probably using the same tyres but putting electrical tape around them to make them slick enough..
  2. Can buwizz + PF motors create enough power to drift this thing without having to use the buggy motor? I really want to make this thing drift. Also has anyone figured out a steering system that fits in this charger body that has as much as wheel lock as possible? Any info on this would be amazing. I really want to see this thing drift.
  3. Mechbuilds

    Quick question about servo placement.

    The servo is the only thing you can reposition in this case.. The gear rack is inside the chassis.. I found out i could reposition the servo on top in this case.. Will need to carve a hole in my cab but it's worth it for a stiff solid structure and room in the back so my rear axle can fit. Only issue is poor steering lock but i can't make it sharper because the tyre would collide with the springs.. And if i flip the tyres, then the rear axle will be too narrow.. So i'll go with smaller scale and poor steering but functional model.
  4. Mechbuilds

    Quick question about servo placement.

    Can you whip up an example? But i kinda know what you mean. Also i kinda figured out how to implement the servo on top of the gear which needed some chassis modifications but i still could keep the mechanism. This thread can also stay as an educative purpose if somebody else has the same issue.
  5. The gear can only turn 45 degrees that's why the servo turn mechanism. But the servo is sticking too far at the back. Is it possible to flip the servo 90 degrees so it's pointing upright? Any idea what mechanism would allow this? What i mean is that the rear part of the servo (with the wire) would be pointing up and the front of the servo is pointing downwards.
  6. Disassemble all your sets into pieces and store the pieces in this type of storage cabinets: Just remember to label the doors so you know which part is in which drawer. I have 3 large storage cabinets like these in my computer desk all filled to the brim with parts and still a massive pile of parts lying in the desk. If you want your sets to last a long time, always disassemble them. That way any part isn't constantly under stress when you leave your sets assembled.
  7. Mechbuilds

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    I really love this solution you figured out: That's brilliant!
  8. Mechbuilds

    [help] Front axle for military truck.

    Thanks for sharing, i know what you mean.. I'll have a crack at it at some point when i get motivated again.. Currently i'm building a mercedes dump truck on the side to at least keep me building and not stop completely.
  9. Mechbuilds

    [help] Front axle for military truck.

    Yeah the issue was that the axle has diagonal play when twisting. So yeah the axle does move up and down but the part has lots of play on it which causes damage to parts as it twists sideways.. Also when you lift the right tyre and have the left tyre stay down, the axle has play that the other tyre is moving forwards and other is moving backwards.. This causes the drive shaft to twist sideways and pull out of the axle.
  10. Mechbuilds

    [help] Front axle for military truck.

    I really wanted to stay away from this part: And make the suspension only by using these: Because that ball cup fork thing doesn't look realistic.. These axles are very visible under the car and i wanted to preserve that long front driveshaft and short driveshaft at rear because it's unique to this truck.. But since there is no way t make the suspension work with those parts it's easier to just copy what @nico71 did with hes heist truck.. Because that way i can make the front longer and rear shorter so it's at least somewhat trying to imitate the real thing..
  11. Mechbuilds

    [help] Front axle for military truck.

    There is a point of time where you stop trying when you're getting nowhere.. I've built over 10 different systems and every one of them had issues and were not the thing i was looking for. So far i haven't seen any moc that was similar to this so i had no reference which to copy and modify from. If i figure a suspension to this then it would be pretty much one of a kind since every other moc either has a different axle altogether or the axle is slanted downwards. I want my axles to be vertical.. I'm just so tired of disassembling this over and over again and i'm not even getting close.. EDIT: Since the previous image i posted, i've disassembled it and reassembled something other 3 times. And it's currently disassembled back to square one.. I might just give up and do this instead: I just can't figure out a suspension that works.
  12. Mechbuilds

    [help] Front axle for military truck.

    Update: Some progress has been made. This seems to work.. Now the issue is figuring out where can i attach springs. Also there is no way to stop the axle from tilting forwards and backwards.. I wonder if i could attach a third ball cup beam part in the middle somehow.. Any tips or advice would be great. EDIT: Added the third beam in the middle next to the tan gear.. Now just need to figure out the springs.. I'm still not completely satisfied on the solution because the ball cup beams are twisting sideways when the axle is twisted. I wonder if the same thing can be made with rods instead. But i might need a panhard rod to stabilize it from moving sideways.
  13. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    Tough Axles.LXF I just wanted to share these! @effermandid 90% of the work. I did some small modifications like the servo and CV joint frame. These axles are pretty tough and can take abuse. You can also take the 5x7 frame out of the middle and replace it with a H frame if you need more connection points.
  14. Can't wait for the video!
  15. It's amazing how close it is to the real thing.. Are you using a model scaler? scaler <--