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  1. [MOC]MR-7: Marauder

    Nah my point was that if a vehicle like this was in real life, the front tires would collapse immediately. They must be made out of awesonium rubber that can hold it's shape.
  2. [MOC]MR-7: Marauder

    It's a very cool moc. But the front tires are illogical.
  3. The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Lego needs more spaceships and mechs out of starwars. Only reason why i buy starwars sets is because i need gray pieces.
  4. [Review] Keiji 5005 (Mybuild)

    I discovered that the hand part has a go trough hole in one side and just a stud on the other. After flipping the hand a bit, the sword stays on perfectly. The stud side that doesn't have a hole is slightly smaller than the stud with the hole. Also the sideways studs on the legs are slightly smaller too. The 1x1 plates do stick well. But when trying a cheese wedge from lego, they don't really stick that well. Conclusion: The leg and hand pieces should be reworked to have the studs stick better to lego.
  5. [Review] Keiji 5005 (Mybuild)

    Here's my humble review of the offbrand mybuild's product: "Keiji" First of all, the box itself feels really good quality. The parts were packed in plastic bags and the instruction booklet was tucked inside the box. The instruction booklet itself also feels very high quality. The instructions themselves are clear to read just like your regular lego booklets. Although the colors are very deep and dark. Here's a sample of one of the small stud pieces that are used in the joints: Instead of a paint or a sticker, these things are actually indented. Here's a comparison or the technic shoulder joints used compared to regular technic. (Lego = silver and MyBuild black.) Very close but just slightly thicker than lego. Notice how they utilized their original skeleton but modified the shoulders to give it additional articulation. It was pretty satisfying to build. All the parts snap on very snugly and feel very tight. The quality is more of like a display piece instead of a toy to play with. I felt more like building a moc instead of building a regular set. It did leave some additional parts behind. The cockpit opens up and it has room for a minifigure: I used a Lego starwars figure to show off how it fits. As you can see, without the helmet, it fits in very nicely. (I purposely angled the shoulder piece a little bit sideways so you can see the figure.) However, with a helmet it's a different story: It doesn't fit completely closed with the helmet. I did have a little bit of trouble with the sword though. The back part is very fragile to fall off. If you accidentally touch it even lightly, it'll fall off. However, the same problem doesn't come for the front piece because: It has a bar inside it which helps with the connection. What i didn't like about the sword was the use of this illegal connection here: Plate on a clip. The sword itself is very fantasy-like. A standard 1x1 clip plate with one of those long plates would have sufficed as a believeable sword. The proportions of the sword look comically huge. The hip and shoulder pieces are just a clip on a bar which leaves them room to slide back and fourth and tilt up and down. Here's a better view of the cockpit: It has room for a standard lego minifigure to sit normally and enjoy the ride. The starwars pilot helmet was too fat to fit though. Here's a picture of the figure standing straight with the sword on the ground just to show the scale of the sword compared to the figure: View of the back: And the pose: My thoughts: Brick feel: 9/10 - The pieces feel very snug and strong. As good as the original lego bricks themselves. However i had problems with the swords connection to the arm which was kinda loose. The studs that connect to the joints just push in but don't have a satisfying click. However, they're in there very tight. Instructions: 8/10 - The instruction booklet is good quality and the instructions are clear to read and understand. However the colors are kinda dark which gave me a problem to distinguish if i need a blue or a black piece. The figure itself: - Looks 9/10 - It looks very beautiful, it's more moc like and good attention to detail. Almost no studs left visible. However, the sword was a part i disliked. - Structure 8/10 - It's very sturdy and poseable. However the sword connection is very fiddly. - Building the figure 10/10 - It was very fun to build. Overall score: 8,8 / 10 Last thoughts: It feels like a high quality model that sits on top of a shelf. It feels very stiff to move which is a good thing because it's highly poseable. It's made using injection molding which makes the parts nice and strong. The company was nice enough to send me two of their products to review. (Thank you very much!) Would i recommend this product? Absolutely. Links:
  6. Space Base H17

    Many times in builds like these, their parts run out and they'll have to order more and more pieces constantly until the project is finished. Some times it'll take years to gather enough parts to finish a massive build like this.
  7. Lack of original themes

    Lego be like: "Is there any more room in your throat for a third darth vader CCBS figure? There is? HERE COMES THE STARWARS TRAIN, CHOO CHOO!"
  8. Lack of original themes

    I'm so sick of starwars. Bring back lego space!
  9. Better love story than twilight.
  10. 1. I personally use those sorting cabinets people use for nuts and bolts. I have currently 3 of them for technic pieces. 2. I use brickowl. It's the best site if you need very specific parts for a very specific build. However, finding extremely rare parts is harder on that site. 3. Best place to buy lego sets are from garage sales and stuff like that. Normally lego sellers in lego specific sites such as brickowl, know their parts worth. 4. Favorite set.. Hmm... I can't think of any, i'm much more of a moc builder. Usually when i buy a set, i assemble it only once and disassemble it afterwards. But if i have to choose one, i'll choose the bucket wheel excavator.. So many parts.. 5. For small children, i'd get one of those large bins that have wheels under it. You can easily just push it under the bed. Kids like to dig in a large pile of legos and adults like to be organized. I think a large bin that you push under the bed is a good mix of both. If you can get one that's very long and not that deep, even better.
  11. [MOC] Cargo starships

    These types of container cargo ships are the reason why i finally decided to buy system legos again.. (I've been a technic guy for a loooong time) Words can't describe how awesome these ships are.
  12. LEGO Pet Peeves

    People who sell lego as mished up messes of their childs moc's. If you're selling Tahu, don't sell it with Kopakas sword and Pohatus legs. Or people who sell "full sets" which has either lots of missing pieces or pieces that are wrong color. If it's not a complete set, don't sell it as one.
  13. Any bicyclists here on Eurobricks?

    I personally have nothing against cycling itself. I think it's a great hobby to have. I have a massive thing agaisnt people who are cyclist in the city, hogging the roads and causing accidents and danger. I have a 600 eur solifer bike with 3x7 gears if i recall correctly. Doesn't have disc brakes unfortunately. My tires are standards because i usually ride in the countryside so we have gravel roads. I'd give it all to get a velomobile though. Even a recumbent bike would do. I have bad knees and a bad back. It's been a long wait for summer..
  14. Favourite Locomotives?

    I like trains..
  15. Tips and tricks!

    Two of those stacked on top of eachother and an axle pin in each of those axle holes. Only way i could get these things off was by biting the pin end and just pulling the axle away from the L piece.. But this will damage the pin. I mean, sure you can push and axle from the other side but it's really fiddly. Anybody got a quick fix that's easier?