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Found 7 results

  1. Hi folks, I'd like to share my latest work Finally I succeeded to build an automatic shooting mechanism only from entirely genuine stock LEGO parts and of cause in a quite real shape (Bren)
  2. I always loved lego creations that shoot things, especially crossbows. Unfortunately, the bricks are not so ellastic, so some power source is needed. I decided to use stiff string, as opposed to common ruberbands. Instead, the limbs are moved by steel springs. Reverse draw crossbow by David_Z1, on Flickr This is how it looks unloaded: Crossbow - up1 by David_Z1, on Flickr and here loaded: Crossbow - up2 by David_Z1, on Flickr The limbs are not moving that much, but the draw length is quite long due to the compound system. This has few advantages: -The peak string velocity is 3x the limb velocity -Bolt acceleration is smoother -For the given draw length, limbs can be shorter = stronger and with less inertia. The springs are stretched a lot even in the idle position. Thanks to this, the string force ramps up from 0.6 kg to about 1 kg, greatly increasing energy as compared to going from zero. Moreover, the construction is stiffer this way. The aim of reverse draw construction was to shorten the limbs and move them to the rear, improving balance. The limb movement is synchonised (two grey beams on the front), and the spring tension is regulated (suprisingly, two identical springs were not-so-identical, so this was mandatory). Trigger system: Crossbow - trigger mechanism by David_Z1, on Flickr This is a typical crossbow trigger. After pressing it, the white knob is free to rotate, releasing the string with little friction. The knob can rotate backwards, so that the string can be hooked up by just pulling it over the knob. Okay, for the performance: bolt velocity 20 m/s (about 66 fps). Not exactly blazing fast, but the ammo is quite heavy and stable in flight. The hit effects are usually like this: Penetration test by David_Z1, on Flickr I'd still call it a toy, it is no real danger unless someone is shot in the eye (obviously). Hitting anything beyond 20 m or so is very hard. One can also load lighter ammo such as pencil to reach some 35 m/s, but accuracy becomes terrible.
  3. So this is my latest tank. It is a development of my previous tank, the Blacktron Liberator. The Liberator is very fast and fun to play with, but it also has plenty of shortcomings. With this build I tried to eliminate those shortcomings and at the same time be a little more purist: the only non-LEGO item in this build is a Buwizz brick. However this tank is not controlled by the Buwizz app. Instead I've tested @imurvai's BrickController app with this MOC (see video). And that proved to be a very positive experience. Ever since I've been playing around with Sbricks and Buwizz bricks one thing (well more than one thing to be honest) has bothered me, and that is the lack of any physical feedback. When I am playing with a MOC I am usually looking at it, not at the app on my smartphone. And so it can easily happen that my fingers lose touch with the controls without meaning to. This is totally not an issue when using a gamepad :). The MOC is powered by 2 XL motors for drive and 2 M motors for rotation, elevation and shooting. Functions: - Working torsion-bar suspension - Shooting; - Driving; - Turret rotation; - Gun elevation; Very roomy tank for minifigs :) Of course I've also made a video :) Hope you will like it!
  4. This is my Blacktron “Liberator” main battle tank (MBT). It was designed to be the backbone of the Blacktron land forces. It is a relatively small and fast attack vehicle with heavy armaments, capable of devastating hit-and-run attacks. At the moment it is just a prototype being field tested but as soon as this design enters full production Blacktron HQ expects to be able to take the initiative once again. With it's completion I have finally realized a long term goal that I have had since I started making LEGO tanks, namely making a LEGO tank that has both the core functionality and the performance of an actual tank.
  5. Hey guys, this is my latest MOC. Been working on this MOC for a long time. Apart from it's appearance the biggest difference with its predecessor is the integration of an EV3 in the turret. That took quite a bit of work because the EV3 unit and the Mindstorms motors are so much bigger than the PF ones. Had a hard time building a turret that was roughly the same size as the previous one. The main reason for wanting to include the EV3 was because I wanted the gun barrel to be self-stabilizing, that is keeping its elevation regardless of the elevation of the hull. Its implementation can be improved upon. While it does its job adequately, the mechanism should operate faster. At the moment it works like this: take measurement → compare measurement with previous measurement → adjust the barrel accordingly → take new measurement, etc. This cycle can take upto 10 seconds to complete, depending on the difference in elevation, which is too long really. But this time around the main objective was to get it working in the first place. It was my first attempt at making a program for the EV3, which was more difficult than I had expected. I have some ideas on how to improve it, but that will have to wait for a bit. Now I've made videos about LEGO tanks before. However this one is a little different because I also set out to include something of a story in this video. It's also my first video where I had multiple people collaborating with me on different parts. That is besides my best friend, Depipro, who has helped me before. Hope you will like it.
  6. Hello, here is the new topic. The original was http://www.eurobrick...wtopic=84735 but I hadn't finished it, and Rick already posted something and locked it, even though I was still editing. If any administrator sees this, please delete the original topic immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience. Rick, why did you have to lock it, I was still editing! Anyways, here is one of my first Technic MOCs, a tank! I've always wanted to make a tank, I finally got the parts from Bricklink and built this! It includes a machine gun with flashing lights, suspension and a working gun. I didn't have enough remotes and motors, so I just used a hand crank for the machine gun and a switch to the main gun. I used the help of gear ratio a lot here! Special thanks to Steve Nesta and Pawel "Sariel" Kmiec. Here is the video- Pictures of the main gun mechanism- Pictures of the machine gun- Pictures of drive and suspension-
  7. matthewclso

    Lego Technic Tank

    Hello, here is my first MOC, a tank! I've always wanted to make a tank, I finally got the parts from Bricklink and built this! It includes a machine gun with flashing lights, suspension and a working gun. I didn't have enough remotes and motors, so I just used a hand crank for the machine gun and a switch to the main gun. I used the help of gear ratio a lot here! Special thanks to Steve Nesta and Pawel "Sariel" Kmiec. Here is the video-