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  1. Hi efferman, I have just taken a look at all the parts, and I like the driven steering hub small. But with the normal female cw joint, I am sadly missing a half stud for connecting these wheels properly http://brickset.com/parts/4297210. Or will these rims fix it? https://www.shapeways.com/model/1785769/six-hole-rime-for-49-5x20.html?modelId=1785769&materialId=6
  2. Hello efferman, I really like these custom part's. But just a quick question, are the 62X20 rims packed by 4 or is it just a mistake in the photo? (this 1 http://www.shapeways.com/model/1769084/62x20-rim.html?modelId=1769084&materialId=6 )
  3. 1: I never have taken a model from upstairt to downstairs or the otherway around just to test it 2: I never cursed the whole place, just because 1 of my models slipt out of my hands when walking down the stairs or up
  4. Where is this for? I don't understand it.
  5. Well, I dont like that it's a metal actuator and I dont know why they made that weird end but it looks funky .
  6. I understand that , 15 studs sounds good!
  7. Hello Efferman, I hope you are alright in the hospital. I am going to order the parts, I have 1 question. Can you maybe make a bigger LA? Or is this too difficult?
  8. That is awesome! Can you make more pics? And it looks like the operator cab is hanging a bit lose, is that right? Anyway, great MOC !
  9. Overall it improves stability and steering, the steering needs less force for a positive camber then a negative caster.
  10. sadly Dluders banned, I MIS HIM! why is he banned?

    1. Mechbuilds


      Weird how he did nothing wrong and got banned. I see no negativity or flaming on hes posts.

  11. thx, working is not a problem but getting it finished is a problem I have uploaded the video of the drifting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qV6xSVVmTS4&feature=c4-overview&list=UU0WGQb1nC10vdM_BpUsQ96Q
  12. guys, the video is almost ready to upload but sadly i do not have any time to upload it to youtube, I will post it tomorrow
  13. Yes sadly i only have a V1, the buggy usses so much power that the power supplie stop) i dont know it exactly) mainly the car wont drift because it has a diff, and there isnt much room (hope u can see that there isnt much room) I will try too upload 2 vids tomorow, 1 for outside driving and 1 for drifting( actually a VW golf cant realy drift because it is frontwheel driven XD )
  14. here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVl2hcNQLwg&feature=c4-overview&list=UU0WGQb1nC10vdM_BpUsQ96Q Hope you like it.