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  1. The Shuttlefan

    [MOC] Chain-Making Machine

    Ingenious! How does it ensure that the axles are in the correct orientation for insertion?
  2. For me the most promising aspect of flex panels is that they can be transparent. Technic has been moving towards fully enclosed models for years, which is a trend I like - but there's no way to make large windows with the existing parts. I'm hopeful that the windscreen in the Ducati indicates the direction TLG is thinking in. Imagine a family of trapezoidal transparent flex panels in varying sizes, with a pin hole at each corner... As for bodywork, you're right that flex panels would be no use for replicating complex curvature, but nonetheless I'd like to see TLG explore the concept.
  3. I never thought about it this way, but you're right. A coherent panelling system would be fantastic. I've been thinking in the same direction. The flex panels are very promising, particularly for windows - I think it's been mentioned that Technic cars tend to look wrong in profile because they don't have the curve of the windscreen, and these parts could solve that. I actually asked for more flex panels in the wish list a few weeks ago Combining these two ideas, perhaps the (as yet hypothetical!) flex panel system could be expanded to also serve as bodywork?
  4. The Shuttlefan

    Raptor2 - Running Biped With Steering[MOC]

    This looks more impressive - and more realistic - with every iteration. It seems to me like it's unsteady partly because it's losing traction - perhaps some extra weight in the head and tail could help to dampen the "bouncing"?
  5. The Shuttlefan

    10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Discussion

    Rebrickable has their review up: Review - 10283-1 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery | Rebrickable It's looking better and better. There's a new quarter-circle brick in white, and a bunch of pieces in metallic silver. The instructions are still using the black background, though.
  6. The Shuttlefan

    10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Discussion

    This looks great. I'm so relieved it's not Columbia. A Saturn V-scale set would have been nice, but this larger scale gives room for more details. I like it. The way the RCS nozzles are built on the nose implies some very impressive techniques. Are those axles in white along the sides? And it looks like the rudder opens to serve as a speed brake, like it should. I'm impressed.
  7. The Shuttlefan

    What was your first lego set?

    My first ever set? Not sure I know - it was quite a while ago. The first set that I actually remember having is 6270 Forbidden Island. @Alexandrina - my brother had that bus, plus a few other football sets!
  8. The Shuttlefan

    10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Discussion

    I'll be really disappointed if it is. I guess they've gone with the fact that Columbia was the first Shuttle; but these days she's definitely better remembered for the accident. I'm also worried that it could be seen as a snub to the Challenger crew. This would be ideal. Those who want to can set up a tribute to Challenger or Columbia, and those who don't (such as me) can display her as Atlantis or whatever. I'm also unhappy with the rumour that it's not 1:110 scale - I really want to put it next to the Saturn V.
  9. The Shuttlefan

    [MOC] Liebherr L518 Stereo Wheel Loader

    This is a fantastic little model. It's exactly what I want from Technic - manual control, playability not sacrificed for looks, ingenious mechanics, brick-built details... I particularly like the way that the drive train runs through the rear axle. My one (very tiny) criticism would be the control panel in the cabin - I'd like to see something less generic. But I agree that I'd love to see it as an official set - it would be a guaranteed purchase for me!
  10. The Shuttlefan

    Star Wars / Classic Space Mesh-ups

    These are magnificent! I think my favourite is the Starfighter A - that notch in the nose is as good as anything I've seen in a "real" A-wing. How did you achieve the half-stud offset? And with the Starfighter X, did you give any thought to adding a Classic Space-style robot behind the cockpit?
  11. The Shuttlefan


    Hello Eurobricks! Been lurking for years and finally decided to make an account As you can tell from my username, 8480 Space Shuttle is one of my favourite sets; I'm obviously a big fan of Technic, but I'm also into Creator and Star Wars. Looking forward to discussing Lego and maybe posting some MOCs!