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  1. First modification I made, added two #22 panels on the left side. Literally one of the last steps in the instructions, pg.366, shows adding two #22 panels on the fairing for the right side, so I just did the same on the left side. It really does look like somebody just forgot to include them to be honest. They fit perfect, I just built them the same as the other side only mirrored. Not sure if they left it off on purpose, or if is supposed to represent something as on the real bike. Anyway just finished the set, so now time to mod it a bit. Really enjoyed building it, the sticker fest, not so much. This coming from a guy that really doesn't mind a few stickers. Edit: Small mistake, I meant to say I added two #21 panels to mimic the two #22 panels on the right side. Just wanted to clarify. Really itching to modify this set, looking forward to seeing what others come up with too.
  2. Johnny1360

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Actually I am overall satisfied with this years City offerings, maybe because I never see them as final sets but more as something to be customized to fit my needs.
  3. Johnny1360

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    This, anything else great as it might be, then belongs in some licensed theme. Of course it would be great to see some licensed vehicles and in fact we have some new ones built in the same style as Speed Champions. Obviously SC needs to remain true to its roots, real life cars not fantasy stuff.
  4. Lol, unfortunately I don't possess that skill set, however, I can tell you the one I have came from set 42064 Ocean Explorer. It is part number 18591 windscreen 4x4x5 cone with pins. Hopefully that will be enough for you to find it on brinklink, as I don't even know how to embed the link here, lol. Edit: The one I have is red, although I do think it comes it a couple of other colors, there are not many colors it is available in.
  5. Not liking the shaping on the front, looks too flat, like a table top. Also that tail rotor mechanism is just too massive and bulky and seems to make the spindly tail section significantly sag. Sorry just not a fan of this moc, although I do think it is good enough to warrant some redesigning.
  6. Johnny1360

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Is it possible LEGO will change the timing of new train rollouts? Instead of the usual two every four years, do one every two years, to me this would be a better way of doing it.
  7. Not necessarily but it does depend on how much use or abuse it has been subjected to. I have had them last much longer and also much less time, with various other batteries. I actually do not own one of those packs but sure wish I would have picked up one before they retired.
  8. As far as end of life goes, time is not nearly as pertinent as charge discharge cycles, have you used it a lot? No way of really knowing how long it sat around before you got it, is there? It does sound like it is simply at the end of its useful life, still I would open it up to verify, of course follow normal safety protocols, safety first.
  9. I do like to see stuff like this and you have done a great job. I always like when a moc not only looks good and functions fairly well but also teaches you something as well. It does look like more than 7 complications, to me anyway, lol. Thanks
  10. There is also a piece, often used on the front of ship builds, that I have always considered using for a nose cone for a plane. Not sure how common it is though, I believe I only have one or two. It is more rounded and has a depression on each side that would work as part of jet intakes.
  11. Johnny1360

    General Part Discussion

    Personal experience, couldn't help myself, lol. The two tabs at the top can be very easily pushed in at the same time, I used two of the air T pieces and it springs apart. No damage and super simply to reassemble. I guess I should have took a picture but I figured it had already been done and now it is very much attached to the bike. Not really much to see, just three parts.
  12. Yes /\ Would love a proper helicopter with that many parts and think with the right functions it could use that many parts.