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  1. First off, thanks for yet another quality, review, I much prefer this type of proper review, although I seem to be in a quickly dwindling minority. They are getting harder to find and I appreciate the time you spent making it. A lot of people don't seem to like that rudder above the water line. To me it just represents a portion of the rudder, the rest obviously below the water line same as the keel. Sure they could have including both, probably at the expense of any sort of play feature, making a great display set. Personally I like this set and catch myself playing with it every now and then, when I dust my Lego display off. It's one of those sets I want to buy a second one for the good parts, although I have no use for the sails.
  2. LEGO Pet Peeves

    I always use my teeth brush before the feet powder too.
  3. Isn't that actually a difference of only, 0.04? I can't imagine the very slight weight difference would be enough to significantly increase the strength of the heavier one either. Although it does seem some colors have a higher failure rate. It's good to see various theorys proved and disproved still. Keep up the experiments.
  4. Amazingly massive build, awesome, did a mountaineer fall off the rock face after witnessing the UFO creating those crop circles?
  5. Alright, after a little research, I have to admit 42080 isn't as ridiculous looking as I first thought. There is in fact quite a few forest harvesters built in this style, same with the ones I am more familiar with. Sorry if I riled anyone with my uneducated opinion. However now I have been inspired to create my own harvester, probably start with the Volvo EW160E as my parts base. Thanks for all the insightful responses.
  6. I think that Lego is trying to move forward with their heavy equipment designs, with a more modernized, smaller more nimble look, as realized in the modern world. While I seem to be stuck in the last century, with large brutish heavy equipment, that just overcomes obstacles with brute force. The stuff I grew up with in other words. Of course this is a good thing, after all they can't just keep making the same stuff over and over. I do look forward to seeing and building this newer more modern wave of Technic sets.
  7. Crazy man, as a carpenter by trade, I have so many of these battery packs laying around. As a fat old man though I am to chicken to try it, can't run very fast.
  8. Okay, that makes sense then, out of scale. I still think it looks ridiculous with eight tiny tires instead of four huge ones. Not really seen many of those machines though, outside of a few lumberjack shows. They all seem to have huge tractor like tires. Again, I might think differently once we see more images. Yes it definitely does not use 42054 wheels. Yes we wouldn't want another 42070 fiasco.
  9. Bricklink and shipping costs

    Yet I can go to the Dollar Store and buy merchandise for 99 cents, that comes all the way from China and they still turn a profit, crazy.
  10. Sorry, I guess I don't understand, the Claas wheels are in production and are currently being used in other sets, so why would it be more economical for them to use the balloon tires, if I as the end user are paying for them.
  11. Just seems like it would be a perfect candidate for the Claas wheels as well, which I need.
  12. LEGO Pet Peeves

    Oops, sorry for spreading misinformation.
  13. Have to say, from what I've seen, don't care much for 42080 either and I generally like most sets. Has the wrong tires, rather smallish, I think instead of eight small tires, it should have 4 larger ones. The engine compartment seems too flat and overly large. The whole attachment arm seems unwieldy and doesn't appear to have much reach. Hopefully it looks better once we get more images. I was really looking forward to this one, so I hope my opinion changes.
  14. LEGO Pet Peeves

    Well in this instance the part doesn't exist in the models predominant color, so
  15. LEGO Pet Peeves

    I understand what you're peeve is but that is a bad example, since it only comes in 3 colours anyway light blue, tan and black. Apparently they had a bunch in light blue laying around. As small as those parts are and as few as there are, it doesn't bother me that much, though I'd rather have the black ones. Actually think it might be sand blue, starting to get quite a few in my collection of that colour, happily.