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  1. Johnny1360

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Nope not by a long shot.
  2. As much as I like it, I think many are setting themselves up for disappointment already, not expecting much considering the parts count.
  3. Johnny1360

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    Two spare tyres would be great, lol. Then it would be much easier to put the third axle on there.
  4. Johnny1360

    40516 Everyone Is Awesome

    Glad to hear that as that is my primary reason for getting the set, as usual.
  5. Wow, I have never seen that set but I build a paper airplane launcher a couple of years ago that was very similar but I used more wheels and mine was completely hand held, like a gun. Same basic principle though and here I thought I came up with a completely original idea, lol. Thanks for bursting my bubble, glad I never promoted it as such.
  6. Johnny1360

    42128 - American Tow Truck

    Sorry about that guys, not sure why I have such a problem deleting quote boxes. Anyway the set looks pretty good without decals, I am glad of that. Also see many things I can change, very glad for that. I like the sets that lend themselves towards modifying the most.
  7. Johnny1360

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    I was looking at some pictures of the real car and it's weird but the rear tires look way to small on it too.
  8. Johnny1360

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    Yeah a bit early for sure, I have yet to pick up any of this years sets yet, lol, so I can't really comment on them. As far as next year, I feel certain the theme will continue, I can't imagine they would have even bothered switching to 8-wide, it they were going to end the theme after only two waves. They also seem to shy away from the asian car market for some reason, so I would expect the usual European cars with maybe one American car but who can know at this stage. It would all be speculation and wish-listing. I do wish the would add a set or two to each years line-up and split it into two smaller waves each year. It just seems like every year I get all the sets in less than a month and end up wanting more, lol.
  9. Johnny1360

    40516 Everyone Is Awesome

    I was glad to see this set come out, for the figures mostly and not for the reasons others are discussing here and when it all started I wanted to chime in but I didn't, I just listened. Didn't want to fan the flames so to speak. All my life I have been drawn to unique/different individuals and thoroughly enjoy listening to their thoughts and view points, I find it very interesting. So for me anyway, LEGO has scored big with this set, thanks for all the valuable insight and mindful discussion, for those that kept it civil, I have gained a bit more respect and understanding for people that are different from me. Never a bad thing. Can't really beat the price and there are many elements I can use from this set, so I will definitely pick it up at some point. All the other stuff is an added bonus, even though at first I was abit concerned about the direction of this thread. And the other one too.
  10. Johnny1360

    LEGOcon - 26th June announcement

    I guess it would make sense, as before PU, we had lights to go with PF, so I would expect at some time they would do the same with PU. Unless of course they already have and I am just not aware of it, lol.
  11. Johnny1360

    Help Requested on Building Technique

    Maybe wheel arches would be your best bet.
  12. Johnny1360

    Best of LEGO Bootlegs

    Hate to admit it but those ships look great.
  13. Funny how this thread appears out of the blue, right when I have been looking at this set on my display cabinet. Been trying to decide whether to break it down or modify it some, it has sat there so long. I really like what you have done with the bucket and since I have the parts, I think I will try your setup, simple yet excellent playability, thanks. I never really liked the original bucket but was always to lazy to mod it, lol. One question though, what string to you use? Also always felt the boom should be longer as well but then the string is simply to short to do much with it. Plus I think then some weight needs to be added to the back of the cab, unsure what to use but I would like for it to be a LEGO solution. Anyway really like what you have accomplished and thanks for the inspiration, the thing I seem to be lacking in the most anymore.
  14. Growing up in the Arizona desert, left some LEGO in the car for a couple of days on the dash, they became quite unusable afterwards, extreme warping. Now that was summer heat in a closed car in direct sunlight, so it does happen but we are talking 120 degrees+ Fahrenheit, sorry too lazy to convert it. Suffice it to say though a human would die under similar conditions.