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  1. Johnny1360

    PF lights two studs wide

    Crap, I've never seen that piece before either. Now I have to get some, thanks.
  2. Johnny1360

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wow, been awhile since I have been in here, went back like 10 pages hoping to see if something new is going to hit the shelves anytime soon, I guess not, hard to tell with the current state of conversation in here. It would be funny if not so pathetic, even had to check if I was in the right thread, much less forum, lol.
  3. So I tried to look at some of the offerings but you can't without giving your phone number? Looks to sketchy, I will pass.
  4. Johnny1360

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Of course there is nothing to stop anyone from making SC looking cars scaled down to city, of course you won't be able to seat two minifigures side by side and it will be less detailed but i stand by my statement. City and Speed Champions are two separate themes that almost but not quite, fit together any more than the Creator 3-1 vehicles do. I applaud the change and wish only that it would have happened sooner. Like I said even at six wide they are to big for city. That is why it perplexes me when people continually second guess LEGO's decision. "Now Speed Champion cars are to big for my city." They always were, so just accept it, or as has been mentioned, make it so. Not trying to be harsh, just putting my point of view out there. I have always been a huge fan of SC and have all the 8 wides and most of the six wides, which don't look near as good now next to the new ones. So please don't take it personally.
  5. Johnny1360

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    To be honest, to me anyway, even the six wide SC cars look to big in a standard city setup, especially when you add trucks and buses with them. So I applaud the switch to eight wide, the cars look so less cartoonish, with much more detail and closer to properly scaled dimensions, wheels and all. Definitely looks funny with the minifigures though, no denying that, unless actually seated in the vehicle. I just don't see a valid point on making Speed Champions to fit with City, two totally different themes, accept it.
  6. Something else too, the upper steering pivot is stationary while the lower pivot point moves as the suspension works, which will cause issues as well.
  7. Johnny1360

    [MOC] 2 meter long Lego Technic Bridge

    Galloping Gurtie lives again, lol, I know not the same kind of bridge but that's what I instantly thought of. I think it works well for your use, a place to display more vehicles for your LEGO city. Also looks pretty good and fits in, however I can't help but ponder ways to beef it up. That's a lot of bridge thanks for showing it.
  8. Johnny1360

    Volvo Hauler 42114 - won't dump

    Really was not interested in this set, mostly because I can not afford it, however just because a lot of people seem to have problems with it and many have no problems, makes me think it is a fairly challenging build. So I may pick it up after all, sounds like they may need to dumb down the instructions a bit more. I will say to the OP though, when putting together sets like this and fact all sets. I like to confirm that everything is working correctly before moving on to the next step. Saves a lot of disassembly in case something is incorrectly put together, something that I tend to do more than I care to admit. Mostly when I get in a hurry or distracted.
  9. Yes and as DrJB also mentioned they also have many of the larger sets in-store now, where as they were only previously available from their on-line store.
  10. Well in fact this is a very recent change, within the last month or so and yes it is also three aisles away from any other LEGO, so to me that constitutes a different section of the the store. There is also signage inviting adult " collectors". Never saw that before in a retail store but I will admit I don't get around much, so I may be late to the party. Anyway my whole point is that the argument of LEGO is a kids toy just doesn't appear to hold much water any more, that's all.
  11. I desperately need this thread, I am at a complete lose when it comes to using PU in a MOC, so I will be revisiting this thread often. Thanks for creating it.
  12. So much to say and read on this subject. One thing though not mentioned is as anyone who actually shops in stores would have noticed. LEGO, including Technic is no longer considered just a kids toy. According to LEGO and many big retailers many sets are now specifically targeting adults, In fact Target has a totally separate section in the store for adult LEGO away from the "kids" LEGO. Consisting mostly of the larger Technic sets and Creator vehicles, Architecture and those artsy sets as well. So, the whole it's just a kids toy argument, no longer holds water.
  13. Johnny1360

    [MOC] Pullback Technic Bug

    Indeed, me too. Man I bet you could really put the fright into somebody with that thing, nice.
  14. Johnny1360

    42122 Trophy Truck

    Very well done, I like it very much, I dare say as much if not more than the A model. I have been looking at the A model for about two weeks now, really not liking it much, was about to rip it apart and attempt a B model myself but I may build this first now, thanks for sharing.
  15. Johnny1360

    REVIEW: 40448 LEGO® IDEAS Vintage Car

    Finally got around to slapping this thing together, fun enough little set but lol, to say the surfboards fit a bit loosely is an understatement. Mine are so loose they just randomly fall off, like if I just walk by it sitting on the table. Oh well, like everyone else I guess I will accept it as a challenge to make it better. It is a bit disappointing though and I can't believe LEGO would allow such a thing.