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  1. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So it seems to be "year of the rally car" for Lego this year got one in Technic, Creator and Speed Champions. Is there one for City as well?
  2. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Same exact scenario here, have had it for about the same amount of time as well, plus those damn hoses constantly pop off also. That is why I have it slated for parts fodder. Honestly the only reason I got it in the first place.
  3. colours

    I also noticed in set 31074, that I recently purchased, a very slight shade difference with the lime green pieces. The snot plates and plate 1x1 with clip are definitely shaded different, like they have more of a brownish tint to them.
  4. 2018 Creator Sets

    Just picked up 31074 Rocket Rally Car. Not sure why but I really like this set, probably even pick up 2 or 3 more of them eventually. It's got some good parts, some I never even knew existed. Anyway just felt like throwing in my two cents.
  5. Older Than Dirt!

    Looks like this thread could use a little dusting off. I'll be 56 in February and would be proud to have an older than dirt tag. I've certainly paid my dues.
  6. Sorry if a thread like this already exists, I did search back over 20 pages. Anyway almost all sets have extra bits, mostly small common parts. Every now and then a set comes along that has a rather substantial or large useful element as an extra piece, not contained in the parts list. Such was the case for me with set 60148 ATV Race Team, had an extra light grey plate 2x16, very useful. I have purchased two of these sets at least six months apart and they both had it. This set can be found very cheap now as well, like $12. So just wondering if anyone else has come across such sets. And if so which sets.
  7. My goodness, that thing looks absolutely hideous in orange. May be just me though.
  8. Aesthetics and Technics

    Me too, as a relative new comer to the world of technic, less than two years, I appreciate both aspects. I have yet to pull off a great looking moc, however the gearbox is my holy grail, that I strive to learn about. Also really like suspension/driveline components as well and pretty much any sort of mechanism. As far as reverse ackermann steering, one needs look no further than any number of circle track racers, to see it's real world application. Would not want it in a street car for sure though. Anyway I am more into function than form, I think in the end it's just a matter of personal preference. Lot of great moc's here in both camps, keep em' coming.
  9. [MOC] Republic Fighter Tank

    It is a great looking moc. With the release of 75167 you too could build a similarly great model as well, this thread I believe predates that set.
  10. Official sets' builders

    Or like in the case of the Holiday 2017 catalogue cover, totally missing.
  11. Since you are talking about just for your RC mods. I think the partial disassembly video method would be about the best option for you. Saves you time while still getting it out there quickly. Even though I am not really a fan of continuous pausing I think it would be acceptable, depending of course on the complexity of the mod. Ultimately I am a fan of full building instructions and really appreciate the time that goes into them.
  12. Official sets' builders

    Actually that is the way I build sets as well. I am really anal about getting bushings turned exactly like the instructions show, one end is different than the other. Also I make sure the pin shoulders are on the shown side of arms as well. Why? Beats me. And don't even get me going on sticker placement.
  13. Ah so I see, must be a European thing mostly as I actually have never seen a wheeled excavator either. Other than ones with a loader on front as well, all track hoes around here. I'd say you really nailed it though looking at that picture. Congrats.
  14. Looks great, congrats on a well built model. One thing that does look odd to me though is that extra hinge point and cylinder on the arm. Never really seen that in real life and seems like it would overly complicate the control mechanism. Still like it a lot though, well done.
  15. 42077 scale question

    Exactly, also possibly in the far off future do a Richard Petty/STP moc.