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  1. Johnny1360

    Large Lego Patent 3D Art

    What I think, remember you asked, it is so ridiculously overpriced that there is no reason for me to even critique it.
  2. I like those roof pieces, they don't look like the regular roof/hood piece, they look more rounded without the little concave grooves on the sides. Are these new or have I just never seen them before, I suspect the latter since nobody has mentioned them as being new. I also hope to see many recolors of that new fender piece, I wonder if they also have that little gap, like the others that always drives me crazy, if you don't put a inverted slope Brick behind it.
  3. Johnny1360

    [MOC] Merry Brickmas

    It just looks off to me, seems to be approximately the same diameter for the bottom 3/4 then it abruptly changes direction on the top 1/4 also on the bottom the studs seem too close to lining up or stacked. I really don't know how I would make it better though, maybe space the branch pieces apart and arrange them in a less symmetrical fashion, maybe even remove some of them and add a few more of the angled ones at the top portion. I do enjoy looking at your work and this is no exception, great idea. Certainly better than most of my creations.
  4. Thanks for the review, this is one I have been patiently waiting for. A definite buy for me, even though it doesn't look all that great, I can appreciate how hard it is to do at this scale. For me I will be picking this up for parts and will probably get more than one. That side shot shows what I was most concerned about, those tires just don't look right on this car, even though I am glad to get these tires, I think others may have worked better, easy enough to fix. Again thanks for the review, really can't wait to see the rest, especially the Tracked Racer one.
  5. Johnny1360

    Mod fishing store

    Nicely done, I really like the busyness of the whole scene. What is the yellow cross thing in the back meant to represent though, a sail mast perhaps? The secret of how they mange to catch so many fish, when all others up and down the coast are having no luck is finally revealed, TNT. Looks great and I particularly like the little truck.
  6. Johnny1360

    Lego vs Zuru

    Yes of course it is banned here in the USA as well, regardless some toys coming from other countries do in fact often contain lead tainted materials.
  7. Johnny1360

    [MOC] Beemo with Touchscreen HMI

    At first I was like, what the hey, then I still was. Anyway it is cool and shows great imagination. You seem to be very creative and even though I am not sure what this would be good for, it does look like fun and definitely not for the purist. My tiny little peanut size brain has been scrambled.
  8. Johnny1360

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    The more I look at these sets the less I like them, after reading a few reviews, they just seem so lackluster. It just seems like they went all out on the minifigures and threw in the side builds as an afterthought. Still I will probably get a couple of the sets and who knows maybe they will grow on me. It could be that since I have never played the game I just don't appreciate the sets, I did have high hopes when they were first announced.
  9. Extremely fantastic results, absolutely think everything looks great, I am especially fond of that copter would love to build it for myself even. I would also like to see how you were able to achieve such a tight turning radius, belly shot would be great. Like to know where you got all that chrome done at too. Just an A-1 exceptional job all the way around, thanks for sharing this.
  10. Johnny1360

    [MOC] Merry Brickmas

    I like the idea and it looks pretty good, dig the toy train. Not sure though if it is meant to be ramshackled looking though or not. If so great job if not a lot of those bricks don't seem to be fully connected or properly aligned, like it was thrown together in a hurry, or there was just an earthquake. Apologies if that was the look you were going for, also don't really like that tree. Sorry if I sound hyper-critical I really do like it.
  11. Johnny1360

    [MOC] 300-Ton Face Shovel

    Very nice build, I really like the looks of that engine, most notably the use of technic pieces. I will have to see if I can duplicate it.
  12. Johnny1360

    System requirements for studio2

    Cool hope it works well for you, I do think for stuff like renders you would benefit greatly by getting a good video card, not just the cheapest instead of relying on the onboard video processor.
  13. Johnny1360

    Waffles and Milk

    I think it looks delicious, very creative. Ha scale model of waffles, love it.
  14. Johnny1360

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    That may very well be their reasoning, yet I tend to buy most of the 1H sets where as I usually only get 1 or 2 of the 2H sets.
  15. Johnny1360

    Lego vs Zuru

    For sure, I can still remember my disappointment and mostly frustration from crappy megablock like products, that I received as a child, 50 years ago. Especially when you are told "but it's just like LEGO" curse you American Bricks.