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  1. Johnny1360

    Lego gear keeps coming out of place

    It seems to me the OP is just starting their LEGO Technic building career. Not so long ago I also just started and I often asked questions that were common knowledge to most others. My advice is to spend more time actually building sets, no substitute for experience. Often times while building sets, I will experiment with alternative ways of assembly, while simultaneously generating many great ideas and several not so great ideas. Remember failure can be a learning experience. As others have said, start with something very simple and go from there. It is my experience that if I spend all my time designing and building the biggest, baddest most elaborate design, I inevitably never actually finish or get to enjoy the model, as I become quickly overwhelmed. So try to keep your designs simple at first, with experience your models will greatly improve and you will be much less frustrated.
  2. Yeah but the thing is most of them aren't on display more than a few weeks, then they move on to the next great set. Here at my local store, they don't seem to mind at all if I mess around with the display sets while they are building them in store. I would love to get the cast off set, just for whatever pieces do make through being displayed.
  3. Johnny1360

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Overall very happy with this set, as with most LEGO sets these days, I feel it was a bit over priced. My biggest gripe is that, when moving in reverse the tender derails, coming out of a curve, unless moving at a very slow speed. Strangely if you put a little weight in it, say batteries, the problem is resolved. Definitely a set I will have great fun with, modding and adding rolling stock. Wouldn't surprise me to see LEGO release a Locomotive that can be used as an alternate, within the next couple of years.
  4. I bet it turns right much better than it turns left, the problem of one wheel being further forward than the other, is not an easy problem to fix. I like what you have done so far but think it could use a little work. On a side note, having owned a few old Ford pickups, that used twin I beam suspension on the front, I never really noticed the benefits of such a setup and it could actually be fairly dangerous to drive, when the rest of the front end components become worn.
  5. Johnny1360

    Old Tractor MOC

    Yes interesting indeed, looks like a shoulder pauldron from a mech/figure or some similar mech armor.
  6. I would very much be interested in such a list, as I could then use an existing profile more easily.
  7. Maybe the fork tubes from 42130 BMW bike, they are very easy to disassemble, although they may be a bit large. I don't think any of the other fork tubes would be big enough but I do know they are all pretty easy to disassemble into their respective components.
  8. Johnny1360

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Hmmm, this got me thinking, being over 60, my earliest memories as a child, pre-school age, I would pretend to be Superman and later even Batman, so not sure about this narrative. Unless of course you are talking about before LEGO even was around.
  9. Time for a fan, lol, great concept to work out, good luck, I will be closely following. An actual working vehicle is an ambitious project.
  10. Ah, yes, of course, you are correct.
  11. Johnny1360

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I totally agree, at one time it was unusual to see but for many years now, decades, you would be hard pressed to find any build that doesn't make use of SNOT. I think people just like saying it and it is said mostly to make them seem cooler or in the know. I know in the early 70's studs forward was the only way I could make helicopters with spinning rotors, of course this was pre-snot and virtually unheard of, now it is common place and really deserves no special acronym. As Trekkie said, likely an unpopular opinion but I think it's truly the case, no need to say it anymore.
  12. Johnny1360

    LEGO Speed Champions 2024 rumors/speculation

    With the price increase and lower part count, I can understand why but I actually enjoyed some of the sets that included side builds, pieces of race track, finish line, camera crews, car haulers, garage sections and so on. Be nice if they would do that again. I do see those prices on the new sets and as much as I love the cars SC has turned out in the last couple of years, it will probably be the first year I don't just buy them when I see them but wait for a sale, they have always been a pretty good bargain for LEGO. Having said all that though, I am looking forward to the new wave, always some great building techniques, new parts and lots of stickers. Hopefully because it is such a small wave, there will be more, later in the year.
  13. Johnny1360

    How to blend baseplate roads with MILS plates

    I have been planning to implement a MILS solution for my city as well, my plan is to use the new road plates and actually make them into MILS joiner plates. Probably far more costly than what you are looking for but to be honest not sure of a good way to join the older road plates with your MILS units, without picking up a significant amount of bricks.
  14. Really nice level of detail, great job, are those stud shooter triggers, for the pedals? I have an over abundance of those darn things, good to see alternate uses for it.
  15. Unbelievable, they even use your photos, asking a pretty high price too, with no electronics especially. This sort of thing is so discouraging, mainly because there seems to be nothing you can do and so many other people have no clue what they are buying into.