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  1. Auroralampinen

    42172 - McLaren P1

    Well here is first review of this set
  2. Auroralampinen

    42172 - McLaren P1 jb spielwaren has more pictures of this set
  3. That licence plate is easter egg for the first year when g wagen was launched in 1979
  4. Omg that nasa rover comes with 46 black 2L axels is this the modern day technic set record of those axels in a technic sets
  5. Auroralampinen

    42172 - McLaren P1

    Well the yamaha had new gearbox parts so hopefully they are used in this set so this is then slightly different from sp3 im waiting to see what kind of genius gearbox desing they come up with new parts for this set
  6. Well no in finland our local lego retailer sells now the blue bolide and yellow bolide
  7. Auroralampinen

    42172 - McLaren P1

    Well i wish lego would make 1:8 scale technic us police car like those classic ford police cars i would buy that if this was 250€ and had flashing bluelights gearbox and other cool stuff
  8. Wow cada has today released a ton of cool shell sets
  9. Again it seems like the white stickers dont match the color of white pieces so hopefully the grey version dont have big color difference like the white version
  10. So this uses those 2 switches to controll Independently those fins thats amazing
  11. Heureka i foundet the switch weirdly this has two switches on front
  12. Yes on the jb spielwaren last photo there is blue pump wich is normaly found in motorized sets and those bottom cranks move the pump and on last photo you can see on the yellow sylinders top inlet a blue hose you have to zoom to see those