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  1. Incredaboy

    [MOC] Pixar/Disney Incredibles Glory Days

    @WiredIT sorry for the long wait on the response I lost access to my email and had no idea I were back on the site. Unfortunately I too am unable to private message so any ideas on how we can chat because I am still very much interested in buying this magnificent moc
  2. Incredaboy

    [MOC] Pixar/Disney Incredibles Glory Days

    Ok thanks for the advice though I think I’ll stick with collecting for now though once I get used to this place I will definitely give it a try. Thankyou so much!
  3. Incredaboy

    [MOC] Pixar/Disney Incredibles Glory Days

    How do I make my own?, sounds fun I’m very interested, Although I don’t really do MOCs , though I’m willing to give it a try, i prefer to collect them Once again many thanks your honesty really helpful!
  4. Incredaboy

    [MOC] Pixar/Disney Incredibles Glory Days

    Thank you so much @Johnny1360 I wish there were more helpful people like you. Do you know anyone else who sells incredibles LEGO customs or any websites who sell them. Many Thanks!
  5. Incredaboy

    [MOC] Pixar/Disney Incredibles Glory Days

    Well thanks for your concern though for your information I only found this site today and only became a custom collector a few years ago and sorry if I seem dodgy though this is the first good incredibles custom I’ve seen in a while so I think it’s ok if I take an interest in it. And it’s honestly not your buisness how much money I offer it’s up to the builder of the MOC. Though yes to your point I see how this is dodgy and I sort of agree though I swear I’m here to engage legitimately . Also I would like to here your opinion on some good discussions to join so I can have some meaningful conversation. Though just out of curiosity is there any way I can contact the creator directly? Thanks!
  6. Incredaboy

    [MOC] Pixar/Disney Incredibles Glory Days

    Hi I don’t know if you still respond to comments though I’m hoping you do. I would be interested in buying this set off you for somewhere between 200 to 800 Australian dollars please contact me if you would be willing to sell which I’m hoping you would be. I’m a huge incredibles fan and it would mean the world to me if I could buy this off u