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  1. "Mis-management of the Star Wars brand"... now there's an understatement, if ever I saw one! I love me some Star Wars Lego, but lord knows the repeated re-designs of the same vehicles over and over is beyond tiresome... But I digress. Not sure I'd necessarily call Lego space "hard" scifi, though it certainly used to use visible elements of mid-20th century technology in an effort to say to kids "look, it's a spaceship!" :D As far as the SP laser bars are concerned, well for all anyone knows they're supposed to actually be some kind of energised bars... I do agree that the mix you listed was pretty much the pinnacle of Lego's space themes in terms of the balance of color mixes; though if we were to see it reintroduced somehow (I am under no illusions as to the likelihood of it happening), I'd advocate the following: 1) Fold in the more basic Classic Space color themes (perhaps skipping the alternating green and yellow and blue canopies and giving them a more basic trans grey) for use as a generic "civilian colony" theme since Futuron seems to be handling the exploratory stuff with its neo-NASA color scheme. 2) On this point I'd reintroduce the Classic black+grey sets but revamped as a stealth-equipped spy / intelligence organisation working to safeguard Futuron from the shadows, while Space Police is doing the "grunt work" lol 3) Allow for the addition of slight color variations within the themes, such as dark blue parts for Space Police, dark and rust red on M-Tron, grey and metallics for engine components on Futuron, variations on yellow or tan to signify rust and wear on some of the Blacktron parts, etc etc 4) Give the factions sealed interiors for their larger sets, so that we also get non-vacuum space suits / uniforms and a bunch of characters -- think of the fun that could be had realising a futuristic bunch of space pirates with Blacktron! :D 5) Others have complained here that "I don't want to see the same over and over" which I do understand, but also feel stems from a false premise, that everything would remain exactly the same year on year. In fact, the idea should be that we get plenty enough variation within -and between- new sets released in the themes every year or so, so that people want to expand their factions, and aren't bored by them. I'd love new huge tracked / wheeled vehicles, space bases, flagships etc to be added on alternating years, with each of the factions getting a shot at one, and smaller sets getting added at varying rates -- there's a huge potential for variation to be had, especially if gluttonous license fees for the likes of Disney aren't being paid for... Anyway, that's my tuppence worth; YMMV. :)
  2. Blip


    Great job - wouldn't mind seeing it in Futuron or even the "natural" colors too... And I love the way you used those trans-neon wall pieces in her (if you'll forgive the engineering parlance) "ample" nacelles!
  3. Blip

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Yep, this is what I primarily meant by "regular clothed"; ie, not a pressurised spacesuit, but a regular uniform of some kind. :) When doing any neo-classic or Futuron MOCs for example I used to have uniform colors that would essentially just be a darker version of the spacesuit colors, while for M-Tron and Unitron I had darker red & blue coveralls respectively, with drab (sand blue & green, tan, grey, etc) undershirts to mimic the classic space departmental colors. For Space Police meanwhile I put them largely into (as I recall; it was a while back) a variety of dark blue and black uniforms, while Blacktron received essentially the pinnacle of "neo-grunge pirates in space" fashion :D I know the one you mean! :)
  4. Blip

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Apologies everyone for dragging this up from the depths of page 2, but it seemed this was the most appropriate thread for me to ask this rather than create a new one: When designing space MOCs, do any of you put your minifigs in "regular" clothing (ie, uniforms or off-duty garb vs pressurised spacesuits) for when they're inside "sealed" spaces with atmospheres? I ask because I used to do so in Lego Digital Designer, back when I first figured out how to create upload my own textures (admittedly if it were real Lego I might not bother! )
  5. Blip

    Unitron lore

    For some reason I always figured Unitron was just the interstellar megacorp equivalent of a telecoms company
  6. Blip


    Creepy as all heck... I love it! The way you've arranged the interior tech feeding into that poor tortured soul is particularly awesome; the forced symbiotic nature of his relationship with the vessel is made abundantly clear. :)
  7. Blip

    Virtual Automata Tracker

    Refreshing makes no difference; the FB links themselves are only valid for a limited period. If you want other users to see and comment on your works then the onus is on you to make the images accessible.
  8. Blip

    Virtual Automata Tracker

    Still not working dude, and the FB link above hangs too. I recommend if you're going to use anything from Meta to post images you use Instagram instead -- not everyone has or wants a FB account, while Instagram posts should be easily visible externally. :)
  9. Blip

    Virtual Automata Tracker

    Images aren't showing up :/
  10. Blip

    [CSE] Arctic Ascender

    Definitely has a heavy dropship vibe, love it!
  11. Blip

    [MOC] Ice Station Icarus

    Weeeeell I'm not sure they'd really count as antagonists, what with having been frozen solid... I was thinking of them more as "decorative scenery"
  12. Blip

    [MOC] Ice Station Icarus

    Absolutely SUPERB, and AFAIC it's a massive improvement on both the color scheme and the somewhat uninspired concept of the original IcePlanet2002 itself. Your 'sequel era' does for the theme what Neo Classic Space does for the original space Lego, reinvigorating it and adding so much more depth and richness of detail. I love the above-mentioned idea of hapless Blacktrons (or maybe skeletons from earlier war-era "icetronauts"?) frozen in the ice; in fact there's a megaton of possibilities for additional scenes that these sets inspire -- they really spark the imagination, just as Lego intended. Here's hoping you're not done with the theme yet, because I'd love to see more!! 👍
  13. Blip

    [MOC] Star Trek Ep. 1 The Man Trap

    Bloody CBS; they're such utter moneygrubbing leaches. This is an absolutely awesome piece, I hope to see lots more of them!
  14. Blip

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Exactly this. I decided some years back to use a derivative of good old Star Trek TOS/Movie colors: White: Command / Flag officers Yellow: Helm / pilots / navigators Red: Engineering / Operations Blue: Science Green: Medical Black: Security I then went and adjusted these so that if minifigs weren't "in their spacesuits" their regular uniforms were more like White/Beige/Tan/Grey-Blue/Teal/Dark Grey... I even customised LDD's native decals so I could give them little gold Lego Space logos on their left breast LOL
  15. Blip

    [MOC] General Lee Outta of Space

    Google TV show "Dukes of Hazzard".