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  1. Blip

    [MOC] Moon Dune Buggy

  2. Blip

    [MOC] Moon Dune Buggy

    Love it! Kinda looks like a cross between an F1 racer and a sit-on lawn mower...
  3. Personally I've always used Photoshop :)
  4. Blip

    [MOC] Tie Infiltrator

    Nice update, that's much improved IMO!
  5. Blip

    Midi-Scale USS Enterprise (TOS)

    Love it! And as others have said, it's always nice to see more Trek :)
  6. Blip

    [MOC] Blacktron tracked mini-vehicles

    Agreed on the cute factor, I love it! I can also see other factions such as M-Tron using this kind of wheelbase :)
  7. Old screenie from an even older MOC - there have been several updates to the LDD Brickset since this was done though, so I need to make use of a bunch of newer bricks before I run this one through Bluerender....
  8. "Vessel Log, supplemental: After taking moderate damage from what we initial thought was a Blacktron attack, we've been forced to stop in deep space to make repairs. What appears to be a rogue asteroid debris field has crippled our communications package, and knocked main power offline. Our engineer is currently attempting to bypass the central power coupling, while the Doc and myself make ourselves useful with the graviton impellors to clear up the debris. Our pilot and security officer are patroling the immediate area around the ship to ensure we don't suffer any more stray asteroids hitting the ship, and we expect to be underway within half a day.." (So as promised on the Star Wars subforum I eventually recolored and added extra detail to my DX9 trooper transport. Got rid of the missile launchers too, as I don't think that's really part of Classic Space's remit ) Now I know some CS purists will complain I'm using the "wrong division colors" but frankly if they can alter them in StarTrek every 5 minutes then I can here. Asteroid stock images by Mototsume of
  9. Not quite: BUSUFL is a separate tool, not intended as a modification to Bluerender. (ETA: I've tried BUSUFL already, and actually decided to stick with BR)
  10. Blip

    [LDD] [MOC] WIP "The Round Things..."

    What are the Round Things?
  11. WIP... not aiming to match any particular era, but maybe to fit in between 7 and 8.... Of course I'm assuming anyone recognises what it is
  12. @Rustinidiel I don't think you can anymore. From what I can tell, the dev had some kind of bust up with our mod Superkalle (I've noticed Bublible having something of a gripe about him elsewhere, though he didn't go into specifics beyond name calling...), and decided to take his mod offline - as well as any helpful instructional posts previously written.
  13. Blip

    [LDD] [MOC] "Die, Rebel scum!"

    Lol it really is! TBH the lighting is a tricky so-and-so to get just right though: The main scene took about two dozen renders and re-adjustments of lighting, colors and materials to get right, and in the end used 3 light sources (one for overall fill light from above colored green so as not to cause blue or white reflections on the tree canopy, another smaller high-radiance light directly above to cast leafy shadows down, and a final one from the rear left to help ensure the Rebel's face and torso decals were well lit), plus multiple high-intensity lights for a separate render of the blaster bolts, recolored in white glow and shot against a black background, to be superimposed over the main image using photoshop.... Honestly I'd be nowhere without Photoshop these days
  14. Thanks @Jerac! Will render and upload a couple more when I have some spare time to devote :)