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  1. I'm curious what creations will participate and what this contest will hold for the future. And some things arose in me: I don't know why TLG has to advertise the theme. It's one of the oldest ones in the company. In the near past it has been one of the best selling themes, so it shouldn't be a financial point. I still can't understand the "hate"/alienating of the theme. Is there anything going on in the background?
  2. How can one use this new panels then, if they want a full smooth surface? It seems now impossible with the current parts and the new panel's lack of connection points on the underside is a bit worrying, too
  3. I'm afraid that wouldn't be possible in the near future regardless of the technology. My main concern is that it would either be milky (like in 42148), or a one-off piece, like the 1:8 supercar rims. And would block the accessibility of the interior. And last but no least it would break the consistency in looks of previous models
  4. Though I agree with you, I have to clarify my thought. Maybe my use of words wasn't the most precise, sorry for that, but what I wanted to mean, aside from the price, that diecast models (to mimic life-like things) are made up of parts which cannot be combined to anything else, so it is what it is; a true replica of a car/boat/crane etc. Unlike Lego in general, which is in some cases close to life-like in look, can be combined into other things, using the same parts. Still, that doesn't justify the rumoured price.
  5. True, and I'm not trying to deny it, but a diecast model cannot be turned into anything the pieces allow. It is what it is.
  6. Maybe because it was before the dark times...
  7. Yeah, that is a possible reason. But check out the 2023 sets discussion, the price has been raised to 680€!
  8. I think at this point I just give up... I mean..speaking of all themes. I don't know how leaks "born", but that jumping in set number, price, piece count several times before the release...what happens? Also, the Liebherr better have more parts, or be 450€...It's simply unsustainable now to be a FOL. I'm starting to feel like a FOuL...
  9. Maybe it will introduce a new cylinder. Actually, I would be surprised if it included a new tire, too.
  10. Will be there any later releases than August? Not that it wouldn't be enough..but seeing the scattering of sets, and "surprise" announcings, it's just a matter of time we get used to it.
  11. That's really cool! Actually, what I thought about is the air intake piece like in 42052 but with the size of the Cement mixer drum piece.
  12. I think the 1:5 bike series will be similar to the 1:8 Supercar series, having a new set every 2 years between the cars, and maybe the BMW was a testing how it will sell, hence the early release of the Yamaha.
  13. Seeing the ever-growing number of huge models, I wonder when we'll see an aircraft with the drum piece of the 42112 Cement mixer