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  1. I agree with you guys that Technic is the best theme, but that's not the case I wanted your opinions, actually What I want to ask, is whether Technic "deserves" to be treated like other System themes, in a way of having GWPs, official books/dictionaries...seeing the return of polybags, I have that kind of hope. Also it would be nice to have modern renditions of past iconic models every now and then.
  2. Seeing other themes' decimal anniversaries (Star Wars, Ninjago, HP, etc) I'm curious about what 2027 holds, as it's the 50th anniversary for Technic, and, be honest, the 40th wasn't quite a big hit. Some other things that bugs me are the lack of GWP, and if there will be "side-things" (such as the Daytona book). I realise that Technic isn't that popular among AFOLs (though it IS in the top 5 best selling themes for years), but I think it does need a bit of love to change that :)
  3. Slightly off-topic: Does somebody know where can I find original printed parts for the UCS BMW motorbike? I read somewhere it's available for a massive amount of money, but just curious how it looks like
  4. I like this, but the backhoe should be a flagship model, not just a simple 2H set
  5. I don't want to sound too insatiable, but when can we expect some leaks from 2023, as other themes have already got some? :D
  6. Actually, the one on the left reminds me of Medicopter 117 :D
  7. Or automatically delay the upcoming ones
  8. I wonder if that means the return of the bundle packs? As pre-2013 it was the trend to release every year one
  9. Actually I would be happier with a combine harvester, as it's quite a bit rare in the Technic lineup...
  10. Actually, I'm hoping for a surprise/not announced set for October (as was the case for Land Rover?). So who knows.. TLG is doing a bit better at set leaks
  11. I spotted a minifig seat as an exhaust at the Airbus sticker I wonder who will utilise that in their alternative models
  12. Leaks are out of the airbus and handler. IMO they look fantastic!! It looks like the heli will have motorisation