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  1. Well, honestly, that list (if true) makes a bit more sense for me than the previous, and gives hope for a backhoe flagship
  2. Seeing the growing trend of high part numbers with insane prices (Millennium Falcon, ISD, the upcomig AT-AT and Titanic, etc.), it's really just a matter of time when Technic will step into this..
  3. Actually, a ~1800 pcs-sized telehandler is also welcomed in the future as well, as we haven't had one at this scale for a long time..maybe 42138 is a Manitou one, though with less pieces
  4. Holy..! A backhoe?! The only thing I was hoping for a long time, though as a 2H flagship set..nevertheless, it sounds promising! As for the others, I hope that the IP tractor turns out to be a Claas.
  5. I wonder when (if ever) will the buyer post pictures of the contents of the box here on EB (if they are aware of it)..
  6. I think that was a sketch model.
  7. I think that the upcoming flagship should be an overdue backhoe loader, but that doesn't exclude the possibility that a flagship reach stacker comes, too, but not in the near future.
  8. The high number of electronic parts could justify the high price. It would be cheaper with less C+ components.
  9. That's gonna be a great autumn!😁
  10. I don't wanna say bullsh*t, but isn't the CAT's blacked-out picture suggests one (or two) as exhaust pipe(s)?
  11. There is something in me that says it's not the model I am looking for Also, shouldn't the red line at the bottom be yellow, instead??
  12. Or it will be such a big hit that it got blanked
  13. Maybe the one in one of the Lego Dodge promo vids.
  14. What about a Hummer? As Jeep and Land Rover are covered as for now. Yeah, Ford is great and all, but a Hummer is something everyone would easily recognize.