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  1. Yeah, and also 42051 and some others :D
  2. Well, I wouldn't worry about numbering for about 12-13 years, and even when they reach the "end", they can always pick another starting point. Also, there are some missing spots ( e.g. 42012-42019) to be filled.
  3. That's quite cool and also saddening to see a non-Technic set having a better functionality (along with the Ornithopter) than some Technic set. Also, what bothers me more instead of the orange wave selector is the lack of L and XL linear actuators in recent years (last one was in 2021 and likely we won't get this year). I mean, it's great to have pneumatic models every year, but a set with one of these LAs still wanted for me.
  4. There's nothing to apologize for, don't worry :) It's either an unexpected one (namely the missing number 42183), or, going by recent years, it's the Mercedes G Wagon. As I say going by recent years I mean the flagship doesn't always have the biggest part count (although close to it), but it's surely not a 1:8 Supercar (see 2016, 2018, etc.).
  5. Yes, we are expecting one, but technically it won't be the flagship.
  6. If 42183 isn't this year's flagship model, I think we won't get any, and the only set with the highest piece number and price (not counting the 1:8 McLaren) is the G Wagon. So maybe next year we get a proper (and relatively affordable, so 350-400€) flagship set.
  7. A purple exterior with this nougat interior would look nice Although, a new color in an existing mold doesn't neccesarily mean the introduction to Technic, sadly (see botanical sets, late Bionicle/early Hero Factory)
  8. Times change..sadly not in a good way. Maybe Volvo changed, too.
  9. Hats off, well done! I wouldn't have figured it out myself..
  10. If I translated correctly, the description mentions bad news. What can it be, do you know?
  11. Oh, you're right, I didn't notice at first! Maybe the piece there is longer than just 2M, so that's why there isn't this toilet paper
  12. I bet it's because of logistical/economical reasons. These toilet paper panels would be the only place where they are used, and the blue liftarms are elsewhere, too, so it's easier to put the latter here.
  13. Well, not just two, but four buckets were used in 7707. Yeah, it wasn't based on real life machinery.. but the use of two buckets can mean two separate models.
  14. Fortunately we got the 3x13 panels in the Peugeot. Edit: no, we didn't get them there, sorry :(