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  1. Thank God Lego sets are made primarily for children
  2. I'm wondering when will a Technic set surpass 75192 in part count?
  3. From year to year, Technic sets become bigger and bigger, and I'm happier and happier knowing that the part count is freaking high, so as the prices, which is sad...
  4. I am afraid, it might be TLG's regulation just like at the toy fairs. Maybe from now there won't be any early review.. + For those who can't decide the panel problem, I can firmly state that 42082 has 3x11 panels on the boom. Just look at the wall piece.
  5. Going back to topic: do you think 42082 will be able to lift a middle sized Technic car? For example the new rescue responder?
  6. ^ Maybe they meant the equipment, not the gender. I hope...
  7. I understood. But still, why can't TLG let the well known Lego-related sites to informate us properly?
  8. Yaaaay!!! Then why do people hold toy fairs?
  9. I've been thinking about it for a while (and hope that it hasn't been asked yet here) that who are the people who build the official sets for the photographers? The sets on the boxes look just too perfect to be true, and nearly every visible pin etc. are in the same direction, as if they were assembled following strictly by the BIs. What do you think? Does anybody have any information about that? :)
  10. How many sets do you own?

    I have 400+ sets in ziplock bags (sorted) or displayed, and another ~350 in boxes being bulks. As for the sorted sets I own 300000+ pieces. For the remaining it must be some 150000-175000 pieces.
  11. By reality I mean about 250-270 $/€. Speaking of that, 42069 wasn't looked like a 2300+ parts set for me, and turned out to be packed fully with pieces. This is why I think the afore mentioned price is possible considering the size, and maybe the even bigger piece count. Just my opinion, but we'll see it at the Nuremberg TF.
  12. If the prices are close to reality, 42082 must be around 3500-4000 pieces.
  13. Yeah, that's gonna be a great year. In every aspects.
  14. Don't know if anyone has noticed, but does 42079 have dark blue panels at the back?