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Found 5 results

  1. BrickController2 is an Android and iOS application that allows you to control your Lego models using a compatible gamepad. It supports the following devices: - SBrick - BuWizz 1-2 - BuWizz 3 (basic support) - Lego Powered-Up devices: Boost, PUP HUB and Technic HUB (or Control+) - PF infrared (on Android devices having infrared emitter). Features: - Multiple profiles for a single creation - Multiple motor (or output) assignment to a single controller event - Different types of devices can be used at the same time - The same motor (or output) can be assigned to multiple controller events - Different joystick characteristic settings - Different button modes: normal button, simple toggle, ping-pong toggle, carousel toggle, ... - Train mode on joysticks - Normal and servo mode for the new Control+ motors - Sequences (like for flashing light) BrickController 2 on the Google Play Store: BrickController2 android BrickController 2 is also available on the Apple App Store. BrickController2 iOS Video tutorial created by @kbalage (many thanks for this): And another great video by @kbalage: Older versions: BrickController Android application. It lets you to control Lego creations via Lego infra-red, SBrick and BuWizz V1 and V2 using any Android compatible game controller: Current version: BrickController 0.6 User guide: BrickController User Guide Minimum system requirement: Android 4.4 and bluetooth low energy support on the phone (or tablet) Video on the older SBrickController application:
  2. Updated: The (almost) final version of the app is ready, app renamed to SBrickPad. For now, you can download the source from my GitHub page: If there will be enough demand I'll make it available for download from the App Store. The app supports MFI and iCade gamepads, on-screen gamepad will be added later this month. More videos coming soon. --- Well it's not done yet but it's getting there. I've added support for both iCade and MFI gamepads and many other features: precision controls (you can even set the easing curve if you want) SBrick connection recovery multiple actions per button event (press/release/value change) so you can control multiple motors with one button or simply play an engine sound while the car is accelerating load/save (and share) action sets import sounds many other things I can't think off right now Do do: Edit actions UI (you can now only edit the json file) On screen virtual gamepad (so it can replace the SBrick app for people without gamepads that still want more control) Make it pretty Documentation etc. The app is still in development, but the source is available to download from my GitHub if you want to play with it already: I would love to hear your feedback!
  3. Since SBrick are taking their sweet time releasing a Swift library/framework, I thought I'd just write one by myself. It's an early version that supports just the basic commands - driving and stopping (with channel, power, direction), but I'll update it whenever I can. You can download the framework and a working example from my GitHub: Usage is pretty straight forward: var manager = SBrickManager(delegate: self) manager.startDiscovery() func sbrickManager(_ sbrickManager: SBrickManager, didDiscover sbrick: SBrick) { //connect sbrick.delegate = self sbrickManager.connect(to: sbrick) } func sbrickReady(_ sbrick: SBrick) { //send a command sbrick.send(command: .drive(channelId: 0, cw: true, power: 0xFF)) }
  4. WhiteHexagon

    iPad Heroica?

    I'm just emerging from a LEGO dark age after a 4 year break, mainly due to 2 relocations and not having enough space for my LEGO until now! Anyway after grabbing a couple of new sets, I have decided I want to get back to doing some software. Mostly I've been inspired by Heroica, since it reminds me of the Quest part of my Java game I was previously developing. I'm interested in what people think of the official Heroica game system, is it too basic? or does it have lasting appeal? Really I just want to be able to build simple MOCs on my iPad, but the thought of adding a simple game system like Heroica also has a lot of appeal :) I see from the forums here that part of the community have already extended the basic rule set into something quite interesting. I'm wondering if something like that would even translate into an online turn based game, or would it take the fun out of it? I'm just interested in opinions at the moment! The fact that Heroica has been discontinuued is a bit discouraging...
  5. http://www.polygon.c...daptations-from 3 titles: LEGO Legends of Chima: Speedorz, which is by TT Games and 4T2 and will be online and in the iOS app store tomorrow. Racing/battle themed. LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey, which will be released for PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS in the summer and Nintendo DS in the fall. LEGO Legends of Chima Online, a free-to-play online game by WB Games Montreal. I guess Legends of Chima video games were a bit of a foregone conclusion, but it's still a surprise to see just how many games are planned. Not sure what to expect of the third title, but as far as the first two are concerned, TT Games and 4T2 have offered up quality LEGO gaming in the past, so I expect great things.