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  1. Taking apart more models yesterday; I’d say 1 out of every 10 pins I removed broke on Cada models. Other than that, they seem pretty solid.
  2. Kind of an odd question… but is there documentation that would help determine real LEGO technic from all the 3rd party stuff. If the piece has “LEGO” printed on it, it’s obvious, but I’m either finding official stuff without a marking or finding 3rd party. Not sure what I’m looking for on some parts and/or how to sort it. Thanks!
  3. @Bartybum quote was changed to quote your edit. I think your feedback on the pins is valid, I was going through some of the models yesterday and found quite a few broken. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a broken LEGO pin that was not torture tested.
  4. Thank you for your user experience opinion on Cada models. It is very much appreciated. In your opinion, is the cost savings worth it? What is the latest Cada model you’ve bought? Is it any better than the first? I’m curious if the quality is getting better over time.
  5. Please don’t take anything I say negatively toward Cada. My personal preference is LEGO. I am just looking for unbiased reviews/thoughts about the brand so I have a bit more info. Thanks
  6. @amorti @brunojj1 @artic13 thank you for the comments. I have not built anything with the parts yet, but the visible quality was what caught my eye, specially some panels looking really thin and cheaper. I’ll give it a shot, but I think my expectations are too high since I’ve only ever used official stuff in the past.
  7. I have a couple of questions as I received a few Cada models in a collection I purchased last week. Are there retired sets? If so, where can I get a complete list of models? I am not a huge fan of non-LEGO models and plan to resell Cada plus the other brands so it does not get mixed with my stuff. Do you think selling as sets or individual pieces is best for this? Cada does not have a huge spare parts store, so that’s why I think I would better for doing that. Overall, what are your thoughts on Cada? Should I sell it or just keep them in their own bin in the back corner of the basement? 😂
  8. Not sure if this is a great place to post this… but this seems like a great deal depending on condition. Pretty incredible collection
  9. I got done reading that… and then went to Facebook. The fake model popped up as an ad. How is that legal?! I bet LEGO got word about the fake and said screw that, we aren’t releasing this. Im sure the LEGO designers aren’t too happy about these third party guys.
  10. I bring up the question since it is shown in the video thumbnail... is forestry equipment considered construction?
  11. TC11: the battle bots had a 45x45x45 bounding limit. I remembered that was in a “stored” position. I’m not sure if you will need to be specific like that for this contest.
  12. I am modifying 2legoornot2lego’s lowboy trailer to move a heavy load. I am having an issue with the suspension on the axle not being nearly strong enough. All axles bottom out right away. In my opinion there is no reason to have suspension if it is just going to bottom out like that. I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations to stiffen the suspension to handle the load.
  13. Either would be great to have access to.
  14. I’m curious if you have all of your files somewhere public?