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  1. First time I’ve seen this set on sale in the US. $150 off isn’t bad EDIT: I was excited to see a sale, but looking closer... I am not sure that is genuine LEGO. The amazon "store" is The LEGO Store, but the seller is KITSTORE. Looking back at all the other LEGO I have bought on Amazon, the seller was Services LLC. Another giveaway to me is the title of the item, that is not a normal description for LEGO set on amazon. I am now a little hesitant to make a purchase. Since I made the post, stock has gone down by 1... so if one of you bought it, please let us know if it is genuine or not.
  2. No discount here in the states. Kinda disappointed… kinda relieved
  3. I look for sales occasionally, but I have not seen any in the US. Has anyone else?
  4. Jim had a bunch of extra orange and white parts laying around and started a brinklink store… probably not related… I kid I kid
  5. I’d love to print these parts on my printer but I have no use for them. I’m waiting for the LR13000 to go on sale. Any plans to upload them to thingiverse? Also, which yellow filament did you use? The print color matches LEGO yellow pretty yet.
  6. Excellent work! Did you consider including the pin into the track pad print so you wouldn’t have the pin sticking out the other side like you do now?
  7. Personally I am tired of reading through this crap… Let the contest moderators design how to vote for a winner and be happy with it. After every contest there seems to be something to complain about… can we just stop complaining and just build LEGO? Thank you
  8. What pneumatic-ify type set are you working on now
  9. Has anyone seen the acrylic display case on Amazon? Only $680
  10. It’s amazing how much better it looks with the longer boom and Derrick weights. I wonder how many sets this guy bought?
  11. Once I finally get this set, that was my plan. 3D print blanks and fill with something heavy. If done correctly, they would look nicer than the true LEGO piece and work better.
  12. Thanks for the clarification. I don’t work with cranes… so that setup seemed odd to me. At least they got one thing right about the crane
  13. Why 2 spools for the hook? Does it not work like a typical block and hook setup?
  14. What do you think would be a fair price for the new lattice/frame prices to make the boom longer? For reference the 5x7 frame sell for $0.89 and the 5x11 frame sell for $1.24.
  15. You are wildly missing my point. @Danil thanks for the clarification. That is what I thought, I just did not want to speak from zero on-site experience.