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  1. Ok, I was completely wrong. I thought you used a worm gear, but it is 100% manual without gearing But if you are not doing that model of the lift anymore you do not have to worry about anything with widening the wheelbase for stability
  2. could you make a video of how your outrigger mechanism works? I think I understand it, I just want to make sure
  3. I will stick to the more doable size then
  4. If you make an LDD of what you have so I have an idea of scale. I'll make what I am thinking for steering and outrigger
  5. No progress, I have been too busy with homework and work that I don't have the time to build for a set amount of time. I did recently buy a lot of wheels and tires. I now have enough Unimog size tires to make the trailer and a truck. What do you think? Go with bigger tires or stick with what I got?
  6. Are you trying for a "scaled" model or just a free build? Have you looked up how the outriggers and steering works? Just from a quick search, I found that the outriggers are hydraulic and the steering is somewhat similar to how you would extend the outrigger, but instead it rotates the wheels. It really depends on the pieces you have available, but you have a good start. If you have small pneumatic cylinders, try using them for the extension of the outriggers
  7. Farming tractor

    The tumbler tires work really well as turf tires for a tractor, but in this case, this type of tractor is meant for out in a field plowing or seeding. I do like the MOC, but as others have mentioned, CLAAS tires would be better.
  8. Exactly! Congratulations! You won the contest by default!!
  9. Effe's MOC Corner

    So only one axle has a gear rack or some other method to steer an axle and the rest also get steered using the axle connections shown in the underside picture? That is really interesting, thanks for sharing!
  10. I think that having links will be better. When I am voting for a contest, I have 2 tabs open on my laptop, one with the voting page and another with the entries. That way I can keep track on the entries and what each of them are. BUT if we had links, I could just click on the entry and remember which one it is. Most of the time, I do not remember the entry by name, but by what it is. Especially with this contest and the last, the names were not an examlatiom of te entry. For example, if I was building a GSK55 grove crane as my contest entry, that would be the name and would be easily recognizable. Just my 2 cents on the matter. Good luck to everyone!
  11. [TC12] Dualshot

    The whole this would have to be redesigned for that to happen. But it definitely would have made it more wacky
  12. What to LDD?

    The track bogies would be the most interesting for me to see how they were built
  13. [TC12] The Mean Machine

    Absolutely incredible! The video looks professionally done. The intro was awesome. Using the fenders from the Porsche as side body panels is a really clever idea. The wacky fundtion; cool, but not my favorite part. BTW, what's up with most of the entries having terrible steering radi.