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  1. Looking at this as an engineering student in college, I will give you some questions to think about. Think about what the design goals are. Are you trying to make an existing machine better or completely design a new machine type? To me, it looks like a skid steer. If it is a new machine with everything being unique, awesome! If it is a revamp of an existing machine, think about different parts of the machine you want to make better or just redesign. So comparing it to a skid steer, your model puts the cab in front of the tracks and lower to the ground, is this an upgrade to the machine? If so how? Maybe figure out a way to increase lift capacity or even lifting height for your machine. Newer skid loaders, the JCB teleskid comes to mind. I am probably over thinking all of this, but when it comes to presentation, you need to stand out from the crowd to be seen. Having small details and knowledge of your machine is key. Good luck to you.
  2. Autonomous arent a futuristic thing, they are in the now. Don't just look at cars, but Case IH has a working autonomous concept tractor. Either way, your build looks good, but with 22 days let for building, you have time to improve before a quick submission.
  3. aminnich

    Articulated bus like CapaCityL

    I love it! Extremely cleaning looking and functional, nice work! Few questions; does the back half have any kind of steering? What do you use for the accordion piece in between the sections? My other other comment would be maybe add another battery box, it seems kind of low on power. Overall, I love it
  4. aminnich

    [WIP] Rough terrain crane MKII

    I love to see a failure (as you put it) and then the following motivation to rebuild it into something greater! I will follow with interest, good luck.
  5. I am curious what kind of answers everyone gives. Do you even need motivation? Let us know!
  6. aminnich

    [TC14] Sky Wheel (VIDEO added)

  7. It also doesn't help that some contestants have YouTube channels and know how to make a killer video to show off there entry. I feel like a lot of the time people are voting on presentation instead of the build itself
  8. aminnich

    [TC14] Sky Wheel (VIDEO added)

    posted in the entry topic with plenty of time to spare, not the greatest video, but it does the trick
  9. 11. Sky Wheel With little to no time left to spare, may I present my TC14 entry It is fully functional, just like the real ride!! It even works for the larger minifigures!! Thanks for reading
  10. aminnich

    [TC14] Sky Wheel (VIDEO added)

    I got it all to work, I took a short video to show all motion. But movie maker does not want to open the file and I cannot upload directly to youtube, any thoughts? I will be working on the seats now and final touches
  11. aminnich

    [TC14] Sky Wheel (VIDEO added)

    just got home from work, time to build! 6 hours remaining Chains in parallel might work, but it means redesigning the structure (making it wider) and ordering more chain, I do not think bricklink has same hour delivery :P Ill figure something out.... maybe just 40t gears? bigger gear more grip??? maybe, ill try it out That is what I am finding as well, the chains are not meant for high loads Thanks for the info!
  12. aminnich

    [TC14] Sky Wheel (VIDEO added)

    That would be a much better setup for this application. The 1L chain links done have enough grip for much load applications.