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  1. Very cool, my question is how much you spent on all those parts!
  2. Hey guys, Every year we have a discussion and speculation for that year's new sets. A lot of the time we have a lot of big hopes and dreams for sets and we never really get it. I am wondering what kind of sets you guys hope you see in the future, whether it be next year or in 5 years. I am curious to know what you want to see in the Technic lineup. Anything from what it is to motorized or not to new PF parts. Let's hear it!
  3. I am just going to focus on the start to my semester and not a wacky vehicle. Good luck to all the contestants!
  4. i was just going to say, pick the model on whether you like RC or manual models.
  5. even if 42070 was $200, that is too expensive for those tires.... because that is all I would want haha BTW, just tires, not even the wheels, I do not need more yellow rims!!!
  6. [MOD] 10248 Ferrari F40 Stanced

    I read stanced Ferrari..... didn't even read the whole thing before clicking on it to see what horrible thing he did
  7. [MOD] 10248 Ferrari F40 Stanced

    Oh whoops, I only know the technic sets these days, my bad.
  8. [MOD] 10248 Ferrari F40 Stanced

    That's a really cool MOC. Yes, I do not like the stance, but the car itself it very cool. If you build a Honda Civic or something, stance that garage, not a beautiful Ferrari. Well done!
  9. OwnGamings moc's

    Wow, that's looks extremely clean! Well done!!
  10. I think you are misunderstanding what I am saying. The modified boom you made is a good size, maybe too square? But the extension part looks skimpy IMO if you beef up the main boom, the extension needs some beefing up as well. It is your build, you do what you want. I am just telling you my opinion.
  11. If you are really looking to modify this set, the whole crane needs to be rebuilt. For the size of the model, the crane is tiny. What you had before was a decent size, the problem was the second section.
  12. Like everyone else is saying, the mic is good, the presentation needs some help. Also getting more parts might be helpful. I had the same thing happening to me, I would build a MOC and be super proud of it, I'd post it, and one person would comment on it. Since then I have gotten a lot more parts so I have more variety. Just work on presentation. Look at what the professional grade MOCs have in their original post; intro, pic of real machine, pics of MOC, lots of description, most of the time one of more videos.
  13. IMO, The first section of book is too far compared to the second section.
  14. I think I have you beat with power functions, except for the laser, electromagnetic and sbricks
  15. I think that a majority of the "technic hall of fame" topic would be cleaned out if the admins did that.