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  1. aminnich

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    What is it, the new iOS 13 that you can use a controller to play mobile games on your phone, I wonder if that could be implemented into the app for the PowerUp stuff
  2. aminnich

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I have not been on here in quite some time, life has been busy. Although, I have been watching this set. It looks good but the biggest thing that turns me away from it is the new Power-up system instead of the Power Functions. I have a collection of PF stuff and to now have to buy something new and not compatible with the old is not cool in my opinion. Do we know a price? B-model? From discussion, what do you guys think is the biggest "con" of this set? EDIT: $450?!?!?!?! I thought 42030 was expensive when it first came out, but $250 seems cheap now
  3. Looking at your pictures, I can see why your pins were failing. You had all this track, but not much structure supporting it. Looks like on lift of the roller coaster, the center beam had arms coming out that supported the lift and the initial drop. Instead, you could have had more legs to transfer the load to the ground, instead of through the arms and to one leg. For example, take a look at this model roller coaster. It not only has a lot of structure to it, but also a lot of legs to hold up the track. You have me interested in building a roller coaster now, I was going to build one for the amusement park contest not too long ago, but with school and work I had no time. Also from looking at your pictures, I may have to look for more LEGO Technic lots for sale. A coaster needs lots of beams and pins.
  4. If it is still together, having a compiled list of issues would be nice to help come up with solutions
  5. That is super cool!!! I wish you would have come here asking questions now how to fix parts before quitting the project
  6. Now that's what I wish 42030 looked like!! Nice work, I love it!
  7. aminnich

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Either way, starting something within the next month would be a good idea. The kiddos are wrapping up school for the year and the adults need a reason to play
  8. aminnich

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I like the idea of a collab chassis, then give the instructions for it to everyone and have the contest be to add a body on it. Similar to 41999. Like Doug, if the contest is car related, I will sit back and watch :)
  9. Here is the large actuator I designed awhile ago. I dont know if it will be helpful for you.
  10. aminnich

    [Help] Expanding circle (or cylinder)

    Are you looking to have the same radial expansion all around? Does the motion have to be quick?
  11. aminnich

    Generic Contest Discussion

    For example, back in middle school (long time ago) we had to raise a fly 3 feet, but it needed to have like 10 mechanisms to complete the task. My favorite school project by far!
  12. aminnich

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Ok, I see what you are saying. I was thinking of an overall common end goal task, and everyone needs to come up with their way of completing the task. You could get it extremely easy or super complex. But I feel like a part limit would be required so you do not have that one person that using 6000 parts to make the most badarse setup and wins all the points. Just food for thought
  13. aminnich

    Generic Contest Discussion

    What do you mean?
  14. aminnich

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I've said it before and ill say it again; Rube Goldberg machine
  15. not only is the model great, but this post is as well. Lots of pictures of everything we would want to see and a short description of everything. Very well done!