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  1. Hey guys, Here is my official TC14 build, the swing got boring and I lost interest in it. Anyway, sorry for not taking photos as I built. I spent many hours on LDD building up a prototype, then built it this morning. I am hoping to have it nearly completed today. Hoping for another update before tonight... with better pictures :)
  2. I lost interest in my build, we will see if I decide to totally rebuild something new and a little bit more interesting to me.
  3. When I was building a massive crane, which was never completed, I ended up building this as my custom actuator. Maybe it will give you some ideas.
  4. You are correct, before I thought about it, I had the 3 axles separate in the turntables.... but that did not work at all
  5. Hey guys, I am wondering if anyone knows of a good idea to accomplish getting 3 functions through the new turntable. I have seen some of the ideas using the older turntable, but I was curious if they could get more compact using the new turntable. Thanks
  6. @BrickbyBrickTechnic I think I have another 2 stage outrigger idea built for my GSK55 in my build ideas. If I find it and think it would be usefully for you, I will post it.
  7. Wish my epic fail builds looked like this. Sure it does not look like 42084, but I would buy it as a set, maybe a different color scheme though Nice work!
  8. Have you seen sariels idea for 2 stage outriggers? It does not use either of the parts you do not have.
  9. I know how good your past models have been, I have high hopes for this one! I wouldn't doubt that you will have a more functional model than 42082 while still being comparable to the look. Im definitely following this one!!
  10. aminnich

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    We had talked about that before. The LAs would struggle getting that heavy boom up from parallel with the ground. I feel like that will be one of the first things to be modified.
  11. What is your budget? Do you want PF and or pneumatics?
  12. aminnich

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I feel like this is just another set that you guys are going to go modification crazy on this set. It obviously is not a "rough terrain" crane out of the box.
  13. aminnich

    Wave Swing

    @tkel86 Hi and thanks for the ideas. My thought was to keep as little weight out of the swing and as low as I could get it. I did not want the rotation of the swing and the weight of the motors and such throwing the whole thing off balance. The design you showed to get the tilt of the swing is very similar to what I made, I am still trying to figure out how to implement a servo into the mix so I have a true return to center for when the ride is over, but I will figure something out eventually. As for other motors, I only planned on using one other motor for rotation and just adding a little bit of gearing from the main shaft to get different parts to rotate different directions. I hope that makes sense
  14. aminnich

    Wave Swing

    I think all the spinning made me think differently. That will make things much easier
  15. aminnich

    Wave Swing

    The way pleegwat made it sound; one turntable would be used for spinning, one for tilting. One turntable is not enough for the full motion, I will have to experiment with different methods