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  1. this is quite the build. This is a completely different kind of model in my opinion. We are all used to the clean-cut (lack of a better term) models, but this one is very busy. I really like, different is never a bad thing! I look forward to seeing your next build!
  2. It's absolutely amazing what you are able to do with limited parts building C-models, and this is n exception. Great job of this one! I am glad this isn't another Claas C-model, because now I do not need to take apart your skidder to build this beast. One question, would you do anything differently if it wasn't a c-model?
  3. Unless you were getting the profits of those posters...
  4. A lot of those Mocs are well known enough that you can google them and get some kind of result
  5. I wish I would have saw this sooner! That is looking very good, so much progress in such little time. 42055 is a great c-model set just because of the wide variety of parts that you are given. You are the master c-builder, I am looking forward to progress!
  6. were they allowed to in the past?
  7. Large Manual Crawler Crane

    Why is that? You couldn't change the back of the structure a little bit?
  8. I wonder why we haven't seen any pictures from the toy fair yet. It's been what 3 days since it started
  9. Large Manual Crawler Crane

    I agree with what Myers said, lower the battery box and widen the body to cover the tracks. Another recommendation is to flip the battery box up side down, it will give you a cleaner look. I like it! Nice job!!
  10. I mean just debating on which set(s) I want to buy from you. I do not think you should sell, but if that's what I want, then I want to help you.
  11. I wasn't referring directly to anyone, but yes let's get back on track here
  12. Just a heads you to the newer members of the forum commenting on this post. LEGO is not cheap, do not give low ball offers for the amazing models that @Blakbird has collected over the years. $20 is not going to get you much
  13. When you say significant portion, do you mean like $1000s significant or not 2 parts? I would be interested to know what kind of list you have. We could look through your bricksafe, but that list may be incomplete.
  14. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    Has anyone noticed the technic bricks that make up the bottom of the boom?