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  1. not only is the model great, but this post is as well. Lots of pictures of everything we would want to see and a short description of everything. Very well done!
  2. If you lived in the states you would have yourself a deal from me, but as I said in PMs, the shipping would be crazy. With this collection, you will surely get someone!! Goodluck
  3. The more I looked into Lego Technic aircrafts, I am blown away by the complexity of some of the builds. Definitely going out in the wilderness with this build.
  4. aminnich

    42054 C Model - Boom Handler

    Nice work!! It kinda reminds me of the Massey Ferguson 9407 Xtra telehandler with the open wheels. Looking forward to the rest of what you have made these past few weeks :)
  5. I have never built an aircraft before, but I guess I can give it a shot. Good to see a contest during winter break for the college students, thanks Jim and Milan! As for what I am going to build, I have no idea. But I am going to go old school technic, try to keep the number of panels low and be able to see the functions of the plane. It will be the first set I build without PowerFunctions since PowerFunctions is the thing Good luck to all the contestants!!
  6. aminnich

    Peterbilt 379 (chassis)

    First, thanks for the comment. I think fitting the true inline 6 would be just calling for trouble, that is why I went with a smaller design. Second, I am basing the build off of a truck company near my house. They have Peterbilt red chassis trucks with a white cab. Every time I drive by one of them, I think dang that is a gorgeous truck.
  7. Hey guys, I have had a bare-bones chassis sitting on my WIP shelf and figured I would come back to it for the Thanksgiving break. The plan is to make a Peterbilt 379 daycab long chassis truck fully remote control. A few details about the build: closest to 1:18 scale rear axles fully suspended RC 5th wheel working CAT engine Here are some WIP pics, criticism is very much welcomed I hope you enjoy.
  8. aminnich

    Where to get blueprints?

    here is where I get most of my blueprints
  9. aminnich

    Generic Contest Discussion

    With all the crazy contests in the past, I don't want to start building a flying kite and the contest is for a flying bicycle 😂
  10. aminnich

    Generic Contest Discussion

    im just looking for a build idea... ive been trying to think of something most of the day, so im hoping the contest is announced soon and I can get working ASAP
  11. aminnich

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Any updates on this? I am on break and have been trying to think of something to build, figured I'd check on contest progress before starting anything.
  12. Looking at this as an engineering student in college, I will give you some questions to think about. Think about what the design goals are. Are you trying to make an existing machine better or completely design a new machine type? To me, it looks like a skid steer. If it is a new machine with everything being unique, awesome! If it is a revamp of an existing machine, think about different parts of the machine you want to make better or just redesign. So comparing it to a skid steer, your model puts the cab in front of the tracks and lower to the ground, is this an upgrade to the machine? If so how? Maybe figure out a way to increase lift capacity or even lifting height for your machine. Newer skid loaders, the JCB teleskid comes to mind. I am probably over thinking all of this, but when it comes to presentation, you need to stand out from the crowd to be seen. Having small details and knowledge of your machine is key. Good luck to you.
  13. Autonomous arent a futuristic thing, they are in the now. Don't just look at cars, but Case IH has a working autonomous concept tractor. Either way, your build looks good, but with 22 days let for building, you have time to improve before a quick submission.
  14. aminnich

    Articulated bus like CapaCityL

    I love it! Extremely cleaning looking and functional, nice work! Few questions; does the back half have any kind of steering? What do you use for the accordion piece in between the sections? My other other comment would be maybe add another battery box, it seems kind of low on power. Overall, I love it
  15. aminnich

    [WIP] Rough terrain crane MKII

    I love to see a failure (as you put it) and then the following motivation to rebuild it into something greater! I will follow with interest, good luck.