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  1. did you do that in photoshop? It isnt half bad, but I still think that parts of the set need a total redesign.
  2. I am starting this topic now because this set is going to need a lot of help to get it to look anything close to perfect, that goes for the A-model and the B-model. I would be using the Ponesse Scorpion King as a reference for the A-model and the Ponesse Buffalo for the B-model. Putting the set's color vomit discussion to the side, this set is still ugly and needs some help, Any ideas, post away!
  3. aminnich

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Depending on the price, I think I might actually buy it. Only to modify it and make it look way better.
  4. aminnich

    42080 Forest Harvester

    So... the b model; I'm sorry for anyone who was looking forward to something nice. This has got to be the worst b model I've ever seen. Saying there is modification potential is to say the least. This set is a major let down for finally introducing a new machine to the line up.
  5. aminnich

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    seems like a form over function type of model, gonna need some strength modifications
  6. He wants $450 for everything, $350 for everything but PF stuff... Guess who is buying it :D
  7. Alright so I found another good Craigslist sale. How much do you think the seller wants for all of this? Sets include: 42043420604204842049420324203742038804880498052
  8. I could do it myself, but I wanted to ask around to see if anyone already had it. would save me a lot of time
  9. Are you thinking within the next few days or within the next month to start up the contest?
  10. aminnich

    8285 LDD file?

    I need LDD and I did find the B model as well. Kinda figured if someone made the B-model, the A-model should be out there somewhere
  11. Hey guys, I posted this in the LDD forum, but I know that a lot of you only look at the technic forum on EB, so I wanted to post it here as well. I am wondering if anyone has an LDD file for the 8285 tow truck? I cannot find it anywhere and even modified RC models on Rebrickable do not include the LDD file. If you have it and would like to share it, that would be awesome! Thanks
  12. I understand why some parts arent allowed for some contests, but I would not see why pullbacks would not be allowed for that kind of contest.
  13. Hey guys, I looked through the index of sets that have been made in LDD, but I could not find the 8285 tow truck set. Does anyone have it that I could use? Thanks :)
  14. Here is my input on the choices, take it as a grain of salt 1) Lots of options here, I feel you guys are going to get a lot of "Is this ok?" "Can I do this?", which is not uncommon from any other contest, you guys know that already :) But, I feel like this would be a contest of function over form. Tell me what you think of that. 2) Cool, but not my cup of tea 3) This is dangerous, tons of options, voting will be extremely difficult having such a variety of things to vote for. The entries could be from a kitchen mixing machine to a pencil sharper to a hamster wheel.
  15. aminnich

    Looking for 42056 Porsche

    Check out your surrounding Craigslist postings. I have seen the Porsche listed for as low as $175. Not a bad deal with you ask me :)