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  1. aminnich

    Technic General Discussion

    I have been thinking about getting a new Technic set recently and I keep looking at 42100. It is worth $450? A few things hold me back from getting it The transition from Power Functions to Power Up, I did not really want to get into the new function stuff. I do not typically build with white, so that bulk of the part count would just sit in the collection The longer LAs and black ring gear would be nice. Maybe someone has a different recommendation of a set to get? Or something to convince me 42100 is the move.
  2. aminnich

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I have suggested this a number of times. If people want a different type of build contest... this is it.
  3. aminnich

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Having another contest soon would be great. It would give us a reason to stay inside and healthy.
  4. What about changing it to a lego traditional independent front suspension? I think this would help you a lot. When I tried to make 42043 RC, I too had a lot of trouble getting a servo attached properly with ample ground clearance. I ended up redoing the entire front of the chassis to implement independent suspension.
  5. aminnich

    Axle Collection Thread

    Thanks for the comment Mechbuilds! This axle could be changed to add a driven aspect, but I think it would have to be scaled up to the Unimog wheels and tires for additional room for the diff and gearing between the axles. Doing this would also make the air bags more "to scale" for the model.
  6. aminnich

    Axle Collection Thread

    That will be addressed when making version 2. Thanks for pointing that out!
  7. aminnich

    Axle Collection Thread

    I thought I would share the axle I made today for a build I have been working on for awhile now. The axle is not driven and does not have steering, but the suspension is unique. It simulates air ride suspension with bags. The bags themselves on the axles are not to scale, but I worked with what I had in lego parts. The axles have not been tested under heavy load, there is a good chance I will be making a stronger version 2. I hope you like, comment if you have questions or concerns. Thanks!
  8. aminnich

    [TC17] Hell of a Barracuda (Finished)

    The picture was changed since I made the remark. The entire front end of the car was brick in the original picture. Edit: original picture
  9. aminnich

    [TC17] Hell of a Barracuda (Finished)

    I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but by the looks of it so far, this model does not follow the rules of the contest
  10. aminnich

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    Come on, how did Volvo approve of that model? The proportions of it so so off. Why couldn't it look more like this MOC... with the new fender flare panels and the longer LAs.
  11. Having an encoder in a LEGO motor is going to be a gamer changer for the GBC guys
  12. aminnich

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    I was expecting this model to be the Volvo branded model, not the offroad hauler. Either way, hopefully its a good one!
  13. aminnich

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    3rd iteration of an articulated offroad dump truck, hopefully this one stands out from the rest. I also think the new model will use the new longer LAs.
  14. Here is my take and I know I am not going in the same direction as you, sorry. We can all agree EB members make incredible things, if we all listed our top 5 creators I think we would see a lot of repeats. They make new and exciting models all the time! Sometimes we get to see the progression of the build, including the failures along the way. Engineering design is bound to have failure, but from those failures you find solutions and move on. We see this a lot with LEGO building. Where my gripe starts is with TLG, the models are not what they used to be. LEGO is a creative toy, so when a model is released without a B-model, it (to me) tells a kid that you can only build one thing with this collection of parts and pieces, have fun with your new crane (42108). It does not push that creative thinking into the kids. But as always we can rely on our amazing EB members to come up with some fantastic C-models that most of the time look 100 times better than the A-model. Another thing with TLG that bugs me is the constant repeat of models. I know cranes are very popular, but I think they have done enough of them, lets move onto something new and exciting. Just in 8 years, we have had 6 cranes; 42108, 42097, 42082, 42042, 42009, 9391. TLG themselves are lacking in the looking ahead at some new creative ideas. Sorry I did not really go along with your topic, but I thought it may add to the conversation. I have been keeping quiet in the 2020 2H discussion, but at this point TLG will just disappoint with another version of an old model, just like a lot of movies lately. No creativity anymore.
  15. aminnich

    [WIP] Cybertruck

    Update #4 I got 7 of the 8 functions filled. The final part will go on the front. Then I will be cleaning it up for final pictures.