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Found 2 results

  1. REVIEW - 42095 - REMOTE-CONTROLLED STUNT RACER INTRODUCTION This set feels like the successor to the 42065 - RC Tracked Racer from 2017. Like the 42050 - Drag Racer from 2015, this set also has two wheels at the rear of the vehicle, limiting the vertical movement. Something tells me that, unlike the drag racer, this model can actually do wheelies. And how about those new big sprockets driving the vehicle?! I can hardly imagine these sprockets have been designed specifically for this model. Thoughts about a new big excavator fill my mind. But let's focus on this set first. This review is shorter than usual, but time was limited. Sorry about that. I do hope you enjoy the pictures! PICTURES Pictures can be clicked to view hi-res versions. More pictures can be found in my Flickr album. DISCLAIMER This set has been provided by the CEE Team of TLG. It's not my goal to promote this set. It's my goal to give you an honest opinion about it. Therefore, the opinion in this review is my own and is in no way linked to TLG. SET INFORMATION Number: 42095 Title: Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer Theme: Technic Released: 2019 Part Count: 324 Box Weight: 784 gram Box Dimensions: 38,0 cm x 26,0 cm x 7,0 cm Set Price (RRP): € 79,99 Price per Part: € 0,25 Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX CONTENTS OF THE BOX The box contains: 1x Booklet 1x Sticker sheet 1x Bag with Power Functions elements 1x Power Functions battery box 3x Unnumbered bags BOOKLET STICKER SHEET POWER FUNCTIONS ELEMENTS BATTERY BOX BAGS HIGHLIGHTED PARTS TECHNIC TREAD SPROCKET WHEEL XL These two new sprockets are the XL variant of the Technic Tread Sprocket Large. Since these are new parts, it's safe to assume that the future (2H 2019?) will bring us a big (motorized) set, like a new bulldozer or excavator. POWER FUNCTIONS ELEMENTS This set contains a set of very useful PF elements. You get a battery box, IR transmitter, IR receiver and two large motors. Basically everything to motorize your MOC. BATTERY BOX Something which caught my eye is the new design of the battery box. Going through my collection, I notice this change has been implemented earlier. I remember discussing a slightly different version in the Arcos, so it might have been a couple of years. But most of the time I use one of my other battery boxes with batteries in it. This new design is much better, since you can get all the batteries out easily. COMPLETED MODEL I wasn't too sure about this model, but looking at the completed model, it is definitely growing on my. The yellow-blue color scheme is very vibrant and works really well. Especially with the XL sprockets. And it is no secret I love dark azure. I'm so glad TLG got rid of all the other shades of blue :laugh: Here you can clearly see how big the rear sprockets are. Just when you start loving this little bugger, you are presented with its rear end. Ouch, that hurts. This set is all about fun and performance, but a slightly more decorated rear end would have been better. Not sure if Milan designed this one, but he (or TLG) did a better job with the previous one. I don't think it will bother kids at all, but if I have to name a negative thing about this set, it's the rear end. Two 16T gears, an XL sprocket and an L-motor make up the drivetrain for each side. Minifig paint rollers as mirror pieces and a fishing rod as antenna. Cleverly done. Before I end this review, I do need to address the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of € 79,99. This set does contain lots of PF elements, but 80 euros seems kinda steep for a model this size, basically being nothing more than a small RC toy. If you can get it with a discount, it is a great PF package though. The left-over parts. READY, SET, GO This review would not be complete without a video. Here you can see the Stunt Racer in action. I have mentioned it before, and I will mention it again; I hope TLG will create treads made up of a softer (more rubber like) material. As you can see, the set is rather useless when you are playing on a smooth surface. Some time ago I bought a couple of these bags in LEGOLAND Germany. It would be great if TLG would include a bunch of these rubber pins with tracked sets. Especially the remote-controlled ones. As you can see the result is much better. It actually does the wheelies which it is supposed to be doing. B-MODEL If it weren't for the price, I would definitely get a second copy to build the B-model and have some fun with both. The B-model looks even more finished than the A-model, but the main model can do wheelies! SUMMARY This is a very fun little model that will keep the kids entertained for a while. Two things that I don't like about this model. One is the rear, with clearly visible cables. And another thing is that the treads don't have any grip on smooth flat surfaces. Maybe a third thing and that is the price. Seems a bit steep for a small RC toy. But these cons definitely don't mean I don't like it, because I simply love this cute little stunt racer! PROS It's great fun It does wheelies It drives really fast Looks nice (except the rear) It's great fun Vibrant color scheme New big sprockets Did I mention it's great fun?! CONS Cables sticking out Treads don't have much grip on smooth surfaces Price SCORE How do I rate this set? 7 DESIGN I love the front and color scheme, but the rear could have been better. 7 BUILDING EXPERIENCE Fun build, given the part count. 7 FEATURES Not so many features, but stunt driving is implemented very well. 8 PLAYABILITY So much fun! 8 PARTS All the PF parts you need to motorize small to medium MOCs. 6 VALUE FOR MONEY The price is pretty steep for what is basically an RC toy. 7,2 WAIT FOR A BOGO DEAL AND GET TWO COPIES FINAL WORDS Thanks you for reading this review. All pictures can be found here.
  2. I was really so busy that is a long time since i created a folder on brickshelf, and now it's time to add my remaining 8 bot: i'm also aiming to create a lxf file for each, but currently waiting for the first folder to become public. What i want to do is to keep this fist post simple with robots thumbnails, link to the future reply about them, descriptions and lxf files, let's start: Really hope that all the files and photos that i'll put there can inspire some TC11 competitors, unfortnately you can't fight bot in the entry video but i will really like to know how a fight between your bots and mine will end (despite my bot being ruled by different and more restrictive rules). Bot-focused replies will be posed one every day starting from tomorrow and then this first message will be updated with thumbnails, lxf files and more info, i'm doing this because i'm progressively dismantle all the robots and i want to keep them at least in digital form (so i'll have more pieces for my new ideas without loosing the previous ones). i also really want to thaks LRW (lego robot wars) group for the support that they gave to me while i was building and posting updates there: in order not no make this topic only a bunch of writings i have a small video about the first bot that will be showcased tomorrow (asap) so here all the robots: name: LIFTY description: this is the 2nd of the -ITY team, a series of simple robots made to show the archetypes of combat robots and also easy to replicate, they also fight each other but the winner wasn't this one. signature move: LIFTER weight class: 500g notes: despite being a lifter it is not really able to full lift the opponent but by going under it and pushing with the additive weight it can easily lift and flip up to 1kg bots! lxf file: lifty.lxf bot reply link(scroll down here): click here name: BITY description: this is the first of the -ITY team, also the most complex featuring a jaw that can be opened and rotate, it represents grabbers or control robots that aim to grab the opponent and push them into the PIT of oblivion due to the use of lipo BB (i have only one) and the excessive weight (700g) it didn't compete to the secret -ITY championship signature move: CLAW weight class: 500g notes: 4x4 transmission is really powerful but has a lot of friction while steering (even at smaller weight class) so the battle position of BITY is with the claw inclined down and front wheels lifted up and not touching the ground lxf file: bity.lxf bot reply link: click here name: FLIPPY description: 3rd of the ITY team it is a spring powered flipper! inspired by diotor this bot relies to a winch mechanism that is able to load and relase 4 9398 shock absorbers with only one motor! signature move: winch reloaded-spring powered FLIPPER arm weight class: 500g notes: unable to self right was defeated by lifty on the -ITY tournament lxf file: flippy.lxf bot reply link: click here name: CARBIDE description: replica of uk robot wars competitor carbide, grand finalist of series 8 and champion of series 9 signature move: horizontal spinner weight class: 1kg new technic motor used: 2x M for drive, 1x 9V motor (745699) for weapon drive: 2WD and can drive even if upside down! notes: the side armor is really tough but can be detached from th main body, also the bar has a quite good punch but luckily not enough to break lego pieces, it can remove armor and exposed wheels. also it is driven by an sbrick receiver so it has the advantage of PWM motor controls and no line of sight needed, may also join 3-robot matches due to not providing interferences with IR lxf file: carbide.lxf bot reply link: click here name: PULSAR description: again a 2016 competitor, smaller and faster than carbide, but equally lethal signature move:SPINNING DRUm with double single tooth weight class: 1kg replica new technic bricks notes: it requires only two channels to be controlled because the spinning drim is always one and a rubber band belt prevent the motor stall name: WITCH DOCTOR description: this replica is from BATTLEBOTS! unluckily i can't replicate the purple/green color scheme but this time i used old technic bricks so it is completely smash-able! but mind that its deadly single tooth disc smash bot before they can do anything signature move: single tooth SPINNING VERTICAL DISK weight class: 1kg replica with system bricks notes: my first inclined wheel drive (with chains) that really helps the bot steering even if 4x4 with all the wheels on the ground name: CARDIAC II description: the first fan designed bot that i motorized, it will fight witch doctor later this moth (hopefully) and it is armed with a deadly axe that can stop the 2000rpm disk of its opponent signature move: fast AXE weight class: 1kg replica with system bricks notes: it is the biggest bot i've ever built and has a pretty advanced weapon capable of rapid fire with a single M motor name: KILERHURTZ test chassis description: this poor bot was never finished (and used to test all other bots weapon) due to the armor of the original 100kg one being really difficult to replicate, but it's weapon really reflect the power of a 110kg machine signature move: rubber-band powered gearing reloaded AXE weight class: never finished notes: it can be operated with a full auto reload system and a tap firing button from the sbrick APP