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    Modular Diner

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  1. Hamischlammengamen

    Battlebots Son of Whyachi Overview

    We have actual battles
  2. I build fully functional Battlebots replicas. This is an overview of my latest robot, a replica of Son of Whyachi.
  3. Hamischlammengamen

    BrickCan Bots 2019

    BrickCan 2019 ran a series of robot combat matches over the convention weekend. I present a 25 minute highlight reel of the fighting. It features 12 robots, many of which drew direct inspiration from the competitors from the Battlebots TV show. I've also included pictures of the competitors which competed. A basic summary of the rules: -Two pound weight limit -must fit in a 45x45x45 Lego stud box -Power controllers, receivers, batteries may be third party. Motors and all other parts must be must be Lego and unmodified. -Battlebox is 8' x 8', match time limit is 1:30. BrickCan Bots 2019: The Greatest Hits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e9a4DDRsYI Axe to Grind Friend Zone