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  1. Those are some great looking offices! Sir Admiral Duke greatly appreciates the help with licensing his ships from Captain Kaleb. I especially like the headdress display!
  2. Welcome to Oleon Brandon Stark! Congratulations Hugo d'Offren, you deserve it!
  3. Would I still be able to purchase two shares of preferred stock?
  4. The Honorable Prize Court, The ship is not MOCed. Thank You, Sir Admiral Duke
  5. To the members of the honorable Prize Court, No one inside Oleon is interested in this license at the moment. Therefore, I would like to have my ship condemned rather than auctioned off, according to the option from the first post of this thread. Kind Regards, Sir Admiral Duke
  6. To the members of the honorable Prize Court, I would like to roll the dice to see how much I get for the 3A Mardierian Guns of Navarlone, that was captured by The Ranger during Vol 1, Issue 6. Kind Regards, Sir Admiral Duke
  7. I would be proud to build a powerful warship for his Majesty. Sign me up for a third rate!
  8. Sir Admiral Duke has just received shipment of his versatile new ship, The Fiesta. The Fiesta is modeled after a brighton's hog-boat. It's a dual purpose ship that can be used for fishing or transporting merchandise.
  9. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/140988-oleon-4t2-the-aspire/ | Dukesc | Oleon http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/140991-ol-fb-the-fiesta/ | Dukesc | Oleon
  10. Sir Admiral Duke has recently upgraded his merchant fleet with the addition of The Escape! The Escape is a 4T2 lateen rigged caravel armed with 6 cannons and two swivel guns. The driver of this ship is protected from the elements and sun, because the steering mechanism is located inside the sterncastle.
  11. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/140922-hms-tiddlywinks-6a6ha/ | Dukesc | Oleon
  12. Allow me to introduce to you the latest Oleon conquest that was taken by The Navigator, while she was escorting one of Oleon's convoys. The HMS Tiddlywinks is a bomb ketch armed with a total of 26 cannons(11 on each side plus 2 stern chasers and 2 bow chaser), 2 swivel guns and 2 mortars.
  13. Welcome to Oleon Zaael and Tristan!
  14. Welcome to Oleon David! You'll surely get some much needed rest as that is one comfortable looking inn. I wish you the best of luck in your adventures as you search for the girl of your dreams.
  15. Anh yes, summer vacation has ended, the toys are put back into the garage, everyone is back home from vacationing, and the kids(some adults too) are back in school! Brace yourself, there could be an explosion of activity in BoBS!!!!