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  1. [OL FB] Lavalette Warehouse

    The building and quay are done well with the color variations and texture! I like how you portrayed the upset merchants with fitting facial expressions. Even the door broken off the hinges looks correct with the storming of a warehouse. Overall very nicely done!
  2. WTC Monthly, Issue 1

    Another perspective of the news and definitely WTCish. It's always good to see things from someone else's point of view! The recipe is a neat touch and it's nice to get a little advertising for prospective builders for your settlement. I found it interesting to have 'passing away' and 'Sexiest' in the same sentence.
  3. This a very nicely made gun boat! I like the overall layout with the mortar and cannon locations. You did a good job with making the bow and stern. Having a mast is a nice feature too.
  4. [COR-FB2] The Pants Cave

    The name is definitely funny, but fitting. Nice MOC and it was fun to read. I am wondering if the Elite can be beat or if they are more like Chuck Norris?
  5. Nice micro build Kotz! There's a lot of character in those buildings for a microbuild! I like the rooflines everywhere and how the warehouse connects to the main part.
  6. That's a nice gunboat! I like that it has a rudder with the option of a mast and sail.
  7. What a neat build! I also like the cutout so we can see the inner workings.
  8. The Mk.II design is improved indeed! You have gentler sloping sides and having more oars will certainly help your speed and maneuverability. The blue flag is a nice touch. On the Mk.III, if that is a thing, I would use one more set of hinges and make the front come to a point. If you decided to go longer, it wouldn't look too bad either. You could always add a tiller steer as many of them had as well. Overall good job!
  9. Merc, your ship is looking much sleeker with the lower center lines! You did a good job making your sail rolled up too. I'd eliminate the four studs long section at your widest part and maintain the section that goes out, but is one stud inside of it that's 12 studs long. Ragni, your ship is looking fantastic and I like your tumblehome technique!
  10. Gunboat No. 1

    Good job on your gunboat! It may be a little wide or a little short, but it's a nice boat anyway. I look forward to seeing your revised version!
  11. Rimbaud Canal

    I really like the way you made your canal and the locks! There are so many nice touches such as the way the railing goes up with the canal, the buildings are distinct and well done, you have a nice plant layout and a complete interior. Good job!
  12. Good luck heading south! Hopefully you find some new land and maybe you'll run into a Junk.
  13. Sorry I missed this before, but you guys did a fantastic job putting together your WTC uniforms! There's enough content to make them distinctly separate from the rest of your faction. My favorite is the WTC artillery, but they are all done well. When do we get to see what's hiding in the last picture?
  14. Gedren, I really like that technique for adding tumblehome to a ship! I plan to use this technique in the future. Thank you for sharing.
  15. What a nice microbuild! The way you orientated the pieces on the building is quite creative.